Fiction – Last Minute

Last Minute

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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hot twinks jerking offKelly looked up from the sales counter, across the store to the Furniture store across the way. He could see the milling crowd was thinner than before, and over by one corner he spotted Ronny. His heart did a quick beat or two as he stared at the thin figure. His back was to Kelly, and he couldn’t help but admire his figure. The firm buttocks, the long legs, all made him feel aroused.

It wasn’t that he was a pervert or anything, but damn Ronny was one of those special young men, who just automatically got your emotions racing. He had the thin face, longish hair that would curl at the ends, the sparkling eyes, and thin lips that just seemed to beg for someone to plant a wet one on them.

He had a smile that would melt granite. His whole face would seem like a spotlight had been turned on, and you could feel it, least he did. Yet each time he had met him, stood next to him, he felt like some vagabond. Not that he considered himself ugly or unattractive, just not in Ronny’s league.

They might be the same height, close in weight too, but it ended there. He didn’t have the muscle definition that Ronny had, nor the self confidence either. He was always tongue tied around him, yet each time they had met, spoken a few words, he felt a connection he couldn’t explain.

Kelly had met Ronny a few weeks earlier. He was bringing in some boxes of merchandise to the store, and was having a bit of a time keeping his balance. Ronny had come out and had reached out to help steady him, preventing him from falling flat on his face. It was that first touch that had set him off, made his whole body suddenly ache. Seeing him and talking to him had nearly put him over the edge, but somehow he had managed to contain his racing hormones. He had almost blurted out his desire too, which had scared the shit out of him. Kelly always was the cautious type, but Ronny seemed to nearly break through that, which only made him more attractive to Kelly.

Each time they had met, he had felt like he was back in High School. Granted it was not that long ago, only a year, but Kelly wasn’t exactly a rookie at picking up guys, or being picked up. Yet around Ronny, he felt like back in the days when he had a crush on school friend, yet could never bring himself to find out if it was returned. He was certain he had missed out on some damn good fun, but better to miss out than get the crap kicked out of you.

While he didn’t think Ronny would hit him, there always was the chance. The guy was his age, and these days who knew how someone would react when your intentions were made known. Christ, he was starting to sound like his Dad, as he leaned over the sales counter, staring at Ronny’s backside.

He just couldn’t get him out of his mind, and he knew that he wouldn’t have another chance, after tonight. It was Christmas Eve, and then his part time job would be over. No more daily glimpses of low down on Ronny, who was the son of the Owner. She had noticed his infatuation, and they had known each other from the local gay bar.

From her, he had learned that Ronny was a Mormon, had gone to a private school, but had gotten into some trouble of which no one would talk about. His working at the store was supposedly part of his punishment, which made Kelly feel for him. He couldn’t explain it, but the idea of Ronny being punished, or unhappy bothered him. Melissa had tried to warn him off, to tell him it wouldn’t be worth it, but he didn’t care. There was just something about him, and despite his best intentions, the furthest he had gotten was to say hi, or talk about the weather.

He just couldn’t get the nerve up to ask him out, even for a cup of coffee. Every morning, he had talked himself into just marching over, and asking him to join him for lunch, and for two weeks he had come to work with that in mind, never once getting close to doing it. The second he would see him, putting out the displays in front of the store front, he would freeze.

Sure, he would wave, smile, but ask him out? No, he just couldn’t get the nerve up and now as he looked up at the clock, feeling his last chance evaporate with each passing tick of the clock, he grew more depressed. He really wanted to just be with him, to hear him talk about things, not to just jump his bones. Mind you that would be the ultimate, and despite his years, he actually had wished Santa would bring him Ronny.

Thinking about it, he felt like a sap, had even more or less let Melissa in on it too, which had earned him a rather bitter tongue lashing. She was not what you would call exactly sympathetic, but then she was also not one of those frilly Lesbians either. There was no doubt who wore the strap on in her relationships. Still, he wished she would have been more understanding. You didn’t just go up to someone and ask if they’d like to mess around. Least he couldn’t, unless he was in a gay bar.

