Fiction – 15 Seconds

15 Seconds

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Tyler looked at the clock, and breathed out. He shook his head, as he pulled his pants back up and whistled as he tried once more, to see if he really good drop ‘em in less than 20 seconds. It was a pride thing, that he could unzip and be ready for the other guy, before the guy could even blink.

Normally he would practice while watching some porn on his computer. It was a bit annoying to see how some sites merely gave him a brief clip of some stud, or how they were so short, that he would drop the pants, look up and there it was, all over suggesting he join some damn site or another.

Now he did enjoy his time at a couple of sites, where he actually pulled his wallet out to sign up, like Blake Mason, but that was for when he was alone. Tonight he planned on not being alone, where his right hand would have to do. Instead he was hoping to entice young Ross to come back to his place for a drink or two.

Like himself, Ross was just 19 years old, but he looked a damn sight younger. He still had nothing but peach fuzz on his cheeks, while Tyler was shaving four times a week these days. Worse, was that he was starting to have wrinkles under his eyes, that took away from their brilliance. Now Ross, he had perfect milky white skin, no wrinkles, no blemishes either.

Both of them were about six foot, and about 130 to 135 pounds, but his body had a bit more muscle to it, than Ross did. Still, he was a perfect specimen, and if that basket he sported was any indication, well he was also hung. Not like he thought of himself as some size queen either, but he did like a nice fat cock to suck on. Ross seemed to have that, though he still wasn’t sure.

Blake Mason 1Okay, so he had groped him a few times, felt the lump in those faded jeans Ross was always wearing, but while it felt large, he just wasn’t experienced enough to know just how big. Then too, Ross was a good kisser and had felt his basket more than once, which was just fine, except it never went any further.

That sucked, which made him smile as he once more dropped his drawers. He wanted to make sure that when the moment was right, there would be no time for Ross to change his mind. He wanted to be ready, and how better than to have his hard cock sticking out, ready for some sucking?

Trojan CondomsThe idea of having Ross on his knees, his head in Tyler’s hands as he guided it towards his stiff dick, was making him horny. Glancing back up at the clock, he knew he had loads of time. He sat down on the edge of his bed, and looked everything over. The Condoms on the night table, were in easy reach, and it was a full box as well.

Next to the Condoms, he had placed two of his favourite toys as well. The two different sized dildos should definitely set the mood, or at least let Ross know that he was into a lot more than just a blow job. Of course, he would prefer to be the one driving the dick into the ass, but he could be versatile.

Thinking about Ross, he realized he didn’t care who did the fucking, or maybe if he was as horny as him, they could do each other. Now that would be fun, to ride Ross’s dick, then have him ride his own uncut cock. The thought of feeling Ross’s cheeks spreading for his pole, made him glance down. He saw the pole thickening, knowing he was really turning himself on.

He also realized that he could just as easily strike out with Ross. The guy was a bit of a flake, or came across that way. Maybe he was just playing hard to get or something? Tyler wasn’t totally sure it was real, but when Ross had kissed him last time, it sure as hell seemed like he was no rookie.

How his lips had pressed up against his, how his tongue was pushing at his lips, urging them to open, to let him inside, was just a bit too practised. Or maybe he was just being cynical, because he had been trying to get into Ross’s pants for nearly six weeks now. That was a long time to just exist, with nothing but some groping, some hot kissing to show for it.

Tyler kicked his pants and shorts off, throwing them to one side, as he climbed further up onto the bed. He lay back against the pillows, thinking of how it would feel to have Ross next to him. To be able to smell his aroma, his cologne and to touch him, well it was working wonders for his cock. Grinning, he stared at his dick, seeing the foreskin stretched a bit tight, the head still hiding beneath, waiting for his touch.

His eyes looked over at the shaft, seeing the veins that wrapped around the pole, looking like tiny rivers. Sitting up a bit, his hands on either side of his upraised torso, he contemplated his cock, wondering how it would feel with Ross’ thin pale lips wrapped around it. Would it grow to its full thickness quickly, or would it take its time?

There were some who just couldn’t get him up 100%, and he wondered, would Ross be one of those? Somehow he didn’t think so, nor did his body, as he watched the head peeping out from under the loose fitting hood. Just thinking of Ross, of his touch, was making his cock fatten up. Rarely did it get this aroused, without some help from his hand, and as he stared at it, he wondered if he could bring himself to it, without touching?

