Fiction – Holiday Surprise

Holiday Surprise

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Bill stepped back, to stare at everything laid out on the table, as he fussed with positioning a knife here, a fork there. He was flushed as he tried to find any imperfection in the table’s layout. He smiled, realizing it was set, ready for his company and he thought about the huge turkey now roasting in the oven.

It was his first real Thanksgiving Dinner, in his new condo, and the smell coming from his little kitchen area was making his mouth water. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the smell of food that was making him salivate so much as it was that Dillon would be coming for dinner.

He had just met Dillon and already he was having him meet his friends, hence the dinner party. Staring at the table, he wondered what they would all say about his latest. It wasn’t like he was a tramp, but he did have a reputation for never sticking with any one person for longer than a month or two. Dillon might be the exception to that rule, as this would be their fourth month seeing each other.

And from how the other night had went, the sex certainly wasn’t becoming boring or stale. He rather enjoyed the time with his twink, as Nate called Dillon. Just because Bill was 26 and Dillon a mere 19 didn’t make Bill a cradle robber. He certainly wasn’t Dillon’s first, and while he was a typical horny teenager, they did other things too.

Okay, so they managed to watch other movies, not just porn, and yes, they never really did get to watch the whole movie before heading off to the bedroom, that didn’t make him shallow like Dianna intimidated. It simply meant that they enjoyed the physical aspect of their friendship a bit more than some of the more older folks did.

Truth was, his circle of friends were just jealous. They all wished they had stumbled upon someone like Dillon, who had charm as well as looks. Not his fault that he was built so perfectly, with a well defined body. Certainly not his fault that he had that blend of fine features with rugged lines that made everyone swoon when he looked at them.

Sure he had blond hair, wore it short but styled. Yes there was a streak of color that wasn’t natural, but it set off his face so nicely. The clear sparkling eyes, the small roman styled nose with thin pale pink lips were all highlighted by those tiny streaks in his hair. Carol and Debbie were just jealous that they couldn’t look as good with streaked hair. Besides, he just didn’t see Debbie in anything but her crew cut and butch look. Carol could have pulled it off, if she wasn’t such a catty bitch, or if her face didn’t seem constantly in a sneer.

Dillon wasn’t preppy either. He didn’t wear shirts with critters on the pocket. Sure some of the shirts were knitted, and yes they were all tight fitting, but why not? They helped show his well developed chest off, and the tight pants he wore certainly left little to the imagination. And around Bill, that bulge was always well defined. It was that which made Ken call him a ‘tart’. So the guy was aroused by Bill, like when did that become a crime?

Maybe he didn’t have the perfect body, and he had one or two imperfections. Still he wasn’t a dog. He might not have the most romantic eyes, or the perfect set of lips for kissing, or even the well aligned nose. It was crooked because of a few childhood altercations, like many others. Still, he wasn’t overweight, he was as tall as Dillon, and like Dillon, he was muscular. His legs were solid, not prone to flab, and his belly today was just as flat as when he was Dillon’s age. You could still bounce a quarter off it, and you couldn’t say that about Ken’s growing belly.

Just like Dillon, he enjoyed sex. His own bulge was not exactly small time either. He didn’t need to stuff socks down his pants, because when he was aroused, he held his own with those so called ‘big dick’ boys at the club. Dillon certainly wasn’t average, and maybe that it is more of what pissed Ken off, than anything. Ken was a bit challenged in that department, though he really shouldn’t be so worried about it. He was still a capable sex partner, but Ken seemed to always be making an issue of penis size.

The ring of the timer broke his thoughts, as he rushed into the kitchen to attend to another of his dishes. He could feel the stiffness in his groin too, as he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of evening it would be. His friends could be so catty at times, but he didn’t think they’d be that obvious. Least he hoped not, because in all honesty, he was more than just fond of Dillon.

While he was one of those working slaves in a big company, a nameless cog in the wheel of industry, Dillon was just beginning his journey into life. He was taking courses at the local college, while working part time in a local coffee house. It was where he had first met him, and as the saying goes, it was instant chemistry.

Stirring the mixture, he couldn’t help but remember that first time either. The way Dillon had been so open, so forthright. It was exciting and naughty, the way he had tilted his head, looking at Bill, then calmly asked if he wanted to suck him off. He had almost choked, the way Dillon seemed so casual, so matter of fact about it.

All he could manage had been a sort of emphatic nod, and a cough. The answering smile however had really surprised him. It just made Dillon look so alive, so radiant, that he felt like dropping to his knees right on the spot. Course that wouldn’t do, as they were in the coffee house, but he rather toyed with the idea.

The fact was, Dillon seemed to want it as much as Bill did. He was surprised but pleased, when Dillon told him he could come to the back with him, to find that fresh bag of coffee beans. Nifty little excuse that didn’t seem to fool the other staff member behind the counter. While he hadn’t tweaked to the meaning himself, he had felt like he was on some cloud, as he followed Dillon into the back.

He took him past the stainless steel counter, the gleaming fridges and into a dark storehouse. There were sacks of unroasted coffee beans all over the place, and Dillon merely had taken his hand and turned as he came to a sack with nothing else on it. He sat down on it, smiling up at Bill, and then laid Bill’s hand on his crotch.

