Fiction – Badge of Opportunity

Badge of Opportunity

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Tommy rather enjoyed his job, it had its moments of excitement, had its moments of utter boredom, but it was always different. He might be nearing 30, though you would never know it by looking at him. His hair was not buzzed cut, though not long either. His eyes were a cold steel grey, unless he was excited. Some of his past dates would see that they would appear like they were smoking, which always gave him a chuckle.

He enjoyed the lifestyle he had, being single, being able to move around, not have to sit behind some desk shuffling papers. Plus, he was in a place that changed every day, every minute really. Walking his daily path, he saw some regulars, but for the most part everyone he came across was new, different.

His job was simple. To patrol the upper concourse of the Airport, keep an eye on the various people rushing around with luggage and others. It was his responsibility to keep them all safe, from each other, and from those who wanted to do them harm, simply because they could. It was that constant awareness that danger was just around the corner, was potentially the next person walking towards him, that made danger his constant companion.

The Airport wasn’t what you would call a hub. It was busy, as most where, but not crazy like say JFK or Dulles or Heathrow for that matter. He had gone through Heathrow, on his way to a course for his company. Being chosen to be one of the handful to get that privilege had given him a real sense of accomplishment, not to mention some new experiences.

He liked the job, as he walked past the lockers, checking to make sure none of the people hanging around were up to anything. Thefts from those lockers was on the increase, but no one was near enough to warrant his attention. Moving along, he kept his head swivelling around, looking for the signs that someone was up to something. To keep his eye open for those who appeared nervous, or acted strange when he was spotted.

Tommy knew all the signs, including a few his supervisors weren’t aware of. One of which was to see the steady stream of men going to one particular Men’s Restroom. He always knew where to look, who to follow when the mood was on him, as it was now. His eyes were looking for the signs, for the one who would make him take a slight detour in his regular patrol.

He often wondered how passing travelers knew where to go, or what the signals were. Some he figured were standard signals all over, but how did someone from clear across the country, know which concourse to go to, which hallway and which of the many restroom’s, was the ‘restroom’. It always amazed him, when he would see someone, know instantly where they were headed, and when he followed, sure enough, he had been right.

Asking never got him anywhere, as everyone just said that they had heard about it, or had chanced unto it. His trained eye knew differently. Some had passed other restrooms, so it couldn’t just be happenstance. Yet that is what they all said. Course you had to be careful, as it wasn’t 100% certain that people using it were there for any other purpose than having a need for a restroom.

Out of the corner of his eye, Tommy spotted what had to be a likely candidate. He stopped to have a quick hello with one of the Airline Ticket Agents, as he watched the younger man look around, then head towards the far reaches of the concourse. Picking up his gait, he followed from behind, taking note of the young man’s dress, his shoes and everything he could.

The man turned down a narrow pathway, and Tommy smiled, as the only two rooms down there were restrooms, one for men, one for women. He waited a few minutes, and then entered the Men’s Restroom. There was no one else there, and only one stall was in use.

The young man was no where to be seen, and Tommy smiled. He could see the shoes and they were exactly what the other man had been wearing. He waited, listening, and then reached behind the door, pulling out the sign that was stored there by the maintenance staff.

Quickly he opened the door and hung the sign out and upon closing it, he turned the inside lock. It made a loud clicking noise, as the bolt engaged. Now, he turned around, knowing they wouldn’t be disturbed. A trick he had learned from one of his courses, to insure there were no surprises.

Tommy stepped into the stall next to the one occupied. He sat down, and spread his legs outwards, so that his foot was just crossing under the dividing wall, and waited. His heart was beating a bit faster, as he saw the dirty top of the young man’s runner slide over a bit, then rest near his own black shoe. In that moment, he knew he had been right, and now it was just a matter of time.

The runner moved closer, pressed a little harder, and he returned the press, moving his own foot towards the other stall. Back and forth for a second or two, and then stillness. He could hear the other man’s heavy breathing, as he felt the excitement building. He knew that his appearance would scare him, at first. It sort of was part of the game, which only added to his enjoyment.

He watched, as something fell to the floor, near his foot, and he waited. Then a hand appeared, as if searching for the fallen tissue, and it touched the edge of his pants, then his ankle. Tommy felt his heart skip a beat, then he held his breath as the hand moved up his leg a little. The hand brushing it, not fully clasping it or caressing it. Just a casual touch, a nudge. He moved his leg closer, against the hand, signalling his acceptance.

