Fiction – Just Sex (pt. 1)

Just Sex

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Kyle looked at the card in his hand, then at the address on the door post. He really didn’t have to look at the card, he had been at this door three times before, but never past. The gurgle in his empty stomach told him it was decision time, that this time around he would go through the door, and find Sam waiting.

He was not as good looking as he was just a year ago. Back then, when he had turned 18, he had it all. Lived in his own room, had three meals or more whenever he wanted. Living at home was like that, simple and uncomplicated, until that day. Bad enough that he had to put up with the daily hypocrisy of his parents, but then they paid the bills, until that day.

He shivered, even though it was a rather warm day, as he stared at the door, seeing it all unfold once more. School had never been his forte, but he did okay. His grades weren’t on the honor list, but good enough to maybe have gotten into a community college somewhere. He was athletic though, had a good body to go with the years of playing all kinds of sports.

His parents had given him a deluxe weight workout system when he had turned sixteen. It was a good gift, to help him keep in shape. His body was toned nicely by the time he had turned eighteen. Kyle was one of those fortunate kids who never was bothered by acne, or other maladies. He was always healthy, ate good food and not a lot of junk crap either. It didn’t fit in with his athletic desires, which were grandiose, but not realistic. He found that out quickly when the college’s he applied to turned him down for any athletic sponsorships.

The folks had been understanding. Even his friends seemed to have accepted it but then, that was because he was a magnet, and they loved the cast offs. There were a lot of those, because while he had appeared your all around typical teenager, he wasn’t. He was gay, knew it at an early age and had done a good job in not letting anyone else know.

He had the looks, the golden tanned body, the curly hair that was always too long, but helped highlight his features. His eyes always seemed full of life, and while his nose had been broken a few times, it never seemed to be a hindrance. The scar over one eye, from a cleat, added a sense of danger to him, that the girls found attractive. So did the few boys who had managed to keep him satisfied.

All that changed at eighteen, when his father caught him jerking off to a gay magazine. If it had been Playboy or Hustler he knew there wouldn’t have even been a cross word. But his father had no stomach for fudge packers, as he termed them. He was intolerant of ‘his kind’ as he made it very clear that day.

Nearly a year had passed, and while the initial fear had worn off, he still found himself missing being at home. Maybe what he missed the most, was the assurance of eating every day. Pickings out on the street were slim at best, and okay he had let people touch him and do things that he would never have considered if he had been living at home, but a guy had to eat, had to have a place to sleep.

The local bars were an okay source for finding the odd trick to help pay the bills, to help get a burger or stuff. Drugs were easy to get, though so far he had managed to stay clean. The odd hit of pot was all he had ever done, and he knew that going for the harder stuff was just way too dangerous. He had heard the stories, seen the results first hand this last year. Couple of guys he knew on the street were dead now, his first encounter with death. It left a mark that had made him vow to never take the hard stuff, but it wasn’t easy.

Many of the Johns he found were always offering something hard, to get him into the mood. So far he had been able to satisfy without their so called helpful aids. Meeting Sam at the bar, had sounded promising at first, but them Sam was a good talker.

He was just 21, sort of pudgy faced and stocky. Whenever he saw Sam, he was sipping on a straw, drinking. It was like his mouth was permanently attached to the straw, but it was the eyes that made him leery. They were cold, calculating. He acted like a big shot, always had a comment to make, always had a flashy grin that he just knew was fake. Still a lot of the people in the bars seemed to fall for it, or at least give Sam respect.

Maybe it was out of fear, but for whatever reason Sam had given him the card, had bought him several drinks, telling him how he could make Kyle into a star. When Kyle had laughed, he had gotten that look, that glare of pure evil that made Kyle step back. It was a look of anger he had seen in his father’s eyes when he had tossed him out, telling him to never come back.

Now here he was, at Sam’s door, thinking of actually going in, to let Sam make him a star. Sam ran a porno studio. He made gay videos for sale on his web site and from what Kyle had learned, he did okay. He always seemed to have money to flash around and when he had talked to Kyle he had quoted him $500 for a shoot. Plus expenses and a place to crash while the shoot was being done. A tempting offer, even with a full belly. More so, now that it had been several days since he had eaten, or had a decent night’s sleep. Hell it had been three days since he had a shower, which only made it harder to score a trick or two.

Knocking on the door, he felt sick. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt suddenly very dirty, uneasy too. However, the ache from not eating, not sleeping well, was more powerful as he knocked again, this time hearing someone coming to the door. Kyle stepped back as the door opened and a rather large muscular man stood in his way.

What you want?

Uh, Sam, he gave me his card, said to uh…

You got the card?

