Fiction – Hung and Not Camera Shy

Hung & Not Camera Shy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Damon stood by the buzzer, his finger shaking a little as it hesitated above the call button. He felt nervous, even a bit angry, because he knew he wasn’t a faggot. If any of his friends found out, he’d be toast. They would razz him endlessly, at best. Still, the money was good, and he needed the cash.

Answering that ad had been a lark, he never really figured they’d call, and when they did, he still never thought he’d wind up actually here. The building was one of those new high rise jobs, in the classy part of town. It wasn’t what he had expected, but the need for the $400 was just too overpowering.

I am not Queer’ he kept mumbling to himself, as he rode up the elevator. It had been running through his mind ever since he got the call. The money was a lot more than he had expected, and the task wasn’t all that distasteful. Mind you he never had jerked off in front of other guys, well not queer guys. Then again, maybe there had been one or two, but not that he knew. Circle jerks at summer camp, at some of the frat house parties later on, were just clean fun.

Okay so there weren’t cameras then, nor were the pictures going to be on some porn site. Still, it really wasn’t any different. Besides, the idea that he was hot enough to be filmed, was a turn on. He had to admit that, which helped ease the twisting & turning of his insides. As long as he didn’t have to see it, to look at himself whacking off, he was cool with it. Least so he kept telling himself.

Besides, he rather was pleased that he had actually been chosen. Money aside, it was nice to know other’s appreciated his looks, even if they were guys. Now the women, well, they were a bit pickier, or so it seemed. They didn’t like how he wore his hair, long and a bit unkempt. Nor did they go for the ear ring in one ear. They sure as hell weren’t impressed by the dragon tattoo over his left shoulder, and upper chest.

His latest bed partner, Holly, was really turned off by his tattoo, but worse, she always was afraid of his dick. Now he never understood that, how could girls not want a big dick? Wasn’t that what they all dreamed of, or was that just hype from the media? Not one of his girlfriends had ever been pleased by the size of his dick.

Not that they said anything, well not much anyhow. Some just stared at it, with a sort of look of horror in their eyes, while others simply shook their heads and said ‘no way Jack’, which pissed him off more than anything. Like fuck, they get you all heated up, then when it comes time to deliver, they chicken out.

When the guy had phoned, and had asked a few times if the photo he had sent was for real, he had been surprised to realize, gays liked guys with big dicks. His certainly filled that description, though he never really thought it was all that huge. Okay, back in High School, he had managed to realize that even soft, his dick was usually the biggest one hanging.

In College, when he had pledged for the fraternity, when the brothers had seen his drooping dick that first time, most had just whistled. Hell, the fraternity President had even commented how he should be automatically given membership, simply for the size of his dong. He felt rather proud at that, but the girls, that was so different.

Will from Blake MasonTo say his sex life was great would be a lie. Oh the girls loved to be around him, as he supposedly rated high on the ‘cute factor’ list they had in the various Sororities. Still, when it came to sex, the best he’d get would be a sort of blow job, but more of a hand job. As to fucking, well they would let him, but only if he agreed to stop the instant they said. Unfortunately, that was almost always right away. Few would let him get more than the first quarter of his dick in, before they’d holler it was too much.

Funny thing though, they never said a word about it. Instead they all seemed to credit him with being a choice lover, so his reputation had grown, to match the size of his dick. Yet inside, he couldn’t quite grasp why.

He wasn’t conceited, but he did think he was good looking. He had the shaggy hair, the sort of naughty look that he thought made his thin face look mysterious, look dangerous a bit. His nose was a bit hooked at the tip, and his lips were thin and rather pale. Damon was a sun worshipper, in that he was always down at the beach when he could be. It gave him a nice golden tone to his skin, even during the cooler months. His hair was always lighter in the summer, and the body hair above the waist was nearly white from being exposed to the sun constantly.

Working out, jogging every day, had given him a decent build, one that always turned eyes. He was rather proud of that, the stares. And as he walked down the silent hallway to his rendezvous with stardom, he realized that a lot of the guys would look too. In fact, maybe a bit more than the girls, which sort of made the unease grow inside. What did they know, that he didn’t?

Shaking his head, he knocked on the door, telling himself he simply was here for the cash, not because he was Queer or even gay curious. He didn’t want a dick, didn’t want to touch one, taste one, or any of that perverted shit. All he wanted was to get the cash, and at the same time, get his rocks off.