The hand moved up his leg, as he reached down to let his touch the fingers. He felt the jolt, felt the other struggle with the sudden touch of flesh on flesh. He had guessed right, as he too felt the excitement building. Soon, he thought, as his fingers played lightly with the young man’s tapered fingers. The nails were cut short, as he felt them seeking more contact with his own.

Tommy saw the stall divider shake a bit, which made him lean closer to it. He knew the other man was resting his head against it. He put his own head up against the wall, and then he heard the soft voice letting him know that the door was unlocked. It was the invitation he had been waiting for.

Moving away, he let his hand give one last little touch, before he stood up and opened his own door. He walked over to the other stall, and pressed his hand on the door, to swing it open. It moved freely, and as he opened it wide, he saw the head lift up to stare up at him. The eyes bulged open as they spotted his uniform, the badge on his chest. Panic was reflected in the eyes, as he stepped inside, and closed the door behind him.

He stood in front of the man, and stared. He could see the lips quivering from fear, the eyes darting around as if to find a back door or some other way of escape. He let himself smile, as he reached down and undid the buckle on his belt. The sound making the darting eyes suddenly focus on his crotch, as he intended it to.

He let the belt flop open, then he undid the button, allowing the zipper to open a bit. Tommy took another step closer, as his hand rubbed his crotch, pulling the zipper down even more. His eyes never once left the other man’s face, one that looked confused, yet excited despite the obvious fear.

The man had one of those spiked type haircuts. Lots of gel or whatever that made various strands appear to be standing upright. His hair was short, but it was the eyes that made Tommy’s heart skip a beat or two. They were so blue, so colourful and intelligent looking too. The nose was slim and matched his thin looking face, and lips. He could see the man’s desire too, reflected in his eyes, and how they were glued to his open crotch.

Tommy smiled as he pushed his pants open, to show off his bulging crotch. The man licked his lips as Tommy ran his hand over his pole, its long shape clearly visible under his briefs. His hand pushed it and stroked it lightly, before he took it away and pushed his pants further down his frame, so they rested by his knees.

He leaned out with both hands to take the young man’s face between them. The eyes looked up, as Tommy stared down, a thin smile on his own face. The man then dropped his eyes to stare at Tommy’s groin. His hands moved up to rest on the exposed thighs. His touch gave him a slight thrill, that made his legs twitch a little.

Pulling the head towards him, he sucked in his breath, as the young man willingly moved inwards. He felt his hot breath over his groin, as the young man’s hands reached around, to grip his legs. The fingers dug into his flesh, as he felt the man’s mouth suddenly move inwards. He buried his face into Tommy’s crotch, his teeth nibbling at the throbbing pole. He heard himself moan as he put his hands outwards, one on each side of the stall.

He pushed his groin forwards, rubbing his crotch harder into the young man’s face. It made the young man grunt, who then reached up and around with his hands, to yank at the underwear, while his mouth still licked and nibbled at his throbbing cock. Tommy swung his hips a little, enticing the man further.

In a second, his shorts were pulled down, and his cock was free. The instant it popped free, a hand reached out and grabbed hold of it at the base. The fingers wrapped around and held it firmly, as the mouth now hovered just over the head. The tongue licked out, and as it touched his cock head, Tommy felt himself tremble.

The raspy edge of the tongue moved lightly over the skin, barely touching it. He felt his whole body tighten, his muscles grow taut, his nerves tingle, as the tongue lightly ran over his cock head, then underneath to lick at the underside. His hands pressed harder against the walls, as he struggled to control his racing emotions. His breathing was rapid, as the man licked his cock all the way down towards his dangling balls.

The edge licked at his sac, then the hand pushed the cock upwards to his belly, while the nose pressed in between his belly and thigh. The tongue moved down his scrotum, licking at the leathery sac, until it found one of his testicles. He heard the noise, the sound of his testicle being drawn past the lips, into the young man’s mouth. He moaned a bit louder, as the tongue licked at the egg inside the sac, as the mouth sucked the skin, making the tiny hairs stick out and bristle.

His legs grew taut, the muscles coiled and stiffened, as the young man continued to suck on his balls. He let one go, quickly taking the other into the moist mouth. He felt his body shudder, as the man then managed to take them both at once. His eyes were firmly shut as he felt the nose pressing into his skin, felt the hand around his cock move up his shaft, then down, while his mouth sucked his balls.

