Fiction – Barn Refuge

Barn Refuge

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Nicholas slammed the hood down on his Volkswagen Rabbit, and stared out into the night. He turned the collar up on his jacket, as the wind began to blow and a cold chill crept past the windbreaker. The road was bleak and lonely looking, as he searched up and down to try and spot any oncoming headlights. He was stuck, and hadn’t a clue what was wrong with the damn car.

He shivered a little as he took stock of his situation. There was a blanket in the back, and he still had part of a sandwich but other than that, he was on his own.  It was a dark night, and he wasn’t thrilled about suddenly being stuck on this lonely road, in the middle of nowhere. For a moment he cursed himself, wishing he had stopped at the gas station that was thirty minutes back.

Figuring on how fast he had been going, the damn place was a good 40 miles back. He sighed, knowing he would have to walk, but it wouldn’t do to start off on that kind of trek in the middle of the night. Glancing at his watch he saw the time, and began to look around.

Off the road, a little ways ahead was a looming structure, that had to be a barn of some kind. Other than that it was nothing but empty fields, and long threatening fences. He didn’t see any animals about but that didn’t mean there weren’t any. Nicholas wasn’t what you would call animal friendly. Even dogs made him nervous, and the idea of being in the same room as a cat always gave him the willies.

His friends all laughed at him for his fear of cats.  Course none of them ever had his experience, so what would they know. Hell if they had, they’d be a bit paranoid of the damn animals themselves. He recalled that moment, shivering not from the cold wind but from remembering the pain. It had been a few years back, when he had a sleep over with a friend.

They didn’t do anything, though he wished they had. The guy was friggin hot, and hung too. That was the cause of his feline hatred. He had been sleeping, dreaming of cocks, and specially his friend’s cock, when he felt the piercing pain in his groin.

He woke up screaming, tossing the covers off his naked body. He cried out in pure agony as he saw the cat, taking a swipe at his erect cock. The claws were out and the damn cat that it was a new scratching post or something. Fuck it had hurt, and he still had a scar on his dick, from that little morning wake up.

His friend had laughed, which hadn’t been pleasing, but that was 4 years ago. Ever since, he was not a fan of cats, but who would be if their dick had been used as a scratching post? Cat claws weren’t exactly dull. Nicholas sighed, rubbing his groin as if to ease the painful memory. Twenty years old and he still woke up with the shakes after seeing a cat.

After another shake, and quick look around, he decided he’d make for the barn structure. Least it would give him some shelter, and the weather was not looking pleasant. It had been threatening to rain for several hours now, and he didn’t want to get caught in it. The idea of staying in his car was a fleeting one. Sleeping in a Rabbit just wasn’t comfortable for someone of his size.

Standing just over 6ft, he barely had enough leg room to sit and drive, never mind stretch out and sleep. The seats were comfortable, but they didn’t go back far enough to let him recline. Then too, it was a standard, so no way he could stretch out sideways, so the barn seemed far more preferable.

Quickly he put together his backpack, with the blanket, a flashlight, and other essentials. Setting off to the barn, he looked back at his car, cursing it for breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Grunting he trudged the few yards to the fence, and gingerly crawled under two strands of wire to enter the field. He stood there for a minute, trembling a little, afraid of some unknown danger lurking in the darkness of the field.

It was not an easy trek to the barn with his fear keeping him company. Every rustle of the wind through the tall grass made him skittish, thinking something was there, but he knew it was just his paranoia. Approaching the barn he saw the peeling paint better, the rather neglected look of the structure. The huge barn door wasn’t locked, and he quickly turned his flashlight on to peer inside, and saw nothing but stacks of hay all over. There was no animals inside as he stepped further in, exploring the large empty structure.

He felt very nervous as he stepped inside, his legs quivering as he surveyed his resting place for the night. There simply was nothing there, as he shone his light all over. Slowly his heart stopped beating like a jackhammer. His breathing was a bit more normal as he saw a hanging lantern, next to a pile of hay and straw. There was even an old blanket hanging by it, as he moved towards it.

