Fiction – Night at the Opera

Night at the Opera

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Tyler ran his finger under his collar, feeling uncomfortable in his monkey suit. Everyone around him was babbling away, extolling the great singing of the stars, but frankly he was bored. He had no idea why he had agreed to get all dressed up in fancy clothes, to go with Mike to watch an Opera. He wasn’t into high brow stuff, but then he couldn’t refuse Mike.

Mike had given him his chance, the opportunity to do what he did love, so attending some fancy charity Opera was the least he could do for the guy. While some assumed he was sleeping with Mike, it wasn’t true. Mike had never even hinted at wanting a sexual or romantic involvement with him, which was fine with Tyler.

After all, he was just 30, and Mike was in his early sixties. The guy had a pronounced bald spot, and his hair was snow white, least what was left of his hair. Plus, Mike was a bit on the paunchy side, while he was still trim and fit. Then too, he did work out, plus his job of landscaping certainly helped keep him lean and muscular. His arms were well developed, and he didn’t think he had much fat on his body.

Mind you, Mike didn’t seem to dispel the rumours either, which sort of bothered Tyler, but hell the guy had advanced him the cash he needed, and he owed him for taking a chance. It was all very proper, and done with a lawyer too, yet some of those queens loved to gossip, and discount Mike’s generosity.

Naturally he had wondered, if maybe Mike really did have ulterior motives, but then he realized, he was being paranoid. Mike never asked much of him, until now and so he had to get dressed up and sit through some screaming old ladies, and guys in tights. It wasn’t a bad trade off, considering what he had to show for it.

Bit stuffy in here, isn’t it?

Tyler turned to see a rather handsome man standing next to him. He had a glass of wine in his hand, and Tyler could see how his eyes seemed to be boring in on him. He had no idea who the guy was, but found his appearance intriguing. He had a sort of shagged cut to his hair, a two toned affair that just seemed to suit his rather rugged looking face.

The man had a pronounced square chin, with a rather hooked nose. The lips were thin and pale, but the eyes, though dark, seemed to be sparkling with life. He was as tall as Tyler, and as well built too, but there was no way he was 30 years old. Maybe closer to 40, but the way he filled out his own monkey suit made him look more like a professional athlete than a stuffed business shirt type.

Yeah a bit.

There is a nice garden out the side, we can grab some fresh air.

Okay, I could use some air.

He didn’t know why, but it didn’t sound like a line, plus he really could use some fresh air. Going with this stranger, wasn’t going to violate any rules, given he was single. Still he could just hear the crowing from some of the others, as he walked behind the stranger. There was Darren, who opened his eyes wide as they passed by, then there was Max, who was nothing but a screaming Queen, always bitching about something, yet never doing much of anything but bitch. They would have the news of his walk outside speeding through the gang in no time, but he didn’t really give a damn. Frankly he was tired of their shit, and this guy was hot, whoever he was.

Standing outside, he breathed in deeply. The air was scented by the various flowers in the garden of the Opera House, and it was relaxing. Tyler could feel his muscles relaxing, his body no longer feeling like it was on display as he sipped at his own glass of wine.

Name is Hayden, Hayden MacDonnell.

Hi, Tyler, Tyler Washburn, nice to meet you.

You aren’t a regular here, how’d you get roped into this, or are you a late lover of Opera?

Me? No, I am not an Opera fan, but a friend asked, and well, he’s a good friend, so here I am.

Hayden stared at Tyler, as he sipped on his almost empty glass of wine. He could see the mind working, absorbing the information, making assumptions like everyone else, or so it seemed to Tyler.

Must be a good friend to get you to put up with all this.

He is, but not in the way some might think.

Hayden chuckled as he finished off the wine in his glass, and looked at Tyler. His eyes seemed to roam all over him, staring at his face, his body, and his crotch. A small flicker of his eyes flashed past as they took in his groin, but it was a fleeting moment. The eyes seemed to capture all of him as they settled back on his face.

Can’t blame them for that, you aren’t what one would call, unattractive.

Thank you, I think, but it doesn’t really bother me, though at times it gets under my skin.

