Fiction – Halfway There

Halfway There

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Jarrod drove his car to the far end of the road, to the last cabin in the line. It was a nice little spot, and the trees that surrounded each cabin made them all rather isolated, insuring one’s privacy. The road even was still gravel, unpaved ever since he could remember. The crunch of tires on the road was soothing, as he had been looking forward to this diversion, all week.

It was his regular time, and as each week came, he found he was anticipating this time away from home more and more. Even though he had been coming here for almost a year, it seemed to become more important, more exciting. It wasn’t like he didn’t have other diversions back in the city, but here, it was private. There was no risk of discovery, no fear of chance encounters.

Pulling up in front of the plain cabin, he smiled. The desk clerk no longer called him Mr. Smith, but Jarrod and the key to this cabin was already on the little desk, waiting for him. After all, he was a regular. Getting out of his car, he stretched, getting the stiffness out of his body, yawning a little, as it had been a 3 hour drive to reach this spot.

He really didn’t mind, as it was better than going the full distance to meet Kenny. That would have meant a six hour drive, and early on both had agreed to find a place somewhere in the middle. They had almost missed this little getaway on their drive along the route. It wasn’t one of those flashing neon signed motels. It was located off the highway about a mile or two, and only a small little sign by the highway had betrayed its existence.

They were both pleased by its cleanliness, and setup. Each cabin was far enough from the others to be private. There were trees as well, and the windows had good thick curtains, so no one could peek through. Each cabin came equipped with a small kitchen, which suited them perfectly.

As Jarrod walked to his trunk, he smiled. This week it was his turn to bring the food, and he had gotten a couple of nice thick steaks, potatoes and naturally a couple of bottles of good red wine. He did enjoy a nice glass of wine, as did Kenny.

Kenny was one of those more nervous types. He wore glasses, but only for mundane tasks like reading, driving. When he was just walking, or more importantly sucking his cock, the glasses were on the night stand. He also worked as a junior accountant in a large firm in the city, the ‘other city’ as Jarrod called it. For himself, he worked at one of his cities more sedate law firms. They handled mostly civil matters, which is how he had first met Kenny.

They had met at a conference, discussing a merger. He had been the junior legal representative, Kenny the junior accountant. The merger, as it they both called it was between two staid old families in the State. It was, in fact, a marriage that was treated by both families as a business arrangement.

He had been attracted to Kenny the instant he had seen him. Kenny had a rather slight body, but was tall, like a bean pole really. It was hard to imagine him being 29 but he was. Married too, with 2 kids and he later found out that his marriage was one of convenience as well. It was strange, how that worked out, as his own marriage was for show, not out of love or desire or anything but show.

Jarrod had wanted to work where he was. He knew the potential, but they were an old firm, and all of their junior members were expected to be married, or at least on that path.

Fresh out of law school, he had met Janice, and like him she too expected great things but being a woman, didn’t stand much of a chance at getting on with some of the more prestigious firms in the State. Her marriage proposal had been blunt.

Screw around all you want, do whatever turns your crank, just make sure no one else knows, including me, and we can have the best of both worlds. We get the status, and the freedom.

It had taken him by surprise, but he had agreed, though his situation was different than Kenny’s. He had a father who was a real pusher. In fact, he had arranged the marriage with Marsha, because Marsha’s family owned a great deal of land, and Kenny’s father was a big time developer.

Thinking about it, it probably was the only way Kenny would have gotten a girl. It also was his ticket to the accounting firm, and while Marsha was bitch, she wasn’t one of those who could see what was under her nose. Kenny’s escape every week hardly raised an eyebrow with the Queen of Snot, as Kenny called her.

During one of the breaks in the meeting, they had met in the restroom. Kenny had been at the urinal, & when Jarrod had walked up next to him, he couldn’t help but notice the rather large lump of flesh in Kenny’s hand. Even soft it looked amazing to him. He found himself licking his lips, and when he looked up, Kenny was staring right at him.

He turned beat red, as he struggled with his own zipper, not sure what to say. Kenny had solved that for him, by simply reaching over and yanked the zipper down, then turned back to shake his dick, and stuff it into his pants. As he turned to leave, he had suggested that he would be stopping at a local bar, around the corner in one of the cities more respectable hotels.

The rest, as they said, was history. They had become involved, finding ways to meet as often as possible, until finally they had come to find something more accessible, and regular. Kenny was the more determined of them, but then his home life made it all understandable. From what he had gathered, early on in their relationship, was that Marsha enjoyed her Gin & Tonics. When she was looped, which seemed often, she was also amorous. It was how Kenny had kids.

A long talk with his father in law had made it clear, that kids were part of the union. He hated himself, because he had always known he was gay, but he loved his work. It was what he had lived for, until he had met Jarrod, or so he said. Still, he could understand having passion for one’s profession. He, himself was like that.