He had been so lost in his thoughts, that time had passed and the sound of the mall speaker, announcing that the stores would be closing in Five minutes startled him. As Kelly looked up, he realized that he wasn’t alone. The last customers had long been gone, as people were all rushing home for Christmas Eve plans. Yet, as he looked up, there he was, standing right in front. Glancing behind him, he noticed that the store where Ronny worked was already dark, shuttered. His heart suddenly sank, realizing this would most likely be the last time he’d see Ronny.

Didn’t mean to startle you

The sound of his voice, the way his eyes seemed to be looking everywhere but at him, made him stare. He felt a bit uncomfortable, also feeling his body reacting to the closeness. Then too he could smell the cologne Ronny wore, Musk. He had gotten that from Melissa, and even bought himself a bottle.

He had the idea he could give it to him, for Christmas, but so far he hadn’t the nerve. Now here he was, standing in front of him.

Uh, sorry, was off dreaming I guess.

Sugar Plum Fairies?

Huh? Oh, sorry, no, not really.

Guess you’ll be heading off soon, big family dinner?

Me? No, no family dinner, just me. Figured I’d grab something on the way home, uh, you?

No, no family dinner for me, not this year.

Kelly had to strain to hear him, the way his voice suddenly lowered. He could see the pain flash across his face too, and he wondered why he wasn’t going to be with his family.

‘That sucks, uh, look I know it’s last minute, but we could grab a pizza and go back to my place, it isn’t far. Besides I hate eating alone, that is uh, if you want.’

For a second or two he thought Ronny would refuse. He had spoken so fast, that he wasn’t even sure if Ronny had heard him clearly. Then when his face seemed to lighten up, the eyes sparkle again and he agreed, it was like being on top of a cloud. His palms were sweating as he rushed around, closing up.

He was pulling in the stuff from out in front, and Ronny was helping. It felt so exciting that he almost dropped one of the wooden statues he was carrying. To be so close to him, to smell that cologne, and to think he would be coming to his apartment, was giving him a glow he had never quite felt before. It was as if maybe, his Christmas wish was being granted, in some sense.

The closing of the shutters, and the walk to the Pizza joint near his apartment were a blur. He couldn’t help but just enjoy the walk, being close and watching their breath steam out, twisting and turning to mingle together. It was almost like being in heaven, and then to find out that they had the same taste in Pizza only added to the giddy feeling inside.

Opening the door to his apartment was a chore. He fumbled with the key, and then finally opened the door. Kelly let Ronny in first, and then followed him into the small living room, where he stopped dead in his tracks. He had forgotten that he hadn’t cleaned up.

Out on the coffee table was his copy of Freshmen, and the small box of cologne he had planned on giving to Ronny. He was suddenly terrified as Ronny moved closer and stared down at the Magazine, and the bottle of Musk cologne. Next to it, was some wrapping paper, and a card.

Ronny took his jacket off, and laid it down over the one arm chair. He reached down, and picked up the magazine, flipping through it. Kelly felt his heart stop, felt the pain in his chest as he waited for the angry retort. His hands didn’t even feel the heat from the pizza anymore, as he was certain that his evening was ruined, that Ronny would turn around and walk out. Least he hoped that would be the worst of it, as he stood there, mortified, waiting.

The sound of pages being flipped only made him more edgy. Why couldn’t he just say it, call him a faggot or something, and leave. The suspense of waiting for the obvious condemnation was killing him. Then he watched as Ronny tossed the magazine back onto the table. He then picked up the bottle of cologne.

You use this too?

He couldn’t speak, and just shook his head in the negative. Where was the anger, the look of disdain he had expected? It didn’t make sense as he managed to mutter that it was a gift for someone.

Lucky friend

It’s for you’ he blurted out, looking down at his feet, as he put the cooling pizza down on the small telephone table. He didn’t know why he had said it, but it was true, as he waited.



Ronny picked it up and Kelly watched as his face seemed to be in a state of change. One second it was glowing, then seemed dark, brooding even. It was totally unreal, as he watched Ronny put the box of cologne back onto the table. Then he walked up closer to stand in front of Kelly.