It took him a few minutes, but eventually the lantern spluttered and he had light, allowing him to switch off the flashlight. Looking around the place didn’t look too bad, as he made himself comfortable on the straw, the blanket thrown out to prevent the straw from digging into his back. It was rather warm as well, so he took off his jacket, to stretch out, rummaging in his backpack for a magazine he had inside.

Might as well be comfortable he thought, as he began to flip through the pages, staring at the glossy photographs of some nameless model. Nicholas quickly let himself get lost in the images of the young models. He liked sex, which was one reason why he was out on the road. A friend he knew lived out here, and he was going to spend a week visiting his friend, before spring break was over. He had lots of Condoms in his backpack, because Colin was known for being unprepared in that department.

Mind you, you would think he’d have Condoms in every room of his home, given how much Colin loved to fuck. He was a horn dog, without question, which is one reason Nicholas was going there for a week. Longer and he knew he’d be walking bow legged because Colin not only knew how to fuck, but he had the cock to do it with.

The anticipation of being with Colin, the naked guys in the photographs made him start to rub his crotch. It had been a long trip already, longer now thanks to his frigging car, and he hadn’t had much of a chance to unwind. He loved to jerk off, did practically every morning when there wasn’t someone else lying next to him. In that event, they usually helped him unwind, but out here, he would be lucky to even get a peep at some nice tight ass, or bulging package.

Hell, the guy at the gas station was a toothless old fart, and he didn’t even want to think about what he would look like naked. Instead he concentrated on the magazine, and thinking of Colin, who at least had a good body to match his rather thick and lengthy penis. His hand was rubbing his cock, feeling it growing under his pants, when he heard the first peal of thunder. It boomed out, making him jump and the wind began to howl as a spring storm finally seemed to be happening. Nicholas looked up at the outside, seeing the darkness suddenly split open into a huge flash of light.

He shivered a bit, and stared out at the night. The lantern flickered a little, and he glanced over at it, when another peal of thunder boomed out. His body flinched, and as the lightning flashed across the sky, he recoiled. It was an eerie feeling, and he quickly stopped himself from shaking, feeling like a kid. The magazine shook in his hands, as he turned his eyes away from the scene being displayed outside, and returned to something more comfortable to contemplate, the picture of a naked twink, his cock jutting outwards, his hips shoved out, hands on hips, and eyes looking like they could melt butter.

The model was hot, and he could feel his own desire burning inside, as he hand once more began to stroke his cock. He felt the lust inside as he pushed and stroked his cock, then he put his hand under his pants, to let his fingers take hold of his throbbing cock. The pants were making it hard, so he quickly undid the button, and pushed the zipper down.

He pushed his pants open, and spread his legs a little, as once more he stuffed his hand down inside. He felt the warmth from his crotch as he took hold of his cock, and slowly began to stroke it, while thinking of the naked twink displayed across the page. The way his eyes seemed to look out at Nicholas made him sigh, the way his cock seemed to be staring out at him. It made him forget the thunderstorm outside, despite the peals of thunder and flashes of lightning

His mind was slowly relaxing, letting him think of Colin, of all the things they would do for the week. He knew Colin was one of those who felt no shame in walking around naked, who seemed to always be sporting a boner, which always wanted attention. He was really just a sex maniac, the way he could fuck and ten minutes later be ready to do it all over again. Colin was just insatiable, which is exactly what Nicholas wanted.

He closed his eyes, as he pulled his fully erect cock out of his shorts, to stroke it while he fantasized about Colin, about how he would let him spread his cheeks, enter him and pound his ass, until they both came. Colin didn’t seem to get soft once he shot either, so it was always extra enjoyable to get fucked by him. To let him cum and then to keep on driving him, while he stroked off. The sensations were always worth the pain of taking Colin’s monster sized cock, of having him pound his ass to the point where tears would roll down his face.

