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I just can’t help it, but Bradley from Blake Mason has captured my imagination.

Bradley from Blake MasonYou would think I would be rather jaded about porn, and frankly I think I am. Least until I got introduced to Blake Mason and all those amateur Brits they showcase. In some ways it was a bit of a rebirth, for my interest in porn.

Unlike the majority of crap out there, I found, for me, that Blake Mason offered some quality for the buck being spent. Bradley is just one of those rare models that can capture your interest, yet Blake Mason seems to have found a fair number.

While waiting for the next fiction release, you might want to visit Blake Mason.

Yes it is a membership site, but there are in excess of 260 Videos, along with photo galleries of each of these amateur Brits. Some are okay, but a lot are just plain engaging. I mean they get you hard, before they even get undressed. Now that takes a bit of doing.

Plus, many are Uncut, so if you are a fan of foreskin, you would be in hog, err foreskin, heaven here.

Bradley’s hard uncut penis from Blake MasonI don’t do a lot of ‘buy this‘ or ‘buy that‘ crap. I am selective who I promote, and ever since we added Blake Mason, well it’s made my married life hell. The wife is always got his friggin pants down, checking out the Blake Mason guys and their uncut dicks to his. Now that is okay, but then he wants me to grade it.

Like what am I gonna say? His is smaller or thinner?  I DON’T THINK SO!

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