How did you know?

Huh? Oh, uh Melissa mentioned it, and I…

No, not that, about me? How did you know I was, I mean that…

I didn’t, I mean, I just, I can’t explain it, it was just that, from the first time, I just.. oh Shit, I never…

Ronny laughed, a sort of giggle really which was more from nervousness than anything else. Then he stopped abruptly, as he stared deep into Kelly’s face. His eyes seemed to be filled with exploding lights, as he just looked into Kelly’s face. Then one hand came up, and he ran the back of his hand down the side of Kelly’s face.

He let his fingers run across the lips, as he stared into Kelly’s face. Kelly could feel his heart beating, feeling his body tense up to the touch, but he also felt the strange flow of electricity though his entire being. His own eyes were staring, feeling the connection between them growing with each touch, each passing second.

Kelly reached out, to touch the hand by his chin, and they stood there, both of them quivering as they just looked at each other. Slowly Kelly found himself leaning forward, his eyes fluttering as they gradually closed while he came closer to Ronny. He could smell the cologne, the scent becoming stronger the closer he got, and then his head seemed to tilt to one side, knowing that Ronny’s head had also tilted.

The light touch of his lips on Ronny’s mouth made his whole body tingle. It was like being hit by a thousand volts of pure energy. His chest ached, as the air left him in a rush, leaving him breathless. His ears were ringing as he found his arms moving down Ronny’s side, and reaching around him.

He felt Ronny’s hands slide down his body, resting on the top of his hips, as Ronny’s mouth began to open. His did as well, and he felt the warm breath enter his mouth, knowing it was Ronny’s. There was a hint of a breath mint, as his tongue slowly reached out, touching Ronny’s.

He felt his lips pushing firmly up against Ronny’s mouth, felt them returning the firm press, and then suddenly his mind was clouded with a roar of emotions. His body shook, as they kissed harder and tasted each other. Their tongues were licking and darting like tiny darts, each one adding to the wave of excitement and pleasure being felt all over.

His hands were clutching at Ronny’s buttocks, the fingers digging into those two orbs of perfect flesh. He could feel them shiver to his touch, feel his own body shake as Ronny’s fingers dug into the thin layer of his skin by his hips. He felt himself groan as they kissed hard, and the heat from their desire began to seep through their clothes.

Everything was a blur of shadows, as they held each other, touched each other. He didn’t realize they had shuffled into his bedroom, until he heard the bed squeak as Ronny straddled his chest. The room was dark, and he realized that his shirt was open, his pants as well. His eyes grew accustomed to the dark and could see the tail of Ronny’s shirt on either side of the upright torso. He could see the flesh gleaming, the perfect toned body above him.

The dark firm nipples seemed to stand out in the dark, as he felt the warmth on his chest from Ronny’s groin. Glancing down, he saw the belt was open, the top button undone. His hands were pulling at them, forcing the zipper down, as if they were independent of his control. His legs were taut, as he saw the pants spread open, a gleaming white patch now showing. Just above them was curly dark hair, that fascinated him. His eyes stared at them as he watched the body rise up and his hands pull down on the jeans, then the white jockey shorts.

He could hear his beating heart, hear his short gasps for air, as somehow he managed to wiggle the clothes off, to be faced by a fully erect cock. White cream was forming around the tip on the head, as he stared at the fully exposed cock, the foreskin already pulled back by the obvious arousal. Kelly could hear the panting breath from above, as the long pole suddenly seemed to waver and shake, as it came closer to his waiting mouth.

Nothing made sense to him, and he couldn’t even remember how he got into this position, nor did he care. In front of him, was the most beautiful penis he had ever seen. He felt his head moving forward, his eyes watching as his hands moved around the exposed thighs. He felt the fingers grapping hold of the hips, digging into the hot flesh, until they couldn’t go any further. His eyes stared wide eyed, as he watched the head of Ronny’s exposed cock come closer.

