Fiction – Bleached


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Byron stopped to stare at his reflection in the huge shop window. The shiny reflection showed a young looking man, about in his early 20’s though in fact he was rapidly approaching 30. Just 18 months more and he’d hit the big three oh, but he didn’t show it. Sure a few tell tale wrinkles around the mouth, though the lips were still firm and inviting. A few more creases on the forehead, but the lock of darkened blond hair covered most of that.

The eyes still held their youthful look, their sparkle. The slim nose was a bit hooked at the end, but it fit the thin face just fine. The rest of him didn’t show any sign of fat, no beer gut, just a flat firm stomach. The chest was not what you would call muscular, but you could see the nipples, just. Course it had to do with the knit t-shirts he wore, and the rest of him matched.

Long legs with a bit of beef at the thighs, but they fit the jeans perfectly. Not too tight, but enough to highlight the full package and from what others had said, it held his butt nicely. In short he wasn’t looking bad, and when there was a new bouncer at the local bar, he got carded. That part still made him smile, not to mention how he enjoyed the look of surprise on the bouncer’s face.

Pushing the lock of hair aside, he turned to move on when he noticed the other reflection. The man was staring at him, more aptly at his buttocks. It made Byron smile, as he began to walk away. He enjoyed the gazes he got, and from what little he had seen, the guy was rather cute. Still, he didn’t linger, as it was nearly time for his appointment with Gallagher. One was never late for an appointment with Gallagher, and it didn’t matter if you were a long time customer. Show up late, and you could spend an entire day waiting. He quickened his pace as he spotted the shop just ahead. Instinctively he pushed the hair back, as glanced at his watch. It would be close, but he should make it.

Byron had been a regular customer of Gallagher for over 6 years now. At first it was just a monthly touch up, to make the dark roots less visible. Blond was sort of his natural color, but he liked the lighter shade than his actual color, hence his visit to Gallagher. That and the fact that the guy was a total dream. He might be a bit of a flamer at times, and his constant ‘darling’ could be annoying, but he knew how to service his more ‘loyal’ customers.

It was two years ago that he became aware of all the services Gallagher offered to some of his favourite customers. To be considered one of those had been rather exhilarating, and he had almost blown it too. Though Gallagher seemed to expect that sort of reaction, at first.

Gallagher himself was a bit odd. He wasn’t what you would call a stud, certainly not a twink either, but he had a certain charm about him that made you simply feel excited. His hair was always a different shade of some color, and frankly it never suited his rather thin face. Sure didn’t match his almost snow white skin either, and he had a rather prominent set of lips. There was some speculation that he took Botox injections, and to say they were full would be a bit of an understatement.

He was also a tall man. Byron was nearly six foot, and Gallagher still seemed to tower over him. He was definitely thin for his height, as you could clearly see his ribs. Yet he was always munching on something, mostly chocolates. But he never seemed to add a single ounce to his tall frame. His hands were wonders. He had very long tapered fingers, to match his size.

When he would rub his head, rub in the shampoo, it was an amazing feeling. For Byron, it always gave him a hard on, and the way Gallagher would lean over him, would brush up against him, was all part of a rather sensual experience. He couldn’t quite explain it, but when he graduated to being a ‘favoured client’ he realized just how talented Gallagher was.

His regular ‘touch up’ went from a $50 bill to a $125 on that first ‘special’ appointment. On his second ‘special’ appointment, his monthly ‘touch up’ rose to nearly $200, but as he thought about it, it was worth twice that. It was hard to explain, and at first he had been a bit skeptical about what the worth of it, but after a few ‘appointments’ it became a highlight of his month.

Gathering up his ‘kit’ from the reception, he made his way down the long narrow path towards the back. He couldn’t help but notice how a few of the men in the chairs would turn to stare, which only made him eager. It was nice to know he still could turn heads.

Finding the room was easy. There were only four rooms at the very back, past the shampoo room, dryer room. He had #2 again, and unlocking the door he entered. To think it all had started because of a joke he had made while having his roots touched up, made him smile. It also made him feel a bit of a tingle.

He had joked that maybe he shouldn’t get the full light color Gallagher had been using, given as how some of his dates had commented on him not being a ‘real blonde’ given how dark his pubes were. Gallagher had merely smiled, and said he could take care of that problem, if Byron was interested.

The notion of having his pubes dyed along with the rest of him, was exciting. Though he doubted he could ever go through with it, least not without showing his own excitement. But Gallagher hadn’t pushed, until he had gotten the special invitation. He couldn’t refuse, it was just too well laid out, and from that first session, he found himself hooked.

He had been nervous back then, but now it was like just part of the routine. It made his monthly journey exciting, and worth every nickel. Byron quickly undressed, wrapping the towel around his bare midriff. He pressed the bell, and sat down on the long leather recliner. It felt warm, as did the whole room. There was some aromatic  incense burning on one side, as the door opened and a young man entered.

