Fiction – C0-Worker


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Randy slammed his locker, the anger still burning inside from the dressing down he had just taken from his boss. It wasn’t fair, least he didn’t think it was, that he should be given the blame for what the new guy had done, or in this case, not done.

Okay, so he was the senior guy, hell he was the only other guy working in the fucking place. He had been there for over five years, and the new owner sure as hell wasn’t like the old owners. The guy was a total fuck up, lazy too boot. He expected Randy to do all the work, instead of helping him out, which is why he had hired this new kid, Sean.

It wasn’t that he objected to that either, because he had suddenly been thrust into doing the work of three, so the added help was appreciated. Plus, he had to admit that this Sean guy was cute. He was a dufus, dumb as hell, or so it seemed, but man was he fucking hot.

Randy though of himself as ‘okay’ and while he was about 5ft 10in, Sean was taller. More like six foot, and he was slender too, though not as skinny as Randy. He maybe had about 30 or so pounds on his 125 pounds, but it looked like all muscle.

Sean had long curly blonde hair, that hung down to just above his shoulders, while Randy’s hair was a dark brown, cut to just below his ears. Sean wasn’t stocky, plus he wore tight fitting clothes, jeans that showed one very interesting package, t-shirts that fit tight too, showing his nipples and pecs.

If Randy looked close enough, he could see the stomach muscles ripple, and his arms were firm looking, with tiny tufts of blonde fuzz on them. He wouldn’t call it hair, but it sure made him look sexy. The eyes were a deep blue, and always seemed to be sparkling. The mouth was thin, and always had a grin near the surface.

Watching him at his work bench was becoming nerve wracking. To see how his butt would move as he leaned over to one side to grab something, how they filled the jeans out so fully, always made Randy horny. Hell, it was like he would walk around all day with a hard on, thanks to Sean.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if Sean would ask him stuff, like how to do things, but he had just watched him for a few minutes, then figured he had it down. There was any emotion, in him. He seemed like he couldn’t give a shit if the stuff got to the customer in one piece or not, or if it was clean or not. Just not how he liked to pack stuff, but then too the Boss was no better. He was pissed, because that isn’t how he was brought up, and now he had to stay late, to try and show Sean how to do things.

The boss should be doing it, but hell he was off to some party, and Sean hadn’t looked thrilled either, considering it was a Friday night. More than likely he had some bar to go to, or chase some skirt. Course, if he was only family, it wouldn’t be so bad, but Randy doubted that. He was just too damn pretty to be gay.

Slamming his locker he stormed back out onto the floor, to see Sean leaning up against Randy’s work station. He had a sullen look on his face, but Randy couldn’t help but notice how his legs were spread apart, how it showed that fucking hot basket. Man he’d love to spend a few minutes unwrapping that package, to see just what was making the jeans look so full. Bet he had big balls too, he thought as he walked over to Sean.

Okay, guess we can start with inspecting the stuff before we start on wrapping it.’

Now? Shit man, how about something to eat first?

He stared at Sean, realizing that his stomach was rumbling a little too. Dinner first would be a good idea, but he had left his wallet at home, plus it wasn’t like the idiot boss had offered to pay either.

Guess, if you want, I’ll wait if you want to run across and grab something.

Aren’t you hungry?

Bit, but I left my cash at home this morning, slept in.

I’ll spot you if you want, hamburger okay? Coke & Fries?

You sure? I mean I can’t get the cash to you till Monday, you might need it for the weekend.

Nah, I can manage, nothing happening this weekend anyhow, parties don’t start till next weekend. So everything on the burger?

Uh, no, just ketchup & mustard, and Orange soda, no fried either, if you sure you don’t mind.

I am sure.

He watched as Sean headed off to get them some burgers from across the street. It was how he stopped at the door, and after unlocking it looked back at Randy, that got his heart pounding a little. That and him saying that he didn’t charge much interest, that sort of made him grin, as he waited.

Looking around, he realized what a dump he was in. There hadn’t been time to sweep up or anything, and while he didn’t mind, it just irked him. His boss, Fred, had bitched him out for that too, which maybe is what had set him off. After all he was busy getting orders out, not like Fred did much of anything but sit in his office, yap on the phone to his friends. He could have swept up, and Randy had mentioned that too, which hadn’t gotten him anywhere. Fred said that an owner doesn’t sweep, that’s what he hires people for.

