Fiction – Barn Refuge 2

Barn Refuge 2

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Nicholas felt his heart in his throat as he stared at the figure in the doorway. He looked tall, and menacing, thanks to the weather and the beaming flashlight that sat glued to his exposed cock. He didn’t know what to say, as he stared at the man, unsure of what would happen. He thought about jumping up, to leave, but he couldn’t see another way out, other than past the figure in the doorway.

Another peal of thunder, flash of lightning made him flinch, and then the light began to move closer. The figure took off his hat, and seemed to wipe his forehead, as he approached, suddenly talking in a less frightening voice.

That your Rabbit off the road up there?

Nicholas pulled his pants up, stuffing his cock back into the underwear, and the flashlight moved to beam directly into his face. He raised a hand up, to shield his eyes to look out.

Yes’ was all he could manage in a rather weak voice.

Car trouble?


The man was coming closer, and as he did Nicholas saw that he was rather young looking, maybe in his mid twenties. He was decked out in a yellow poncho, but the hat was a dead giveaway. Just his luck to have a State Trooper walk in on his jerk off session. He just lay there, sitting up on his elbows as the man came closer. Despite the rain gear, the man looked rather attractive. He had a nice face, that was thin and pale looking.

Looks like you found a way to pass the time

Nicholas saw the man’s face now, saw his eyes staring at him from under the brim of the hat, and he felt a little better. The officer didn’t look angry or anything as he just sort of smiled back at him.

Been a long drive

I see, you always break into people’s barns, to whack off, or just when your car supposedly breaks down?

Fear was once more rising up inside of him, as the State Trooper stood a few feet from him. He was well built, filling out the poncho rather well. Despite the words, Nicholas felt a bit excited by the fact that he had been seen. He didn’t think he was in much trouble, but then you never could tell. He stared up at the Trooper, and saw him once more looking down at his crotch.

The door was open, I needed a place to get out of the storm.

So you say.’

It’s the truth, I wasn’t about to start walking back to that gas station, has to be 40 miles away, what else could I do?

Stay in your car

Not if I wanted to sleep

Or play with yourself?

Nicholas swallowed his saliva a few times, looking at the man’s eyes. There was a strange glint in them, as he had said that. Something in his tone made him look up, and suddenly the tension just disappeared. It was odd, but he thought the guy was hitting on him, his eyes had barely moved from staring at his open crotch. His cock might be hidden, but it wasn’t exactly soft and sort of tented his underwear that was clearly visible to the Trooper.

Not much else to do, I wasn’t tired, and well, it sort of helped ease the frustration.

It sounded cocky, and the Trooper sort of just stood there. He glanced down at Nicholas. He could see the mind working, and as he looked, Nicholas spread his legs open a bit more. He was taking a risk, but the man looked hot. The adrenalin was pumping still, and he felt rather flushed as he sort of just waited, sensing that maybe the car breaking down wouldn’t be a total disaster.

Did it help?

Sort of, for a moment

The peal of thunder made them both look at the storm howling outside the barn. The Trooper removed his hat and stared out at the rain coming down. He turned to look down at Nicholas, and smiled at him.

Been a frustrating night, all right

His smile grew, as Nicholas was certain now. The man was indeed putting the make on him. He just smiled back, and ran his hand down his own leg, not over his cock, but off to one side. He could see the Trooper lick his lips, as he answered the Officer.

I may know a way to help ease that feeling.

The trooper stood there for a second or two, then he pulled the poncho off. He stood there, his uniform looking rather appealing to Nicholas. He saw how it fitted him well, how his whole appearance looked rather assuring. The gun in the holster to one side, the microphone of his two way attached to his shoulder, all added up to an impressive image.

I bet you do, but maybe I have a different solution.’

The words were said in a tone that made Nicholas once more feel frightened. He looked at the man, again thinking how handsome he looked in his uniform. The eyes were sparkling, holding a secret glint in them, that made Nicholas feel rather excited. He didn’t know what was happening but he felt himself growing very aroused. It was quickly doused when the Officer spoke next.

He commanded him to stand up, his one hand on the butt of his gun, and Nicholas suddenly felt the panic in his heart. He stood up, to be told to turn around. As he stood up, his pants fell down to rest around his knees. He did as he was told, and felt the man reach out, and pat his down, his hand running along his sides, and then the front as he felt for concealed weapons.