In his hand was a tray of small sandwiches, a decanter and two fluted wine glasses. The young man was handsome too, as he gave Byron a quick glance over, smiling as he poured out some wine into both glasses. He left the tray on the side table next to the chair, then gathered up Byron’s clothes and exited.

Next time the door opened, he knew it would be Gallagher as he lay back into the comfort of the leather chair. It felt so comfortable and the warmth of the room made him a little drowsy as he waited. It always put him in the right mood, as he listened to the soft music playing through the house speaker. Nothing garish either, just soothing instrumentals that made him relax even more.

Gallagher entered the room, his hair a bright shade of blue. Nothing surprised him about Gallagher, as they greeted each other. The penetrating look was softened with a thin smile. They took their glasses, had their toast and talked. It wasn’t anything special, just idle chat, as the wine and food did its own stuff, relaxing him further.

Putting his glass down, Gallagher reached over and ran his fingers through Byron’s hair. He examined the strands, and looked closely at the roots. Then he smiled, as his hand moved down the side of Byron’s face. The way he looked was amazing, as Byron settled back into the chair, feeling the soft touch.

The chair was suddenly put back, and he found himself staring up at Gallagher. The man’s thick lips seemed dry, but he watched as a tube of lip balm was applied, making them glisten a bit. A thin sheen now coated them, as Gallagher moved his stool over and sat down.

Removing the towel, Byron saw Gallagher’s eyes open a bit wider. He sucked in his breath as the hands moved down, and lightly ran through his pubic hairs. He was clucking a little, shaking his head as he saw how much darker the pubic hairs were, compared to the hair on Byron’s head.

Pushing the bell, he leaned back a little, waiting for his summons to be answered. The same young man entered, carrying a large porcelain bowl, several towels and clothes draped over his arm. He set the bowl down and handed the towels to Gallagher. He also took a quick glance at Byron. There was no mistaking his approval either, that made Byron a bit more excited.

Before the young man had closed the door, Gallagher already had a small cloth being rinsed in the warm water. He gently applied it to Byron’s groin, gradually working it in, so that the hairs became soaked with the soapy water. He repeated the process several times, until once more the young man had returned. This time with another large bowl of warm water, and some other goodies. As he set the bowl down, he also picked up the hand blow dryer, plugging it in and setting it down next to Gallagher.

He stepped back and stood over Gallagher’s shoulder as the man once more started to wet down his pubic hairs. He felt the soft touch, felt the hand as it slowly moved across his belly, then across his groin, reaching down between the groin and his thighs. The warm cloth soothed his muscles, as he felt the hands lightly pressing, caressing him as it moistened the hairs.

The cloth and hand moved down, to cup his balls. He felt the warm water against his flesh, and closed his eyes. It was all part of the ‘added service’ as he lay there, letting Gallagher soak his groin. The cloth was soft as it slowly moved back up and around his hard cock. It never took him long to be rock hard.

Hell he was always semi hard as soon as he entered Gallagher’s Salon. The touch of those long tapered fingers only made him harder. There wasn’t a lot of talk, just the occasional direction to the young man, to fetch fresh water, as he continued to moisten his hairs.

Then would come the comb, that would gently work its way through his matted hairs. The occasional snip told him some long offending hair had been trimmed, then once more the wet cloth. He just lay there, feeling the tension being worked out of him, as Gallagher would then soap his groin, then rinse, and soap it again.

When soaped, he would abandon the cloth, using his long fingers to work it up into a lather, and then rinse. He made it a point to dry him with a soft towel, and it was always then that Byron would moan. The way the hands would roughly press on his groin, drying his hair, then rub between his legs and underneath. The hands always rubbing and brushing past his cock, and when it came time to dry his balls, he always felt himself sucking in his chest. His lungs would ache as Gallagher would cup the two balls, then rub them firmly, to dry the sac and hairs.

Once again, he would hear the scissors as long hairs were trimmed. After that, the blow dryer would whirr into action. Byron would feel the warm air blowing against his body, just under his balls, drying his body as well as heating up the leather chair. The dampness would cease, as the dryer warmed him up, and then he would feel Gallagher reach up and take hold of his hard cock, and gently pull it back.

The dryer would rise up in tempo, as it was switched to a higher heat setting. The hot air would be directed at his dangling balls, and the cock pulled back by the head. Then slowly he would move the dryer up his shaft, and around it.

His pubic hairs would flow in the breeze, drying as the warm air seemed to surround his groin. His cock would start to ache as the hot air would blow on the root, just above the two full balls. Then Gallagher would turn it off, handing it to the young man behind. His fingers would release the top of his cock, letting it bounce back.

