Fiction – Old Haunts

Old Haunts

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The water was cool, as he paddled sedately across under the overhanging limbs from the ancient trees. The trees had been a part of his little water playground ever since he could recall. From way back when he was just a tadpole, those trees had hung their thick branches over this particular spot, where he and his friends would meet, strip down and go swimming.

The memories of those earlier times made him feel warm and happy. It was a time without complications, without worries or without the baggage of today’s realities. All they cared about back then was impressing the girls, keeping out of their parent’s way, and having fun. It was a time he wished he could have back, even though he knew it wasn’t all fun and games.

Taylor let his feet drag across the bottom as he thought back to those times when he, Wally Harding, Billy Westerman, and Colin Tremaine would spend hours here. He could remember the way they would all head here right after school, and how the others would quickly strip off, while he stood back and watched.

The vision of tanned naked bodies rushing down the little slope to go splashing into the cool water, cocks bouncing from side to side made him grin. It was fun watching them, and not one ever knew either. Least he hadn’t thought so until the day before he was to leave for basic training. It was here that he found out that his friends knew his secret, something he had never guessed until that day.

They had all come to the pond, to sit on the sloping ground, just under the huge tree that had been their backstop through childhood and those teenage years. He could remember how they would climb the tree, shimmy over the pond on one of the long thick branches, scratching their naked asses and then stand up to jump into the cool water beneath. It was his youth, and something he missed terribly now.

Taylor found himself resting on the edge of the slope now, his body still within the water as his mind flashed back to those times, picking out precious memories. The time that Billy had climbed the tree and got a boner was one memory he cherished. How the others had teased him for it, but all he did was turn around and point it at them beneath the tree. Laughing he had stroked it a few times, while the others howled. Course Taylor felt his own body reacting which made him run fast into the water, afraid they might notice. If only he had known then that they did know, and that it didn’t matter. Man that would have been something.

Still that day before leaving, was still fresh in his mind, even after all this time. He had seen a lot since then, men broken by the destruction of war, bodies abused by the chance flight of broken metal. All that crossed his mind, and despite its horror, it was that last day that kept him from just curling up and crying. It was the way Colin had broken the ominous silence that had developed and just cried on his shoulder, his body shaking as he held onto Taylor.

Billy had been looking at his feet all the time and when Colin burst into tears, had sort of turned his back a little, ashamed a bit maybe at the public display of emotion from Colin, though in all honesty, it maybe wasn’t that at all. Wally had just stood around, shuffling his feet and constantly stealing glances at both him and Colin. He always had been looking, now that he thought of it, and it was Wally who finally brought the topic up.

At first, when Wally told him to make sure and watch his back, he had thought he meant about going into combat or something, but then Wally had started on how DADT was stupid, and that it didn’t make sense. Billy had tried to shut him up, but it had suddenly just come out, that Wally hoped he would be careful, and not let anyone know.

He was stunned as he stared at Wally, and then the other two. Colin was sitting, rubbing his eyes looking a mess, while Billy had an angry scowl to his face, directed at Wally. He told him to shut up and to let it go, but Wally had a stubborn streak in him. He turned to Billy and told him to fuck off, that he couldn’t let Taylor go without telling him, without letting him know.

Course after that, it just sort of all came flooding out. His three friends just seemed to be people he didn’t know. How could they have kept it secret from him, but then he had thought he had kept his secret without knowing. Still it was a hell of a shock to find out that your best friends all knew you were gay, but what held him from running away, was that it somehow didn’t matter to them. In fact, it was almost as if they were talking about a pimple or something, making the whole good bye scene unreal.

In so many ways he felt better, the fear of going off, of never seeing them again had been something he just couldn’t come to terms with, until then. It made it easier and yet harder too. Suddenly he wished he had never kept it a secret, or tried to. Maybe he wouldn’t have joined the Marines if he had known that they knew, but then, that was just wrong.

Taylor had always wanted to be a Marine, ever since he was a kid playing war with his friends. Ever since he had gone to his Uncle’s funeral, and saw the honour guard, the men in dress blues that had fired those guns. It had stirred something inside that nothing seemed able to quell. He wanted to serve, and as a Marine and so he knew, even if he had told them, it wouldn’t have changed anything.