Still, you would think he would know better. If he wasn’t capable of putting together an order, least he could do was not expect his one and only staff to sweep and keep the place clean, as well as get the orders out. But now there was Sean, so maybe they could get the place looking half way decent, once they got the orders out.

The door opened, and he saw Sean coming back with the food. He really was a handsome looking guy. While he was just 19, and obviously a bit of a party animal, he looked so innocent at times. Yet from some of the things he had said, no way was he an innocent kid. Hell, there were some things he had talked about, that even he hadn’t experienced, and he was nearly 25. Almost an old fart, but not quite.

Randy had to admit, it was nice having someone else in the place. Least he wasn’t just a silent Sam, though at times he did seem like a chatterbox. But he didn’t care, because he enjoyed the sound of Sean’s voice. Plus, he did have a sense of humour, so it had made things pass quickly. Now if he could just learn to care about what he was doing, it would really make Randy’s life easier.

You think too much man

Randy looked up, to stare at Sean. He couldn’t help but see those blue eyes, the way his nose fitted his face perfectly, the thin lips that made him want to just reach out and kiss.


You think too much, your burger is getting cold, besides you don’t want to spend the whole night here do you? Unless…

He blushed, and took a bite of the hamburger. Sean had been right, he did think too much, but as he swallowed that first bite, he began to wonder about that ‘unless’ and looked up at Sean. He saw him staring at him, in a rather strange way. It was making him blush again, but it was also rather exciting too, to have someone like Sean staring at him.

Unless what?

He noticed Sean’s eyes narrow, felt them boring deep into him, and yet at the same time he seemed nervous, unsure of himself, which really wasn’t Sean. He shuffled his feet, but his eyes never moved from looking right at him.

Unless you thinking of paying me the interest for getting you dinner.

Interest huh?


I don’t have any cash here, so uh, how could I pay you interest?

Didn’t say anything about cash, now did I?

Uh, no… guess not, I uh…

You know what I mean, guy like you, you been around, bet you’ve used the same line too.

Same line? Hey, I really don’t…

Sure you do, no cash, then trade. Not like you didn’t think about it, right?

He felt like somehow the conversation had gone in a way that made him nervous. Randy could feel some sweat beading up on his forehead, as he let his eyes glance towards the floor, but not before they took a quick look at Sean. They had seen the eyes focused on him, saw the lips pouting a little, but it was the eyes that had also made him check out his crotch.

They had that look, that hunger that he had seen in other guys, when they were on the hunt, when they were close to making the hook up. It was how he looked, when he was chasing some stud at the bar, which made him quiver a little. Was it possible that Sean was hunting him?

You saying you think I am queer or something?

Hell no dude, I don’t think it, I know it.

Yeah? How do you know?

Easy man. 9 out of 10 times, you sporting a stiff cock, and it always seems stiffer after you check out my butt, so yeah, I know, and it’s cool man. I prefer dick to pussy, so what’s the big deal?

You are Gay? I uh…

Well I don’t broadcast it.

I had no idea.

Your [[Gaydar]] not working?

Guess not.

It’s okay, does Bozo know?

Bozo? Oh, Fred? Yeah he knows, he’s okay about it, or so he says.

He may say he is Bro, but he ain’t. You can see it in his eyes.

You think?

Yeah, but enough of that jerk, so how about it? You want to pay the interest or better yet, you got any Condoms on you?

Huh? Condoms, no.

Too bad, you could have paid the whole bill off if you did.

Shit man, you serious? I mean you want me to…

I’ll settle for a blow job, that’ll cover the interest

Yeah right, come on man, you serious or just messin’ with me?

I’d love to mess with you, you got a nice ass.

I do? Uh, thanks, yours is pretty hot too.

Yep, and it loves cock too.

He couldn’t help but laugh, and grin at Sean. The way he spoke, it was like being at the bar or with Trevor, his friend. There was no hiding the fact, that Sean was a typical teenager, that sex was something he took for granted. Maybe it was how he should be, but he was too much an introvert, to be so open about what so many didn’t even understand, let alone approve of.

As he turned his face upwards, he saw Sean stand up, saw him reach down and lift his t-shirt up and toss it over his head. His whole front was exposed to him, making Randy stare and gulp. He had seen good looking guys before, but to see that golden colored flesh, those deep red nipples, staring at him like that, made him suck in his breath.