He doubted it, as he really didn’t have that much time, before he had to head off to the bar. Still it would be something to try one day, maybe after he had tasted Ross? His laughter filled the room, as he thought about what he’d like to taste first. Whether it would be Ross’s own tool, or maybe he’d prefer to taste his ass?

Blake Mason rimming actionRimming wasn’t something he did often, nor did he even think much about it, but the vision of seeing Ross bent over, his hands pulling those perfect cheeks apart, to expose his pink hole, made Tyler groan a little. To be able to watch that hole pucker, to then breath him in deeply, as his head came closer, was intoxicating.

To put his own hands on that young white flesh, to help hold those fleshy cheeks apart, as he let his mouth and tongue wiggle in between, was making him sweat a bit. Just thinking of how it would feel, to let his tongue lick at the valley leading up to Nirvana, to Ross’s hole, was making his groin ache.

To be able to hear Ross moan, as his tongue would flick at the tight pink hole, to feel the rolling tremors as his tongue touched the edge of the hole, circle it until just the right moment, when it would strike. When it would dive deep in past the tiny muscles, to reach inside of Ross’s hole was giving him some painful moments. His hand had already moved to grip his cock, as he leaned back, thinking of how it would all feel, how it would make him moan, just as it was now.

Tyler felt his cock tingling, felt the ache in his balls, as his rectum clenched and unclenched. He was sweating as he thought about it, about how it would taste, what it would feel like to hear Ross groaning, as his tongue dug deep down into his insides. How it would feel to touch him that way, to experience his inner muscles shifting, moving, as his tongue licked at the velvet inside lining of his ass. How it would make the cheeks quiver, as his nose poked into the soft pink skin above his rectum. It all was making him tingle, groan even, as his mind went off on its fantasy.

He knew it would surprise Ross, things like that always surprised people, even if they were expecting it. Still, he wouldn’t do it for long, least not too long. He didn’t want to have Ross shoot his load prematurely. Instead he’d like to bring him close to an orgasm, to maybe even be reaching around his upraised buttocks, to stroke that cock while his tongue dug in on the other end. Now that would be hot, he thought, as his hand moved a bit faster over his own throbbing pole.

By touching him, by stroking his cock, he could manage to bring Ross to the point, then be able to stop, to lean back, to grab some air, before starting all over again. Now, that would make Ross sweat, would make him moan even more, specially if he could manage it a few times, not just once.

To think of him coming that close, a few times, would make everything else so much better. To have him spread open like that, then to quickly grab a condom, slip it on his own throbbing cock, and wedge it up between Ross cheeks, would take maybe 10 or 15 seconds. It would make his penetration even more intense, more exciting.

Blake Mason anal penetrationIt would be a fuck to remember. Of that he was certain, as his hand moved faster along his cock. The way he was so sure Ross would cry out, at the moment his cock split his ass apart. How it would make Ross’ body shudder, as it pushed aside the inner muscles, and drove in along the slicked insides, coated by his own saliva.

God, it was a thought. To have his cock sliding in, greased by his own spit, was making his body shake, just thinking about it. His legs were stretched out, spread apart, and taut like steel bands. His cock was burning hot, as his hand moved quickly along its sizzling shaft. His eyes shut tightly, as he thought about how it would all feel, how it would go.

Ross would beg him to stop, to maybe even cry out, as the pain would lance up and inwards. How his arms would stiffen, how his chest would begin to heave even more, as he drove his cock in, taking his time, letting Ross feel every inch of it slide into him. Oh, it would be amazing, the way his body would protest at first, then how the muscles would wrap around the huge pole, how they would grip it, trying to hold it back. He wouldn’t let it, he would keep on pushing it insides, driving it in until it could go no further. Until his groin was brushing up against Ross’ hole.

He could hear him moan, imagine how he would be a massive pool of sweat, as he would push in, then when he could go no further, how he would twist his hips, making his cock jerk from side to side. All the time, pressing up against the prostrate. He could feel it now, against the tip of his cock head, how the muscles around would be struggling to hold him back, but his cock wouldn’t be denied. It would keep on pressing, until he, Tyler, decided to pull back.