I can imagine, though I don’t know, being under your skin, now that is an interesting concept.

He held his glass to his lip, mouth open, as he stared at Hayden. He saw the eyes flicker, saw the small curl around the lips, and how his nostrils were flaring at bit, as he waited for Tyler’s response. It was strange, but he felt his own body stiffen, grow a bit excited as well. The stirring in his own groin was rather pleasing, as he wondered about the man across from him.

Sounds like you are hitting on me. Are you?

Only if it is appropriate, and welcomed, I’d hate to hit on someone who was, uh shall we say uninterested?

Oh, I am interested, but curious, why me?

Hayden smiled, and Tyler saw the creases in his face, the wrinkles that became laugh lines and how the eyes seemed to sparkle even more, was amazing. It seemed like he had dropped years in appearance, and now Tyler revised his estimate, thinking perhaps Hayden wasn’t much older than him.

Does it matter why?

No, no I guess not, just, I don’t know, curious I guess, maybe I am just fishing for compliments.

I see, and yet I don’t think you really seek compliments or need any ego boosts. I think, frankly, that you are sure of yourself, enough so, that you don’t need some meaningless flattery, empty platitudes, which maybe is also answers your question.

Tyler felt his legs tremble a little, and he felt like he was suddenly in the presence of someone special. The words were flowery, and yet they seemed to strike deep inside of him. He could feel his heart quicken a little, as he did enjoy the compliments given, even if they were said in a way that made them not seem like compliments, but more like facts. It felt as if Hayden knew him, knew him in a way that no one else did. A bit scary actually, as he smiled at Hayden.

Damn, you are good.

Thank you Tyler Washburn, but I am good at other things too, if you are interested in finding out.

The wink at the end made him almost fall to the ground. His legs became very weak, but somehow he held his ground. This guy was truly good, and yet for some strange reason, he felt totally out of his league. It was strange, to be pursued this way, so openly and yet not. The obvious inference was tantalizing, as he drained the last of his wine, knowing he couldn’t just walk away.

I certainly am, Mr. McDonnell.

Hayden took the empty glass from Tyler’s hand, and placed it down on the edge of the planter they were standing next to. He moved in closer, to a point where Tyler could smell his cologne, and feel the warmth of the man. His eyes stared deeply into Hayden’s, when he felt the arm reach around his waist, and pull him in closer.

The touch of Hayden’s lips on his was like a match flaring. His whole body shook as he felt the brush of lips on his, as he felt the fingers dig a bit into the flesh of his back. His knees felt like they were about to buckle, as they embraced.

Hayden pulled his face back, as he smiled. He reached for Tyler’s hand, as he softly muttered ‘tasty’ and then led Tyler off the cobblestone footpath. They went behind the planter where Tyler had left his empty glass, to move in among the tall plants, and brush that filled the yard.

In a strange way, it felt rather naughty, to be walking in expensive shoes, dress pants, through bushes, while a few feet away hundreds of others were drinking wine, talking, and waiting for the intermission to end. To them, the Opera was the show, and yet Tyler felt like he was about to see the real show.

The brush of plants across his legs, the darkness of the night, broken by the yellow glow from the large glass windows of the Opera House only added to his sense of excitement. He had no idea where they were going, but Hayden seemed to know his way around.

They pushed some branches aside, and suddenly the yellow glow was gone. The area was pitch black, and all he could see was a shadow outline of the man who had led him here. He could hear the hard breathing too, as he looked around, smelling the scent of earth, mingled with the fragrance of the flowers.

His eyes became accustomed to the darkness, and Tyler could make more shapes out, see a bit clearer. His heart was pounding, as Hayden reached out, and grabbed him tightly in his arms. He felt his body being pulled towards the man, who suddenly was kissing him hard.

Tyler felt his lips being assaulted, as the force of the kiss took him by surprise. His lips parted, as Hayden’s tongue quickly darted inside. He felt it lick at the roof of his mouth, play with the tip of his own tongue that seemed to have been taken by surprise. He exhaled, feeling the excitement growing inside of him.

