Fiction – Discovered (Pt. #1)

Discovered (pt.1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He took one long look either way, and even stared up at the towering cliffs above, making sure no one had suddenly appeared. The horizon was empty, just beautiful clear blue skies towering over the lush green of the cliff tops, the dark color of rock casting a huge shadow over where he stood. Behind him was the crystal clear blue of the Pacific, and as made a slow turn in each direction, there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Finding this isolated beach was a stroke of pure luck for him. Tomas had walked up and down for miles each day since arriving looking for just such a spot, as he really wasn’t into a ton of people. Though he had to admit, some of the scenery was enjoyable to watch, he still wasn’t comfortable in looking long. Then too, it would be impossible to just drop his britches and go for a dip in the Ocean either. Least not if he wanted to avoid unnecessary attention from the local cops.

He stretched out, as he began to undress, his deep blue eyes darting each way, searching for an intruder. Last thing he wanted was for some old crow to pop up and see him. As he tossed his shirt onto the golden beach, next to his towel, he sighed. It had been a rough few weeks adjusting to this new place. People weren’t what he’d call friendly, and the night life seemed non existent. Still, if he wanted to make money, he had to go where they sent him.

Unbuckling his belt, he realized he was actually doing okay. For someone as young as him, a scant 24 years of age, to be sent out into the field was quite a feather in his cap. It took others a lot longer to earn the trust of the big shots, to be put out into the field, on their own, never mind someone with his inexperience and youth. Sliding his pants down his lanky frame, he smiled, knowing how some of his associates were jealous of his appointment to be stationed out here, in the company’s newest venture.

While he wasn’t in charge, he was certainly in the top tier of the group that was, and while he took his job seriously, he also enjoyed his after hours playtime. That was the one drawback to this whole assignment. There simply wasn’t any good outlets for his needs. No nude beaches, no streets filled with endless bars and nightclubs where he could unwind after work.

Back home, he lived for his day’s off in the summer. To be able to just go to the beach, undress, and let the sun warm his whole body was a pleasure he loved. He also liked the many admiring glances he got from some of the others. A few had even managed to make it back to his apartment, where they explored a lot more than their mutual enjoyment of nude sunbathing. However, it was not that way here. Here the people were always dressed, and in some of the strangest garbs he had seen. Swimsuits that were so loose fitting, you couldn’t tell if they had a penis or not, or a firm butt.

The bars he had found, were even worse. Back home he could walk into a bar, and be dancing in seconds with someone. People seemed less friendly here, specially of strangers. Oh, he had seen some of them look, admire his slender body, longish blond hair and European facial features, but would they come up and talk to him? No, they just looked, not like at home where people were always coming up to him, talking, chatting and yes, flirting too. He loved that, being flirted with and even when it was someone much older than him, he didn’t mind. It was the attention, the friendliness he liked, which seemed missing in the few bars he had found here.

Everyone seemed so afraid, so sheltered. It was one reason he had been so happy in finding this spot. Least he could shed his clothes, and go enjoy the water, unfettered by clothes, by all that they meant. He was a true nudist, he liked things natural, and had even found it in his lifestyle. That was one thing he had to give this place, its ability to satisfy that natural need. So much food, all natural that at first he had been encouraged. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, but as he pushed his shorts down, to free himself totally of all clothing, he just sighed.

The rush of being free of his clothes, made him shudder a little. His uncut cock dangled from his groin, not even semi hard. Looking downwards, he dug his toes into the soft warm sand, amazed at how soft it felt between the toes. Glancing back up, out towards the Pacific Ocean, he contemplated a quick dash in, or maybe just to stretch out and let himself think of one of his friends. He wondered what they would be doing, if they were on the beach sunning themselves, or where they in their flats, enjoying their conquest of the moment?

Given the time difference, he knew his friend Sasha would be at one of their favorite bars, dancing up a storm. He was always out on the dance floor early, and it would be a few hours before he’d even be looking for someone to take home with him. He always did find someone too, and Tomas smiled, remembering when he had been one of those Sasha had opted to take home. Talk about a wild night of sex, that had lasted a whole weekend.

He wished he could find a ‘Sasha’ here, but so far the closet he had come had been at the local bar, where a man had offered him a ride home. Judging by the look in the old man’s eyes he had known exactly what type of ride the man was offering, and for a brief second he had considered it. However the hair piece and wrinkled face sort of held him back. Not that he wasn’t willing to broaden his experience by going home with him, he just thought the man’s heart wouldn’t take the excitement.

