Fiction – Final Camping Trip

Final Camping Trip

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Joel had good and bad memories of the place. He sat at the bank of the lake, looking out at the starry night being reflected off the still waters. He could see the silver flashes of light and from across the lake, he could see the lights of private cabins poking holes into the darkness.

He sighed as he leaned back on his elbows, knowing that when this session ended, it would also signal the end of his youth. Come fall he would be heading off to College, and all this would pass into his memory as he entered the next phase of becoming an adult. Joel couldn’t help but feel sad, as all those childhood memories would be just that, memories.

No more carefree times, no more sneaking out in the middle of the night to toilet paper the councillor’s cabin. No more campfire ghost stories and wiener roasts at midnight. All that would be gone and as he sat there, he wondered why he would miss a place that hadn’t exactly been fun.

Sure he had enjoyed the fun times, but early on attending the camp, he had learned how to keep his secret from the others. It always preyed on his mind too. Specially on those odd skinny dip jaunts. He certainly wouldn’t miss the fear that would grip him each time a midnight swim was planned, wondering if they’d invite him or not.

Despite that fear, he was always one of the first to strip and jump in, but it wasn’t because he enjoyed the cold water so much. It was really self preservation. By going in first, he avoided anyone seeing his obvious excitement, and secondly, it gave him a better view of the others as they stripped and jumped in. Least by being first he wouldn’t give anything away.

Joel smiled as he realized just how much he would miss the rustic place. The boring cold meals and warm beverages would be missed. So too would the friendships he had made.  Sitting back, he tossed a small stone into the lake, watching it ripple in the moonlight. Maybe moving on was good. Who knows, he might finally develop his gaydar better, so that he wouldn’t have to sneak out in the middle of the night, to whack off. Maybe he’d find someone he could talk with, share his thoughts with. A friendship like he had with Barry, except not have to hide his secret from.

He had met Barry early on, back when he was just entering those awkward teen years. They always shared a cabin ever since and had grown up together. Still, he hadn’t ever told Barry how much he really liked him. Leaving camp each summer had been hard, but until the next year, he would always think of Barry, recalling how he looked when they had pulled off a stunt against the others, or how Barry had looked that first time they all went skinny dipping.

Strange to think of Barry that way, but it wasn’t like he had a lot of experience either. He was attracted to his friend, and he enjoyed watching him strip off and calmly walk to the water to get in. He was a bit of a show off, which made for an instant hard on. Joel was glad of the cold lake water at those times, and on occasion they had gone swimming alone. It was those moments when he was the most frightened, because it was harder each time to hide his natural attraction to Barry.

Just thinking about Barry was giving him a hard on. He reached down to push his stiff dick to one side, while his mind was flashing various images of Barry across his memory. There was the skinny kid climbing the huge tree over the main trail, to lay in wait to toss water balloons at unsuspecting hikers. The look on his face when the balloons burst as he climbed up, soaking him and making them both laugh.

There was the image of him standing by the edge of the lake, trembling in the cold night air, as he dropped his pants. There was the image of him standing off by a bush, unzipping and pulling his cock out to take a piss, while everyone was hiking past. It was as if he didn’t care who saw, and it was that sense of self confidence that made Joel ache a bit more in his groin. He liked the way Barry would seem unconcerned by who saw his nudity at times.

Like in the cabin when they got up. Barry never slept dressed, always in the raw and every morning he had a stiff dick. It was one reason Joel had become an early riser. He loved the vision of Barry waking up and tossing off the blankets, to show that perfectly erect cock.

At first, the others would joke about it, and try to make Barry feel odd, but he had a way with him. In short order he had most feeling like they were the weird ones for not waking up with a hard on. God the mornings could be fun then, and it made it easier for him too, because the instant he saw Barry get up, he felt his own cock spring to attention. Thanks to Barry though, it was somehow expected and while he didn’t get up and show it off, least he didn’t worry about being found out.

Without even realizing it, Joel was pulling on his cock. His fingers were slowly pushing his hard dick around in his shorts, as he thought about Barry, wondering why it was always easy to talk to him, except when it came to sex. Then he would get all shy, or frightened. He should be able to tell him, after all they had become good friends and he had no reason to suspect Barry was homophobic. Still, he didn’t and it bothered him, because after this weekend, he doubted he’d ever see him again.

Barry was off to California to Stanford, while he was heading off to North Bend, making his parents the talk of the neighbourhood. He smiled at that, glad that at least in some small way he had made them proud. If they ever found out the truth though, well he didn’t want to think about that. He gritted his teeth and turned his attention back to thinking of Barry. He’d miss him, and there had been times when he had come close to breaking his silence, to just let it all out, but something had held him back.

The notion though of being able to actually touch that famous cock, made him shift a bit on the grass. Barry had become famous at camp for being the horniest camper. He had no idea at how, but everyone seemed to just accept that anyone who wasn’t bashful about that stuff, obviously was getting lots of sex. Despite the reputation, Joel had his doubts. Barry rarely talked about his sexual conquests, unlike the others.

He would sit and watch as Barry always was rather silent at those moments when everyone would talk about their latest flings. He would smile when asked and that smile. God, he could see it now and it always made his heart skip a beat. Hell it did more than that, but he tried to never show it. Still, before camp was over he wished he would have the balls to just take Barry aside, and tell him how much he wanted him. How much he really wanted to just drop on his knees and suck on that piece of meat. Course he would never say that, or do it, but damn he sure thought about it a lot.

