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Blake Mason adds High Definition VideosOh I am excited. Seriously, I really am.

Blake Mason has just released their first video, in HIGH DEFINITION.

Now I can see the penis shots crisper and in much more detail, thanks to the 900 x 540 hi def videos shot at an amazing 3Mbit.  Naturally there are the other options but this new Super Hi Res feature is dynamite.

High Definition Videos Here

I have a 22 inch wide monitor, and you know, the video of Tony LOOKS HOT!

Yes, I can actually notice the difference, which you have to admit, is not easy. Blake Mason had great quality to begin with, and now it is even better.

Think about it. I mean now you get to see even more of the finer details of these UNCUT DICKS from the amateur males at Blake Mason. And man, that is what it is all about.

Oh, did I mention that the price of membership hasn’t changed either?  It is still $28 to sign up for the first month, then $24 a month afterwards.  So it was a bargain before, NOW IT IS A MUST HAVE!


HD exclusive videos at Blake Mason

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