Fiction – Yard Sale (pt.2)

Yard Sale

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

The crumbled bills felt strange in his hands, as he watched Cory come forward. His face looked clean still, but the eyes looked sad. His whole body seemed tense, on edge as if he was nervous about something, as he kept glancing around, as if to look for a place to run to. It was odd, to see him looking so jittery. He felt sorry for the younger man, but there was something in how he moved that made him a bit uneasy.

Garth stood aside, as Cory walked in. He watched as the younger man stood inside, staring at the more or less empty room. His shoulders seemed to sag a bit, as he turned to look at Garth. There was something in his face, that made Garth quiver a bit. Something was on his mind, as the younger man looked down at his feet, then dug into his pants, and pulled out a small trinket.

He lifted his hand up, opening it, to show an old watch, dented and faded from years of use. The gold coloring of the pocket watch was faded to a dull metallic shade as Garth recognized it. He reached out, to take it from Cory’s hand and looked at him, as the young man shoved it towards him.

How did you? I…

I stole it, it was in the bathroom. I saw it, and, anyhow, I couldn’t keep it.

I see, why? No one willing to pay you enough for it?

Cory looked up, and Garth saw the tears rolling down his face. His voice had been harsh and he could see it had made an impact on Cory. Yet he was feeling angry, betrayed as he looked down at the old pocket watch. It had been his father’s, and while it wasn’t worth much in money, it had sentimental value to him.

You won’t believe me.

Probably not, but go ahead, let’s hear it.

Cory moved a bit, shuffling his feet as he eyed the doorway, which Garth noticed. He tensed up, wondering if the kid was going to bolt, through him, as he stood between the door and Cory. Instead he watched as Cory seemed to just slump a bit more, almost as if he was going to collapse.

Does it matter? You have it back.

You were going to keep it, until I called you back, so give, let’s hear it Cory.


I don’t know, maybe because you gave me back the cash, but kept the watch, you think it’s valuable, worth more than the cash, or were you hoping I’d call you back, so you could maybe find something else?

NO!, No, I uh, I just… you won’t understand.

Try me

Part of him wanted to reach out, and just shake the kid. It wasn’t that the watch was worth much, most pawn shops had dozen’s in better shape, but it was all he had left that meant something. It was a connection that he would have missed, and yet looking at Cory, there was something that held him back. It was stupid, he should call the cops on the kid, teach him a lesson, but then once more that damn conscience held him back.

It made no sense, but instead of lashing out, his tone softened, and he felt sorry for the kid. Besides, he did give him back the cash, worth a damn site more than the watch. Yet it wasn’t making sense to him, why did he give him back the money, but keep the watch?

Come on, we’ll go to the kitchen, have some coffee, and you can give me the story.

It isn’t a story, It..

It’s what? Come on, what?

I was going to give it back, when I uh, when I gave you the money back, but…

But what?

I guess I just wanted something, to hold, to have.

Cory was right, he didn’t understand. Instead of making a smart ass reply, he kept quiet and led the younger man back towards the kitchen. In some ways maybe he could understand, but as he watched Cory walking ahead, he couldn’t help but wonder what the real story was. There had to be more, than just wanting a watch.

He poured himself a second cup of coffee, as he leaned back a bit in the chair. Garth looked over the top of his cup, as he sipped the luke warm brew, watching how careful Cory was to avoid his stare. The way he fidgeted while holding the mug, still virtually untouched. It was strange, but he felt that maybe Cory really hadn’t tried to rip him off, least not in the classic sense.

God, he had been down the route a few times, and for a lot more than the price of an old watch. Hell, Ken was a perfect example of how not to handle a relationship, yet he had fallen for him, hook line and sinker. Sure the sex had been good, well he thought it had. Obviously Ken didn’t think so, given his parting words. They had hurt too, and yet in the cold light of day, he knew that he had simply been a sucker.

Ken had played him, no doubt in his mind about that. Course, he had let him. So was it right to blame Ken, when he knew better? Maybe that is what hurt the most, that he had tried, knowing it was fruitless. Ken had taken a lot more off him than a watch.

Christ, Ken wouldn’t lower himself to take something as meaningless as an old watch. He was a gold digger, and he knew the cash value of everything. When he had left, he had taken what mattered to him, what he could get money for, not what meant anything to him. Like the watch, it only had a meaning for Garth, to Ken it was worthless junk.

He felt a small shudder, as he realized he was comparing Ken to Cory, as if there was a need to. It felt odd, to sit here, knowing that the kid in front of him had stolen from him, yet at the same time try to make sense out of it. Not like he would have known, until morning, and then what? Would he have gone hunting Cory down for it or would he have simply swore, and moved on?

