Fiction – Behind the Bushes

Behind the Bushes

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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He knew most would class him as a pervert. Gord didn’t really care or even think about it that much, because he didn’t buy into that bullshit. So he liked to watch other’s getting it on? How did that make it so wrong, as he really never did anything but jerk himself off. It wasn’t like he stalked them either, but if he came upon a couple, well he liked to not announce his presence, so he could watch.

Besides, it wasn’t hurting anyone and he had been doing it for eons it seemed. Ever since he had watch a couple of school mates doing it in the shower way back when he was just a runt himself. Now, at 50, and a Professor at the University, he still enjoyed the thrill of watching younger men exploring each other’s bodies.

It was one reason why each fall he would volunteer to be one of the faculty advisors on the freshmen nature campout. To begin with, he loved being outdoors, the smell of the air and the freshness of it all always made him relax, and secondly, the horseplay among those who came along. He had many memories of hot young men, playing in the bushes when they thought no one was looking.

Freshmen were sexual animals, or so he believed. They had to be the horniest group around, unlike the Seniors. College was a whole new experience for them, and they still hadn’t been jaded by the politics of University life, many unpledged to fraternities or such. These camping trips were just a small stepping stone towards their college life experiences. It was a way to learn something outside the classroom, and was also a way for many to get over their own inflated egos. After all, they might have been something back in High School, but now they were just small fish in a huge lake of other fish.

University life could be ego deflating for some, and a hard lesson in life. One of the reasons for these camping trips was to help in the transition from High School to University. It was still about learning, but on a less impersonal level. As he sat behind the bush, watching his charges move around the clearing, relaxing, he spotted one of those who was finding it hard to adjust.

He wasn’t a bad kid either, just naïve in so many ways. Kerry had come to the University from a small town in the Midwest. He had been a popular young athlete there, and he looked it too. The long wavy hair, the crisp fresh look of his face, and the piercing eyes all added up to him being a real stud, but that was there, not here. The university was full of such 18 year old young men, and some were Jocks as well. In fact many were, but what was tough for Kerry was that they were good, and he really wasn’t.

It was too bad, as Gord watched the way Kerry had gone off to one side, not yet a part of the group. Oh he was there, but he kept to himself, and it made Gord feel for the young man. He had a nice smile, was a nice young man too but he had found life in the big pond difficult.

From the outset he had hit a brick wall. His tryout had ended the first day, and it was a rude shock to suddenly be told you weren’t good enough to play with the others. He had seen his look, the following day in class when he had gone from being a smiling happy go lucky freshmen, to a sullen unsettled youngster. There was no spark, as he tried to cope with not being top dog, and while he thought everyone knew, fact was hardly anyone did.

That was his next shock, that no one really knew. Suddenly he was just one more of the nameless masses and it obviously unsettled him. Gord did notice though that over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the camping trip that he was slowly adjusting. Justin for example had found him, and seemed to ease his discomfort somewhat. Justin was also on the trip but so far, had been occupied by attending to another student on the trip.

Kerry was like a lost puppy dog. He walked among the group aimlessly, sullen and dejected. Gord couldn’t help but feel for him, and he rather toyed with the idea of taking a more personal interest in him, though that went against his own rules. It was one thing to watch them in secret, another to try and dip into that pool without serious complications. He wasn’t that enamoured by Kerry to do that, though it was close.

One thing his experience had taught him was that things could change very quickly on these camping trips. There had been many Kerry’s over the years, and by the end of the trip, most had finally broken out of their shell, and had entered University life with gusto. It was those moment that made Gord always sign up for faculty advisor. God, to see those 18 and 19 year olds discover real sex, to explore each other’s lust, was a sight worth seeing. He only wished he could figure out a way to capture them, for later use, but that was crossing the line, least in his mind.

Still he wouldn’t mind having some token memories, and he had toyed with the idea, but always rejected it. Crossing that line would take his hobby out of being harmless, to being perverted, or so he believed. Instead he just satisfied himself by paying close attention to the action, when he found it.

Returning from the sudden flash of memories from other trips, he noticed how the campsite had emptied out. Everyone was off on their day’s exploring. He noticed that Kerry however was still there, drinking his coffee as his partner seemed to have disappeared. He waited, wondering where Justin had gotten to, when he suddenly saw him come up from the lake trail.

It was one of the perks too of being a faculty advisor. He got to pair off the students for their assorted assignments, and it was a natural fit for him to pair Justin with Kerry. Besides he liked to play matchmaker, and 9 out of 10 times worked out perfectly. This time he seemed to have maybe guessed wrong, as Justin was followed by two other student, Mark and Harry.

Kerry obviously wasn’t thrilled at their presence either. Yet as the scene unfolded, he seemed to accept the addition of the other two and Gord watched as the four young men headed back down the trail to the lake area. Strange he thought, as their assignment was off in another direction, but he slowly got up from his position, to follow along.

That too was part of his enjoyment. To creep out and shadow some of the students. It made him feel like some hunter, out for big game and he smiled. Many of his quarry were indeed big game and lately he had noticed that many of the men were a bit better endowed than in previous years. That was a huge plus as it made for a lot more pleasurable viewing.