The sound of metal echoed, followed by a loud peal of thunder. Nicholas flinched, then felt the man grab hold of his one hand, and suddenly he felt a handcuff click shut on it. His other hand was then manacled as well and he was beginning to panic. He tried to speak, but his mouth was suddenly very dry. No words would come, as the man guided him over to the wooden stall, where the lantern was hanging over.

He was pushed up towards it. The Trooper then began to reach down, and feel the pockets of his pants. He made sure there was nothing in them, and in fact turned them out. A condom fell out of one, and he heard the man exhale a little as he picked it up. The man reached around, and held it in front of Nicholas.

What’s this for then?

The Condom? I always have one in my pocket, in case.

You said you were alone.

I am, honest, I just have one in my pocket, a precaution, honest.

The man told him to stay put, and he began to move around the barn. His flashlight was moving all over, looking in all the corners, as if he expected someone to jump out. For several minutes he searched the barn, then returned to stand just behind Nicholas.

No one with you?

No, no, honest, I am alone, I told you, I was heading up to visit a friend for spring break, the car broke down. I came here to escape the storm, honest.’

And to jerk off.


He felt the man moving in closer. He felt him leaning up against his side, and could feel the man’s breath on his face. The hand on his shoulder, moved down his side, but it wasn’t rough or hard even. It was more sensual, that made his whole body suddenly tremble. His cock was once more growing, as the Trooper’s hand moved down to his thigh, and it stopped there. It was resting lightly on his bare thigh, just below the leg of his underwear.

Easing the frustration, you said.’


still feeling that way

I uh, I don’t know

The man suddenly reached around, and grabbed hold of his cock. It was rock hard, He squeezed it hard, then stepped back.

Feels like you are just horny, isn’t that the truth?

The hand held his cock hard. He felt the pressure increasing as the Trooper waited for him to answer. Nicholas was starting to sweat, unsure what was happening, yet enjoying the thrill of it all, as he choked out a sort of yes to the man’s demanding voice.

When he did, the hand moved away from his cock, then he heard the sound of pants being unbuckled, button being popped, and the sound of a zipper being pulled down. He want to look back, over his shoulder, but was too frightened to do so. He stood there, as he heard a grunt, then he felt a bare knee move between his legs, spreading them apart even more.

Nicholas didn’t say a word, as he felt the man’s breath on his back, and then the feel of his underwear suddenly being pulled down off his body. His cheeks were shaking as he stood there, his pants and underwear at his ankles. The sudden whack on his cheeks, startled him. He cried out, as he felt the Trooper reach down, running his hand down between his cheeks, then the fingers began to probe at his hole, teasing it. The sound of the man spitting then once more he felt the man’s fingers near his hole, and he grunted, as two fingers pushed past his tiny pink opening.

The man was quick as the fingers penetrated him. He felt his body shake a little, his legs go a bit wobbly as the fingers dug in deep, and began to twist and move around inside. He moaned a little, then felt a hand tighten on his shoulder. The fingers were moving in and out, slowly at first, then quicker with each inward thrust. He tried to push his legs apart more, but couldn’t because of his clothes.

The fingers in his ass, the hand holding his shoulder, and the force of the penetration made him jump each time the Trooper pushed in. He felt his body shaking each time he was lifted up onto his toes. It hurt but didn’t, as the man continued to increase the speed. Each time he was penetrated, he felt like the guy was about to shove his whole arm into him. He groaned, hearing the Trooper grunt more and more as he dug his fingers deep inside.

Suddenly he felt an emptiness, as the Trooper removed his fingers. He heard the metal clank and felt his hands pulled back, and suddenly his hands were free from being held together, though one of the bracelets was still attached. The Trooper pulled him over and lifted his cuffed hand up, and attached the other end to a ring dangling down from a thick beam.

A blanket was tossed over the stall rail, that he was now standing in front of. The Officer then reached down and yanked his pants and underwear off his feet, tossing them back towards where his backpack was. Roughly, the officer pushed on his back, making him bend over the railing. His stomach rubbed up against the old blanket and he knew the guy was going to take him up the ass.

His legs quivered, as the Trooper’s knee moved inside his legs, and shoved them apart. A hard whack on his buttocks made him flinch, and he looked over his shoulder. The trooper had his hat on, his shirt was open, and all Nicholas could see was the glint in the eyes. They were so tightly focused he doubted the man knew he was looking at him.