Kyle lifted his hand up, holding the card. The large man took it and looked it over, then handed it back, motioning for him to enter. When he stepped in, he heard the three large bolts being slammed shut. His unease grew, but he followed the man down the hall into a rather airy room, filled with bright colors and lights.

Wait here, drinks are on the counter, help yourself

He just stared around at the array of bottles on the large counter. He could see Vodka, Rum, Scotch, and other various alcohol being displayed. There were bottles of mix, ice tubs and glasses. His eyes narrowed on the bowls of chips, which he made for. Food was food, as he munched on some chips, trying to take everything in when Sam entered the room.

He was wearing a robe, open at the front and had on a pair of Speedo swimsuit. It wasn’t flattering, nor was the little bulge showing flattering either. His belly hung over the thin fabric, and yet there was something charming about him. And just like at the bar, he was sucking on a drink through a straw. His eyes however, were piercing as they stared at him, recognizing him but acknowledging nothing as he flopped down on the chesterfield, still staring.

You smell

Haven’t had a shower in a bit

I can tell, okay, so deal is $500, right?

Yeah, cash, right?

Naturally, you had a recent HIV test?

Uh, yeah, no problems

Good, okay, follow Tito upstairs, he’ll show you where to get cleaned up. Use the antiseptic soap first, shampoo, then he’ll take you to the studio room. You’ll be bottom for Tyler, do as they tell you, and I’ll have your cash waiting

Uh, I don’t bottom

Yeah? You will today if you want the Five Hundred. Your choice.

Every part of his mind was telling to refuse, to just leave. The smirk on Sam’s face was enough to make him puke, if he had anything in his stomach to upchuck. Yet at the same time the cash would get him a place for a few weeks, plus food. Cold and rain were forecast for the next few weeks and his stomach was still rumbling.

Looking at Sam’s bored face, he knew he was serious. Maybe if he had taken him up at first, he might have some bargaining power, but not how he looked now. He mumbled his okay, that brought a thin smile to Sam’s face, that gave Kyle a chill.

The shower was something else. It was more like what you find in some locker room than a private house. He stripped as Tito watched, handing him the bottle of antiseptic soap to use. It was strange to have a more or less silent giant of a man watching him strip and adjust the water, but he figured the guy was there to make sure he didn’t steal anything or run off.

Adjusting the water, he let the warm water soothe his aching body, and he began to lather up when he heard the sound of other’s walking in. Bright lights were suddenly glaring as he turned around to see a guy holding a huge light aimed at him. Next to him was some guy holding a camera to his face, as he stood there, his mouth open.

Go on, soap up, make sure you work the soap slowly around your dick

Kyle felt a bit hesitant, until the man behind the camera barked his order again. It gave him a bit of a chill, despite the warm water cascading over his emaciated body, but he began to rub his hands over his chest, following the man’s orders.

He rinsed off the antiseptic stuff, including the shampoo and was handed a bar of some other soap. The man behind the camera told him to do it all again, but to not hide his cock, to get it hard, and keep it hard. It was strange, to be stroking his cock in this wide open shower, but he complied. His uncut cock grew harder as he tried to think of other things, tried to not let the glaring lights distract him. He didn’t want Sam to have any excuses for not giving him his money.

It helped that off by the entrance was another semi naked guy. He looked so hot, that he tried to just stare at him, to think of him rather than the lights. The camera guy must have noticed, as he gave him some signal, that brought him closer and then over to the other side. Kyle couldn’t help but notice his face, a bit haggard, but so smooth and hairless it was like he had just shaved.

His long hair was combed out and was a bit frosted at the tips. It made the long yellow strands stand out more, and accentuated the long thin face. Then he would toss his head, now and then, which only made Kyle quicken his stroking. The camera more or less forgotten, as he stared at the young man’s hands.

They were moving up and down his bare chest. The long thin fingers would swirl around one of his nipples, tweaking it as he just stared at Kyle. The lips were thin and pale, but looked so inviting that Kyle couldn’t help but lick his own lips. He didn’t see the camera man smiling, nor the light guy grinning, all he could see was the young man move his hands down his thin frame, towards his groin.

His eyes bulged out as he watched the fingers playing with the waist band, then slowly undo them. He missed the signal that made the man grimace then paste his hungry look back on his face. The eyes glittered as the pants were slowly opened, the zipper slowly lowered, and a patch of white fabric showed. Kyle’s eyes were focused on the youth’s crotch, as his hand began to stroke his own hard cock a bit slower, not wanting to shoot just yet.

