Fiction – Secret Love Slave

Secret Love Slave

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Every time the doorbell would chime or the phone ring Bruce hoped it would be his secret admirer finally getting the nerve up to declare himself. Christ it was already the end of the month and still, he didn’t know who had sent him that amazing Valentine’s gift. Sitting on the edge of his bed, his naked body waking up, he couldn’t help but wonder who out of all the men he knew, had the imagination and balls to have sent him that gift at work?

Couldn’t be Tyler, after all the guy was a blonde and a total typical blonde too. While the guy had a nice body, well endowed there wasn’t much between the ears. He might have mastered how to suck a cock, how to put a condom on and fuck like hell, but to think of such a gift? No not a chance, there wasn’t enough brain matter left over for that.

Mind you, that analysis of Tyler also let out a few others in his circle of guys that were sexually enjoyable, but companionship wise were less than desired. Take Charles for example, the guy was what, maybe 28 or 30 even? Still the guy had trouble remembering that you didn’t put lubricant on your cock before you put the condom on, that you put it on afterwards. Man how many Condoms had the guy wasted, and it wasn’t like he could maintain his willingness to get ploughed forever. Even if Charles had a 9 inch long cock that made him groan the instant it got inside his tight ass, waiting till he figured out how to get the condom on after he lubed his cock first was not exactly an evening of wild passion, as the card had mentioned.

It was really bugging him, trying to figure out who had sent the gift and card. Mostly it was the sensuous writing on the card that had him all in a tizzy. Christ it made him feel like some super Jock that way it went on about his prowess in bed, and how the sender wanted to take it further, to be even more intimate than they already had. Hell it even went on to say how much the guy worshipped his cock and ass, and wanted to simply bury himself in those soft white cheeks until the sun came up.

Bruce kind of wished he knew who wanted to fuck him that long, and going over his list of dates he had finally expanded it to include guys from way back. Like maybe it was Ross, that short sexy strawberry blonde he had met on a trip to Spain. Now that was a stud and he had brains too.

After all, you don’t just wind up travelling to Spain from Kansas on a whim without some hard cash to back you up. Ross was one of those yuppie types too. He had long hair but always seemed to have in a ponytail, well, until night fell and the work day was over. Then it was let out, to flow down his perfect body. It always seemed to have several strands over the shoulder too and from the back, man it made for an interesting bit of gazing.

Ross might have been short in stature, but Christ his cock made up for it. The guy had one of the longest cocks he had ever seen, or taken for that matter. Soft it was nearly 7 inches long, and thick, man did that sucker spread his ass apart. Hurt like blazes when he shoved it inside of Bruce, and while it did make him walk funny for a week or so after their last encounter, it felt like heaven once it was buried inside of him.

Maybe it was Ross, but how the fuck did he find out where Bruce worked? He knew that he hadn’t told him and they had met as fellow travellers at the Hotel in Barcelona. It was one of those chance meetings, that led to some damn good sex. The time Ross had pretended to be a bull, and had Bruce act like the Matador. Fuck, that was hilarious and damn amazing.

To bend over, to wiggle his fleshy butt at Ross, and to watch from under his legs, as Ross came rushing at him, long hard cock in one hand, pointing right at him. Shit, it hurt too when he didn’t just stop at his ass, but lunged in between his spread apart cheeks. Cheeks he had held open with his hands. Fuck that had stunned him and hurt too as the huge cock penetrated his hole on that first lunged.

Still, he wasn’t so sure it could be Ross, though he wished it was. The guy knew how to please him, how to make him beg for that cock to be rammed into his butt. Just thinking of Ross and that monster cock made him excited. Even now, almost a year and half since they had met in Spain, he still got an erection thinking of that short week they had spent together. The sex was rough at times, and yet at other times was the most sensual he had ever experienced.

The way Ross would caress his body, moving all around his own 6ft tall frame, touching him all over, licking him. It made him sweat just thinking of it, even now as he felt his cock stirring again. He grinned to himself, remembering how in all their foreplay, Ross always had an erection and the feel of that cock rubbing him and moving across his belly as Ross moved to the other side, well, it never failed to make him hot and horny.

Reaching down, he flicked the head of his now hard cock and smiled. He sure wished it was Ross who had sent the card. To rekindle that affair would indeed be worth it all. To have him bury that monster cock in his ass again, and to have it all night long, was what dreams were made of.

Bruce laughed to himself as he felt the precum oozing around his cock, thinking of Ross and his cock. How he would slowly slide it down his butt cheeks, making them open wider as the huge moist cock head travelled down the sweat soaked crack. It never failed that Bruce found his ass crack wet when Ross was ready for him.