It was disappointing really. Tomas stared out at the Ocean, wishing that he had refused the job offer, yet knowing it would not be a good career move. He liked his job, enjoyed the fringe benefits, and the opportunities it presented. Besides, he knew this was only for six months, and he would just have to widen his search for a good place to find some enjoyment. In the meantime, he had found this place, and he quickly dashed the short distance to splash into the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The water chilled him, and he shivered as he felt his cock shrivel up a bit. Not that it was hard, but he wished he wasn’t so alone. He took a few strokes and paddled out a bit, enjoying the water, the sun beaming down on him. He didn’t venture far out, and just sort of let the water work its magic on him. It wasn’t that it was colder than he was used to, just that it wasn’t the same without some friends to splash, to chase, to grope even. That was always fun, to swim to where a friend was, to reach out and grab their dangling penis, and surprise them.

It was that which made him feel homesick the most. The friendships he had developed, the way they could one minute just be splashing each other, the next locked in a passionate embrace. Thinking about it, he realized that for the most part he and his friends were never soft. Even Constantine was always sporting an erection, and he missed that.

He headed back, slowly standing up and walking out of the Ocean towards his blanket and clothes. The warm sun beat down on his back, as he trudged up, thinking of Sasha, of Constantine, and even Rolf. Tomas was lucky he had such good friends, and sex wasn’t something they were ashamed of either. Hell, even Rolf would play along to a point, though he was definitely into girls. Still, he didn’t seem to mind the odd little tug on his penis, and he had a nice one too.

Tomas sat down on his blanket, his legs in front and his hands holding him up as he stared out at the water. Rolf’s naked body was in his thoughts, as he thought about how life was so much easier back home, than here in the land of freedom, of sexual liberation, or so the people here claimed. Reality was, he thought, that they were more uptight about sex than he could believe.

Rolf was straight, but he hadn’t minded Sasha or Constantine talking about their exploits with other men. He would even comment at times, about how yes so and so was good looking, but he also did like to talk about the girls he had. You could see he was into them too, by the way his cock would get so hard only when he would talk about girls. Boys, well, he didn’t get that excited about them. Sasha on the other hand, just mention a hot guy, and he had an instant hard on.

Sasha wasn’t what you would call a looker. He had short dark hair, that curled around his ears, hiding his lobes. His eyes were a dark chocolate brown, and when they looked right at you, it was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. They were so piercing, so full of hidden mystery, that you couldn’t help but get excited. Yet his face was ordinary, his nose flattened out by being broken several times in his youth.

He liked to say it was from him refusing to accept bullshit from others, even if it had meant a beating. Judging by his nose, he had gotten a few of those. Yet, he had a way, a smile that would make you look twice at him. Sasha was tall too, just a shade over 6 foot and he worked out. His arms bulged with his muscles, and his whole torso rippled at times from the taut muscles when he flexed them. He had nice tanned skin, no blemishes except one odd shaped red patch on his side.

Sasha’s legs were long and well built. His thighs were like pillars of steel, and there was tiny tufts of hair on his lower legs that seemed to always be in disarray. Yet when he wrapped those legs around you, it was like being held by a vice. Tomas had enjoyed that a few times, but more than that, he enjoyed what hung down from his crotch. Sasha was definitely what people here would call hung. His cock was uncut, and even soft it looked large. More than length, was how thick it was, when it was fully aroused.

That first time that Sasha had taken him, had been an exercise in pain and pleasure that he doubted he’d ever forget. The way Sasha had been so gentle at first, at slowly easing that huge pole into his tiny hole. Slowly he had inserted it, wedged it up to his hole, then gradually pressed inwards. The pain had been enormous, but not overwhelming, as Sasha had taken his time.

He had been whispering in his ear too, kissing him on his neck, then even nibbling at his ear, all the time slowly pushing his enormous cock inside of him. The pain had been unreal, but so too had the waves of pleasure he had felt from all over. The way his hands would hold him, would caress him, while that huge cock was slowly inching inwards, splitting his insides.

Tomas looked down to see his recollection was giving him a hard on. He smiled, as he leaned back, staring at his own cock sticking up straight into the warm air. He reached over with his hand, to flick the tip, to see it wave and shake, then once more stand straight up into the air. He closed his eyes, as he took hold of his cock, wrapping his hand around the thickened shaft, feeling his blood cursing up and down his pole, as he recalled how Sasha had slowly pushed his cock deep into his young body.

