Fiction – Backyard Romance

Backyard Romance

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Carl didn’t know how it had all began. It had seemed innocent enough but now he couldn’t get the image of Jake out of his mind. The young next door neighbour was constantly in his dreams and thoughts these days. Sure, the guy’s hot looks were enough to make one cream their pants, even if they were old farts. Still, he was becoming obsessed by his next door neighbour.

He would run outside in the back, whenever he spotted Jake out there, working on the garden or just cutting the grass. They even had exchanged a few pleasantries over the fence. Still, was that enough to make him dream of the guy so much? One thing to fantasize over the guy now and then, but constantly think of having sex with him, was a bit out of the ordinary, even for him.

After all, he did think of himself as having a good imagination, but his fantasy of Jake was making careless too. One thing he didn’t want, was to expose himself as being the neighbourhood fag. Somehow he didn’t think the others in the block would relish the idea of some 60 year old queer living among them. Most were young families, and while he never once thought about doing anything with the kids around him, he didn’t think the parents would care. They would just see him as a risk to their kids, and he could thank the various self righteous religious groups for that. And the politicians as well.

Still, he couldn’t stop dreaming of Jake. The young man was in his mid twenties, married with young kids but damn he had a body to die for. It was natural too, as far as Carl could tell. He never saw him working out, just working on his car, or in the back yard. The wife he hadn’t seen for some time now, but she never seemed to be doing anything but yelling at Jake. One of those who were never happy, he had thought. Still, she was also one lucky person, as she got to be with Jake.

To be in bed with him each night would be heaven. To touch his longish flowing dark hair, to feel it as you wrapped it around your fingers. Man that would be something. To smell him as he would come to bed, naked and all pink from his shower. To just see that well chiselled chest, perfect abs, and flat stomach walking naked towards you, would be the ultimate way to end a day. Yet somehow, she never seemed to be happy around Jake, nor was he, or so it seemed.

Yet as he stared out his dining room patio door, he wondered what had happened to her. It had been several months now since he had seen her, and thinking about it, the kids weren’t around either. The realization that he hadn’t seen the kids either, jerked him upright.

One more problem about his constant infatuation with Jake. He had missed the world around him, and hadn’t even noticed that the kids were missing, along with the Shrew. As he puzzled over it, and started to think, he also recalled how much more relaxed Jake seemed to be. He was outside more in the evenings now, puttering around the garden, even humming now and then.

On the weekends, he wasn’t rushing off with the family, but was under the hood of his classic 1968 Mustang. Thinking about it now, he wondered if perhaps the shrew had left Jake, and taken the kids with her? It would explain their absence, as well as Jake’s more relaxed appearance.

Still, while he got to see more of Jake, it didn’t help ease his problem. Instead maybe it was making it worse, because he got longer hours of watching in. To see that slender body bent over the hood of the Mustang. To be able to dwell on those tightly held butt cheeks, was in itself unnerving. It always led to a quick trip out of sight, to whack his own dick.

Used to be a trip to the bedroom, but lately, he didn’t want to be too far away, in case he missed something. Sort of like now, as he moved away from the patio, out of sight, but where he could still hear Jake out in the backyard. Carl had his pants undone, and was pulling on his cock, thinking of how it would feel if Jake’s lips were wrapped around his cock, instead of his own hand. Damn, that would be a dream come true, he thought as he stiffened a little, the thought making him harder and his hand move faster along his cock shaft.

The thought of Jake’s well built body, kneeling in front of him, his face at Carl’s groin was driving him nuts. His hand was becoming a blur as he thought about how he’d hold onto that dark hair, wrapping it around his own fingers, while guiding the young man’s head. To feel his lips pressing on his shaft, to experience his tongue licking at the underside of his swollen cock, was making him shake a little. His body was quivering.

Closing his eyes, he was sure he could see the head moving in and out, sucking on his organ. He could feel the nicely shaped angular nose, as it would press hard into his own crotch, pressing right past his pubic hairs, digging into the soft skin of his groin. Carl bit his lip, as he felt himself shuddering. His legs were taut and feeling numb as he stroked his cock faster. The images of Jake, shirtless, his sun kissed skin glistening in the light of his living room, made Carl groan.

