Kyle B and Matt H


Thinking of Matt\'s monster uncut cockI may like big dicks, but 11.5 inches long is what I call a bit TOO BIG for me.

However, Kyle B from Blake Mason certainly didn’t seem to have any problem in not only sucking on that monster dick, but in taking it all the way up his ass. TALK ABOUT VERSATILE!

Frankly I would have used a ton of lubricant, and still I’d have had a ton of trouble in taking that sucker. And you have to wonder, just how the hell did Kyle get that thing into his mouth, never mind down his throat.

Look at how thick that whopper is of Matt H.

I don’t know, but talk about getting your ass stretched.

This particular video, ONLY FOR BLAKE MASON MEMBERS, is 20 minutes long, but you know, there are a few more of this well endowed stud. There is also another of Kyle as well, EXCLUSIVE to Blake Mason.


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