The door opened, and he was surprised to see a rather well built guy answer. He was not only taller, but far more developed. The arms flexed under the tight t-shirt he wore, and you could see the chest muscles rippling under the tight fit. His legs were huge, like some running back on a football team. Yet, he had a nice smile too, that sort of gave him a rather comforting look. His voice wasn’t shrill or high pitched, but rather deep toned.

Walking in, he noticed another guy in the room. Immediately he tensed up, but Jeff introduced him as Donny, the sound guy. He made like it was all normal, though Damon wasn’t so sure. It was starting to sound a bit too much, as now the odds were two to one.

After the introductions, and the handing over of the cash, he felt easier. It was all done rather smoothly, and he felt a lot more comfortable about things, as the man, who introduced himself as Jeff, explained how things worked. He was very careful in insuring that Damon understood exactly what was expected, what wouldn’t be accepted either.

The papers he was given to sign, seemed less frightening, as Jeff stood by, not too close but not too far away, to answer any questions. Both Jeff & Donny always seemed to stay back, giving him a clear path to the front door. It was a rather lengthy form, but he didn’t feel uneasy. He didn’t even feel threatened, or worried that the guy would think he was Gay. He seemed quite accepting of him, as being Straight, and yet Damon could tell Jeff was enjoying watching him fill out the form. Strange, but it felt rather nice, to be appreciated that way.

It didn’t creep him out, as he had thought it would. In fact, he was starting to wonder what Jeff would do, once he did see that the photo was for real, that he really did have that size of dick.

After Jeff had gone over the form, asked him to confirm verbally his answers, and to make sure he had understood them, they went into the next room. He was a bit surprised at how light the room was. A nice black leather couch was set against one wall, the large patio doors were open, and he was able to stare out at the wide expanse of the city. The apartment was way up there, and there weren’t any buildings close by, of equal height, so it wasn’t like anyone could peek in.

There was a freshness to the room too, it didn’t smell like some locker room, which he had expected. There was a painting on one wall, a rather interesting one, that wasn’t even sexual. Just an old fashioned sailing ship in rough seas. It was rather different to the light colored walls, and the small collection of plants that helped make the room less stark.

In front of the couch was the video equipment. He noticed the tripod, and the boom microphone that hung above the couch. He also noticed the rather large plasma television set just off to the left of the camera. A DVD player was on a stand next to it, along with several obvious porn flicks.

Behind the camera were obvious expensive lights. There was no cheap floodlights, and he realized that this guy was not some sleaze. Everything was clean, fresh smelling, and even the bottle of lubricant on the one end table, was brand new.

Jeff had been talking all the time, though he had barely heard a word he had said. He was just taking it all in, but as he sat down on the couch, he began to listen, to relax. The offer of a beer, was accepted, and as he sipped at it, he listened to Jeff explaining how it would go. He told him how he would ask him some questions, from the list he had seen on the form, then he would ask him to stand up, and to undress.

He told him that the video player would be running and he was welcome to pick out any of the movies they had, now, so that it would help create the mood. He sort of laughed at that, realizing that in some ways, Jeff was also a bit nervous. Yet it was all very professional, very matter of fact, which helped Damon feel at ease.

The DVD began to play, as he sat back down on the couch. Donny walked in, and picked up some headphones, and began to twist some knobs as he asked Damon to say a few words, then Jeff. When he was satisfied, he nodded at Jeff, who started to ask Damon the questions.

It was all matter of fact, friendly too. He leaned back in the couch, rather enjoying the attention, listening to Jeff talk. On occasion his eyes would wander towards the screen, to see the action, but it didn’t seem to matter much. He wasn’t erect, but he could feel himself tingling a little, just from listening to Jeff.

Talking about the girls he had, he found himself actually telling these strangers about his problem, about how they all seemed afraid of his dick, of how they hated to feel it go into them. It was odd, he had never told anyone about it, now here he was telling not just these two guys, but all the queers that would see it on their web site. Yet, it didn’t seem to matter, it was almost as if they understood.

It also brought him to the point of having to strip. It had worried him before, but as Jeff asked him to stand up, and get naked, it just seemed natural. He got up, a smile on his face as he pressed his hands on either side of his groin, highlighting the bulge. Damon noticed how Donny’s eyes moved from his dials towards Damon’s crotch, and he could see Jeff licking his lips, his eyes also riveted on his crotch.

He ran his hands a bit down his thighs, pulling the pants a bit tighter around his crotch. Damon could feel his monster insides stirring, feeling it grow and push out. Looking down at it, he got a sly little grin on his face, as he sort of thrust his pelvis out, then reached back up to quickly pop the button on his jeans. The sound echoed in the room, and he heard Jeff suck in his breath.