When he let them go, he pulled back a little, his heavy breathing matching Tommy’s own ragged panting breath. Then the tongue flicked out, licking him just above the balls, just under the base of his cock. His whole body arched upwards a bit, his heart racing even faster.

It moved slowly up his shaft, licking at his throbbing vein, the blood rushing faster through his whole body. His cock was thickening, growing even harder. His eyes were seeing shadows behind his eyelids, as the man’s tongue licked up and around his cock head. The oozing pre cum was quickly licked up, the tongue lightly passing over his pee slit, making his whole body tremble.

Then the lips pressed against the cock head, slowly opening to wrap around. He felt himself shudder as the lips moved down, his cock head slowly moving into the man’s mouth. He could feel its warmth, feel the edges of his teeth rake across the sensitive skin of his cock head. He cried out a mumbled groan, as his cock was slowly enveloped by the man’s mouth.

The tongue licked at his underside, as his cock was taken slowly inside. He felt the cock head move against the soft wet flesh of the man’s cheeks, then push past, to rest on the gullet, then as the muscles relaxed, he felt his cock being allowed down into the throat. He moaned as he felt the warm saliva all around his cock. His body was shaking as the hands now held him firmly. The fingers digging into the soft flesh of the back of his thighs. They held him, as the head began to slowly move back and forth along his shaft.

Tommy could feel his control leaving, as his body began to move in time with the head. His body would arch forward, pull back, then forward. The head would move every now and then, twisting around to make his cock jerk. The slurping sound was driving him nuts, as he felt his body arching inwards, felt the teeth against his cock shaft as he pounded the young man’s mouth.

His breathing was more rapid now, his lungs ached from the lack of air, as he drove his cock deep down into the man’s throat. He could hear him gag a little, but he kept his lips tightly around Tommy’s cock. His hands continued to hold his legs. Every part of his body was tingling, his frame was quivering as the blood rushed inside. His mind was numb, as he felt his body taking control.

The ache in his balls became unbearable, as his buttocks clenched tightly, and suddenly he felt himself losing it. The rush from his balls, made his whole body tremble, as he yelled out, as his mouth hung open gasping for air and his hips drove forwards with all of his strength. The head sucking his cock was driven backwards by the force, and he could hear the man grunt, as his cock jerked inside.

His load came flooding out, he could almost hear the rush as it flew out of his cock head, and the young man gagged several times, as he swallowed quickly, desperate to take very drop of his seed. His body was shaking, as if he was having some sort of seizure. His eyes saw flashes of lights behind his closed eyelids, as he emptied his milk.

It was like his entire energy had been drained from his body, as he felt himself convulse, as the last of his milk dribbled out into the full mouth. The young man was still swallowing, but Tommy knew that some was escaping, as he felt it against his trembling groin.

He slowly sank backwards, his arms at his side, as he leaned against the stall door. His eyes flickered open, as he stared up at the ceiling, gradually letting the light filter in. Shapes were still fuzzy as he felt his heart pounding still, his pulse racing. Sweat coated his forehead, and he could feel the drops dripping off as he glanced downwards.

The young man was leaning back against the toilet, his own face showing his complete satisfaction, and exhaustion. The eyes were glowing, as he sat there, totally spent by the wild face fucking he had just had. His nostrils were still flaring slightly, as he too gasped for air. The rise and fall of his chest showing how much he had put into the effort, how much he had enjoyed the brief interlude.

Tommy pulled his underwear and pants up, doing his buckle up as he stepped forward. He looked down at the young man, smiling. Then he opened the stall door and looked at himself in the mirror. Adjusting a lock or two, he rinsed his face with cold water, and went to the main restroom door. He listened briefly, then undid the latch and opened the door. No one was around, as he took the sign off the door, and placed it back where it belonged.

He stepped out and began to once more assume his patrol, his eyes still glowing as he watched the myriad of passengers going every way possible. The beat of his heart was slowly back to its normal state, as he made his way over to the next level, wondering if he would have an opportunity to check out the other restroom along his beat.

After all it was a Friday, a busy time of the week for chance encounters. He smiled as he moved past the local Starbucks, noticing the grin from one of the workers there. He smiled back, knowing that Chuck would be off at 2, and waiting for him at the restroom he had just left.

Tommy did enjoy his work, and the perks that went with it, as he continued along his patrol. His eyes always looking, always searching.

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