Fiction – Afternoon Round Up

Afternoon Round Up

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He had long since removed his shirt, as he wiped his brow with the back of his arm. The sun was slowly setting as he stared out the wide open loft door. His eyes squinted in the late afternoon glare as he felt the sweat running down his lean athletic body. Billy sighed as he felt the warm air swirl around him, a slight haze filled with dust and the odd fly the only motion around him. It was hard work but he rather enjoyed it. Tossing the hay to the barn floor below wasn’t easy when he had first started, and it seemed odd to have to pay to work, but that was part of the whole experience, or so Lance had said, when handing him the pitchfork and explaining his chores for the day.

Somehow he thought that Lance was enjoying ordering all of them around, making them sweat and get blisters on their hands, not to mention the sores on their rumps from the horse rides either. The guy had to be a masochist the way he drove them all and yet Billy kind of felt attracted to him. Lance was one of those tall gangly type guys, rough drawn face, beard stubble that never seemed to quite get taken off. Yet his eyes were something else. They always seemed to be laughing, that made Lance all the more interesting, least for him.

For the last four days, all they had done was clean stables, go for short rides along a pasture and feed the animals. He hated doing the chickens as those coups stunk to high heaven. Billy had come expecting something totally different but after four days, he found he was rather enjoying himself. The others in the group were all soft, flabby types who bitched constantly, which only got them worse jobs. He had simply done what he was told, no complaints and now he didn’t get to clean out the chicken coup like that whiny Marshal was doing.

Still he had sort of expected a bit more of a chance to have some fun, but so far there really wasn’t anyone that interested him. Lance, now that was different. Normally Billy liked those his own age, in their mid twenties, but Lance, that was different. The guy had to be at least 35 or older, but there was something about him that made Billy want him. Maybe it was his lean rugged looks or perhaps the scar that ran just under his chin. He wasn’t sure, but he always seemed to get a little aroused when he was near the guy, something else that was new for him.

Older men had never really excited him, other than in what they might provide him with, like a month at a working dude ranch. Still, he didn’t think he was a slut because he let older men give him things he wanted. In his own mind he kind of looked on it as a trade off. He gave them attention, satisfied their carnal needs and in return, he got to experience new things. Whether it was some new exotic restaurant or play or dude ranch, it was all the same to him. Meeting Lance changed that for him, as this guy couldn’t offer him any of those things, and still Billy felt attracted to him.

Kind of made him think more at night too. To steal glances of him around the evening campfire, to watch the fires dance across his leathered looking face was perhaps romantic but he found it more sexual than anything else. He couldn’t explain his attraction, but he found himself looking for ways to be alone with Lance, to talk to him and he hoped, to bed him at some point. Only trouble was, he wasn’t too certain if Lance was that way or not. Though at times he had caught him looking at him, and it did make him wonder. Hell it gave him hope.

“You ever gonna finish or just stand there daydreaming the day away?”

The harsh voice startled him as he dropped the pitchfork to turn around to see Lance’s head poking up from where the ladder was. He felt flustered as he bent down to pick up the pitchfork. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed how Lance was staring at him, as he climbed up into the loft. Lance took his Stetson off and wiped his brow, which only made Billy feel excited. He could feel the blood rushing to his groin, as he stared at Lance’s frame.

“Well?” the voice demanded and he finally found his voice to answer, telling the man that he was nearly done. He hated how broken it sounded or how high pitched too. God he was feeling like some teenager as the man just nodded and then looked around the loft. His hands were on his hips and Billy noticed how tight the man’s pants fit. He saw the soft curves of the rounded buttocks and licked his lips, wishing he could reach out and see if they were as firm as they looked.

“Like what you see kid?”

“Huh, I uh, I mean…”

“I ain’t blind ya know…”

Billy was caught. He didn’t know what to do and he looked around at the open loft door. Could he jump and survive he thought as he tried to think of what to do if Lance got violent. It happened sometimes, when straight guys noticed you checking them out. He didn’t get why, they should feel complimented, but some got really bent out of shape by it. He felt trapped as he finally stared back at Lance and answered.

“I guess.”