His hand was jerking on his cock faster as he thought about the last time he had been with Colin. The way he had twisted and turned his cock while it was buried deep inside of Nicholas’ ass had been unreal. The pain he had felt, the pleasure that came with that pain, was still like it was only yesterday. He began to moan as he thought about that night, about how Colin had ploughed him for hours that night.

They had tried so many different positions, and he didn’t have a favourite one either. Colin was a stud no matter what position he was in. With his legs tossed in the air, lying on his side, or on his belly, it didn’t matter, as Colin knew how to work his cock inside, how to make Nicholas moan and groan with every thrust of that cock. It was like being driven, the foot to the pedal all the time. Colin had two speeds for fucking, fast and overdrive.

That night, he seemed stuck on overdrive. The speed in which he had pounded Nicholas, had made him cum several times in the evening’s romp. The following morning he had felt totally spent, knowing that they both had fallen asleep from total exhaustion. His ass had hurt for days afterwards, so had his cock. He had jerked it so many times, that it was raw from all the action.

Now he was hoping for an entire week of that, but was stuck in some damn barn. He felt the annoyance, knowing that it was his need to get to Colin, that had been at the cause of it all. Even the image of the hot twink covered in cum wasn’t a solace, as he kept his hand pumping his cock. He felt the warmth, that his hand was generating, as he kept going back to that night with Colin. The way he had spread Nicholas’ cheeks, had even buried his face between them, while rimming him. Gawd, Colin’s tongue had felt so frigging good as it licked at him, dug into him even. He had felt the tip curl as it was shoved into his hole, making him squirm and moan.

The tongue had dug deep into him, and the feel of Colin’s face buried between his ass cheeks had made him reach underneath his prone body, to jerk at his own cock. Colin’s hands had his cheeks open, spread wide and the fingers had dug deep into his soft flesh. He had felt himself tremble, as Colin’s tongue licked at his flesh, had tasted him then entered him.

Nicholas felt his hand moving quicker. He glanced down to see the blur of his hand as it jerked his cock. The ache in his balls grew too, as he could still feel Colin’s tongue licking at him, and he arched his head back, his body no longer his to command. His legs jutted outwards, his feet curling and cramping even as every muscle inside grew taut. He was like a fully wound spring as the memory of Colin’s tongue made him suddenly groan, then cry out.

His hand was suddenly filled with hot sticky milk that came rushing out of his cock. Nicholas felt his body tremble, quiver and then explode. His eyes were closed shut, the sound of thunder dimmed by the roar of his hear thundering, as he shook. His cock had exploded between his fingers and he felt the sting of that spray against his chin, as his whole body seemed to have lifted up off the pile of hay.

His breathing was rapid and shallow, as he sunk back down onto the old horse blanket and pile of hay. His legs were numb, his arm ached from the way he was squeezing his cock, draining every drop out of it, as he thought about how it had felt, with Colin between his cheeks. The hot breath blowing on the tender flesh between the cheeks, the tongue deep inside his hole. His hand jerked again, as the last of his cum dribbled out, and the sound of thunder boomed out.

His eyes suddenly opened wide, as another flash of lightning lit up the sky. The barn door was open, and he saw the glare of white light as it flared, and then he grew rigid, as he saw the shadow of a figure in the doorway, illuminated by the flash of lightning. He gulped, his hand choking the top of his spent cock. His heart continued to beat wildly as he realized someone was standing in the open doorway of the barn. The figure had a wide brimmed hat on, and a long sleek yellow rain poncho over his body.

Nicholas just stared as he realized the man had a powerful flashlight in his hand, and was now slowly sweeping it in a horizontal position. His eyes bugged out more, ignoring the brilliant light as it passed over him, then moved back to hold him in its glare. He didn’t move as the light held him motionless. His hand still held onto his cock, as he heard the man suck in his breath.

What are you doing here?’ the voice boomed out, strong and firm and yet there was something else in its tone, as the light moved down a bit, to fully illuminate Nicholas’ tightly held penis.

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