Fiction – Boat Ride

Boat Ride

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The boat rocked gently in the swell from the lake water. Colin stared up at the panoramic scene above and felt totally contented. He sighed as he put his hands behind his head, to stare at the sky, the clear blue with the white shimmering stars were amazing tonight, something he really didn’t get to enjoy back in the city.

Looking over, he saw his friend, stretched out with his head on an extra life jacket. He was fast asleep, missing the spectacular sky. His face looked so relaxed, so at peace that it made Colin smile. It certainly was a change from just an hour ago, when the face was bathed in sweat, and not from any sunshine either, but from their little midnight tryst in the boat.

Staring down, he saw the glimmering white along his naked belly, and smiled. He never knew Tyler could shoot so much as he had not more than an hour ago. The stinging jabs of hot flying cum had startled him and had driven him absolutely mad. Not in a bad way, but it had certainly sparked his desire which had led to his own orgasm.

He never knew how good it could feel, to be driven so completely mad by the fever of his lust and that of his friend. Tyler wasn’t a raving beauty, but damn he had a nice cock. Staring at his friend, he noticed the soft lump that lay on his groin. It was soft now, looking rather deflated and yet it had made Colin squirm and groan like a virgin, when it was fully erect.

That only made him reach down and shift his own cock, once more growing as he recalled their love making only a short time ago. He never knew how horny Tyler could be, or how assertive either. The way he had rammed his cock deep into Colin’s mouth, holding his head steady while driving that erect cock deep into his mouth. It had scared him at first, even made him gag but Tyler refused to stop, or lessen his hold. It was unbelievable how he felt the pain in his jaw, even now.

The constant pounding in his throat from the cock head had hurt, and yet thrilled him. The taste of that piece of meat was still exciting and to be honest, he had never really tasted cock like that before. The way Tyler would push it in, holding his head firmly in his hands. Making him gag, making him stretch his throat or suffocate.

He had no choice but to stretch his muscles, to let that pulsing cock in, and it went in hard. He could still feel the head banging into the back of his throat, the veins underneath throbbing each time it passed between his lips. He held on, enjoying the taste and he could smell his friend too. The aroma was intoxicating, helping to drive him as he took the face fucking.

Tyler didn’t cum either. He simply rammed his cock in and out, making Colin take it. Then just as suddenly as he had put it in, he had moved away, and stretched out on the bottom of the boat, between the seats. His legs were suddenly upraised on either side, and in a commanding voice, he had directed Colin down. He reached up with his arms to pull him down.

He forced Colin’s face down between his legs, towards his ass. Colin had smelled him, and the scent of sweat mingled with some strange other scent, that only seemed to make Colin tingle inside. He found his head forced between the legs, the balls above and he knew what Tyler had wanted. It was something he had never done before, but there was no denying his friend.

With Tyler’s hands forcing his head down, he began to kiss and lick at the warm moist butt cheeks. He could feel his friend shudder a little which only made him lick harder. Something about how he felt, how the flesh moved to his tongue made him ache in his groin. His own body was being overwhelmed by the sensations that rolled up and down inside. He groaned as his hands began to pull the shaking cheeks apart, so his tongue could reach deeper inside.

The sweet taste filled his mouth as his tongue licked up and down the spread apart cheeks. He felt the peach fuzz as he licked down and around the pink hole. The pungent odor made him dizzy as he couldn’t stop. He felt his tongue tickling the hole, tasting it and making him nuts. It was a sensation he had never felt before and as Tyler’s body shivered to his ministrations, it only made him dig in deeper. He swirled his tongue around the pink hole, then forced it in past the taut muscle. He felt the muscle give as his tongue dove inside, tasting the very insides of his friend.

Groaning, he dug his fingers hard into the butt cheeks. He had his fingers spread out, pulling the cheeks further apart and Tyler shoved his legs further apart, giving him more of himself. He moaned as his tongue swirled around inside, tasting every part it could, reaching deep inside as far as possible. His nose was pressed hard into Tyler’s ass, as he licked and sucked on the pink hole.

Tyler was groaning as much as he was moaning. It was totally unexpected and then it seemed like Tyler couldn’t handle it anymore. His body was quivering as he started begging Colin to fuck him. He had never heard his friend beg before, and it only made him lick harder, rougher. His tongue swirled around inside, making Tyler scream a little, and beg even more for Colin to fuck him.