Still it was a bit odd, as Kenny was not a looker. He wasn’t athletic looking at all. He had sandy brown hair, freckles even, but was tall. His legs seemed to be stilts, as he had a rather short frame. Undressed, Kenny was certainly not a perfect specimen of man. His skin was pale, to the point where it was virtually bleached white.

There was very little body hair, plus you could see his ribs sticking out, despite his age and penchant for beer. He loved a good brew, but not the average stuff. He went more for the imported stuff, yet he didn’t seem to gain a pound. He was what a typical 98 pound weakling in school would grow up to look like. A 130 pound weakling.

The one feature he had over most, was his penis. Christ, he had one huge mother of a cock, even when soft. It would just hang there, the foreskin completely covering the head, like a strange sheet. His balls were a bit larger than normal as well, and his ass was small and boney.

Yet he knew how to use that dick. The first time he had felt him slide into his own ass, he had been hooked. The guy might look like a nerd from High School, but he could fuck. It was a perfect arrangement, as Jarrod liked to be the bottom. He enjoyed being the one having it all, the cock in his mouth, then up his ass. While he did enjoy topping Kenny now and then, it wasn’t his preferred sex act.

They were as different as night and day. While Kenny was thin, he was well developed. His body had filled out and working out at the gym had helped build his muscles up. He was far from being a 98 pound weakling. His arms weren’t muscle bound, but he could manage a decent bicep pose. Kenny’s arms were thin and the flesh hanged a little from his upper arm. Jarrod’s chest had some hair, lighter than his unruly mop on his head. He had dark hair, to match his steel grey eyes. His face was lean. While you could see Kenny’s ribs, Jarrod’s pecs were nicely shaped, and he had some meat around his bones. He weighed in at just under 180 pounds, and his legs were thick at the top, filling out his suit pants just right. Kenny’s legs were like toothpicks, but he had surprising strength in his thighs.

Kenny had one other impressive attribute though. He could take Jarrod’s cock down his throat in one swallow. From the tip to the base, Jarrod erect, had an above average sized cock. They had measured it one night, and Jarrod had been surprised that it was nearly 8 inches long. More surprised that Kenny could take all of it into his mouth. Glancing at the clock in the room, he could feel himself getting aroused already. Kenny should be here soon, as he began to unpack the groceries for the night.

Last week, they had to throw most of it out, as Kenny had been hornier than hell. They had fucked so many times, he had been afraid they would run out of Condoms. He wasn’t taking any chances this week, as he pulled out two fresh boxes and set them aside, while putting the steaks into the fridge.

The sound of the screen door banging made him turn around to see Kenny come bustling in. He had a strange exasperated look on his face, as he took his glasses off, placing them on the little desk by the door. After a hurried hello, he closed the door and walked into the kitchen to stare at Jarrod.

That’s some entrance, you okay?

Yeah, I am now. Fuck I love your ass.

Flattery will get you everywhere, be finished in a second.

Good, because I need you.

Jarrod turned around to look at Kenny. His brow was furled, always a sign of impatience and of stress. He looked a bit gaunt too, nervous really as his eyes were blinking a mile a second. As he turned, Kenny walked up to him, and grabbed him by the shoulders, rather roughly. A surprise as Kenny was always the more gentler of the two.

He leaned forward and kissed Jarrod hard on the mouth, telling him again how much he needed him. He couldn’t answer as he felt the hard press of Kenny’s tongue against his lips. He opened his mouth, felt the tongue flick inside, tasting him. He also could feel the tenseness in his friend as they clutched each other. There was no mistaking the hard press of Kenny’s penis either. It was already fully erect, making his own body become aroused.

As they broke apart, Kenny took Jarrod’s hand and began to lead him to the bed. It was unexpected, and he hesitated a second, that brought Kenny to a halt.

I can’t wait Jarrod, I need you now, please, I need to feel you, all of you.

Jarrod smiled, and started to move towards Kenny, to hold him and kiss him. A huge smile was on his face, even as he noticed the hurried expression. Kenny wasn’t up for a bit of play first, he was already taking his clothes off, as he had avoided the opening clutch.

You are in a hurry’ he said, beginning to undo his own shirt, to get undressed. As he took his shirt off, Kenny was already pushing his pants off his legs. He saw the small dark hairs standing up, and the way Kenny’s chest was heaving, wasn’t natural.

I am sorry, I just, I need you Jarrod, I haven’t thought about anything else, but of being with you.

I am here now, and you know I am always ready for you.

Kenny had finished stripping, and was already on top of the bed, looking up at Jarrod who was just unbuttoning his pants. The expression on Kenny’s face was solemn, yet his eyes were like a mini fireworks display. The way they glittered as they looked at Jarrod.

Take me Jarrod, I know it’s not, I mean, please, this time, take me, now… no playing, I really need to feel you bury that boner into me.