His eyes were staring at him, he let one hand run up from his belly, to his nipples. The long tapered fingers moving slowly, capturing his full attention. He licked his lips as the fingers moved around the pec, around the firm nipple that jutted out from the circle of dark red skin.

Randy leaned back, his hamburger forgotten, as he just watched. Sean’s hand moved slow, up and down and there were moments where Randy was certain he could see the muscles rippling, as the flesh was pushed up or down. He had to admit, there wasn’t much fat on Sean’s body, and the flesh looked so soft, so inviting that he felt himself getting warmer.

His eyes followed the hand, and he could feel Sean’s eyes watching him. He watched as the hand began to keep moving down, to not go up as high as it did before. The hand would push under the pants, then be back up, caressing the belly, moving across the skin in a way that made Randy wish it was his hand.

Then the hand began to run along the edge of the jeans, and then over to push across the crotch. He saw the bulge move, shift to the press of Sean’s hands, as he just stared. He could feel his own body react, feel his own dick growing stiffer, as Sean’s hand moved around the belly button, around the pants button.

The sound of the button popping made Randy jump. His face jerked up and he could see the smile across Sean’s face. It made him look so handsome, so full of life that he couldn’t help himself. He smiled back as he stood up and walked over to where Sean stood.

He noticed the slight rise and fall of Sean’s chest as he got closer, Sean’s hand still holding onto the jeans, not letting them open until he got there. He reached out, looking up to see the desire being reflected towards him. The words he had said were true, he had used that line before, now it was being used on him, and he felt strangely pleased by it. His own grin seemed to please Sean, who leaned back on bench, one hand resting on the stool next to him, as Randy moved Sean’s other hand away from his crotch.

Kneeling down onto his haunches, not quite on the floor, he was level with Sean’s crotch. He breathed in deeply, smelling a mixture of man and fruit. It was a body wash soap that he also used, as he reached out, to unzip the pants. His heart was pounding as he let the pants open, then push them down to rest at Sean’s ankles.

Randy looked at the tight white shorts, seeing the long tube shaped outlined behind them. He saw the darker shape, knowing that Sean was certainly not lacking in the penis department. It looked and smelled fantastic, as he reached up with his hands, licking his lips. With both hands on the waist band, he stopped and glanced upwards.

He was going to ask him one more time, to be certain but the way Sean was looking down at him, he knew the answer already. Grinning he let his fingers take hold of the shorts, then push them down the lanky body. His eyes moved back to watch, as he saw the long tubed shaped object pop out from under the shorts.

He stared at it, enjoying its beauty, because in truth, he liked sucking cocks. It was one thing he knew he was really good at, and so far, no one had ever complained about his blow jobs.

Sean pulled the stool over, and shuffled forward then sat down on it. He let his legs spread apart, still constrained by his clothes around his ankles. He sat back, leaning against the work bench, as his cock jerked to and fro. It was a rather amazing looking penis, as far as Randy was concerned. He could see the criss crossing pattern of the veins, see their dark purple hue against the sort of deep pinkish color of the skin.

His mouth was dry, but eager to lean forward, to taste the cock. He looked up, saw the smile and shuffled himself closer. Randy felt the hand on the top of his head, as he stared at the cock, as his one hand moved up and circled the base of Sean’s  cock.

With one more glance up, he saw the eyes glazing over, felt the hand pushing on his head, as he let himself focus on the task of paying off the interest, for his hamburger that was half eaten. Licking his lips, he let the hand on his head guide him forward, until the hard cock was just in front of his mouth.

He kept his eyes open, as he slowly moved his head inwards, his lips brushing up against the cock head, the tremor making him shudder. He could feel it race along the pole, past his hand and deep into Sean’s own body. He felt the legs on either side quiver, felt them shake as he slowly opened his lips, gradually letting the hard cock move inwards. The tip of his tongue licked at the head, which made Sean moan.

Instead of taking the cock into his mouth, he suddenly gripped it tightly in his hand, then began to lick at it. His tongue darted out and around the head, tasting it and making it shake. He let his tongue lick down the underside, and then around the very base of it, the raspy edge of his tongue running across the pulsing veins.