He was leaning against the back of the shower as he watched the blond undress, slowly step out of the jeans, then carefully remove each sock. Then he stood up and Kyle could see the hard lump in his shorts. It looked huge nested behind the stretched white of the jockey shorts, but his eyes moved to watch the hands.

They were closed around the waistband of the shorts, moving along the edge, slightly pushing the band out then he watched, his mouth gaping open, as the white jockey shorts began to lower. He saw the small tuft of hair sticking out, then suddenly it was free, staring at him.

His body shuddered as he saw the thick pole flip out, jerk a little then straighten itself out, to stare straight at his own naked body. His hand stopped, at the base of his cock as he just looked at the hard cock of the blonde. His legs seemed to tighten a bit, as he exhaled.

Kyle flicked his head, the wet strands of hair sending spray towards the camera man, but all he could think of was the throbbing cock in front of his face. He watched as slowly, the blond stepped forward, coming closer to him. His tongue licked at his lips, his chest began to heave a little as the blond now stepped in front of him and the camera man. He heard something, watched as the blond moved to one side, slowly moving closer until he stood an inch or so from Kyle’s trembling body.

Despite the warm water, he felt a strange chill, a strange excitement too, as the blond let his hand reach out, touching Kyle on the shoulder. The eyes seemed blank as he looked into them, expecting something else. Instead he saw nothing but an emptiness that made him tremble a bit. His body felt chilled, even as the warm spray continued to roll down his lanky body. His cock was still hard, his balls aching, as the blond let his hand caress his chest, then slowly run down his shaking body.

The fingers moved around one of Kyle’s nipples, feeling its firmness, as it pinched the dark purple flesh. He found his own hand reaching out, shaking a bit, as it lay against the blonde’s chest. It felt so smooth, so warm that the chill inside dissipated. His body shook as he found himself step forward, his eyes glued to the young man’s face. He saw a flicker in the eyes, then nothing else as the eyes closed, the head tilting to one side.

His own eyes fluttered, then closed as well, his head tilting in the opposite direction. Kyle felt the kiss, the brief brush on his lips, then the sudden darting of the blonde’s tongue pushing past his own trembling lips. His body shook, as he let his mouth open, and he began to taste the young man, who now wrapped his hands around his waist, pulling Kyle closer into his own naked body.

The hard thick pole of the Blonde slid between his legs, pushing past his own smaller cock. He felt it push his balls to one side, as it slid between his open legs. The touch made his ass cheeks clench, then relax as the ache inside grew.

There were lots of sounds, but none registered as he felt the hands reaching around, grabbing hold of his cheeks, spreading them open. He was being manipulated around, by the Blonde. His body was no longer leaning against the wall, but he stood to the side, his cheeks open, warm water dribbling down his open crack. His body shook even more as the fingers dug hard into his cheeks and the tongue in his mouth began to lick inside his mouth, pushing his own tongue aside.

His chest was heaving as the blonde dug his body into his. He felt like he was doing some strange dance, the way the blonde would move him around, shuffling around the shower. He could feel the spray hitting him in different spots, as they clung together kissing, then suddenly he felt the blonde move apart, reach down and grab hold of his cock. He felt the fingers tighten around his throbbing shaft, then jerk on it, pulling it.

Just as suddenly the hand moved away and was now pressing on his shoulders. Both of them firmly pushing him down, and Kyle found himself sinking to his knees, the water still cascading over him. His mouth kissed at the chin, then at the hollow of the blonde’s neck. He felt the Adam’s apple bop a little to his kiss, but the hands continued to force him down, to not let him linger.

He tasted the water, and the salty flesh as he found himself kneeling, and as his eyes opened, he saw the light pubic hairs, matted against the groin. The soft flesh was trembling as he kissed the soft belly, then reached up with one hand to take hold of the blonde’s cock.

He could smell the faint aroma of the young man, as he felt the young man shiver a little. His tongue licked out, as he tasted the young man, then he found his hand holding the base of the throbbing cock. His face was no longer looking up, but at the hard cock. He could see it shake in his grip, as he let his tongue dart out, licking at the hard skin.

There was no mistaking the sudden intake of breath, the small groan that came from above him, as he ran his tongue along the entire cock shaft, towards the exposed cock head. His tongue licked around the cap, tasting the young man, feeling his cock tremble, feeling his hands grip his shoulders harder. The fingers were digging in hard, as he licked at the pole, then Kyle pushed it up, and began to lick underneath the pole.