At the same time, he felt something for Cory. Maybe it was his look, his youth, or maybe it was something he couldn’t put his finger on. There was something different about Cory, hence his comparison with Ken. Was he trying to make Cory into something Ken wasn’t? Or was he just wanting it to be that way, sort of a rebound type thing?

He was smart enough to know that he wasn’t in the best of shape, emotionally, yet Cory had struck a nerve. Looking at him now, he couldn’t help but compare his looks to Ken’s, as well as his actions. Ken would never have given him the cash back, nor the watch. He never admitted to anything, even when he left, he couldn’t accept that Garth had done anything for him.

It had shocked him, that morning when Ken told him off, and left. Looking over at Cory, he didn’t see Ken or anything resembling him. Ken hadn’t looked ashamed, didn’t look sorry or even sad. Hell the guy seemed pleased to see the way Garth had looked, when told that it was all over.

Yet the night before, he wouldn’t have guessed that Ken was about to dump in the morning. Man, what a night it was, the wine flowing, the cuddling, and the attention too. Strange, but he realized it now, that it was nothing but a set up. Ken had a mean streak, and he had made that last night together as perfect as possible, simply to make the break up even more painful for Garth.

Christ what a bastard he thought, and his face grew a bit more taut, as he held his coffee cup, remembering both that night, and the morning after. Man what a sap he had been, getting up early, fixing a special breakfast for Ken, to have it all thrown in his face. His eyes got a bit narrow, as he thought back to that morning, at how right after he had swallowed the last waffle, drunk the last sip of specially brewed coffee, Ken had looked at him, and told him it was over.

Just like that, he had sat there, a thin cruel smile on his face as he said the words, watched Garth’s face as each word registered, as the surprise and shock turned to hurt. He relished it, there was no doubt of that. How his lips curled up as Garth had started to tear up, how he had shook a bit. It was all a good laugh for Ken, yet the night before, it had seemed like Ken was the perfect partner.

He couldn’t get rid of the conflicting images, of Ken smiling his ‘gotcha’ look in the morning, with the wide grin of pleasure he had been giving Garth all night long. How he had whispered ‘I love you’ so many times while touching him, while holding him. It was a good acting job, for sure, and now in front of him, he was confronting another disappointment. Or was he?

Ken had a good body, was handsome and certainly knew how to please a person in bed. His body was always moving, his hands, his tongue, all were like weapons of sexual torture. How he could get Garth almost ready to blow his load, then let him down, making it hurt unbelievably hard, yet pleasurable. How he could get him in the mood just with a look, a toss of his head and a glance of his eyes.

The way he had done it countless other times, but that last night, he was in top form. The way he had looked, fluttered his eyelashes at him, looked at him with his eyes, as if devouring him. It had given him chills, and when he had helped clean up the dinner dishes, it was like being in a room charged with electricity. Every nuance, every move, seemed sexually charged, which he fell for.

It wasn’t that they had a wild passionate sex life to begin with, normal he would call it, but that night, it was like the first time, only better. There was no need to explore, to test the waters. Ken knew what he liked, knew where those special places were and how to touch them, to get them pulsing. How Ken had used that knowledge.

In some ways, recalling it now only made it seem even more intense than then, yet it didn’t lessen the anger he had for the guy. How he could have done all that, knowing, was still a mystery to him. As he sipped the coffee, looking at Cory, he knew that with Cory, he could never do that. There was still too much honesty in the kid, too much naivety. Garth sighed, as he felt his body stirring, as the memories of that night worked its way across his mind.

How his whole body had trembled when Ken had brushed his arm past his buttock, reaching for a towel to help dry the dishes. How it had lingered against his cheeks, just lightly touching, while Ken talked about the day. How his voice had sounded husky, how his talk seemed to be about things that interested Garth, things that Ken rarely talked about or showed an interest in.

The whole routine was so charged, he had almost dropped a plate, and how the laughter had filled the kitchen then. How it would be filled with angry retorts less than 24 hours from then. Instead it was nothing but soft words, the odd joke that wasn’t as funny as their laughter might have indicated. Still, the touching, the way Ken would grab his shoulder, squeeze it, after a bit of a joke, or just out of the blue.

How he had made Garth feel like he was the only person in the entire world, by his look, his touch. How he moved his slender body next to him, and then how he took the wash cloth out of his hands, and dropped it into the sink, while turning Garth around, to face him. The way he looked into his face, the love that seemed to just sparkle from his eyes, then how his head had tilted. How the lips had looked so inviting, and then moved closer, to brush against his own.

