Fiction – Wee Willie

Wee Willie

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

it isn't just size that countsAs Willie pulled on the green elf boot, he could feel the other’s in the change room snickering. He had felt all of them staring when he had walked in, to begin his first day’s work at the local department store. He was the new Christmas Elf, and even the old man playing Santa had smirked. Okay, so he wasn’t like them, and being an elf was something he could manage, not from any special skill, but simply because he was a ‘little person’.

In some ways it infuriated him, the way so many looked down on him, not because they were taller, but from some strange sense of superiority, all because they had grown above 4 feet in height. It sucked, as he pulled the hat on, hearing the snickers coming from a couple of men down the aisle.

What pissed him off the most, was the way they all assumed that being little, meant he was little everywhere. Even the few he had managed to take home, until he had met Skylar, had been surprised at his equipment. If those two jerks smirking only knew, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Now Skylar, he was one in a billion, or more. Just thinking of him, made him feel good and took some of the anger away.

Sky, the nickname he gave him, was a typical red blooded stud. The guy was nearly 30, a year or two younger than him, but you would never know it from his looks. He stood close to six feet, had a college boy’s body with one of the cutest asses you could imagine. Long legs that were muscular, to go with the rest of him. The long blond hair and blue eyes were the finishing touches to a perfect look.

Yet more than that, he didn’t have a single prejudiced bone in his body. Willie could still recall that first meeting, down at Dick’s Delight, the local gay bar. It was one of the few places that didn’t make him feel like a freak. Unlike the more fashionable places, no one offered him a high chair, no one told him ‘kids’ weren’t allowed. Like any kid would have a beard shadow like him, but all they ever saw was his height. Not at Dick’s. He was treated with respect, something he wished his co-workers would learn.

Still, it was where he had met Sky, where he actually fell in love for the first time in his life. It had all happened because some drunk had stumbled in, and before the staff could toss him out, Sky had come to his aid. The drunk was being abusive, and Sky had quietly and very effectively sorted him out. He never did find out what he had said, but they had enjoyed a drink together, and just talked.

Unlike many of his other ‘normal’ friends, Sky didn’t make it awkward. They didn’t talk about his height, not at first, and it didn’t seem like he was just avoiding it either. That warmed Willie up to him, as it just felt normal, no hidden apprehensions.

Bringing Sky home had been an experience too. He had his own home, not a flat or rental. After all, just because he was a ‘little person’ didn’t mean he had a small brain. He was good at figures, damn good in fact. His little mathematical tweaks had made his monthly salary get him his home, and while it was expensive to maintain, he managed.

Sky was the first to visit him at home. It was a bit awkward, as he had the furniture for his height, not for what other’s called ‘normal folk’. What was amazing was how Sky didn’t make a deal of it, he just slouched down on the floor, leaning against the chesterfield.

The only awkward moment, was that first venture into sex. It was strange, but he never had someone want him, least not the way Sky had. Still did too, but it was the one time when his height was an issue. Still, the way they talked, discussed it and before he knew it, he was being kissed on the lips by the blond giant. The taste of his mouth, was like tasting a bubbly wine. It just felt so good, that he could feel his whole body shaking.

The erection didn’t go unnoticed either. Sky had stared at the bulge in his pants, his eyes bulging as he kept staring to the point where Willie asked if he’d never seen a guy with a hard on before. Sky had blushed, and it was a perfect sight to see. The cheeks turning pink, surrounded by his long flowing hair was a real turn on for him. Made his erection even harder, which he hadn’t thought possible.

His answer was perfect too, when he said of course he had, but never one that looked so inviting. It made him feel good, and he couldn’t explain it, even now, but it had made him want Sky, want him to take him too. Maybe that was why he had stood up and simply dropped his pants.

Whatever the reason, the reaction he received was worth it. The eyes seemed to bulge as they took in his tiny frame, and well endowed penis. It was hard, sticking out, not what some would call huge, but certainly not below average. On his frame though, it did look menacing. Skylar merely licked his lips, exclaimed his pleasure, and before Willie could reply, he felt the man’s hands around his waist, pulling him in closer.