“Oh? You not sure? Maybe we should do something about that, so that you are certain”

Billy wasn’t sure how to take that, as Lance took a step closer. He was confused as the man had a strange smile on his face, and a weird glint in his eyes. It sort of scared him a bit as he moved back a step.

The sound of Lance laughing a full throated laugh made Billy stop and stare. He didn’t know what to make of it all. Yet looking at Lance he felt rather excited. He could feel his body tingling, his mind confused as Lance looked at him.

Warren said you would be interesting.”

Warren? How do you know Warren?”

“Lord kid, you are funny, who do you think owns this here place? The good fairy?”

He was stunned by the news, as he really didn’t think Warren was that wealthy. Oh he knew the guy had some coin, but to own this place and him not even know it? Hell to not even mention it to him was a bit of a blow too. Billy thought he had a closer relationship with the older man than that.

“I uh, I mean, he never mentioned it”

“No? Oh well, he did tell me all about you though…”

The way his face changed as he said that. Those laughing eyes no longer held humour but something else as they focused on Billy’s bulging crotch. There was something very familiar about that look that made his heart skip a beat as Lance stepped closer. This time, Billy didn’t flinch or move backwards. Instead he just waited, as Lance slowly came closer to stand right in front of him.

Lance dropped his hat onto the wooden floor and reached out. His arms gently guided Billy over towards the small pile of remaining hay and then he made him lay down on it. He stood towering over the lad and just looked at him as slowly he undid the belt buckle and then popped open the button to the pants.

Billy’s eyes opened wide at this gesture and he lay there, his eyes glued to the unfolding scene. Licking his lips he felt the hard lump in his crotch and squirmed a little as he thought about what was happening. This was worth all the hard work he thought as Lance undid his pants zipper and let the pants fall down to his ankles.

The dark pair of boxers were skin tight, and Billy saw the outline of one fucking huge cock etched and stretching out the thin fabric. Oh God he thought as he saw it, licking his lips in anticipation. His eyes widened as he noticed that Lance held a thin package in one hand and suddenly Billy knew that this was going to be a lot more than a little taste of fun.

Quickly, he managed to wiggle out of his own clothes, as Lance just stood there, waiting. It was so unreal, as no words were said and yet they both seemed to know exactly what the other wanted. It was so hot, that he already felt some precum oozing from his aroused cock. A small wet spot also appeared on the dark stretched fabric that held Lance’s waiting organ.

He watched as the cock just seemed to grow all on its own. Lance hadn’t even touched it and already it looked massive to his eyes. He reached down to play a little with his own exposed penis, feeling the excitement growing through his whole body. The waiting was making him sweat more as slowly Lance began to push down the boxers, and as he watched, the huge thick cock suddenly sprang out from its confinement.

No way he thought as he saw that massive thing bounce and stick straight out from Lance’s groin. The thick bush of pubic hair only seemed to make the thing look larger. It was like suddenly this gigantic Red Wood Tree had sprung out before him. He shivered a little as Lance stared down at the throbbing cock and then over at Billy.

The motion of Lance’s hand escaped his eyes but the sound of plastic being ripped open didn’t miss his ears. He glanced up to see the opened condom package in Lance’s hand and Billy noticed how he had already raised his legs upwards so that his knees were up and spread open. It had been a reflex action as his whole groin was exposed to Lance’s view and he felt excited as he now saw the desire in those eyes. He saw it too in the way that Lance’s cock seemed to wiggle and bounce upwards until the hand came down and held it steady.

The condom easily unrolled over the huge thick pole and Lance stepped closer, looking now at the exposed cock and balls between Billy’s legs. Lance knelt down onto his knees and looked into Billy’s eyes. Billy merely raised his legs upwards, grasping them with both of his hands and stared back. The sound of Lance spitting on his hand, and then reaching down to quickly jab inwards, between the spread open buttocks was a shock.

Just as suddenly as Lance had shown up on the ladder, he had entered Billy with his finger. The long tapered digit was wedged deep even before the first shot of pain had travelled inwards. He groaned loudly as he took the finger, felt it probing his innards hard and fast. It moved in deep and made him gasp for air.