Something wrong? You are so…

Please, later we can talk, right now I just need to have you inside, to pound my ass. Please Jarrod.

He hesitated for a second, staring down at Kenny. He had his pants in one hand, and yet he could feel Kenny’s need for him. Jarrod liked things tidy, but he dropped his pants on the floor, and quickly removed his underwear. He didn’t know what it was, but as he stared down at Kenny, he felt like he couldn’t wait.

Climbing up on the bed, he lay over Kenny who had spread his legs apart. He glanced down, staring at the hard cock, the way it swayed underneath his own body. He was erect too, the stiffness of his rod dangling near Kenny’s own pole. He watched the chest rise and fall, then saw the knees being pulled up. The eyes were pleading with him to not speak, to not even play a little.

He reached over to the night stand, and took one of the condom boxes into his hand, leaning back onto his haunches. Jarrod could feel Kenny’s eyes boring into his, watching as he opened the box, took out a strip of Condoms, then rip one package off. He looked back up, to see Kenny licking his lips, his eyes glued to Jarrod’s every move.

As he ripped the package open, he was thankful that he was hard. For some reason, he didn’t think Kenny would understand if he wasn’t. Taking the condom, he pinched the top and reached down to hold his cock. It was hard, not 100% but hard enough. As he lay the condom over his head, he felt his body shake a bit, and his cock jerked a little, as he began to unroll the plastic down his cock.

Glancing up, he saw Kenny’s eyes widen, saw his nostrils flare for a second, as his legs seemed to quiver. The muscles in his stomach looked like they were all bunched up and he could see the man’s ribs sticking out all along his body.

He finished unrolling the condom and leaned forward to grab the dispenser of lubricant.

No, no I want it dry

Jarrod stopped, his hand outstretched as he turned his face to look at Kenny. He saw his pleading look, but he felt uneasy. His cock was aching as he leaned back, leaving the lube on the table.

Kenny you never… I mean…

Please, I don’t want anything to stop me from feeling it all, please Jarrod.

Leaning back, he played with his cock for a minute, stroking it as he stared at Kenny. His whole body was trembling, but he didn’t think it was just because of his need for him. He let his hand move up to his face, and he sucked on two of his fingers, as he stared at Kenny. The eyes were still following his every movement. Slowly he sucked his fingers, then with them well moistened, he moved them down the spread open cheeks. He felt the man quiver to his touch, then as his fingers moved down the crack, the body seemed to move inwards a bit.

He felt the hole, as he kept eye contact. Slowly he began to circle the tight pink hole, feeling it tremble, as he poked at it, as he teased it. As he had one finger pressing, Kenny pushed himself closer, driving the tip of the finger into him. Jarrod was taken by surprise, as Kenny grunted a bit, but continued to try and push his buttocks closer to Jarrod.

His hand moved forward, realizing how much Kenny seemed to want it. He let both fingers work in, heard Kenny moan a little as his fingers pushed in past his knuckles, up to the hilt. He twisted them around inside, then pulled back a bit, then pushed forward again. Kenny’s head twisted on the bed, as he mumbled his pleasure. ‘oh yeah, yeah, more oh please more

Kenny wasn’t normally vocal, and part of him wanted to find out now, to not do anything, but the sounds of his pleading voice couldn’t be denied. He leaned back, his cock fully hard now. Shuffling forward, he reached around to help raise Kenny’s legs up high into the air. The man took hold of them, just under his knees, and pulled back, raising his buttocks up off the bed a little.

Jarrod took hold of his cock, and leaned forward. He felt it between the cheeks, sliding it upwards towards Kenny’s waiting hole. He felt the body shaking, the anticipation making him quiver. His cock pressed up into the pink hole, wedge hard as he glanced up at Kenny. His eyes were closed shut, his lower lip inside his upper.

Slowly he began to push in, to spread apart the tiny muscles denying him entry. He felt them struggling to hold him back, as he continued to press. Suddenly he was in, he felt the warmth of Kenny’s insides wrap around the tip of his cock head. He also heard the cry, the pure pain that seemed to come from Kenny’s mouth.

He held his breath, waiting for the man to relax, for his body to get accustomed to his thick head, before pushing in further. Then with a quick push, he forced the rest of his cock head past the tiny hole. Kenny cried out again at the quick penetration. His legs were shaking on either side of him, but they stayed upright, as Jarrod continued to lower his body down onto Kenny’s.

Kenny kept his legs upraised, but he moved his hands down to his cheeks, grabbing hold of them, spreading the cheeks open wider. The fingers brushing Jarrod’s shaft. He felt himself tremble, as the insides felt like they were widen. He pushed in more, sending more of his throbbing pole into Kenny, who was moaning now. His hands continued to spread his own cheeks, and he could feel the buttocks trying to push towards him.