That first touch of his hands, around his naked waist, made every part of him tingle. Sweat suddenly was beading up on his forehead, as Skylar’s powerful hands pulled him close, to the point where his hard cock was an inch or less from the man’s watering mouth.

Others had been surprised by his size, but none had shown the desire that Skylar showed that night, and ever since. It was like a perfect match, or mis match as some would call it. The way Skylar couldn’t seem to keep his hands off him, to touch him, to hold him. It was unbelievable, and damn erotic as hell too. The way his hands would move across his flesh, touch him in ways no one had ever done, not even himself. There was something special about it all, and Skylar didn’t rush either.

Despite the growing look of hunger in his eyes, the way they sparkled as they stared at his cock, was like a fire growing in intensity. From a puff of smoke, to a tentative little orange flame, to suddenly becoming a white hot ember with dancing blue flames, it all was reflected in his look. Yet he took his time, touching him, feeling his body, his muscles.

The hand that reached out to run lightly over his hard cock, almost made him shoot his load right then. Only by chance had he held back, as the fingers moved lightly over his shaft, barely touching. The light pressure was more arousing than if he had simply grabbed hold of it.

It was as if he was trying to feel the blood the pulsed through the veins, the way he touched him. How his hand lightly brushed over his leg hairs, his pubic hairs. The soft caress making his nerves tingle, his muscle quiver. It was the most sensual feeling he had ever experienced. Time seemed to have stood still for him, as he stood there quivering, this strange blond giant tenderly exploring his naked body.

As Skylar touched him, he would now and then bend over, and press his lips lightly against Willie, a soft brush that somehow made him tremble. His buttocks ached, would clench each time the strands of blond hair would brush across his body.

When he leaned down, to kiss Skylar, he could feel the man’s own arousal. The way he caught his breath, nearly choking as they tasted each other. The way his tongue and Skylar’s duelled between their mouths. It had made him woozy, light headed. Yet the strong arms held him from falling forward, and then he felt the lips on his chest.

He was panting, his chest heaving as Skylar licked at his right nipple, teasing it and then carefully clutching it between his teeth, nibbling at the firm flesh, pulling even on it, then licking all around it. He had shook so hard, he was certain he would fall over, but Skylar kept him upright, his long tapered fingers digging into his skin.

Even as he felt them dig in, he could feel them tremble, feel them shake to the raw emotions that were passing between them. It was like an electric thunderstorm had erupted between them. Each time they grew close, each time their bodies touched or grew closer, jolts of electricity would pass between, charging them inside.

His heart was aching, thundering so loudly that everything else was off in a distance. Every other sound seemed so far away, as his beating heart filled his ears. The light touch on his balls, the way the fingers would lightly caress the tiny pubic hairs, making them stand on end, quiver and sway. It all made him even more aroused, more determined to please Skylar, and even as that thought raced inside, he knew it seemed to be Skylar’s desire too, to please him, the freak, the little person.

Willie couldn’t help but keep thinking of those things, but as Skylar touched him, caressed him, they became less conscious, less intrusive. Soon he was hardly even worrying about it, as his whole body was feeling like an electrified fence. The merest touch making him spark, making his body quake. His body felt so alive, so different that he didn’t recognize himself. It was like he was someone totally different, as he felt himself move in closer, felt his body grow hotter with each passing second.

The touch of Skylar’s lips on the tip of his cock made him moan. It was soft at first, then slowly he felt the lips parting, felt his body being pulled in more, as Skylar’s head grew closer. He could feel the long hair raking his sides, his skin. The hot breath of the man on his cock was too much, making him groan louder. Feeling the teeth as his cock was slowly taken inside, only added to his growing ache. Every nerve was tingling, every part of his body was sensitive to even the air moving in the room. His body hairs were on edge, as he felt the lips tighten over his cock head, slowly pushing along, to take it all.

His pre cum was quickly gone, swallowed in one swoop. His legs trembled, as Skylar’s hands moved around to clasp his butt cheeks. The fingers dug hard into his flesh, making him wince and moan at the same time. His eyes were shut tight, as he knew, if he watched, he’d cum now.