It was an amazing feeling really. The way his hand felt the pulsing of the cock underneath the dark pants. The way the rooms dim lights made it all seem so forbidden, so exciting was unreal. His heat had quickened, and his surprise had immediately turned to lust as he moved his hand over the hard crotch. The way Dillon had leaned back, opening his legs just a little, to further entice Bill.

To say he didn’t waste any time in undoing the young man’s pants, and pulling out his cock would be an understatement. He had that huge cock sticking up and out in no time. His hand held it firmly at the base, as he lowered his body onto his knees, and his head over the hard pole. He could see the small precum on the tip, and licking it quickly gave Dillon a start, as well as making him smile in delight.

It didn’t take him long either, to have that entire cock in his mouth, or to feel it jerking as he held it tightly with his hand and lips, moving up and down in an increasing pace. The taste and scent of the young man mixed with the aroma of green coffee beans. The scent of burlap sacks, mixed with the heady aroma of the boy’s crotch that made Bill giddy. His head was light headed, and unbelieving, as he kneeled on the cold floor, sucking on a Dillon’s dick.

That first encounter was just sex, nothing else. He still could recall how Dillon moaned, how he threw his head back as he nibbled on the cock, at how he had taken one ball into his mouth, sucking it and licking it, before taking the other testicle into his mouth, repeating the process. He could still feel his hands twisting the strands of hair on his head, as he pulled on them, as his body grew tighter, hotter.

Every hair that seemed to stand up on his groin, as his nose would dig into the soft flesh, how it would move to his breath, all were locked into his memory now. Even as he stirred the goop in the pot, he could see those tiny hairs moving as his nose buried into the flesh. How the voice from above moaned so softly, and how he could see the rippling muscles of the stomach move, as his tongue would lick at the throbbing vein underneath the cock shaft.

Bill could still taste that pre cum, the prelude to an ejaculation he had never imagined possible. The way Dillon had held his head, had let his fingers dig into his fleshy shoulders, while he sucked and licked at his cock, was something he wouldn’t forget. The way the young man moaned, the way his legs tightened up just before he unleashed his milk into Bill’s mouth, all were etched in vivid detail on his memory.

Even now, he could smell him, feel the power in his hands as he held Bill’s head down, as his body bucked and his hips forced his groin upward, to meet Bill’s lowering face. How he crushed his groin into his face, while pressing down hard on the back of Bill’s head, all was recalled, while he stirred the rice.

The force of his ejaculation had nearly made him stagger backwards. The way his groin had crashed upwards into his face, how hard the hands pressed his head down, all combined to make it a blow job beyond any he had ever experienced before. The way the cum had suddenly been flowing, filling not just his mouth, but his throat before he could even think about swallowing, had been amazing.

Bill could still taste him, or at least recall the memory of that first taste. The sort of sweet salty taste had suddenly filled his entire mouth, and drops were dripping out from the corners of his mouth, before he swallowed the first offering. He had to remain calm, as he swallowed several times, desperate to not let any of the precious fluid escape. It tasted so good, that it made him tremble a little, eased the cramp feeling in his legs.

The heavy panting breathing was not just from Dillon, but from him as well. He held the cock in one hand, feeling it quiver, as it shot load after load into his mouth. The cries were muted, but seemed loud in the enclosed stock room. He could hear the beans shifting as Dillon squirmed on the sack, as more of his milk was emptied into Bill’s mouth.

The smell of his cum was slowly filling his nostrils, as the last drops were licked off the cock. He pulled back, but didn’t release his hold on the drained cock. He let it slowly come free of his lips, then he leaned back in, licking at the head, twisting his tongue around the swollen head, then underneath the cap. He felt Dillon tremble, felt the tremors racing up and down the young man’s body, as he licked at the underside of the cock, then at the base. He licked the balls, then back along the shaking cock.

When it was all over, and he was leaning back on his haunches, he saw the grateful look in Dillon’s eyes. The way that he stared at Bill was something he would always treasure. When finally they were no longer panting, their chests weren’t heaving from the quick tryst, Dillon pulled his pants up and reached into his pocket.

He pulled out a pen and card, writing on the back. Handing it to Bill, he urged him to call him later, and then he leaned forward, pulling Bill’s face upwards, and kissed him firmly and fully on the lips.

That was the beginning of what became constant meetings, ending in wild sex. It led to more encounters, and to the point where now a night didn’t go by without the two of them meeting. Four months later, and he thought it would be safe to introduce his ‘Dillon’ to the others.

The sound of the buzzer startled him, as he wiped the palms of his hands on his pants. His first visitors had arrived, as he rushed to the phone, to buzz them in.

Let the games begin’ he thought as he wiped the hands again on his pants. His pants were rather tented, as he opened the door, to see Dillon standing there, a bottle of wine with a pink ribbon in one hand, a box of Condoms in the other.

Not early am I?’ he said, as Bill stared at the rather large box of Condoms. Glancing up, he could see the mischievous grin across Dillon’s face, and he wondered how quickly he could get everyone out of the place.

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