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Well, thanks to the recent upgrade of this site, we can easily add some nice photos for everyone to take a peek at. I mean come on, we all enjoy some nice images of cocks spurting, or being placed where the sun don’t shine.

David actually was the one insisting, so you will notice at the top a new Section. Also to the right is a side listing of ‘my pages’. As new galleries get added, you will see those pages show up there.

amateur Brit model BradleyTo start things off, how about the latest release from Blake Mason?

Bradley and Robbie are a duo that have really gotten the Blake Mason members drooling, and yeah, wiping up after themselves.

You might remember an earlier post I did too, about Bradley. How he has that Brad Pitt look, and after watching the video, man is he ever a natural in front of the camera.

You can view the Gallery Here

Course you can see a lot more pictures, PLUS THE VIDEO, by simply JOINING BLAKE MASON HERE

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