Blake MasonHayden’s hands were moving up and down his backside, reaching for his buttocks, grabbing a handful of his flesh, and squeezing Tyler’s fleshy cheeks. His body reacted on its own, as he found his own hands roaming along Hayden’s side. He felt his fingers reaching around, grabbing Hayden’s buttocks, feeling Hayden’s body react, feeling the thrill his touch gave the man.

The kiss was hard and soon he found Hayden’s lips pressed against his chin, then underneath it. He felt the warm press, the hot breath waft across his neck, as the man licked the hollow of his neck. His head was tilted back, and his hands were up holding Hayden’s shoulders, when he felt the hard press against his groin.

Hayden had moved one hand to grope at Tyler’s groin. The hand moved his stiffening cock and then he felt the fingers struggling at the waistband. Soon he felt his pants being opened, felt the hand quickly dart inside to take hold of his fully aroused cock. He moaned as he felt the fingers wrapping around his cock. The fingers spread outwards, and with the palm of his hand, Hayden began to rub his cock, the soft silk material of his shorts making it seem effortless.

His lungs began to ache, as he held onto Hayden, letting his hand move across his belly, his groin. Then he felt the hot fingers push past his shorts, to dig down inside, to touch his throbbing cock. The touch of flesh on flesh made him squirm a little, made him moan a bit more.

Tyler felt the cool night air waft across his belly, his skin exposed. He knew his shorts and pants had been pushed down, and he felt one of his own hands reach down, and pull up his shirt, as Hayden lowered himself to his knees.

His body trembled, as he felt the soft kiss on his belly, felt the tongue lick at his exposed belly button, then lick downwards, towards his groin. The tongue moved slowly, and he found his free hand now clenching tightly Hayden’s shoulder.

Tyler pushed his legs apart, as far as possible. His stance was wide, as he felt the man licking at his pubic hairs. Each one seemed to be standing up, as Hayden licked them, touching the soft skin beneath, grazing it lightly with his tongue. Moaning constantly, he felt the man shuffle in closer, felt the hot breath across the top of his erect cock. His body was tightening, the muscles becoming like steel.

He shut his eyes, his head tilted backwards, as Hayden licked at him. The tongue licked down and around his cock, tasting the flesh between his groin and thigh. Tyler groaned, as waves of pleasure came rushing up. His head became a bit dizzy, light headed, as Hayden’s tongue continued to lick around his cock. The quick darting caress of his scrotum, made his legs quiver.

Hayden certainly was good, as the tip of the tongue prodded each of his balls, lightly moving them around in the sac, then suddenly he felt the tip up against the bottom of his cock. He felt it dig at the base of his cock, then slowly lick around the whole shaft, at the very base. His body shook, as the man’s stubble brushed against his cock, as the face moved around, while the tongue continued to taste him.

Then his whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire. Hayden let his tongue lick upwards, on the underside of the throbbing pole. Slowly it licked at him, right up to the tip, where it moved over the cock head, licking up the pre cum that was oozing out. Then it circled around the head, tasting the flesh just under the head.

The tongue pressed hard on the skin, and he felt his cock moving, as once more Hayden’s tongue moved down the underside, back down towards his groin. Tyler whimpered, as the tongue licked around the base of the cock, then began to slowly travel up the shaft, on the top.

His body was shaking uncontrollably, as the tongue licked up, stopping at the cap of his cock head. Then it moved around the head. A hand held his base, as he heard the sounds, felt the raspy edged tongue lick at his cock. His own nostrils were flaring, as he tried to suck in the air, but he couldn’t. His whole body was on fire, as he felt Hayden pull his mouth back, then he felt the warm press of the lips at the tip of his cock.

His head fell backwards, his hips shot forward, driving his cock between the lips, but Hayden was ready for him. He let his head move back, just a bit, so that the head couldn’t fully penetrate his mouth. His lips grew tighter before his head moved back in towards Tyler. They slowly allowed his cock head to enter, and he felt the saliva coat the head, mixing with the oozing pre cum.

Finally his cock was buried inside of Hayden’s mouth. It felt unreal, as the lips continued to press tightly on his cock, the man’s nose wedged into his groin. He felt like all the air in his lungs had been pushed out, as his chest heaved. His heart was pounding, the pulse was racing so fast he was sure he’d have a stroke.