God, the way his body had shook then. Ken only smiled and kissed him on the cheek, wiping a strand of Garth’s hair off his forehead. That little gesture almost giving him an orgasm. It was so well orchestrated, the odd little touch, the way his eyes looked, and how it felt as he had taken Garth’s hand, and pulled him away from the sink, some dishes still left inside.

Again, something he wasn’t used to. Ken had the charm, to make him forget stuff, to ignore tasks that needed doing. Leaving the dishes, Ken had taken him straight to the bedroom, another unusual move. He had laughed, joked at what a horny bitch Ken was being, who only grinned more, and made him feel so special. Even now, he could feel that tremble inside, that little quiver, that only had helped to arouse him.

Normally Ken liked it quick, but not that night. Walking into the bedroom, he flicked off the lights, and led Garth to the bed, to have him sit on the edge. Then he pulled out a large candle, and went around the room, lighting several other candles that had been placed all over. Again, a surprise as Ken had done it all, while he had been making dinner.

It only added to his love of the guy, or so he had felt then. To be surprised was not easy to do, yet Ken had done it then, and certainly the following morning. That angry thought, memory, was somehow pushed aside, as his mind dwelled on the night. How the room seemed to be moving, thanks to the flickering flames of several candles. How the flames all seemed to be dancing with each other, against the walls. Sort of like some weird love making ritual dance, as they would flicker one way, moving away from each other, then suddenly rush back towards each other.

He sat on the bed, watching as Ken moved around, and soon he could smell the aroma too. Not only had he placed several candles around, but they were those aromatic types, that weren’t cheap either. The fragrance wasn’t overpowering, as the room begun to fill with their scent. Once lit, Ken moved back to face Garth. His eyes just seemed to sparkle in the room’s darkness. The eerie glitter of the candles played across his entire frame, as he stood there looking down at him.

Moving softly, he began to slowly undress. Another little trick of his, that worked. How he would make sure you were watching, then slowly, agonizingly slowly, move his hands to undo his shirt buttons, one at a time, drawing the moment out. Then he would just let the shirt hang there, open just enough to show off his flat stomach, to give a small glimpse of his golden skin underneath.

One hand would move up and down the opened part of the shirt, caressing his own body. He would push the hand behind the shirt, not letting the shirt open much more, and you could see the hand reaching towards his nipples, at how they would move around the firm flesh, but not actually see it. Ken would moan a bit, a soft sort of whimper really, then once more the hand would be running down his flat chest, towards his belly.

He had you then, and knew it. The hand would rest at the pants waist band, waiting for him to move. Garth had looked up, licking his lips, hooked fully in the moment. Ken had smiled, as his fingers deftly undid the button to his pants. The sound making him jump a bit. A smile crossed Ken’s face then, as he held his fingers still for a second, until Garth’s eyes had once more moved down to stare at the bulging basket and the pants.

Ken let his fingers slowly unzip the pants, then push them apart and guide them down his legs. He stood there, bent over a bit, as he pulled each leg out of the pants, then tossed them aside, like a finished banana peel. So casual and yet so exciting too. He couldn’t help it as his eyes turned and watched the pants go sailing off to the floor. Then once more they returned to the man in front, the bulge of his erect penis stretching his underwear.

Calvin Kleins of course, as the huge letters seemed to glower at him. Ken’s hand would move down, to surround his bulging dick, highlighting it even more. Garth had licked his lips, as the one hand moved across the huge lump, the other moving up the centre of his chest, pushing the shirt open a bit more. Garth had been hooked and found himself leaning back on both hands, his eyes devouring the beautiful shape of Ken’s thighs.

The way the hair on his legs seemed to be standing up, and how big his basket looked. Even though he knew exactly what was under the underwear, he couldn’t help but feel tense, feel impatient at the delay in showing him what he already knew was there. It was all part of Ken’s plan, at how he suddenly moved his hands away, and removed the shirt instead. Yet even that had its moments, as Garth couldn’t keep his eyes from the show.

With his shirt off, he moved in closer, to where his legs now rested up against Garth’s. The room’s electricity quotient shot up a thousand fold, as his legs brushed up against Garth’s own legs. The face was looking down at him, as his eyes moved from Ken’s face, then to his groin, then back up to the face. How handsome he had looked, how alive he had felt.

Ken leaned forward, making Garth lean back for a second, then a smile crossed his face, as Garth felt his lips brush his. He felt the hands now resting on the bed, next to his shaking body. Garth couldn’t help but feel fully aroused, as their lips touched, as Ken’s tongue suddenly poked out, pressing up against Garth’s closed mouth.