Holding his breathe or exhaling didn’t matter. That cock head hurt like hell when it pushed up against his pink hole and made its way into his ass. Nothing he could do would lessen that jarring pain that would race up his spine and make him cry out, and which even brought tears to his eyes. Still he never stopped him, never denied him the chance to enter him. Thing was, as much as it hurt, it also felt like heaven to him.

The pain only made him want more, made him even push backwards to the slow even push of the hard dick into his asshole. It hurt as it expanded his hole. The pain was always nearly unbearable, but not totally. Ross would take it slow, push a bit, then let Bruce’s body get used to it, before pushing again and start it all over again. He spent a lot of time moaning encouraging words and wishing that Ross wouldn’t tease him so much, but hell, it was that big. To rush it could do damage, and for as long as they saw each other, spent with each other, he didn’t want to be unable to service that cock for one second. It was that good too.

He loved how once it was in though, Ross was like a fucking jack hammer. That pole would suddenly shoot forward inside, stretching and ripping his muscles apart, as it dove hard for his innards. It made him cry out every time and yet even as his hands would pound the bed or floor, or whatever was under him, his voice would be begging for Ross to go faster, go deeper and harder into his body. Ross always obliged too and he could feel that driving pain, even now.

You would think too, that with a cock that size that Ross wouldn’t have too many who could take it, and that so when it would take Ross ages to finally cum, to get off, it constantly amazed Bruce. He didn’t know how he ever managed to hold on, when Ross was ploughing him. It wasn’t a quick wham bam thank you fuck either. It took time and that last night, it must have gone on for hours, or so it seemed like.

Time didn’t seem to exist when he had Ross’ cock buried inside his ass. The pain that rolled in and out of his body was something he had never experienced since either. Couple had come close, but nothing like Ross. The way he would stick it in, and then move his hips around and upwards, to twist the huge cock inside. It drove him nuts as Ross knew.

The sensation of being overfilled was unreal. He felt stuffed and when it was all over, when Ross had pulled out, he wanted it back inside. He missed it, and his body ached for it, despite the rushing waves of pain that would still be flowing inside of him. He loved the feel of that hot shaft as it sliced into his body, as it made his legs spread further out, and the few times when he was on his back, taking it, he could see the glazed look in Ross’s face. The way the eyes would roll and the hair just hand down, dripping sweat from each clump of hair. It would drop to his belly and yet it only made him squirm more.

His hands would hold his own legs apart, as Ross pounded him incessantly. He felt like a wishbone, and he was the one making the wish. Bruce never could get his legs far enough apart or so it seemed as that monster cock filled him and beyond even. He still ached thinking about how hard Ross would pound him, how his lithe body would shake and shiver as it dove down onto his own trembling body. He could still feel the legs shudder and grow numb as Ross never let up on him, never slowed it down but seemed to only go faster as time marched onwards. The sweat became a river across his belly too, as Ross humped him. Gawd it was like heaven, and with each hard thrust of that cock, he would moan until his grunts, groans, and screams were just one noisy cry for more.

When it was time he would hear Ross scream and suddenly feel himself empty. He would immediately feel the press of Ross’s body into his, his hot groin rubbing his aching ass, and then the hot sting of cum would splash him all over. It would hit him up near the face first, if he was facing Ross. Otherwise it would splatter against the back of his head, in his hair. He would cry out as more of the hot stream would flow over his shuddering body.

It was always a bitter sweet moment for him. On the one hand the flying cum made him cum too. It never failed that within 20 seconds of that first stream hitting him, his own cock would shoot its load out, usually while the last of Ross’s milk was dribbling down onto his trembling body, mingling with the sweat that would coat his body. He would hear Ross gulp for air and yelp as the last of his milk would come out, and then he would feel the body collapse onto his own.

Nothing was more enjoyable than feeling a totally spent stud laying on top of his own heaving body. It was perfect, and yet he knew too that in an hour it would begin all over again. That was the other thing about Ross, he was insatiable or so it seemed. And after an hour or so of cooling off, of being stuck together, the kissing would start and the caressing. Then once more he would be crying out in agony as the monster cock filled the ache in his ass.

The ringing of his phone startled him as he looked a bit bewildered. His hands were slick with his cum as he wiped them on the bed before grabbing the phone. The voice wasn’t one he recognized at first, but then it clicked. The grin on Bruce’s face only added to the fresh ached in his ass, as finally he knew who his secret admirer was.

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