Hayden seemed to sense his need, as he began to pull back, then push forward. Tyler’s hips were starting to move too, matching Hayden’s head movement. His was fucking the man’s face, feeling his hard cock banging against the inside of the mouth. He felt it go down the opening of the man’s throat, felt the muscles of the throat constrict around his pole.

Men Over ThirtyHe had many others suck his cock, but none seemed to come close to making him feel like this. His body was shaking all over, his eyes were glazed over, as he struggled to hold back, to not surrender so fast. It was hard, but each time he thought he was winning, Hayden would twist his mouth around his cock, and he would begin to lose his control. Then it would ease, let him take charge again, which soon was once more on the brink of being taken away.

He had no idea how long it went on, but as he once more felt like he couldn’t hold on anymore, the pressure didn’t stop. This time it went further, as Hayden reached between his legs, his tongue licking around the cock head inside his mouth. His hand moved under his balls, a finger moving up between his buttocks, and then his hand lay across both cheeks. It pushed him into Hayden, making him stumble a bit, making his cock dig deeper in the man’s throat.

Then the hand moved away, a single finger now prodded him, and before he could stop, it was impaled into his rectum. He cried out, the sudden penetration making him tremble, making his nerves tingle. Then the tongue licked his cock, and he felt his body going over the edge. His mouth was open, his tongue handing out, his eyes rolled back into the socket, as he felt the explosion deep inside.

The finger dug deep into his rectum, his cock was taken deep into the throat, as he felt Hayden’s nose digging into the soft belly of his groin. His body shook, his legs trembled, his arms fell to the side, as the blood left them, rushing to his throbbing cock.

A soft gagging sound barely registered, as his heart suddenly roared in his ears. It was like being in a long tunnel, with a jet engine roaring in the distance. The sound was deafening, as his heart thundered, as his body became a series of rolling spasms. His balls hurt, his buttocks clenched tightly, making the finger move inwards a bit further, and his hips shot outwards, with all of his weight behind them.

Hayden held his ground, as Tyler felt his cock lodged firmly into the man’s throat. Then he felt it rear back, felt it tremble, then felt the rolling thunder inside of him explode outwards. His whole body shook, his head was swimming, his eyes closed tight was reflecting brilliant flashes of red and blue bolts. His hips were pressing into Hayden’s face, trying to press inside, past his mouth, as his cock released its milk.

He didn’t know how many times he had cummed, or how much. He was exhausted, ready to fall to the ground, as his entire body seemed spent, seemed totally exhausted. He felt himself still trembling, as his cock came free from Hayden’s mouth. Tyler couldn’t believe how drained he was feeling, as he sensed Hayden’s figure now standing in front of him, no longer kneeling.

The man’s arms reached out, and wrapped around him, and he collapsed into them. He was totally exhausted as he let Hayden hold him upright. Slowly he managed to feel like he could stand on his own, and lifted himself up out of Hayden’s embrace.

Jesus’ was all he could say, as he pulled his shorts up and then his pants.

The bell just sounded, intermission is over.

Tyler looked at Hayden, and he couldn’t help but wonder what the man would do for a finale.

That was no intermission for me, more like a hell of an opening act.

Hayden laughed, as he brushed his trousers off, and began to lead the way out from behind the bushes. His hand was warm to Tyler’s touch, and it felt like tiny electrical shocks as they made their way back to the pathway.

Take my card, phone me when you get home, and I’ll see if I can’t arrange a killer final act for you.

Grinning from ear to ear, he took the card, and put into his pants pocket, his hand holding it tightly. He knew he didn’t have to say a word, that his expression was enough to tell Hayden to expect his call.

Most of the people had already left for their seats when they made their way back inside. He saw Max staring at him, his eyes bulging wide as he took in the two of them, and the state of their attire. He didn’t give a damn what the little shit thought, as he just kept the huge grin on his face, his hand clutching the card in his pant’s pocket.

He couldn’t wait till this Opera was over, so he could continue with his own personal one, with Hayden.

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