Just as he was getting used to the press of the finger, it all stopped and then his body screamed out at him, as Lance drove two fingers into his hole. He arched upwards, choking but a cry as the pain soared within. He felt the two fingers probe deep and his body shake and then just as suddenly as it began, it ended. He panted a little, desperate to catch his breathe as he stared down his body, to see Lance spit on his hand and curl it around the pulsing cock sticking out at him.

His muscles tightened even though he knew he should relax, but the size of that prick just refused to let him. His hands held onto his legs tighter as Lance moved in closer, and leaned forward, pushing Billy’s legs apart even more by his body. His face now stared down into Billy’s. It was etched with desire and yet the eyes held a sort of warmth to them. They made him feel at ease, and just as suddenly as he had tensed up, he now relaxed, the muscles loosening as he felt the press of Lance’s cock head slide up and down his butt crack. He wiggled a bit, pushing himself closer the thick head, and his own eyes looked upwards, with a hungry look in them.

Lance saw it and suddenly lunged inwards. The searing pain made Billy cry out loudly, as Lance drove his cock in. The small little pink hole was stretched the furthest it had ever been and while it hurt, it also felt good. His body shuddered as his eyes watered and shut tight for a second or two. Billy now moaned and tossed his head to one side as the long thick pole slowly moved deeper into his body. It spread him wide open as it pushed aside the tingling little muscles inside.

His hands were white with strain but his legs were now mostly being held up in the air by the press of Lance’s own lean upper body. He could feel the hot flesh on his legs and it made him moan even more. Drops of sweat splattered on his chest from Lance’s head and he opened his eyes to see the man towering over him. The fullness of the penetration made him moan more as slowly Lance’s body began to push in and then pull out. He felt the slide of the hot pole stretching him each time it slowly entered him.

At first Lance moved slowly in and out. Each thrust in was careful, and Billy thought he could actually feel every crevice and vein on the long pole as it slid slowly down into his body. He ached and as it slowly pulled out, to get ready for another penetrating journey into him, he felt the emptiness inside. Then it all began to change as Lance began to push in harder and with greater tempo.

Before long Billy could distantly hear the loud slap of skin on skin as Lance’s body pounded his own willing buttock. His whole body shook to the hard thrusts and he cried out with pleasure as his body shook and shivered. He felt the rough strands of hay underneath him move as his body was constantly assailed by the plunging cock. It tore into him with increased frenzy as his own cock slapped against his belly. His balls grew full as Lance twisted and turned every now and then. The pain inside was unbearable and yet he didn’t want it to end. All he could do was scream for more, urging Lance to pound into him harder, and faster.

Lance didn’t hold back and Billy felt his whole body tense as the man above him began to drip puddles of sweat onto him. He didn’t once reach down, but each time Billy would open his eyes, there was Lance. He could see every crevice in the weathered face as his body was being deeply ploughed. His groans seemed to only make Lance go faster, and as he bit into his upper lip, he heard the grunts coming from above. His eyes were glassy but he saw the look, and felt it inside as Lance finally surrendered to the overpowering lust he had. His body pounded harder with each thrust, his groans growing in timber as he too came close.

Suddenly his body felt empty and he opened his eyes. There in front of his face, was the long hard pole, the condom already removed and as he recognized it, a solid stream of greyish milk came flooding out, hitting him all over his face. His eyes fluttered as the hot cream came gushing out at him, splattering across his sweating brow, across his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose.

He felt Lance’s body on his, the knees digging into his sides as the second hot load came rushing out at him. It hit Billy in the chin and then down to his chest. His face was already soaked and he cried out, as he felt each hot sting of cum as it struck his burning flesh. It made him buck and quiver as suddenly the now softening piece of flesh was pushed across his lips. He let his tongue flick out to taste the man juice that caked the head, and he smelt his own aroma as he licked at the offered delicacy.

Billy felt Lance get off him, and he looked up to see the older man standing above him. A warm smile crossed his face as he just stared down at Billy.

“Yep, Warren was right, you are a prize stallion.”

With that he pulled his boxers and pants up. Zipping the fly and doing the buckle Lance took one more long look at Billy’s naked body and smiled. As he turned to begin the climb down the ladder from the loft he looked backwards, speaking over his shoulder.

“So, figure you certain now on whether you like what you were staring at or not?”

Billy just grinned, his hand caressing his chest, feeling the now dried cum that coated most of it.


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