Glancing up, he could see he had their interest. Swaying his hips he saw their eyes follow the motion. Slowly he unzipped the pants, but without pushing them apart wide, he let just a bit of his underwear show. He could see how closely they were watching, as he began to turn away from them. Disappointment registered in their faces, as he turned completely around, then glanced over his shoulder, his head cast downwards, his eyes glancing up at them.

It was amusing, and very exciting for him. He had never gotten such a response from anyone like this. No girl had every followed his every movement so closely, with such desire showing in their faces. It was making him feel very proud, and it was also making him horny as hell. He could feel his cheeks quiver as he reached back and leaned forward, away from the two men. His buttocks filled the jeans fully, and stuck out at the two men. He swayed them a bit, side to side, then spread his legs a bit further apart.

Damon heard Donny gasp, and he turned his head away, as he brought his hands around the waist, then he slowly began to push the pants apart, and carefully slide them downwards. He couldn’t see their faces, but he could imagine the expressions on them, as he lowered his jeans, until his buttocks was fully exposed to the two.

He was wearing a pair of dark red briefs, and as he let his pants fall to the ground, he carefully stepped out of them. Bending forward, he took hold of the socks and pant legs, to pull them off each leg. He made sure his buttocks was upraised, full in their face, so to speak.

The sound of their heavy breathing told him he was doing it just right, and as he tossed the pants and socks off to one side, he stood back upright. His back still to them, he ran his hands along the firm cheeks of his buttocks, then up towards the waist band. He hooked his fingers into the band, and ran his hand from the back all the way towards the front.

He pulled the cloth out, then let it slap back into his flesh, making a loud noise, that startled both men. He heard their reaction, then he once more inserted his fingers into the waist band, and began to pull down on the shorts. He pushed the front down, making the fabric behind ride up a bit, before falling down.

As the material moved down, he realized just how aroused he had become. Without even looking at the porno on the DVD, he realized his cock had become nearly fully erect. It struggled with his shorts, as he tried to pop it out, without having to reach inside. It made his body wiggle a bit, shake, that seemed to be pleasing to the men behind him.

Another look over his shoulder surprised him. He saw Jeff, sweat was dripping off his forehead, his eyes were glued to Damon’s buttocks, and there was no mistaking his desire. Donny was even more excited, and a quick glance down showed he wasn’t exactly tiny down there either. The way his khaki shorts were tented certainly helped Damon realize he was doing just fine.

With a wicked little grin, Damon turned away and began to gyrate his hips a bit more, as he continued to unveil his buttocks. The shorts were gathered just under, as he wiggled his buttocks, then he let his hands reach behind, and he began to fondle his cheeks, pushing at the flesh, making it jiggle.

Turning back, he moved the shorts down towards his knees. He heard the gasp, as his balls came free, and slightly visible to the men behind. So too was the base of his cock, and as he bent over, he moved a bit faster, in removing his underwear. He let his hand reach down, and he felt the throbbing in his cock. He was nearly fully erect, which surprised him, as he turned his head again, to the opposite shoulder. Again he let his face hang down, his eyes glance upwards.

The sounds coming from the two were amazing. He had them, he knew it, as he reached back with his hands, then slowly let his fingers stretch out across his cheeks. Turning his head away, he slowly spread both legs further apart, and let his upper body bend forward. His hands now clasped his cheeks, the fingers digging deep into the soft flesh, and he pulled back, spreading his cheeks.

He could only imagine what they must be feeling. His cheeks were white, as he had a well pronounced tan line, and it was a perfect contrast, as he dug the fingers in, even more. Pulling back, he wiggled his hips a bit, as his cheeks were spread wide apart, giving them full exposure to his valley, to his hole. It was strange, because somehow he just knew it was turning them both on. Damon didn’t understand the attraction, but he knew it would help him earn the money they had paid him.

Will’s buttocks from Blake MasonFinally he stood up, slowly let his buttocks close back up. Then he stood upright, one hand held in front of him, as he grabbed hold of his cock. He could hear them sucking in their breath, as he very slowly began to shuffle around, to show what had been hidden from their view. His other hand moved down, to grab hold of his balls, as he heard Donny moan.

Turning around, he held his cock up towards his own stomach, felt his muscles tighten and ripple. The other hand held his balls, yet as he turned, he could see the glazed look in their eyes. He also saw how closely they were watching. Jeff was constantly taking his face away from the camera view finder, to wipe his forehead, to lick his lips. Donny seemed to be doing the same, wiping his face and forehead, as Damon finally faced them both.