Very slowly and quietly Gord made his way down to the lake. He could hear the four men and let his keen sense of hearing guide him until finally he found them. He found a nice sized bush to lean behind, as he checked out the area he was in. It was nicely secluded from the trails and he wondered just what the boys were up to as he peered out, making himself comfortable.

All four were leaning against the huge tree, the lake glistening just a few feet ahead of them. They were smoking something, and Gord recognized the faint hint of pot. He grimaced a little, as he wasn’t all that keen on his students smoking dope or bringing booze on these sojourns. He was a bit of prude on that, but there wasn’t much he could now, as the four passed the joint around a few times, and the level of their conversation grew a bit louder.

Gord noticed that Kerry seemed more at ease, and as he watched he wondered how well equipped he was. While he wasn’t all that good as an athlete, was an okay student, it was what was between his legs that interested Gord the most. He always seemed to sport a nice basket, and his butt filled the blue jeans out very nicely. Seeing those firm cheeks usually gave him a nice little tingle, and he still hadn’t seen the young man anywhere near a state of undress.

The peal of laughter brought him back to the present, as he turned to see both Mark and Harry standing up, laughing as they began to strip off their shirts. Gord licked his lip and adjusted his position so he could see better.

Harry wasn’t exactly a looker and as he undressed, Gord confirmed that opinion. He was a pasty faced kid, and looked thin as a rail. With his shirt off, and pants now flying off to rest by the tree, that opinion was only confirmed. Though he had to admit, his butt looked interesting in the boxer shorts. Now Mark on the other hand wasn’t bad looking, nor was he great.

The trouble with him, was his little beard and stubble. Gord wasn’t thrilled by that look, and in his mind it made Mark look a bit grungy. Though as he too tossed his pants to the tree, he didn’t look all that bad in his boxer shorts either. The legs maybe were a bit skinny looking, and to his surprise seemed rather smooth looking. He had expected him to be a hairy type, which he wasn’t. His chest wasn’t all that developed either and both he and Harry weren’t your top drawer physical specimens. They were actually more like skinny little school kids, not college freshmen.

Still it was a pleasant surprise to see so much flesh this early in the morning, and camping trip. Normally it took several days before most were comfortable to undress like these two did. His eyes widened as he saw Harry pushing his shorts down, bending to pull them off his skinny frame.

Licking his lips, Gord focused on the naked young man, and saw a rather thin limp penis dangling between the legs. It wasn’t bad looking either and he quickly turned his attention to stare at Mark. There too, he saw the white flesh of a bare buttocks, that gave him a bit of a thrill. It looked so firm, and yet it jiggled as the young man pulled his shorts off from around his ankles. The dangling cock was a bit less limp he thought, as the boy turned and laughed again.

The laughter made him turn and look over at Justin and Kerry. Justin was standing up and seemed to be reprimanding Kerry. The smile on his face and grin made Gord ignore the other two, both of whom were now heading down to the lake’s edge, to test the water. It would be cold too, he thought and the sudden shrieks made him look over. Harry had splashed Mark and the horseplay was now off and running. He smiled as he turned back to see Justin had stripped his shirt off, and was pushing his pants down to his ankles.

Gord noticed that he didn’t wear the baggy boxers either. He had those hugging type, and he couldn’t help but admire the firm cheeks held tightly by the material. The orbs of flesh looked so inviting, as Justin bent over, to pull his legs free of the jeans. Watching very closely he noticed how Justin turned around, to face Kerry. They were talking as Justin reached up to his waist, and began to push his boxer shorts down his legs.

It looked more like a striptease. The way Justin moved his hands down slowly, making the moment of exposure come by surprise. Gord almost let out a cheer, as he saw a long thick cock pop out from the shorts, as they disappeared down Justin’s legs, to be stepped out of. He noticed how the cock wasn’t exactly limp but wasn’t fully erect either.

Turning his head, he stared at Kerry, catching him as he licked his lip and as his face was totally focused on Justin’s now naked body. They were talking and Gord wished he could hear what was being said, though judging by the stiffening of Justin’s cock, he had an idea.

Just as he was beginning to focus once more on that beautiful penis, Justin turned and raced down to the lake, going in without missing a step. He heard him cry out as the cold water met his warm body. He felt like laughing, and the idea of that rather hard cock suddenly shrivelling up made him a bit depressed. It had looked so hot, that he almost missed seeing Kerry suddenly racing into the water as well.

He felt cheated as he had missed Kerry undressing. But he vowed he’d not miss him come out. All he had caught was a fleeting flash of a pair of nice cheeks quivering as the young man entered the lake. Gord quickly looked around to see if there was any better vantage point. He knew that he wanted to experience their exit from the lake to its maximum. Least he wanted to make sure he got a good view of Kerry getting out.