He remembered how Tyler had fucked his face, showing no mercy and that memory only made him lick more. He wasn’t going to give his friend what he wanted, just yet. He continued to lick and pull the cheeks apart, which only made Tyler beg harder. He felt in control as he slapped one cheek hard with the palm of his hand, the sound reverberating loudly in the night. The motion of the boat only added to his pleasure, as he drove his face in even harder. His nose pressed up under Tyler’s balls, that were obviously full and with a sense of inspiration, he had suddenly pulled out of his friends ass, and gobbled up first one, then the other full egg shaped balls. He sucked on them hard, pulling back and stretching the leathery sac.

His friend cried out as his balls were being sucked. His hands banged on the seats next to him, as he desperately begged for Colin to stick his cock into his ass. Instead he sucked on the balls a bit longer, then let them sling back, as he drove his face back down between the quivering legs. His tongue licked down the moist crack, found the wet hole and went snaking inside. Tyler cried out, begging and pleading.

Collin had never felt so in control as he did then. His own cock was aching and his buttocks was clenching and unclenching with each flick of his tongue. The taste and aroma was driving him crazy as he heard the constant moans and pleading from Tyler.

He couldn’t take it any longer, and pulled his face back, and as he did, he jammed his index finger deep into the moist hole of his friend. He felt him jump, felt his body surround his finger as he plunged it in deeper, twisting it from side to side as he fingered him hard. Then he quickly pulled back, and with just the tip in, he twisted another finger close to the index, and pushed inwards. The cry of pleasure only made him smile, and he forced his two fingers back deep inside of Tyler’s quivering hole.

In and out he went, just as Tyler had drove his cock into Colin’s mouth earlier. He showed no mercy as he twisted his fingers while driving them deep inside. The pleading became louder, driving him on. Only after several hard thrusts had he taken his fingers out, and unwrapped a condom over his own throbbing cock.

He moved in closer, lifting up the two outspread legs a bit, to get in closer. He stared down at his friend, and saw the lust in his face. It was constricted and he took hold of his cock, pushing it between the cheeks. He felt the body shake, as he brought the head of the cock to the pink hole, then without even any warning, he plunged it deep into the hole.

Tyler shouted out loud, that seemed to bounce around the whole lake. Colin ignored the cries as he drove his cock deep inside. He pushed and grunted as his groin slapped hard into his friends cheeks. His balls were slapping the cheeks as he ground his hips, twisting the pole impaled inside Tyler’s rectum. He felt the body tighten around his cock, and heard the moans too as he pulled back, and then pounded back inwards.

His friend moaned, his head tossing from side to side as he drove his cock in and out, his hands holding Tyler’s ankles and spreading the legs further apart. It was like making a wish over a wishbone, as he continued to pound the ass with his cock. Quick hard thrusts that made the body beneath him shake. Then he stopped, and very slowly moved out. He let his cock inch out, which only made Tyler beg for more, cry out for more.

Then, just as the cock head was about to come out, he drove his hips inwards, sending the throbbing cock back inside. It split his friends ass, and as it went pushing inwards, the body began to shake and quiver like never before. He felt suddenly the hard slap of hot milk on his chest and chin as Tyler couldn’t hold back anymore.

The stinging shots of his cum was all over as he drove his cock in, and he stared down to get one hot gob right in the face. His hair was over his eyes, sweat was dripping down as he continued to pound Tyler’s ass. He saw his friend holding his cock, aiming it at him and he smiled as he twisted his hips, making more cum shoot out of the cock. He felt the cum hitting his belly and he could feel his body moving fast and hard.

Even with his friend’s cock empty, he continued to drive his own in, feeling the balls striking the flesh, the sound added to the moans. His breathing was shallow as he felt his own body begin to shake. Moving fast he pulled his cock out, and letting go of Tyler’s legs, he reached down to quickly shed the condom that covered his cock. He leaned forward, his cock held tightly in one hand that he quickly moved up and down his shaft. He felt his body shake, then his eyes misted over as he felt himself explode. He didn’t see it at first, but he heard the stinging sound of his milk hitting the sweat covered belly of his friend. His cum flew out, and he leaned even more over his friend, making sure his cock was over Tyler’s now softening cock. The last of his cum dribbled out and he collapsed on top of Tyler.

They lay together for several minutes, the only sound was their panting breathe, as slowly they regained control. Slowly, sticky from the sweat and cum that covered their naked bodies, the two lay side by side, staring up at the sky. The boat began to rock slower in the evening swell and Tyler reached out, his hand over Colin’s chest.

Tyler fell asleep quickly, and Colin now looked back up at the sky. The night was moving on, and soon he’d have to get up and they’d have to head back, but as he leaned up, to look over once more at Tyler, he saw the eyelids flutter, then open. The look in Tyler’s eyes were enough to make him forget about heading back, just yet.

It was his turn now, to beg as he stood up, grabbing Tyler’s head and pushing his hips forward.

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