His hand holding his testicles dropped, letting both huge balls dangle underneath his cock. He opened his legs a bit wider, so they could get a full view, without any thigh being in the way. As he watched their eyes focus, saw them widen, he let his cock free. Moving his hand away, his erect penis fall down, then sprung upwards. It swayed a bit, jerked a little from side to side, then seemed to be pointing straight at Jeff.

My God’ Jeff uttered, as he saw the huge cock pointing at him. It really wasn’t that big, in inches. Damon felt himself smiling as he bounced his cock, showing how hard it was. He knew he wasn’t that big, like it was at best just under 11 inches long, rather thick too, but what made everyone think it was bigger, was him. He wasn’t six foot, or even close. He was a runt, about 5ft 6in and he didn’t weigh all that much. Damon might have a good solid look to his body, but it was his dick that had these two guys sweating buckets. The look as he stood there, his finger making his cock bounce, was priceless. It also was all rather exciting. It was perhaps the first time he had shown his fully erect cock, without some sort of fear being shown. These guys seemed to appreciate his size, more than any girl ever seemed to.

He glanced over his shoulder towards the couch, then at the two men. He stepped backwards, his movement making his cock sway and move. Damon noticed how Jeff kept the camera trained on it, as he sat down on the couch. He still had barely glanced at the screen. He noticed the girl sucking on a cock bigger than his, feeling like he wouldn’t mind meeting someone like her, then focusing back onto the camera, he realized he had. Trouble was, they were guys.

Will lubricating his penis from Blake MasonHis hand reached out for the lubricant on the table, and he popped the lid open with one hand. Damon could see he had their full attention, as he brought the bottle over, then turned it upside down, to let the slick liquid pour out onto his cock head. As the first glob hit, he moved his hand up, so that the liquid was a long stream. When he thought he had enough, he quickly turned it back upright, capping it and putting it aside.

Now he looked down, at the huge pole sticking up. The liquid was dripping down the sides, as he reached over with two fingers. He let the two fingers smear the glob of lubricant on his cock head, then he began to run the fingers down his pole, then just under his head, he let his whole hand take hold. He smeared the lubricant slowly down the full shaft, twisting his hand to make sure it got every inch of his flesh coated.

Satisfied, he dropped his hand away, putting a finger at the base of his cock, between his cock and his belly. He pushed the cock, as he was certain Jeff was zooming the camera in. Then he leaned to one side, grabbing the lubricant again, and this time he poured some of it into the palm of his other hand.

He took that hand, then reached down and coated each of his full balls. He covered them with the silky looking liquid, then pushed his hand back up towards his cock. He again twisted his hand around, as he pulled upwards, adding to the glistening coating of lube on his cock.

Damon shut his eyes, tilted his head back into the couch, as he began to slowly stroke his huge cock. His hand covered some, but it was so thick, so long, even with both hands over it, parts could still be seen. One hand was cupping his balls now, as his nostrils flared. Damon could smell his own aroma, the scent of his own excitement.

The one hand pulled at his scrotum, pulled the sac down then to one side. It moved across, pushing them upwards, pulling them down, while his other hand held tightly to his cock, moving slowly up and down and around. His hand grew tighter, as he slid his body forward, spread his legs even further apart. He could hear himself moan or was it him? The room felt heavy, as he squirmed a little, as his hand worked his balls, the other his cock.

The fingers of his hand moved down under the balls, pressing up against the root of his cock. He moaned, as he felt his chest begin to ache. Damon was breathing hard, more shallow, as the finger poked at the root, then pushed upwards, between his exposed cheeks. His other hand now began to work his pole, to grip it harder, to tighten its hold and pull it from side to side. It felt so hot, so alive, that he forgot where he was.

His body squirmed, as he began to free his mind. The hand moved faster, and when it came up to his cock head, it would work around it, holding it firmly and letting the palm of his hand press over it, making his legs stiffen a bit more. He felt his cheeks clenching, as he worked his cock, his other hand now joining the one working his cock.

With two hands, he held on tighter, as he stroked himself. He felt the eyes on him, but he was gradually losing himself in the fog of his own actions. His legs stiffen, the thighs were taut as the muscles grew hard, unyielding. His feet lifted up off the ground, as he stroked faster. His two hands pumping his cock, his head pressing hard into the sofa.

The toes were curled upwards, then his feet began to tremble, to quiver. His body was shaking as his mind ignored the heavy breathing from Donny, the groaning from Jeff, listening instead to the beat of his own heart. It was like an echo, a constant rolling echo down some tunnel. The roar was unreal, was growing more strident. Just as if huge ten foot waves were crashing into the shore, breaking over an outcropping of rocks. The sound echoed, thundered even, as his breath was very rapid. His chest hurt, his whole body was stretched taut now.