And he would too. After making Ross moan, beg maybe, he would slowly start to lean back, to bring his massive cock out, slowly, very slowly. He would let the cock come almost all the way out, before he would plunge it back in. He would do it hard, and fast, surprising him, and pleasing him too. Then he would repeat it, bring it slowly back out, maybe even twist his hips a bit, make the cock jerk a bit as it came nearly out once more. Then instead of just ramming it in, he would push slowly, gradually filling Ross’s tunnel with his manhood. He would let him savour the moment, feel every inch as it moved inside of him.

It was how he liked it done to him, and he was certain Ross would enjoy as much as he did. There was no doubt in his mind, that Ross would want it that way, would beg him for more, and why not? He could fuck that way for ages, going slow one moment, then fast the next. He had the stamina, the ability to keep himself in control.

Tyler bit his lower lip, as he thought about it, about how Ross would be begging him to go faster, to fuck him harder. He knew he would reach around, to grab hold of Ross’ dick, that as he pushed his own into the young man, he would stroke Ross’s own throbbing cock. Just like when he rimmed him, he would stroke it, up to a point.

Then he would stop, maybe play with the dangling balls a bit, before once more grabbing hold of the cock. Tyler would start all over again, both with his stroking, and with his butt ramming. He had time, no one to interrupt him, as he lived alone. It would be perfect, as they could fuck all night long.

He could drive his cock in and out, stroke the cock with one hand, balancing himself with the other. Even the idea of pounding those cheeks hard, would be all worth it. The harsh sound of sweaty flesh striking wet skin, made his hand move like a blur along his cock. Tyler could feel the ache in his balls, feel it in his buttocks, as he thought about how it would all sound. To hear the smacks of his thighs against Ross’ cheeks. The sound of his own heavy breathing, the pain of his own heaving chest, was there now, as his hand stroked faster.

Ross would be squirming, he would be crying out, as he took Tyler’s cock deep inside. The nerves there would be tingling, the legs would be rigid, and he was certain Ross’ heart would be pounding, just as his was now. He would be at Tyler’s mercy, as Tyler ploughed his ass. The way he would grind his pubic hairs into the inside of those cheeks, as his cock would split him all the way inside.

It was hard to imagine anything more enjoyable, as he saw the spots against the back of his eye lids. His hand was numb, his pulse was racing as he thought about how long he could keep on teasing Ross. How long he could keep himself fully erect inside of Ross.

How his hand would hold that quivering cock, how it would stroke it, then stop, then start all over again. Tyler knew he would be able to sense the time, to know when Ross was at the edge. Just as he knew he was on that edge now, that he was ready to blow his own load.

The shimmering image of Ross floated before his closed eyes, the cleft chin, the long dark eyelashes fluttering, all flashed in front of him. He could smell him, the sensual scent of his cologne mixed with testosterone. It was all there, as his hand flew up and down his cock. His body was tense, his muscles coiled, as he saw that floating image, saw the straight nose, the thin pale lips. He could even see the tip of Ross’ tongue between the lips, feel the eyes on his body.

The loud echo of his own cry startled him, as his body was trembling, as his legs were numb. He felt his heart jump, felt the catch in his throat, as his balls lifted, then fell under his cock. His buttocks were clenched tightly, as his eyes opened, to see his reflection in the dresser mirror.

Blake Mason ejaculationHe was glistening, a sheen of sweat coating his golden skin. His arms were taut, the upper arms bulging, as the hands squeezed his cock tightly. He was shooting his load, as he could feel the hot sticky liquid pouring through his clenched fist. His lungs ached, his whole body felt like it had just exploded.

Tyler was panting, as he let his hands dropped down, his cock suddenly released from the iron grip. His legs started to ache, from being so taut. His chest heaved, as he tried to suck in air. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, across his trembling chest.

It took him nearly five minutes, before he could feel his body relaxing. His chest didn’t hurt as much now, as he lifted his head up, to look at his reflection. Looking over at the clock, he felt strangely surprised. The hands had moved, and he had to get going. There was time just for a quick shower, before he would have to head out.

Standing up, he headed to his bathroom, but once inside, he stopped. Instead of turning on the shower, he grabbed a cloth, wiped the cum off his legs, using some warm water, he wiped his dick, his belly, and his forehead. This time, he wasn’t going to repeat past mistakes. This time he wouldn’t let the hot water of the shower do its number on him.

This time he would actually make it out of the door, and not rely on his over active imagination, and ruin his chance for the real thing. This time, he would actually go to the bar.


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