News – 24 Minutes of Declan & Harry

Are you a fan of the short cropped head, almost bald look?Blake Mason’s Declan & Harry

If you are, then maybe you might want to spend some time enjoying the 24 minute video featuring Declan & Harry over at Blake Mason.

You might remember Declan from an earlier post, but if not, he is a rather rugged looking amateur from Sheffield. He is 27, and Harry, his partner in this exclusive video, is 26 and comes from Portsmouth.

Anal Action from Declan & HarryNow these guys have some experience, no fresh out of the box twinkies here, but a couple of guys with some hard bodies, who know how to slam it in, and keep on slamming it home.

There is more too, some good rimming action, and man, can they chow down on those rock hard dicks, as well.

More I visit Blake Mason, the more I realize at what a bargain it is. The Videos are certainly top quality, the action is crisp and clear, with variable download to view options, and no added crap like DRM either.

Check them out if you are looking for some Quality Entertainment.

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