Fiction – Waiting for Jim

Waiting for Jim

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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It was crazy, totally implausible, yet here he was, once again standing at the bus stop, looking for that car to come cruising by. Wes knew, in his heart, that it was stupid, even a bit weird, to hope that a year later, he would find him again. Not like he really needed to hunt for a pick up, after all he was 20, had a decent body, and he knew how to please. Least all of his past dates told him that.

Still, this was different. To start with, Jim was way older than he was. While he joked that he was ‘only 37’ there was no doubt that he was way past that. The snow colored hair, thinning a bit, was a sure sign of that, but not his body. The guy had a killer bod, but more than that, he was nice. That in itself was enough to want to be with him again, and again.

It was a bit chilly, and he pulled his jacket a bit closer around his own thin body. He only weighed just under 140, soaking wet, but the guys liked that. Even Jim had commented on how good he looked, that first time they had met. There had been a second time, and a third before he had left to head back home.

Wes really wished that he didn’t have to leave, and he did mention he might be back in a year, which would be exactly today. Stupid to hope he’d find him again, yet in a year, there hadn’t been anyone who had pleased him as much as Jim had. He had a few since, and not one of them had been able to excite him.

It was like he had been spoiled or something by that older man. The way he had been able to sneak past his reserve, his wall. He had made their time together more than just the sex, which was pretty damn good, in itself. It was more, and he really wanted that again, to feel that special.

For Wes, sex had always been a way of escaping the daily crap, the grind that seemed to never end. He enjoyed the partying at the bar, when he went. He loved the attention the old farts paid him, even the free drinks they would send, hoping for a taste. Rarely did he give in to their desires, though just enough now and then to keep their interest, and the free drinks.

After all, why spend his own cash on drinks, when others were willing? Not like he was some tart or whore either. Sex to him was about having fun, no matter with who. At least, until he had met Jim. Somehow he changed how he looked at sex, at whipping the pecker out for a quick slurp, or hand job.

Jim had spoiled him, he realized that, and no matter how hard he had tried, no one had come close to giving him the same thrill. Even when he finally had his chance with Cory. That should have been a time of not just pure pleasure, but ultimate satisfaction. He had been chasing Cory since High School, and when he finally got him to his place, it was no different than any other stud.

Even the fact that Cory was uncut, and hung, didn’t seem to add much to their fling. It should have, he loved dicks that were uncut. To be able to pull back on that skin, to see the pink head stick out, then fall back into hiding, was super thrill. To lick at the skin, feel it tighten, and then find the moist head, poking out, wanting its turn was something that always made him moan with desire.

Jim was cut, yet he had moaned and groaned a damn site louder sucking on his dick, than on Cory’s. It wasn’t Cory’s fault either, the guy was into it, and it showed. He liked to have Wes licking his dick, then his balls. He would moan, swayed a bit too as he worked his tongue across the foreskin, making the head pop out all on its own. It should have thrilled him too, but all he could think of was how Jim tasted, how he had trembled as he had worked his tongue around the cap, licking at the hot flesh.

Cory had quivered a little, but not like Jim had. And when Cory had placed his hands on Wes’ shoulders, it wasn’t the same as when Jim had. Oh they felt good, strong too, and had dug into his skin, while he worked his mouth up and down Cory’s throbbing shaft, but it just wasn’t the same.

Jim’s hands had been firm, but they didn’t hurt, didn’t dig in and make him wince, as Cory’s did. It wasn’t fair to be comparing the two, but for some reason he couldn’t get Jim out of his mind, while he was doing Cory. It was like his mind was trying to find reasons to not let him enjoy his moment. Trying to dampened his desire, or at least keep his expectations down.

The taste of Cory’s cock was strong, but then most uncut men had a stronger taste, more pungent odor than cut dicks. In the past it was a turn on, yet he kept finding it hard to enjoy, thinking instead of that scent that Jim had. It had been a mixture of man, as well as something else. Maybe it had been the man’s after shave, or cologne, but he could still smell it, and it still had the same effect. It would get his own dick hard, still make him quiver a little, as it was doing now.