His tongue licked out, flicking at the white cream and as it touched it, he felt himself shake. His body bucked a little, and the cock seemed to jerk too, as he tasted the precum. His body was aching in ways he couldn’t explain, nor did he care, as he moved one hand to surround the thick cock at its base.

The hand brushed past the thick crop of pubic hairs, then gripped the shaft. It pressed inwards, as he licked his lips, tasting the remnants of the precum before he let them slowly brush up against the head of Ronny’s cock. Kelly felt Ronny begin to tremble, as his lips spread apart, surrounding the hot cock head. Gradually he moved his head forward, while the cock was pushed towards him.

Kelly could feel himself thrashing, as he felt his lips hold tightly onto the throbbing cock, that he gradually took deep into his own throat. He could feel every nerve inside of his body, every hair on his body, tingle as he tasted the hard cock, felt it shake inside his mouth. It was like being in the middle of an electrical storm. Thousands of hard jolts striking him all over. Every part of his body was feeling the jolts, his legs were taut, cramping even, as he felt his hands clenching at the bare butt cheeks. The fingers digging deep, holding the shaking flesh tight, while pulling them towards himself.

The long wailing moans seemed distant, compared to the wild beat and thunder of his own heart. They all echoed and swirled around in his ears, as he tasted the hot flesh inside of his mouth, felt the throbbing veins wrapped around the cock, as Ronny’s blood rushed through them, thickening and stretching the skin even tighter. He could feel it all while at the same time, felt the thickening and pulsing of his own cock, still trapped in his pants.

His hands were roaming urgently across the skin, pushing and touching every part of Ronny’s body as his head moved back and forth along the pole. Ronny’s hips were moving in and out, in time with Kelly’s face, as the cock slid in and out. Each time it entered, it seemed to go deeper, to be thicker, to be more alive.

His lungs hurt, his whole body was in torment, as he felt Ronny’s cock head jerking and banging against the sides of his throat. He could feel its heat, feel its power as his lips refused to let go. They held the hard shaft tightly, even as the cock head suddenly reared backwards. He heard Ronny cry, heard his garbled groan, a second before the cock head came rushing forward one more time.

As it did, he felt the stream of milk suddenly escape, splattering against the back of his throat, before falling down the opening. He gagged a little as the huge stream continued for a second or two, before the head once more was rearing back, reloading. His own moans mixed with Ronny’s, as more of the thick salty cream filled his throat and mouth. Kelly could feel some dribbling out from the corners of his lips, but he was swallowing as fast as he could.

Still more of the precious milk was filling his mouth, still escaping from around his lips, as he gagged, trying to take it all, failing. His whole body was shaking, as he felt his own cock jerking, felt his own balls pushing up and as the last of Ronny’s milk was dribbling into his mouth, his was just beginning to explode.

His legs shot out, his hips pushed up, then collapsed down, while his hand gripped Ronny’s hips hard. His cock was shooting its load, as he felt himself leaning back down into the pillow on his bed. He felt the rolling waves of his orgasm making him shiver, sending rolling tremors of pleasure through his whole body.

Kelly felt the cock slip from his mouth, felt the body sag onto him, then roll off to the side, a hand resting on his heaving chest, as his body continued to quiver to the rolling tremors inside. The mist that clouded his eyes was slowing clearing, as he felt his body slowly subside, as he turned his head to stare into Ronny’s face. There was a look of hunger in them, a look of desire that only made him quiver more.

Ronny moved in closer, his head moved in and Kelly felt a soft gentle kiss on his cheek, then the hand on his heaving chest moved down, to rest over his groin. He smiled, as his eyes fluttered, as he placed his own hand over Ronny’s side, under his open shirt. He let his fingers spread open, as he moved in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

His eyes opened, staring into the soft glowing face. Ronny was gently caressing him, the hands lightly moving over his bare stomach, the fingers gently running near his waist band. Kelly turned his body slightly, as Ronny’s hand moved down to grip the pants, and fumble with the pants button. Ronny looked up, smiled as he whispered to Kelly, ‘Merry Christmas’ just as Ronny’s fingers undid the pants button.

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