He felt the explosion coming. His head tilted back as his hand flew along his burning cock shaft. The imaginary vision of Jake, kneeling in front of him, sucking him, was overpowering. He could hear himself moaning as his body continued to heave. The pain in his chest was nearly unbearable as he felt the first drops of his hot milk come spurting out. His hand was pulling on his cock hard now, as the head reared back and began to unload its precious cream. His fingers were covered by his own jizz, as it continued to milk his own cock.

The thick liquid only adding to his fantasy. All he could think of was how Jake would take his cum. How he would let it fill his young mouth, until it was dribbling out of the corners, and then he would swallow it. He would let it flow down his throat as Carl continued to feed him his milk. To fill that perfect mouth with his juice, to have it eagerly drained and swallowed.

Then he knew he would reach down, to bring Jake up to his level, and he would kiss him hard on the lips, tasting his own cum on that perfectly formed mouth. Oh God, it ached, he thought as his body shook to his wild explosion. The cum had flown through his fingers, and he knew he’d have to once more shampoo the carpet. If only his dream could come true, then he’d never worry about the carpet, as his milk would always find its way to Jake’s mouth, or elsewhere.

That thought made him nearly stumble, as he opened his eyes. He blinked once or twice, as the thought of Jake taking him up the ass was too much for him right now. He felt the heaving in his chest begin to subside, as he breathed deeply. His hands trembled a little, and his spent cock wasn’t fully soft yet. In fact, he thought it might be growing again, as he thought about one day filling Jake’s ass with his cock.

Before the fantasy could take him back to playing with himself, he heard the tapping sound. At first he didn’t recognize it, but then it hit him. Someone was tapping on his patio door, a few feet away. Carl quickly pulled his pants up, zipping them as he stumbled out from hiding. His face showed his surprise.

Standing at the door, shirtless was Jake. He was peering in and knocking, as if there was some emergency. Quickly he rushed over to slide open the door, and as he did, he saw Jakes eyes glance down, just for a second but long enough to have checked out Carl’s crotch.

In a few short words, he realized Jake had locked himself out, and was in urgent need of a bathroom. Naturally he showed him where he could use Carls, and as the door closed panic hit him. He had forgotten, that he had left one or two of his magazines out in the bathroom, and he began to sweat. To think of Jake finding out that way was tearing him apart, as he waited for the telltale sign of the toilet being flushed.

It seemed like an eternity until he heard the roar of the water going down and now he waited, tense and nervous. His eyes were fixed on the closed bathroom door. Would Jake notice the magazine that were off to one side or not? If he did, would he say anything or would he confront his neighbour? Despite his worry, Carl couldn’t help but feel excited too. What if Jake did see them, but it wasn’t a shock, or an outrage? What if seeing the magazines got them to talking, or made Jake curious? Now that would be something to think about.

He wouldn’t mind helping satisfy any curiosity Jake might have about it, but then panic set in again. It was like being on a roller coaster, as his mind kept wandering, and yet all the time, the door to the bathroom remained closed. It was unnerving, and he was tempted to call out, to see if everything was okay, when finally the door opened.

Jake had shown up without his shirt, and sweat had been glistening on the golden skin. Now, he wasn’t sweating, but the naked upper torso was still a delight to behold. Carl couldn’t help but stare, and then he noticed that Jake was holding one of the magazines in his hand.

Sweat broke out on his forehead. He felt his body stiffen, wondering if Jake would hit him or just walk out and never talk to him again? Was his secret going to remain with him, or would the rest of the block be in the know shortly? His eyes looked up at Jake’s face, saw how determined he looked.

His was facing down, looking at the magazine, and his brow was a bit creased with his thinking. It only added to Carl’s panic until finally Jake looked up. Carl noticed the magazine was open to one of the many pages showing the latest model in various poses. It was one of Carl’s favourites too. Still, he licked his lips and worried as he waited for what, he wasn’t sure of. The silence seemed deafening to him, as they stood there.

Finally Jake looked up at Carl, and pointing to the largest of the photographs displayed on the page, he spoke.

‘I met a guy that looked just like him, at the bar last night. Man he was hot, had most everyone drooling. You seen  his latest video yet? I got it on DVD at my place.’

Suddenly Carl felt relaxed, breathed out as he stared at the smiling face of his neighbour.

‘I have beer in the refrigerator’ was all he could manage. The answering smile and nod was all he needed.

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