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Get in on the Bel Ami Experience

I have to say, both David and I, are fans of Bel Ami.

We really enjoy the young men they showcase in their videos, plus, in all honesty the sets are also quite interesting. Now we haven’t watched a good Bel Ami Video in some times, but then our local X Rated Video outlet simply isn’t up to date.

However, there is the Bel Ami Video on Demand service, direct from Bel Ami Studios.

Now maybe we’ll go take a gander at that, and see what they are showing, but we are a couple of paranoid bitches. We don’t like using credit cards, PERIOD. I mean not just online, but at the store too. Though I suppose one day we will have to break down and get a VISA or something, but I just hate buying stuff on the never, never, plan.

If you have one, you can take advantage of Bel Ami VOD Here.

Bel Ami Videos on Demand, from Bel Ami Studios

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