Sean groaned at this, and suddenly Randy leaned in closer, and in one quick motion, he had one of Sean’s full balls deep into his mouth. He sucked on it, nibbling at it even with his teeth, which made the hand on his head grip his hair, twist it hard. He could hear Sean muttering, feel his body trembling as he let the one ball go, immediately licking at it before he swooped up the other testicle, sucking it into his mouth, like slurping up the last of a milkshake.

The sounds of his noisy sucking only made him more excited, and it seemed to arouse Sean as well. The hand on his head was pulling on him, trying to get him to take the hard cock, but he was stronger, he held back, licking at the scrotum, licking deep underneath, which only made Sean moan more. It made the hand tug harder too, as he knew that Sean was aching to cum.

His own hand reached down, to push at his own cock, that he could feel dripping into his shorts. There wasn’t time to pull it out either, as his own lust was growing with each flick of his tongue on Sean’s squirming body. He licked up, from just near the hole, back up to under the balls, then up over the sac, to the very base of the throbbing cock.

Randy let his tongue lick around the base, and then he once more licked at the underside of the cock. The edge of his tongue ran slowly up the shaft, across the pulsing vein where Randy could feel the blood as it flowed downwards. He could feel the skin burning, smell it even, as he licked up towards the cock head, where he then let his tongue circle the head, just under the cap.

Sean was moaning, begging him to suck it, to take it, but he let the tongue slowly move across the head, tasting the oozing pre cum that covered it. He let his lips press against the tender flesh, feel the head shake and jerk, as he held the throbbing pole steady. He kissed the head, then licked at the underneath again, and just as Sean was groaning, begging him, he swallowed the huge cock.

Randy felt the legs stiffen, felt the rolling tremors of pleasure that went racing up and down Sean’s spine. He felt the jolt himself, felt his own cock jerking in his pants, as he deep throated the cock, surprising himself as he took it all in one swallow.

The head was deep inside his throat, his muscles contracted around it, his eyes clenched shut as he felt his lips pressing up against the shivering groin. Sean’s pubic hairs tickled him under his nose, that was pressed deep into the side of the groin, as his the tip of his tongue flicked upwards, tickling the underside of the cock shaft.

His head pulled back slowly, then flew back down, then slowly up, then quickly back down. Sean was groaning constantly now, as his body was bucking, his hips were struggling to shove themselves upwards, to meet each downward push of Randy’s head. He felt the cock jerking from side to side, as he continued to deep throat the huge pole.

Red and blue dots were passing behind his closed eyelids, as he felt the body stiffen, felt the head retreating from deep inside, then as he pushed his head back down, twisting his face, he heard the scream, just as he felt the cock head come racing out and bury itself deeper into his throat. He felt the gush of cum as it came flying out, to travel a short distance into his stomach, before more washed back up his throat, filling his mouth with its pungent taste.

He swallowed hard, once then twice, then again and again as Sean continued to fill his mouth with his cum. The two hands held his head steady, refusing to let it pull back, as the cock gushed and gushed inside. He heard the heavy breathing, heard the cries of pleasure as the cock slowly began to stop its flow.

The hands grew limp on his head, as he slowly pulled back, his tongue raking the underside of the cock as it was released from his hold. He felt it shake, felt it tremble as it was finally let go.

He leaned back, feeling exhausted as if it had been him who had just spurted. His own breathing was ragged, shallow and painful as he looked up at Sean. He saw him leaning back, almost fully over onto his back, and he could see the chest still heaving. The firm nipples bouncing as the chest rose and fell quickly.

Sean had his tongue hanging out of his mouth, his eyes looked glassy as he tried to lift his head up, to look over and down at Randy. The hands were twitching, the thighs still shaking a little, as finally he managed to sit up, using his elbows to prop himself up.

If you fuck half as good as you suck, I am not bothering to get dressed to go buy some Condoms now.

Randy laughed, as he let his legs spread out and leaned back against the leg of the table he was leaning up against.

Oh I fuck much better than I suck cock.

Oh Christ, I gotta have proof. No way dude, no friggin’ way could you fuck any better than you suck… no way.

Randy looked at Sean, laughing as he slowly stood up and stared over at the panting young man. ‘Oh you’ll find out later.

Sean just stared, grinning and running his hand over his belly, as he looked at Randy.

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