His motion finally stopped. His entire groin was pressing hard up against Kenny’s boney ass. He could feel the hard bone, as he ground his cock all the way inside of his friend. The two hands holding the cheeks open were still there, still keeping them open.

Jarrod pulled back a little, then drove back inside. He grunted, as his balls slapped up against Kenny’s buttocks. The motion inside was becoming easier. The motion began to quicken a little, as he pulled out, then drove in. Kenny was mumbling, urging him on, begging him to go faster, to pound his ass. It was unreal, and it spurred him on. His hips began to push more, clenching his own cheeks tighter, as his cock moved in and out like some piston on a car. In and out it went, faster with each downward thrust.

Every third or fourth thrust, he twisted his hips to one side, then the other, making his cock twist inside. Kenny would moan loudly then, and his head would toss from side to side. Jarrod felt his sweat dripping down off his face, off his forehead. He stared up at Kenny, then down at the hard cock that swayed with each thrust. He could see the pre cum oozing out of it, wishing he could taste it, but he didn’t want to stop. Yet that milky white trickle was tempting.

He leaned forward, raising Kenny’s ass upwards by sheer force of his penetration, as he opened his mouth and flicked his tongue out, barely tasting Kenny’s lips. Kenny leaned up, feeling the cock inside twist a little, as he flicked his own tongue out. The two tongues darted at each other, as Jarrod ground his hips inwards.

Jarrod tasted the sweetness of Kenny’s tongue. His eyes were glazed now, as he leaned back. He reached out for one leg, then steadied himself as he grabbed hold of the other leg. He pushed them back towards Kenny, raising his own body into a stiff position. His legs were taut, his arms fully extended, as he pulled his cock out, very slowly. He felt the tremors racing inside Kenny, felt the pounding of Kenny’s heart, as well as his own as he felt the bottom of his cock head near the hole.

Looking down at Kenny he gazed into the man’s eyes. They stared at each other, as he began to push forwards. His hips began to move in a blur, going faster and faster as he drove his cock in as hard as possible. In and out he went, like a jack hammer. Each thrust inwards made Kenny squirm, made him moan. Jarrod felt the sweat flying from his forehead. He could see the spray landing on Kenny’s heaving chest. The sound of his heavy breathing mingles with Jarrod’s own panting sounds.

In and out he went, faster with each stroke. His body was now shaking, as he heard his balls slapping hard into the buttocks, feeling the flesh shudder with each slap. He also felt his body tremble, as his balls filled up even more, growing as the excitement increased. The faster he went, the more his balls slapped up hard into Kenny’s buttock. Each touch of those cheeks made his whole body quiver, until finally he couldn’t hold back. He felt his balls readying to empty.

He pulled back, ripping the condom off his swollen cock. Jarrod could feel the blood rushing through every vein around his cock, feel the tremendous heat from his own body, as his balls exploded. Just as he had the cock held between his fingers, he felt himself cry out, felt the rush of blood from his head and extremities, towards his throbbing cock.

The cum came rushing out in a large stream. He felt the pain, felt his own buttocks being constricted, as his hips shot forward. The sound of huge drops splattering across Kenny’s heaving chest was barely audible, as his heart pounded. He heard its thunderous roar in his ears, as he cried out, aiming his cock at Kenny.

His whole body shook, as he unleashed his cum. The cock in his hand tried to buck, as it felt the rush of milk push through. His balls were emptied, as he leaned over Kenny’s belly. The last load dripping off the tip to fall on the growing pool of milk. Jarrod was exhausted, as he stared down at Kenny, slowly falling down, to lay on top.

He could feel himself rise up and down, from Kenny’s heaving chest. His legs twitched a couple of times, as Kenny’s legs slowly lay flat down, spread still. The muscles in his thighs was shaking, as he lay there, panting. Slowly he rolled off to the side, his head next to Kenny. The face was sallow, the cheeks being sucked inwards from the heavy breathing. Sweat covered his forehead, his entire face, as he reached out with his hand, feeling his cum along the belly, caressing the man’s stomach.

Kenny turned his face, and peered over at Jarrod. He smiled at him, and lifted his hand up, placing the back of it against Jarrod’s face, caressing it gently. His eyes were wide open, and he had a warm smile across his face.

Leaning forward, he kissed Jarrod lightly on the lips, then leaned back, turned his head and closed his eyes.

I am glad we found this place, I couldn’t have waited another three hours for that.

Jarrod continued to let his hand run up and down Kenny’s body, caressing it lightly as he watched his friend slowly come down, slowly relax. He wondered what had gotten him all worked up, knowing he’d find out when Kenny was ready. Until then, he’d be patient, enjoying just touching Kenny’s body. He knew that buying two boxes had been a smart move, as he let his head rest above Kenny’s, feeling him curl up into his neck.

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