Looking out at the lake, he found himself leaning back. His legs stretched out and he thought, hell, why not? His hand moved down under his shorts as he tried to recall all of the times he had seen Barry naked. He liked the way Barry would get up in the morning, stretching once he was standing up. He always got up on the side that was near Joel’s bunk. The way he would stand up and stretch, pushing his hips forward, almost making it seem like he was offering his erect cock to Joel.

No way he could miss a good look, and it never seemed unnatural either. It always made him rock hard too as he could see it all without risk of being found out. He loved the way the balls would dangle under the fully erect shaft. The leathery sac looking full, and as Barry grew older, the pubic hairs seemed to thicken as well, making a nice bush of dark hair around the jutting out cock.

Mornings certainly were his favourite, as Barry loved making a show of getting out of bed. Lately too, he had taken to stretching and yawning more than just the once. This morning he had stretched three times, each time his cock had jutted out, Joel had felt the urge to reach out to grab at it. If only he could, he thought as he pushed the shorts down a little, to bring his erect cock.

Joel wrapped his fingers around his own stiff cock, thinking of the morning rituals while staring out at the shimmering lake. If only he had the nerve to talk to Barry, to tell him how much he liked him. As his hand slowly moved up and down his shaft, he thought about it, wondering just how he’d approach his friend, never quite comfortable with the notion. Joel could feel his hand moving a little faster, as the adrenalin rush of what it would feel like to actually tell Barry, to see his face, and hopefully to feel his body next to his, was unbelievable.

A small groan escaped his lips as he thought about Barry lying next to him, about his hand pulling on Joel’s cock while he pulled on Barry’s. Man he doubted if he could hold himself for more than a second or two, before he’d spurt all over the place. The idea of Barry touching him made his hand go faster. The idea of Barry’s hand holding his cock, of his dark eyes staring into his face was making him nuts. His hand was a blur as he thought about his friend, about having his thin pale lips press against his own mouth, of tasting him.

The blood was rushing from his limbs as he felt his legs shake a little as they stiffened, matching the hardness of his cock. His hand was stroking the shaft, twisting a little as he imagined Barry doing the stroking. It would be something he’d do, twist and yank on the cock, and the idea made Joel sweat.

His body was quivering now as he groaned a little. The eyes were closed as he pulled and pulled. He could hear his breath becoming shallow with each stroke, his mind searching for more memories of Barry. Like the time they all went skinny dipping the other night. Barry was the last to enter the lake.

The others were all off laughing, splashing while Barry stood at the edge and watched. Then very slowly he took his shirt off, and tossed it to one side. Joel watched as his friend looked over them all, sort of like a Rock Star or something. Then he remembered how Barry sought him out, how their eyes locked.

His hand flew faster as that memory came back as if it was happening again in front of him.

Barry and he, had locked eyes. He remembered the thin smile as Barry undid his pants, and slowly stepped out of them. He was wearing his jockey shorts, and Joel couldn’t help but notice the bulge, despite the darkness. He had licked his lips as he treaded water enjoying the slow striptease. And Barry milked it too, the way he would play with the waistband of his shorts, slowly running his fingers inside and pulling the white band outwards.

Joel felt his toes curling as the image continued to play in front of him. He could see how Barry kept his eyes firmly on Joel’s, as he slowly pushed the shorts down, slowly bending over and covering his groin with his torso, yet his eyes never once moved from staring right at Joel. It was unnerving and he could remember licking his lips as Barry slowly stood up, to finally reveal his manhood.

The hard cock was pointing out from the darker patch of Barry’s body. Joel had almost lost it then, but thankfully he was hidden by the dark and the cold water. Still he had reached down to give his own cock a quick tug, swallowing some water in the process. Yet Barry didn’t seem to notice, thankfully.

His toes were cramping up now, as he stroked his cock, thinking about that slow walk into the water. He could see the hard cock swaying from side to side with each slow step. God how he wished he could have jumped out and ran over to take it into his mouth.

With the image of Barry wading into the water, Joel felt his body arch upwards. He was suddenly lost in a wave of extreme pleasure as he cried out, his hand pulling his cock up and aiming it upwards. He felt the hot splash of cum strike his chin, and then his chest as his whole body shuddered with the sudden release. He shook his cock, aiming it still upwards and he lifted his head to stare at the thick cock head jutting out from his clenched fist.

He groaned as he shook it, watching the last few drops of his own cum drop off the head, onto his still shaking body. He fell back, totally exhausted. His breathing was very irregular and his legs hurt as he slowly tried to regain control. It had felt amazing, and he could still see that image of Barry. Hell it had to be good as he was certain he could smell Barry’s cologne, scent as he lay there, exhausted. His cum was drying on his chest as he reached up to smear it across his nipple.

The scent was almost too much as his chest slowly began to settle down. His body ached as he wiggled his toes a little, to get the feeling back to them. His legs were like stiff planks as he shifted them as well, helping the blood return and ease the cramping he felt in his calves.

As he lay there, recovering he couldn’t get over the strong sense of being able to smell Barry. He felt himself grinning as he slowly opened his eyes, thinking of how much he would miss not seeing Barry in the mornings. As the eyes opened, he couldn’t see any stars shining, instead there seemed to be a large dark mass hovering over him.

Joel felt a cold chill come over him, as he slowly regained his vision. His eyes opened wide, as his heart began to race with fear, as he recognized the tall figure standing next to him.

‘That looked like fun, My turn’ was all the voice said as it slowly pushed the white shorts down from its lanky frame, exposing the familiar cock that Joel saw every morning at camp.


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