The whole night with Cory, was unbelievable. It was good, just not in the way it had been with Jim. With Jim he felt like he wasn’t working at pleasing the older man, or for that matter that Jim was trying to please him. It was more like they were in sync, that they just knew what each other wanted. It wasn’t quite that way with Cory.

Like when Cory pushed his legs apart, and began to lick at his balls. It was hot, felt amazing too, but it just wasn’t there. It was hard to put into a thought he could understand. The way Cory worked his tongue up and around his balls, the way the tip had flicked out underneath, to tease him, to tickle and taste him between his cheeks, just below his quivering hole. It was amazing, and yet just not enough.

When he had taken each of his balls into his mouth, had swirled them around, licking at the tough skin, nibbling even, it had made him moan, groan even. Still there were no flashing explosions of lights, no rapid beat of his pulse into overdrive. Oh, it got his chest heaving, his breath short, but not like it was threatening to make him pass out from lack of air, as it had when Jim had licked him down there.

The way Cory had caressed him was sensual, enticing, and damn pleasing, but just not earth shattering. It had made his cock stiffen, but not like it had threatened to make it shoot, as Jim’s gentle touch had done. Just the pass of his hand over his belly, had nearly made Wes lose it.

If he hadn’t met Jim, his time with Cory would have been perfect. He knew that, yet even as he tried to tell himself he should be happy, glad that he had finally gotten into Cory’s pants, he felt unsatisfied. He still wanted Jim, again.

It was stupid. Cory was his age, had a bit more muscle definition, was fit and trim, and certainly an active sex partner. He knew how to move, how to touch and kiss, and just where to plant those little kisses. He could flick his tongue in just the right way, and when he had rimmed Wes, it was as close to nirvana as he could get, with anyone but Jim. Jim had taken him there, and beyond, and yet hadn’t rimmed him.

Cory had made him weak in the knees, while Jim had made him shudder, made him collapse, unable to stand. That was the real difference, though he had to admit, second best with Cory was still miles ahead of anyone else. The way Cory had licked his valley, had teased his hole until he was begging for it, almost crying for the desire of feeling Cory’s tongue inside him, was something he had never really experienced before. And Cory didn’t disappoint either.

The way he would let his tongue dart in, then twirl it around inside. The way he would let it lick deep and long the very insides of his butt, was still something that got him a bit excited. Hell, the hard on he had right now was aching, that he was sure the guy sitting next to him had to notice. He was cute too, but he wasn’t here looking for a cute pick up, he wanted to be here, in case Jim really did come back. It was Jim he wanted, even after Cory had made him cum twice.

That had surprised him, the way Cory had been able to get him so hot, so aroused, that he had shot his load twice in their night’s passion. The first had been right after Cory had worked his magic with his tongue, rimming him. He could still feel that raspy edged tongue, the way Cory had curled it up, to make it stiff, to make it dig deeper into his insides, to lick at his silky smooth innards.

God, it had felt so good. How it had pushed in, licked all around inside, then slid out, to lick hard against his trembling valley, making his cheeks shudder, as it went all the way up, then back down. How it had circled his puckered hole, making it ache for more, and how he had given him more too.

In and out it would go, then back to lick his valley, or to slide down, flicking at the root of his hard dick. It would make his balls shake, tremble really as it would flick out, the tip touching the skin, adding to the rolling waves of pleasure that were racing up and down his spine. It all came together, so fast, that he was amazed Cory had noticed.

His balls had swollen, his heart had been pounding, when he felt the tongue come out of his hole, lick at his root, then very lightly lick across his balls. He had moaned, felt his legs stiffen, and before he could scream his pleasure, he felt first one, then the other ball, sucked into Cory’s mouth. He felt the tongue licking hard at his skin, felt them tighten, felt them suddenly tremble, as the explosion built up, unstoppable.

He had hit the sides of the bed, his fists tight, his knuckles white from clenching his hands so tightly. His chest heaved, his whole body was trembling, as each ball was sucked, licked, then he found himself turned over, onto his back. He felt his cock stiffen, felt the swelling as the blood was rushing from his arms, his legs, from everywhere, to thicken his cock.

Cory must have sensed it, because as he realized he was on his back, he felt his cock suddenly being gripped. Wes felt Cory’s fingers take hold of his cock, wrap its fingers tightly around the base of his cock, then it all became a blur to him.