Another hard whack on his cheeks, made him cry out a little, and then he heard the condom package being ripped open.  He had no idea how hung the guy was, which scared him a little, but he also felt the thrill of this forced fuck. His heart was pounding, as he waited for the first push, that first press into his body. His thighs were quivering as he felt the man step inwards more. He could feel the man’s legs inside of his own, and felt them trembling just like his own.

He breathed in as something hot and thick was shoved up onto his back, just above his ass. He felt it wedged between his cheeks, pushing them apart by its size. He tensed up a little, but tried to relax, to not add to the upcoming penetration. He breathed out, then quickly breathed in more air, as the cock was being slowly pushed down between his cheeks. A knee pushed one leg further apart, and he felt the strain at his hips.

The cock was wedged tightly between his cheeks, resting right over his pink hole. He waited, holding his breathe, as the man slapped one cheek, then prodded his shaking flesh. Then in a quick jab, he felt the huge cock head pushing forward, spreading his hole, pushing aside his taut muscles. Nicholas breathed out as the cock was slowly worked past his hole, into his rectum.

It hurt, and yet as the pain slowly gathered, slowly made its way up his spine, to his body, he felt the pleasure too. His legs continued to quiver now, the back muscle shaking like a taut wire. The cock head was firmly inside of him, and the Trooper reached around with both hands, to grip his hips.

He felt the fingers digging into his flesh, and then as they were firmly in place, the man pulled back on his body. As he did, his own hips arched forward, and in that instant, he felt the huge cock drive in deep. He cried out as the huge pole sliced inside, filling and stretching every muscle inside. Nicholas bit his lip, tasting a little of his own blood as the man pulled his hips back, grinding in his own crotch into Nicholas’ ass. The hard pubic hairs scratched deep inside his cheeks, as the huge cock was firmly impaled into his body.

The Trooper ground his hips into Nicholas’ body. He heard him grunt, then moan a little as he began to move in and out. It wasn’t slow and it became much faster with each thrust. The hands dug into his side, holding his hips steady, as he pounded his own body in and out. The waves of pain and pleasure became one rolling mixture inside. His nerves were tingling, his muscles useless as the man just kept driving his huge cock in and out. He felt each thrust, felt his body jerk forward, despite the firm grip on his hips.

He began to moan, as the speed grew and grew. The sound of flesh slapping onto flesh echoed in the empty barn in between peals of thunder. The Trooper pounded him for what seemed an eternity. He was dripping with sweat, that poured down onto Nicholas’ back, to mix with his own. His back felt like a river was rolling down it, as the body kept crashing into his.

His own body was aching, his cock was flying from one side to another, slapping into his own body as he was fucked hard by the Trooper. His balls ached, and his legs were becoming numb. The hand held by the handcuff was already numb and he could feel the sweat just pouring off his forehead as his ass was rammed time and time again.

The hard penetration was becoming harder now. Each inward thrust nearly lifted him up off his feet, as the tempo suddenly slowed down. He didn’t know which was harder, the rapid fire of that cock into his ass, or this new slow and deep thrusts. Each one harder and deeper than the previous one. Each one nearly making him lift up into the air. The Trooper held him tight, and he heard him groaning constantly. He too was moaning as he heard another peal of thunder shake the barn itself. Then the scream from the Trooper, his voice booming over the fading peal of thunder, as his body jerked hard, Nicholas felt himself flung forward, his body crushing into the wooden railings in front, as the huge cock was driven its deepest yet. The force was unreal too, as he felt the power and then felt the cock trembling deep inside his body. It was jerking, shaking and he knew the Trooper was shooting his load. He was certain he could feel the cum filling the condom, thickening the huge pole even more as it surrounded the throbbing pole, buried deep inside.

Nicholas felt the man’s full weight come down on his back, as the man lay there for several minutes, totally exhausted. He could feel the man’s breathe on is back, the heavy panting sounds slowly subsiding. At last he was strong enough to lean back, to pull the last of his cock from Nicholas’ ass. The hand on his back trembled just as Nicholas’ own legs still quivered a bit.

The handcuff was unlocked, and he turned around, rubbing his wrist as he stared into the Trooper’s face. Nicholas looked at him, and smiled. The man smiled back and as the man pulled his pants up, he told Nicholas that was how he handled his frustrations. Nicholas looked at him for a second, then as he sat back down on the pile of hay where his magazine lay, he looked up at the man.

Nice’ he said, as he looked up at the Trooper, licking his lips as he spoke.


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