It was hard to not give in. He ached so badly, he knew it was only seconds before he’d give in. Skylar seemed to sense it, as well. His mouth suddenly tightened even more, the fingers dug in harder as Skylar’s head moved quickly down the throbbing pole. His nose dug deep into Willie’s soft groin, pressing hard. The tongue licked around the pole wedged deep into Skylar’s moth.

His legs grew rigid, blood was rushing from his tiny body all over to his throbbing cock. He felt his eyes fluttering, flashes of lights of all colors exploded behind his eyelids. His breathing was short and labored, his heart rose its thundering cry even more. Every part of his body was suddenly shaking.

He felt himself leaning forward, his hands resting on Skylar’s shoulders as his balls slung upwards, striking hard into his upper body. His muscles tightened even more, strangling his insides, twisting them in utter agony, as he pushed back against Skylar. His cock came out, as he grabbed hold with one hand, and quickly stroked it, aiming it right at Skylar.

His eyes were still fluttering, as he felt his body suddenly explode. At the single moment, his eyes opened, as he stared out and down. He saw the glazed hungry look in Skylar’s eyes, wide open and staring intently at his cock. He could see the head, moist and glistening from Sky’s saliva.

Then he saw the mouth open, as his cock head reared backwards, then shot forwards. The ache in his balls suddenly released, as his precious man milk was forced out and up into the long pole, aimed at Skylar’s face. He watched, his own eyes, bulging as the hot stream of milk came jetting out.

He watched the first long splatter across the bridge of Skylar’s nose, then down underneath it. He saw the upper lip tremble, as the second stream came flashing out, smacking the lips, then disappear into the wide open mouth. He felt his body shake, felt his legs quake, as more of his milk came rushing out, splattering across Skylar’s lower face. Gobs of his milk dotted the nose, the corners of the mouth, and chin. He could see it all spreading out as it hit, see it splatter. Willie could hear the thunder in his ears, hear the cries which were his own. His body gave one last hard shake, one final tremor raced through his entire 4 foot tall body.

Willie fell forward, his face nestled into Skylar’s shoulder. He felt two strong arms encircle him, hold him even tighter as he realized at how much Skylar was also shaking. He could smell himself, his own powerful man scent, as Skylar held him close.

Never had he felt such a release, such exhaustion as he had that first time with Skylar. The rest of the evening had even been more special, and as he walked along the hallway towards the Toy Department, he thought he heard his name being called. He shook his head, as he realized it was his name.

Turning around, he saw two of his cohorts walking behind, then he spotted Skylar. The tall man was running to catch up to him, and he blew past the other two men, who watched in fascination as the tall man came up to Willie.

‘When is your lunch break? Want to grab something together?’ he asked, which made the two men behind snicker. Skylar turned around, as one muttered about Mutt ‘n Jeff, and how the local diner had a kid’s platter on sale.

Willie felt deflated, as he listened to their laughter, which suddenly ended abruptly. He looked up, to see Skylar was standing in front of both men. His body was rigid and he could see how held himself, taut and filled with anger. It was amazing to watch as Skylar stood there, taller than one, same height as the other, when he spoke.

Least he has a heart that is bigger than the stone in your chest, and he might not stand as tall as you, but you know something mate, he is a giant when it comes to being a man, not some shoddy excuse for one, like you and your friend here.

He turned around, then stopped, and turned once more to face the two other men, who still hadn’t said a word. Their mouths were still open, their jaws hanging down, when Skylar looked at them both, then at their crotches.

He looked hard at one, then gave a snort as he turned back and laid his hand on Willie’s shoulder. He began to walk forward, with Willie, when he looked down, smiled and in a loud voice proclaimed that Willie should ignore those two jackasses. It was obvious they had a bad case of ‘penis envy’.

Willie couldn’t help but laugh, his mood once more back into being happy, as he grinned from ear to ear, glancing back every few steps to enjoy seeing the stunned look on the other two.

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