He felt himself being forced backwards, further onto the bed, as he moved his arms back, then up and off the bed. Garth felt himself fall back, his arms reach up and around Ken’s body. The touch making him shiver. Then the lips were pressing hard, and he felt Ken’s body pressing down onto his own. He felt Ken’s hard groin pressing down onto his belly, as he took all of Ken’s weight.

His hand reached up and held his head between them, then he pressed his own face down, his lips crushing Garth’s. The tongue dug between his lips, pressing past and driving deep into his mouth. He tasted the younger man, tasting his lover in a way he hadn’t before. The tongue was relentless, but the hands held his face firmly in place, and then he began to kiss him back. His own hands moving up and down Ken’s body, then settling at his hips.

Ken managed to not only kiss him hard, but swivel his lower waist across Garth’s. It was all so quick, so unbelievably hot, that he lost all thought. His body was no longer his to command, as Ken’s body pressed down on him, making him feel like he was being pushed through the actual bed. His chest hurt, his legs spread apart, as Ken’s body formed itself to him.

The hard press on his crotch was making him sweat, as Ken continued to kiss him hard, deeply. The tongue moved in and out, and it was like being fucked. Hard deep thrusts, then out, then back in. The hands moved from his face, to slide down his body, making every nerve tingle as the hands past by. Every nerve inside was tingling, was on edge, as the hands moved down, to his own hips.

He sucked in air, moaned constantly as Ken continued to kiss him, to taste him. The lips would press hard on his, then move to kiss his chin, even his eyes. The hands undid his pants, and were pressing over his own throbbing cock. He felt the moment coming, moaned louder, and unlike most times, Ken didn’t stop. His fingers took hold of his cock, and the touch as they reached up and glided over his moist cock head only made him tremble more.

What a rush it was, to feel that one finger as it slid over his pee slit. The way the tip just managed to move over the top, then moistened by his precum slide back down underneath. Garth groaned, his body arched up but was held down by Ken’s weight. His legs stiffened, as his eyes fluttered, and he caught a quick glimpse of Ken’s face. He could still recall each line across the forehead, see each eyelash as they fluttered.

It was more than he could take, and without Ken stopping, neither could he. His whole body shook, his cries echoed into the room, as he heard his heart race to a fever pitch scream. The thumping inside was too much, as he bucked and shook. His legs kicked out, his arms dug deep into Ken’s thighs, right to the bone.

Ken’s hand suddenly closed up around Garth’s cock head, as it reared back, then released its steamy load of milk. He felt it flowing out, felt it being directed back to his belly, splattering across his pubes. He cried out, his voice shrill, as his arms let go and fell hard onto the bed. Yet all he could do was feel the rolling thunder inside, the way his whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire.

He remembered it all, as his body heaved, as his head rolled from side to side as his hips arched upwards, pushing up against Ken’s body. The way his cock ached, as it became coated with his own hot milk. How his entire groin was soaked and he could hear Ken’s heavy breathing as well. He could feel it against his cheek, as his body shook and shook.

It felt like forever, but finally it had subsided, and he lay there, his eyes adjusting to the room’s light. The candles still doing their little dance on the ceiling, the walls. His breathing was labored, as he stared at Ken, like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. He saw the glint in the eyes, the pleasure around his mouth, which made Garth smile back. He felt like he had just climbed Mount Everest, as Ken lifted himself up, and looked down at Garth.

How assuring his eyes had looked, how loving. He remembered how Ken leaned down, to kiss him once more, but this time, lightly. The brush of his lips had been like a match on dry kindling. All the passion he had just felt exploding inside, came rushing back. His cock jerked a bit, its decline arrested.

Garth shook his head, trying to clear his mind of the memory. His eyes were clouded, as he tried to focus, tried to get back to the moment. Looking over across from him, wasn’t Ken, but Cory. He let the chair move back forward, and sat his coffee cup down. A slight chill crept through his body, as he stared at the young man who had stolen his watch. Yet as he looked at him, saw how nervous he was, he couldn’t help but continue to compare him with Ken.

Garth took a deep breath, pushing aside the memories of that last night with Ken. Ken was gone, and he had to deal with this instead, plus morning was getting closer, as was his departure away from here, away from Ken.

Time to fess up Cory, why did you take the watch?

Cory put the coffee mug down, and looked up at Garth. He had his hands on the table, around the mug, and Garth could see how he kept moving them, showing his nervousness.

I wanted something to remember you by

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