Damon felt how he was basically erect, yet leaning in a sofa. His legs hurt, the toes cramped as they arched and wiggled, while his hands became a blur. His eyes were shut tight, his teeth biting down on his lower lip. They hurt, as they dug into the soft flesh, but he ignored it, as the ache in his balls grew. His body was trembling, as he felt the rush inside. His lungs ached, his head was swimming as the blood began to rush to wards its calling master, his cock.

His heart was racing, he could feel the sweat pouring from his body. It was even working it way behind his shut eyes, burning as it snuck inside. The lids shut tighter, and dots of various shades of black popped before him. It was like a parade of dots, as his hands moved up his cock. He could feel his blood, feel it rushing around his entire cock.

Each vein was full, throbbing and threatening to explode, as the friction from his hands grew even more intense. His mouth parted, as he let out a sort of gurgling groan. It only made him twist his head, bang it to one side, and stick his legs out even more.

His head felt dizzy, his body seemed like it was floating off the couch. The tremors racing up and down inside were lifting him up, making him float. His body shuddered, his heart skipped several beats, drool dripped from the corners of his mouth, mixed with some blood from his lower lip. He cried out, feeling himself being lifted upwards by some strange force.

Every nerve was tingling, twitching, as he floated there, held up by the constant push and pull of his two hands. His balls were in torment, aching and throbbing, then suddenly he felt a strange silence engulf him. Everything was quiet, there was no noises, no sound of flesh being pulled, no sound of a wild beating heart, nor any sound of a chest struggling to breath.

Will ready, from Blake MasonIt was all dark, darker than he had ever experienced before. His eyelids hurt, as the strange dots grew into stars. Brilliant blue stars, that seemed to come towards him, that seemed to explode just before they hit him. The lights were amazing, as he watched them come faster and faster. Each one more brilliant than the one before.

Then they began to not come so close, not appear so brilliant. His body was suddenly falling, no longer floating free. Pain was in his legs, in his arms. His head hurt as he felt himself fall, knowing that somehow it wasn’t real, that he really wasn’t falling. His arms ached he couldn’t hold them any longer, and he felt them drop to his sides, banging against the quivering muscles of his thighs.

His chest hurt, his jaw ached, as he tried to breathe, tried to swallow even. His mouth hung open, desperate to draw in the air, to help his lungs breath. Sounds were once more echoing in his ears, but they weren’t familiar. His body was shaking, he could feel it now, as the pain in his body began to slowly ease.

Damon could feel his chest heaving, as his eyes slowly fluttered, then opened. The harsh light of the sun was too much, quickly making him close them. Slowly he let them open, gradually realizing where he was, what had happened. His body was covered in sweat, felt sticky all over, as he pulled himself back up, to sit deep into the couch. He looked out, then down, at the now sleeping giant curled up in his lap.

Looking up, he saw the expressions on both Donny & Jeff’s faces. The smell of his jizz filled his nostrils, the testosterone scent dominated the room, or so it seemed, as he sat there, totally exhausted. He had never felt so empty, so drained as he did at that moment, when Jeff stepped back from the camera. Damon could see the large wet patch across the mans crotch, and he smiled.

Both Jeff and Donny looked totally drained, almost as much as he felt. He saw them look at each other, then was a bit surprised as Donny reached into his shorts, and pulled out more cash. Walking over he handed Damon another hundred dollar bill. Damon looked at him, then over at Jeff.

What’s this for?

So you’ll come back tomorrow, to do it again

Damon looked at Jeff, as he spoke, heard how strained his voice was, how totally exhausted he seemed. He held the bill in his hand, looking at it, then at the two men. He could see what was on their minds, feel their unasked questions, and as he held the cash, he realized, he enjoyed having them stare at him. It also dawned on him, neither of them would tell him to pull out, to stop.

Uh, you mentioned you would uh, you know, pay for any extra stuff, uh, maybe you could uh, well, you know, tell me a bit more about that. I mean, it isn’t dead yet, just sort of resting.


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  1. I am actually making a general comment.
    Could you not focus on the sex so much? Since these are short stories,can you develop the characters and storyline a bit more? If I want trashy sex,I’ll read eharlequin.

  2. Mabel

    Thank you for your general comment. These are sex stories, though I do have more character driven stories at my other sites. If you want the URL I will be happy to email them to you.


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