It was a soft grunt that had let him know that Sasha was finally deep inside. The fullness of his huge cock had given him a rather uncomfortable feeling, that gradually changed into one of complete satisfaction. He had never thought he could take something that big inside, but as he lay on his belly, feeling Sasha’s weight pressing down on him, he felt pleased, knowing he had taken it all inside. The feel of Sasha’s hard wiry dark pubic hairs on the insides of his cheeks confirmed that notion.

The nibbling on his ear, the kissing on the back of his neck, ended and he felt Sasha lift his head up, felt him place both hands hard on either side of his prone body. He felt the excitement too, knowing what was to happen. He had turned his head to one side, to glance over his shoulder to stare into Sasha’s face. The eyes had seemed like huge saucers, filled with bolts of flashing lights.

His heart had pounded as Sasha had smiled down at him, had called him something endearing, then slowly pulled his hips back, slowly taking his huge cock with him. Tomas felt the movement inside his ass, felt his muscles try to hold the pulsing cock inside, but to no avail. He had cried out softly, a sort of moan, and turned his head away, knowing that soon he would be gritting his teeth.

When it came, he felt the air being forced out of his lungs. Sasha had driven his cock back inside, hard and fast this time, and it made his whole body tremble. He cried out, a sort of yelp, as Sasha slowly began to strike a rhythm that made him shake. Each thrust in, each pulling out, made his legs tighten. His stomach rumbled, as if it was being poked. His hands had reached out, wadded up into fists, that struck the ground with each hard push inwards. He was groaning constantly as Sasha drove his cock in and out in a growing motion, that just made him grit his teeth and take it.

The pain was hard to take, when the huge cock would crush into him, and yet the waves of pleasure always followed. Sweat had began to bead up on his forehead, and he began to feel drops along his back, falling from Sasha’s heaving body. His heart was racing as he felt the muscles inside stretch and collapse, each time Sasha drove in and out. His legs became numb, his toes curled up and cramped, as he took the hard thrusts inside.

Every now and then, he would feel Sasha lean down, bit at his ear lobe, or kiss the nape of his neck. Once or twice he managed to twist his head around, lift it up and kiss Sasha, who would bite his lower lip, and flick his tongue into Tomas’ open mouth. It seemed like hours were passing, as Sasha drove his cock in and out. Each thrust getting faster, digging into him deeper, until finally he heard that shriek. Sasha was not a quiet fuck, he liked to make noise. He would slap his ass, cry out several times, but this shriek, this yell was different. Tomas felt his whole body shaking, and he could feel the throbbing of Sasha’s cock as it ploughed through his insides, digging so far in, that several times he thought it would come out of his own throat. It hurt, and yet it didn’t. He cried out too, feeling his body tremble.

Sasha’s voiced boomed out, and suddenly his whole insides felt empty. He felt his cheeks clench, his heart skip a beat as it realized that the huge cock had gone from inside. Before he could say or do anything, he felt the hot jabbing liquid spurting over his trembling butt cheeks, and his taut lower back. Sasha was cumming, and he felt each drop as it splashed across his shaking body.

Sasha collapsed on him, his full weight pressing down on his own shaking body. He had felt the cum between them, the way it only spread across his back, as Sasha panted in his ear. It was unreal, the way he had taken him, had filled him. Yet it had just been a beginning, to what would be a memory he’d never forget. That wild night had led to much more than just one fuck and he felt his hand, as it moved quicker along his own cock.

He was feeling close, feeling the fullness of when Sasha had his whole cock buried deep inside. His eyes were closed tightly, as he the sun warmed his body, as the memory of that first night heated up his insides. His legs grew taut, as he recalled the stinging splashed of Sasha’s cum along his lower back, and he heard himself crying out, as his body bucked under his hand. His cock was jerking wildly and he felt his own cum now, as it spurted through his fingers.

Tomas was panting, just as Sasha had back then. He could feel the ache in his chest, as it heaved in the warm sunshine. His body slowly collapsed into the soft sand, as he let his hand fall to his side. The memory still there, the feeling of Sasha’s body pressing on top of his. He sighed, feeling relieved, as he opened his eyes, shading them from the bright sun.

It took him a few minutes, but slowly he stood up, and began to head once more for the water, to wash off the memory, and to feel the coolness calm his body down. As he started to walk towards the water, he felt suddenly like he wasn’t alone. He stopped, stared to either side, seeing no one. Then he turned his head, and looked up, at the towering cliff. He felt suddenly very chilled, because up on the cliff, he saw a lone figure, peering down at him. For an instant he felt like wanting to cover his groin, as he stared up at the figure that was obviously looking down at him.

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