After a careful examination, he determined he was in the best possible spot, and made himself comfortable. He had his own pants unbutton now too, and his hand was underneath, slowly rubbing his own excited cock. This was an unexpected treat, he thought as he watched the four young men splashing and just enjoying being kids again. He noticed that Mark and Harry would grin as they looked over at Kerry and Justin. It was almost as if they knew a secret, and he was intrigued too, by the way Justin suddenly was far more attentive to Kerry.

The way he would circle him, splashing only him, ignoring the other two young men. It was like a sort of mating dance he thought. His eyes kept track of where Kerry was and then perked up, when he saw Harry heading back towards the shore. Mark was following but Kerry and Justin seemed oblivious to it. He ignored the two, as he kept his eyes now on Kerry. Anytime now, he thought, anytime now they too would leave and then at last he’d see if he was right. Did Kerry have a nice sized dick or not?

He was right too, as Justin began to lead Kerry back to the shore and the tree. Gord licked his lips, wishing he had his binoculars with him. God to be able to zoom in and get a real close up would be ideal. Still his eyesight was good as he licked his lips, his own hand gripping the shaft of his own cock. He could feel it stiffen as Kerry’s naked body began to emerge from the water’s cover.

The chest was well defined, and you could see the pecs and muscles. He obviously still worked out, and he admired the young man’s look. His eyes ignored everything else as the stomach came out of the water, the liquid glistening in the sunshine that peered down on him. The toned flesh shone as the darker patch of pubic hair showed, and then the prize was in view.

His hand felt his cock jerk, as it became fully erect. Kerry’s cock was limp, but it was no tiny weenie. Even soft, the damn thing looked huge to Gord, just as he had suspected. It had to be a good six inches long, and that was soft. God, to see that organ pumped up would be a real prize and as he stared, he realized how quiet it was.

Turning around he noticed that both Mark and Harry had gone off somewhere. Their clothes were gone but he didn’t think they had left to get dressed. He turned back to see Justin and Kerry walking up to the tree. Justin didn’t look all that soft as he reached down for something off behind the tree.

Gord was impressed as he saw Justin bring out a towel from behind. It was like it had been planted there, and he smiled, knowing it had been. Obviously they had managed to plan this whole event, even down to remembering to bring towels to dry off.

Justin seemed surprised by the appearance as well but then Gord noticed the sudden relaxing of muscles. It didn’t take long for Justin to wipe himself off, and then in a surprise move, he stepped over and began to towel off Kerry. It was quite interesting to see how carefully Justin wiped him and with each stroke, move himself in closer. Before he realized it, Justin was suddenly locked in an embrace with Kerry.

They were kissing and Gord felt his hand moving a little faster at the turn of events. He had no idea Justin was that quick of an operator, and yet Kerry didn’t seem upset. In fact, he noticed how his arms now encircled Justin’s thinner frame, pulling him close and more than that, Gord could see the flexing of butt muscles as Kerry held Justin tightly.

The kissing seemed to take forever, before they broke apart and Justin stepped back and looked down. His arms were on either side of Kerry’s shoulders, and then Kerry looked down as well. Gord wasn’t sure what they were looking down at, but he had good idea. Suddenly he saw Justin reach down with one hand, and they both were slowly going down onto their knees.

Justin’s hand was around Kerry’s hips and as they sank down to the grass, Gord saw the flash of flesh that made his body tremble. The sight of two very firm erect cocks, sticking out and poking the other person was unbelievable. He couldn’t believe how much thicker and longer Kerry’s cock looked. It was more than he had thought as he stared, while stroking his own pole.

Kerry’s laugh echoed as Justin reached out and held that huge cock in the palm of his hand. Gord managed to stare at it, filling his mind with the memory of that moment, when he saw the thickness, the length laying in Justin’s hand. It was hard and hung well over the length of the hand. He saw the admiration in Justin’s eyes too, and the pride in Kerry’s.

At last the young man had a success to revel in. His own hand now moved up and down the arm of Justin, caressing it and once more they moved closer, kissing. It was touching to watch as his body began to shudder. The image of that beautiful long cock was still filling his mind. His legs twitched as he felt his balls slinging up and before he let himself go, he wanted one more glimpse of the two young men.

His eyes were clouding over as his body began to take control. Still, he stared out, to see the two bodies laying prone on the grass, their bodies entwined together, their faces locked in more passionate kissing. His hand moved faster and his eyes closed, as he couldn’t hold back any longer. His hand felt the jerk of his cock, as it reared back, then pushed forward, shooting its load of cream between his fingers and all over his arm.

Gord’s breathing was rapid and shallow as his body jerked and shuddered, his cock shaking as it spewed its hot milk out in a heavy thick stream. He bit his lip, keeping himself silent, as he trembled with the last release of his milk. He was totally drained, as he tried to calm himself, to regain his composure before staring back out.

As he finally managed to breath more normally, he turned to look out to see the two young men still locked together. He smiled as he stared, releasing his pairing of the two had been a success. The grin on his face suddenly froze as a pair of legs suddenly blocked his view. He looked up to stare up at the naked figure of Harry, who was just staring down at him, a huge wide grin on his face.

All he could do was smile back as Harry just grinned at him, while his hand stroked his stiff cock.


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