He let his tongue go right down to under the shaft, to where the balls hung. He let the tip of tongue dig deep into that soft fleshy part, until it touched the very root of the blonde’s cock, then slowly he ran it up along the shaft. He felt the vein underneath, felt it thicken as the blood came rushing through, tightening the flesh around the pole. His jaw ached as he slowly licked around the head, then dragged the flat of his tongue up and over the sensitive cock head. The groan from above told him he was doing it right, as he tasted the pre cum that oozed out from the tiny slit. His fingers tightened even more around the shaft, holding it and squeezing it at the same time.

The hands on his shoulders moved to his head, and the thin fingers wrapped around the wet strands of his hair. The fingers pulled his head back a little, then pulled back, as he continued to lick at the cock head, then he let his lips wrap around the thick pulsing cock head. It was like he could almost feel the blonde’s heart beating, as he closed his eyes again, letting his cheeks sink inwards, as he drew in his breath.

His lips were tight as he gradually began to let the blonde’s fingers pull his head towards him. The cock slowly making its way into his mouth, into the vacuum he had created within. The cock seemed to jerk a little as he took the head into his mouth, his tongue licking at it and rolling around it, the pre cum flowing a bit faster now.

Kyle found his own hands were now wrapped around the blonde’s buttocks, his fingers now digging into the soft mounds of wet flesh. As they dug in, they pulled back too, making the blonde’s buttocks spread open. He heard a small gasp, but ignored it as he began to suck on the shaft, to let it fill his mouth and force the head further back, down his throat.

He struggled to keep his throat open, to not let it tighten or force him to gag on the hard cock that moved quickly in and out of his mouth. His body was quivering, as he sucked on the hard pole, licking at it and tasting it. He could feel the blonde’s excitement too, feel it as his hips began to move in sync with his face. There was no mistaking the sharp shallow breathes that came from above, as he sucked, enjoying the hard cock that pounded his mouth. Letting one hand fall from the blonde’s buttocks, he took hold of his own cock, and began to stroke it hard, while sucking. Soon his hand was a blur on his own cock, in sync with the action of his mouth.

His jaw was aching, his breathing shallow when suddenly the press of two hands on his shoulders was pushing him back, stopping his action. He heard a loud cry, then found his mouth empty, the cock yanked out. Opening his eyes, he saw the fiery purple cock head, saw it rear back into the foreskin, then suddenly come rushing back out.

The first splatter was just above his upper lip, the sudden jolt taking him by surprise. His mouth was open, as more of the hot milk came streaming out towards him. It landed on the corner of his mouth, some of the milk making its way into his open mouth. He felt himself shake, as more of the milky substance splattered across his face, and he could hear the gasping sounds from the blonde.

The body in front of him was a blur, shaking really. He could see the hips blur as the body exploded, the cum hitting his face all over, a splattering shot near his eye, making him blink. His own body was shaking, his own hand was starting to jerk his cock harder and faster, when he felt a hand grab hold of his. He felt it pull at it, as he blinked, noticing the blonde was already out of the shower area, a towel being wrapped around his waist.

get naked with Circle Jerk Boys hereGlancing up he saw Tito staring at him, his mouth open and obviously saying something, but his mind was still enthralled by the taste of the blonde’s cum. He found himself being lifted up by the wrist, and then the words all came into focus. The water had been shut off, and he found a towel being thrust at him, as he realized that he was being directed into the other room, where the blonde had disappeared.

His cock ached, as he took the towel and followed the light guy and camera guy. Tito was behind him, urging him forward. Entering the room he saw two other naked guys, all watching some flick on a small television screen. They didn’t even bother to look up as he entered the room. The blonde was over by some table, grabbing a drink of some brown liquid, his cock was amazingly, still rather hard.

Off to one side was a plate of sandwiches. There were also some dildo’s laying out, and he saw the light guy adjusting a bunch of lights that were being focussed towards a small wooden table. He stood there, shivering a little, as he watched it all, feeling strangely apprehensive as the Blonde leaned against the far wall, his cock still looking rather hard, as he sipped on his drink, while peering at Kyle over the top of the glass.

Grab a sandwich and drink if you want, we’ll shoot the fuck scene in 30

He turned to see the balding man who had spoken. He was handing the camera off to Tito, who stood by, silently watching.

Tony you will be up first, then Cameron. Tyler, you’ll be last up, you going to be ready by then?

Yeah, no problem, I’ll be ready.

The man turned to stare at Kyle. His eyes looked angry, as he just glared at him. He shook his head, muttering something about rookies, then moved on to check on the lights, ignoring Kyle. He jumped a little, as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Tito with a small plate in his hand, pushing it towards him.

He’ll get over it kid, but bit of advice, don’t make the star shoot until you are told, got it?

Uh yeah, thanks, I never uh…

Yeah, eat this, it’ll be awhile before we break for dinner.

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