checking out the latest release at Blake MasonYou will want to tell your friends about Terry.

To begin with, Terry turned eighteen just a few months ago, and believe it or not, one of his wishes was to be watched while jerking off his lovely uncut dick.

Ian & I both love uncut dicks, and well, Terry does have a nice penis.

What is really super, is that the 20 minute exclusive video, from Blake Mason, was shot in High Definition, and let me tell you, IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Ian is bitching at me, to save Gas.

Can’t blame him either given how expensive it is these days, so instead of rushing out to rent a Video, we gather around the monitor, and watch some Blake Mason Videos. I mean they really do get me hard, and that ALWAYS gets Ian hard.

When you think of it, Membership to Blake Mason is rather inexpensive. No waste of Gas, no looking for a parking spot, and no worrying about getting the Video back before being whacked with a Late Charge. PLUS these High Definition Videos are really great.


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