A thin finger would suddenly brush down the underside of his hard cock, and poke into the leathery sac. Then it would move back up and move across his cock head, smearing the precum that had oozed up and out. Byron would feel the cream being applied, a warm silky feeling, that would engulf his cock, and then be gently applied to his balls. His moans would tell Gallagher that he was getting close, as the man worked the cream into his skin.

The hands would begin to caress him, to play with his aroused muscles. The fingers would poke at his inner thighs, then under his balls. One long finger would dig between his cheeks, and slide up his tender valley until it came to his tiny hole. IT would circle it, teasing it, while the other hand would gently hold his cock, stroking it.

Byron would groan then, his legs would spread a part a bit more, and his toes would begin to cramp up, as they curled down and out. Every never inside was on edge, as the finger would play with his hole, then he would feel the soft gentle press of lips on the tip of his cock.

His body would tremble a bit, his legs tighten as Gallagher would then flick his tongue out, licking at his cock head. The rough edged tongue would gobble up any remaining pre cum, then the lips would press a bit harder. Slowly they would part, while the tongue would lick at the exposed skin between the lips.

Carefully he would feel the lips spread apart wider, always holding onto his throbbing cock. Then Gallagher would move his head a bit, the lips sliding down the cock, and Byron would feel the warmth envelope his cock head. He knew he was slowly being sucked, as the mouth would move down more and more. It was when he would feel Gallagher’s nose pressing into his groin, that he would tighten his hold on the arms of the leather chair.

His body would become like a tightly wound strand of steel bands. Gallagher seemed to always notice too, as his lips would tighten around the pole, and the head would move up and down on his pole. It would make him shake, moan too. The press of the lips would increase, the speed would become faster, as he slowly let his mind wander to other times, to other people. His eyes would remain shut, as he would then feel a finger pressing up underneath him.

The finger would tease his hole, then would suddenly penetrate him. His cock would jerk inside of Gallagher’s mouth, as the finger would slowly push inwards. He would grunt, feeling the pain, then the warmth. His body would quiver a bit, as the assistant carefully pushed in harder, then pull out, almost. Then he would go in again, and nearly out. A second finger would be added to the first, and he would grunt again, moan too. His body would shake as Gallagher’s mouth would begin to move faster over his cock.

The hard press inside, the warm coating over his throbbing pole wouldn’t let him last long. His body was always in a hurry, as he felt the pleasure inside. His mind was absorbed by the waves of pleasure that rolled up and down his body, as he would feel his balls growing fuller, becoming balloons under his trembling penis.

Then he would feel his eyes tighten, little dots of blue’s and red’s flashing on his eyelids, as he would squirm in the chair, the fingers driving in and out rapidly. The lips would be sliding up and down quickly as well, when he would feel himself shudder, feel his whole body tighten, then suddenly release.

His hips would push up, driving his cock deep down into Gallagher’s mouth. The cock head rearing back as the shaft was pushed deeper into the mouth. As his hips rose, the assistant would push in harder. His whole hand would be underneath, helping to lift his buttock up and off the leather chair.

Byron would cry out, as he would feel his balls shaking then slinging upwards. He could hear the slap of his testicles against his thighs, then feel the blood drain from his arms and legs. His fingers would turn white as they clenched the chair’s arms. They would dig hard into the hot leather, sweat would be beading up and rolling off his forehead, as his body shook.

As he began to feel his cum leaving his balls, his eyes would clench even tighter, his heart would pound as he shook, as his body released its load. The cock head would shoot forward, spewing his cum in a hard stream into Gallagher’s throat. The man wouldn’t make a sound, as his head would stay still, his throat twitching, as the stream of milk flooded out.

Gallagher would take it all, the two fingers in Byron’s rectum would press hard upwards. The assistant’s knuckles pressing up between the spread apart cheeks. His cock would literally explode, the cum would dribble out from the corner’s of Gallagher’s mouth. As his cry of release would fade away, the beat of his heart would seem to quicken. His chest would heave up and down. Gradually he would feel his buttocks sink back down onto the arm chair, the fingers would slowly pull out, and he would lay there, exhausted.

Gradually his cock would be released by Gallagher’s lips, then a soft warm cloth would rub across his cocks and pubic hairs. The cloth would rub him lightly, and then he would open his eyes. Gallagher would once more be on his stool, his eyes a bit livelier, bit more sparkle to them, as the hands would be combing his pubic hairs, and then he would feel him apply the dye.

His chest would slowly return to normal, as once more he would partake in some wine and sandwiches. The assistant would be gone, as they would pass the time in idle chat again. In some sense, it was as if the interlude of being sucked off hadn’t happened, though he felt totally drained. It was just part of the service, as he lay there, drinking some wine.

To think, he went through this every month, because he didn’t want anyone to question his blondness. The things he would do, he thought, to please the men in his life. Then again, he did have to admit, it was a rather unique way to get bleached, all over.  

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