The water was gently lapping up to his chest as he lay there, remembering that hot afternoon when he found out what real friends he had. It made him relax a bit more, and a small tear came to his eyes as he thought about it, against the backdrop of his life. It had been so long ago, when he had last been here. A kid of just 19 with others, afraid and yet not. They had all seen the horrors from the war movies and worse, from the news reports but it was nothing compared to the reality of war. That he had seen for himself, and he reached down to rub his leg, a reminder of how lucky he was. It was still there, when not even a year ago the odds were, it wouldn’t be.

Taylor closed his eyes as he relived that afternoon. Billy had held him tight, whispering into his ear that he would miss him. Strange, Billy had never been an emotional guy, but had been the groups practical joker. Taylor could still remember how it was generally always Billy who had insisted on mooning the girls when they would go cruising through town. Naturally he enjoyed that, because while Billy would stick his ass up against the window, his exposed crotch was always near Taylor’s face. Now he wondered if that was the plan, to not just thrill the girls but him as well? Billy was that kind of guy, and he could just imagine him enjoying it all.

Wally had been the student among them, always had a book with him it seemed. Yet it was Wally who gave him the penis shaped pen as a going away gift, along with a box of Condoms and some weird lubricant to go with it. If only he had known he thought but it was Colin that had perhaps stunned him the most.

Both Wally and Billy had hugged him, had joked with him about the only reason he had joined was to find a guy to shag, but Colin hadn’t joined in on that ribaldry. He just sat there, looking like the world had ended and eventually the other two grew silent and looked downwards. They muttered their goodbyes and then suddenly were heading away. Both patted Colin on the shoulder and looked at Taylor, tears in their eyes as they headed up the slope to the trucks they had come in.

Colin seemed to be the most upset and Taylor didn’t understand it, least at first. It was after Billy and Wally had gone and left them alone that it all came out. Colin was sobbing and he tried to comfort him only to be rebuffed. It was when he tried to put his arm around him that it all came rushing out.

For minutes that seemed like hours, they sat there in silence. He hadn’t known and when Colin blurted out that he didn’t want Taylor to leave, not because he was joining the Marines, not that he might get hurt, but that he might find someone else. At first he had thought Colin meant as a friend, then it finally came out. Colin had wanted him, the same way that Taylor had wished he could be with them all.

While it became clear to him, Colin had suddenly leaned over and wrapped his arms around Taylor. His hot breathe made Taylor tingle a little as he held the trembling body of his friend in his own arms. At first it was tentative and then his own emotions took hold. He tightened his grip and felt the wildly beating heart of his friend on his chest, the sobs echoing in his ears.

The birds chirping and the other sounds they all knew so well suddenly grew louder as they both struggled with the realization of what had just passed between them. Colin held Taylor in a death grip. His hands were digging in, hurting even, yet Taylor ignored the pan as he returned the hard embrace. His body was in turmoil as he tried to comprehend all that had gone on. His childhood friends had known, and it hadn’t mattered to them, but here was one of them, holding him like a lover and he didn’t know what to do.

The deep sobs ended and Colin finally lifted his head off of Taylor’s shoulder. His face was inches from Taylor’s and they looked into each other’s eyes. Colin’s flickered and were beginning to close as he moved his face inwards, and before Taylor could do anything, he felt the tentative touch of Colin’s lips on his.

His body seemed electrified by the soft touch and press of those lips. His own opened slightly and it was all that Colin seemed to need. Instantly the lips pressed harder, with more urgency and his tongue came flicking outwards, to push aside Taylor’s own lips. He could feel the raspy edge against his teeth as his body answered Colin’s own sudden passion. His mouth open the two tongues met and seemed to swirl around each other, tasting the saltiness of the other which only made his body ache even more.

Emotions he had kept bottled up were suddenly racing forwards, threatening to explode into the open as he tried to force them back. Yet the press of that tongue, the strange sounds of moans coming from Colin made it impossible for him to show any restraint. He heard his own groans of desire as he held Colin even tighter.

