Cost of Living

making the most of your moneyI don’t know, but the rising price of gas is certainly making a difference in my household.

Seriously, we are going out less, cutting down on our car trips, and watching what we spend money on, and all because the price of Gas is constantly going up.

Right now it is over $5 a gallon up here in Canada.

Thankfully we have memberships to sites like Blake Mason and BoyFunk.

I mean bad enough to have to cut down on our grocery shopping, on our cuddle time by the Ocean, but damn it, who wants to cut down on seeing hot sexy guys jacking off, or getting their tight little holes stuffed by some enormous cock?

Think About It.

For less than $30 a month, you get access to Blake Mason, or BoyFunk.

Exclusive Videos at Blake Mason Here

Monthly Membership at Blake Mason starts at $28 then goes to $24 a month.

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Twink Videos & Photos at BoyFunk Here

Membership at BoyFunk starts at $24.95 then goes to $17.95 a month.

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Both sites offer you hundreds of Exclusive Videos and Photo Sets to help you enjoy your own masturbation. Hell, it even give my wife, David, a few naughty thoughts, that makes sex even more fun.

Saves on Gas as we don’t need to run to the local Video Store so much.

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