Wes felt the wet lips touch his cock head. He moaned, feeling the lips tighten around the head, slowly moving down. As they did, he felt a strange jolt inside, as Cory began to wiggle a finger near his hole. He felt his head roll from side to side, as the finger gently prodded his hole, as the lips moved down over his head, to slide even further down his throbbing pole. Waves of pleasure were entering his body from his cock and his ass. He couldn’t tell which was which, as they mixed and raced along his entire nervous system. His head was aching, his chest heaving, as the lips moved down, the finger pressed into him.

The penetration was quick, and it didn’t surprise him either. There was no hard racking pain, as his body seemed to suck Cory’s finger inside. It wanted it, and he could feel it fill his tunnel, fill him with its warmth and movement. At the same time he felt the lips down at his groin. Cory’s nose was pressing into his soft belly, to one side, near his quivering thigh muscles. His whole body seemed a mass of quivering muscles, as the finger dug deeper, as the lips seemed to tighten even more around his cock.

He had felt the pleasure, felt the sudden desire exploding deep in his own body. His hips had arched upwards, driving his cock further into Cory’s mouth, but as they pushed up, the finger inside also pushed up, was even joined by a second finger. He cried out, as the two fingers twisted as they pushed upwards. His whole body lifted up into the air, crashing into Cory’s face, that held its position, taking his cock deep down into the throat.

Wes felt the muscles tighten, then relax, as his cock was deep into Cory’s throat. He felt himself shake, felt every nerve tingling, as his body surrendered to the various rolling feelings of pleasure that were racing inside. Every muscle quivered, as his body seemed to just reach up and up, and then explode.

He felt his cum, felt it coating his cock, dribbling out of Cory’s mouth, as his body continued to push up, to keep him in a state of suspended motion. It didn’t make sense, as his body poured its milk out and up. Wes could feel the hot milk sliding back down onto his groin, making his pubic hairs tingle. It was strange, yet amazingly sensual. Sweat suddenly was pouring from every pore in his body, making him hot, making him wet, as his body began to fall down, to end its drive to the heavens.

Then it shook, and arched up a bit more, as more of his milk came flooding out, as his body continued to twist, quiver, and shake. His legs were taut, his toes curled up and aching, as his body continued to tremble from its explosion. He could hear Cory breathing hard, hear his struggle in swallowing all of his cum. Yet all he could do was feel the strange floating sensation, feel the lips holding his cock from sliding out, feel the two fingers still pushing inwards, still pushing his groin upwards, or at least holding it up, off the bed.

Wes couldn’t believe how much cum he shot, how much Cory managed to keep in his mouth, and swallow. As he finally sunk down, to rest on the bed, he could feel every limp twitching, uncontrollably. His arms felt numb, his fingers began to ache as if they had been asleep. His entire body was still shaking, as he felt the head over his cock lift up, as he felt the fingers inside slowly slide out.

Even as he lay there, totally drained, totally exhausted, he still couldn’t help but think of Jim. It had driven him nuts, and yet even now, knowing how much he had enjoyed Cory, how much he had been exhausted by his old school friend’s love making, he still had this insane desire to have Jim.

The honking horn made him look up, as he realized that the guy sitting next to him, was staring. He just grinned as he also realized how hard his cock was, how it was pushing his pants in a tent like appearance. The honking horn blared again, and he stared out, towards the street. His heart skipped several beats, as he recognized the dark blue car. It looked the same, and there behind the wheel, was a white haired man, staring at him, a wide smile across his face.

Wes moved quickly, and was inside the car, before the door had fully opened. He had it closed just as fast, as he stared at him.

I knew you’d be back.

The man laughed, as he put the car into gear and drove on. He reached out, his hand resting on Wes’ leg.

Well, I did say I’d be back, and it is the 2nd of July, I keep my word

Wes put his own hand on top of the one on his leg. His hand was trembling a little, as he leaned back in the seat. Cory was indeed good, but now he had what he really wanted. He could feel his cock, still hard, but it felt even more excited, than it had, when comparing Cory to Jim.

So you did, so you did.


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