Colin’s hands were suddenly all over his body. He could feel them tugging at his shirt, and the sounds of buttons popping only made him ache even more. His own hands were tugging at Colin’s shirt, and pants. He felt Colin’s hands reaching down, clutching at his groin. The press of the hand hard into his crotch made him shudder as he felt the desire racing thru his whole body.

It was like they were animals, the way their clothes were literally ripped off of each other. There seemed to be no time for any of the niceties, and while their clothes went flying, their mouths continued to lock with each other.

Their wild embrace made them roll over the ground, and even their bodies feeling the coolness of the pond didn’t damped their need for each other. Colin’s hands were now reaching and tugging at his groin, touching him where no man had ever touched him before. It was more than he could believe or allow himself to believe. The pleasure was undeniable as it took hold of his entire body. His mind, his spirit, his very soul ached and relished the touch of Colin’s hands and body next to his, touching him in ways that made him squirm and roll. His own hands and body were on a journey of discovery that only made this pleasure that much more intense.

The building ache in his body shot up ten fold when he felt the urgent tugging on his pole. His cock was already aching and when Colin’s hand began to pull on it, to try to milk it like you would a cow, pulling down and hard, he groaned out loudly. The idea that both Wally and Billy were not far off didn’t matter. This was what he had wanted, to be held, touched, and loved by another.

All of his youth he had wanted this but been afraid to seek it, now it was here, and soon it too would be gone. He didn’t care as he moaned loudly, his hands now guiding Colin’s head down his body. He felt the tongue leave his mouth and start to lick at his neck, under his chin, around his Adam’s apple and he shivered with the sensations.

It was too much for him. His body was arching upwards, then shaking to one side, as the pleasure wrapped his entire body, making every nerve inside scream for more and yet unable to handle more. His body shook as he yelled he was going to cum and then it got even better for him.

Taylor felt Colin’s head leave his chest, felt the mouth move off of tasting his nipple and biting on the jutting piece of flesh. As the sensation of emptiness began to creep inwards, he felt the hard warm press of those lips around his aching pole. He moaned deeply as Colin’s mouth wrapped itself around his cockhead, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out. His body arched upwards, his hands flew down and pressed the head downwards, to engulf his entire shaft.

He felt it slide inwards, felt the throat muscles tighten then suddenly relax to let his thick pulsing cock past. The lips were tight around the entire burning flesh of his cock and he squirmed and moaned even louder. The feeling of his body bucking and his balls striking up into his groin made him sweat and ache. Then in one instant, it felt like his whole body had suddenly exploded, like a bomb bursting.

The harsh sound of choking made no difference to him, as his body continued to buck and arch upwards, sending his cum deep into the willing mouth that sucked on his cock. It drank deeply of his hot sticky milk, eagerly taking it all deep down into the stomach, adding to the force of the wild ejaculation. Taylor could feel his head touching the very back of Colin’s mouth and it only made him arch upwards more. His hips were up, his butt was off and out of the water, dripping from its soaking and yet Taylor could feel the easing of his muscles inside.

It was over as quickly as it had started. His body felt spent, as he sank back into the cool water. His breathing was ragged and as he opened his eyes, he saw sparkles and flashes of light. The sensation of utter exhaustion took hold as his hands flopped to the side of his body, splashing the water.

On his belly rested the head of his friend. It felt heavy and yet it felt warm and inviting. He wanted more, but was too spent to move. He could barely breathe as his chest continued to rise and fall and all he could manage was to lift one hand and caress the dark wet matted hair of Colin.

“Never were one for holding it back were you Tay?”

The voice startled him and he quickly pulled his legs together, attempting to hide his naked torso from whoever had crept up to see him laying there, jerking off. His eyes squinted against the full sun that beamed from around the tall figure standing on the edge of the sloping hill, by the pond’s edge.

It didn’t take him long to recognize the tall lanky figure, older than last time he had seen him, but still the same wicked grin across the face told him it wasn’t a stranger. He knew that smile, that look and just grinned upwards as two more figures suddenly came up over the horizon of the little hill.

Taylor settled back down into the shallows of the water, knowing that at last, he really was at home as his three best friends came down the slope, stripping off their clothes as they rushed into the cool water, just as they always did.

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