Fiction – Family Secrets

Family Secrets

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He sat in the third pew, his face turned upwards towards Father Murphy standing behind the pulpit, appearing to listen to the sermon. Next to him was his wife and the twins. Martin was just 25, had just graduated from William & Mary, already had a job at his father in law’s prestigious law firm. Martin glanced briefly at the two couples in front, his in-laws, and his own parents.

For a moment he felt anger, as he stared at the back of their heads, then he turned slightly to stare at his wife. She was the catch of all, head cheer leader in High School, one of the most popular girls in his school, tall and blond. The perfect wife, with beauty, charm, grace, and wealthy parents. Looking down he saw the twins, just 3 years old, blond like their mother, but not one feature that resembled his traits.

He and his wife knew, but never talked about it. There wasn’t any doubt that he wasn’t the father, and he knew that his absence from her bed didn’t stop her from enjoying sex either. He knew, without any doubt, that she had others, and that one was more than likely the real father, but his parents and hers, had blamed him for the pregnancy, had insisted he do the right thing. Even Father Murphy up there, had weighed in, insisting and like an idiot he had given in.

Course, if they had known the truth, he doubted if it would have mattered. It was about the two families merging, and the combining of their wealth that counted, and he was just the token to make it all seem proper. He had gotten his High School letter in football, had made good grades and even though he wasn’t totally interested in Law, it was his parent’s wish. Given they were paying for it, he had given in, just as he had given in when they insisted he marry Sarah, for the sake of family honour.

Honour hell, it was about his dad’s law firm merging with Sarah’s father’s firm. That was what counted, and like a good boy he had done as they said. Sitting in the pew, looking up at the cross that hung behind Father Murphy he felt the hypocrisy surrounding him.

He was gay, liked men and from an early age knew it too. Martin could thank old Father Gerrard for that, and when he had tried to tell his parents, about the Father’s special instructions, they had ignored him, told him to not defy the Church and above all else, to keep silent. He learnt his lessons well, and wasn’t upset when finally Father Gerrard had been assigned elsewhere.

Sitting there, listening as the sermon dragged on about truth and honour, about being true to God, a small smile crossed his lips. He knew he wasn’t handsome, but he had a rugged charm to him. His body was lean, not overly muscular, but well defined. His hair was just cut above his ears, another compromise to his position. Still it was enough to offset his hooked nose and thin facial features.

His eyes were always a clouded color, unless he was with one of his ‘special friends’. Martin had figured that if he had to marry the bitch, he wouldn’t miss out on his own needs, not like Sarah ever missed out on hers. She never had, and while she kept it more or less, hidden, there was no way that his parents, or hers, didn’t know she was sleeping with other men. Problem was, her taste in men weren’t the kind either family would approve of, hence their tapping him for becoming heir apparent. In their eyes, he was the type who wouldn’t make a fuss, glad to have a trophy wife, glad to have a ready made job, and naturally, the money that went with the merger. Strictly all business, and as he sat there, staring up at the ornate fixtures, he didn’t disagree.

Leaning back in the pew, he felt a bit guilty. Yet as he looked around at the familiar Church, he was able to push those feelings aside. After all, it was here where he had first lost his innocence, thanks to Father Gerrard, and then too there had been one or two times with some of the other’s in his Choir group. He smiled as he sat back, thinking of how just last night he had been with an old friend.

Lester wasn’t what you would call a looker. Even now he hadn’t changed much from when he used to sing in the Choir, other than his dick was a hell of a lot bigger, and he enjoyed using it. He could testify to that, as he shifted a little in the pew, recalling last night’s little session with Lester. The guy was good, and it was cheap too.

Lester was one of those who always got in trouble. Nothing major, but he was always getting nicked for some minor shit. Being a lawyer, Martin was the one he would call and it worked out fine. He would either pay the fine, or arrange for some way to have Lester work off the offence, either through community service or something. It wasn’t hard, given how crowded local jails were, and how the DA was more into grabbing the big ones, the one’s who would give him a good resume for when he would seek higher office.

That too played into his hands, because of his connection with the State’s biggest law firm, and wealth. The DA figured he’d collect one day, and maybe he would, but for now it all worked out for Martin’s benefit. He’d get Lester off, and then Lester would return the favour, getting him off.

That made him smile as he continued to stare up at Father Murphy. If he really thought about it, he would get upset, because he hated the hypocrisy of his life, but he went along. It was safer, and it was putting money into his special bank accounts, the one’s no one in either family knew about. He had learned his lessons well, determined to make the most of the lies and deceit. It was why he willingly let his wife cheat, while he would have his own dalliances with people like Lester.

They served a purpose, and while he rarely was asked to be a traditional husband, he could if pressed. It wasn’t fun, not anywhere near as much as fun as it was with Lester or a few of the others he frequented. Lester though, well he had a way that always made Martin feel satisfied. He enjoyed the rough sex, not BDSM or that, but just more sex than love making. He had no delusions, Lester did what he did out of need just as he wanted it out of need. He wanted to feel satisfied, so it was a perfect arrangement.

It rarely involved meaningful actions. It was about getting off, and he loved how Lester would take him. The way they would rent a room, and not even worry about the amenities. Unlike romance, there was never any hesitation. They would both just strip, laying out the Condoms for easy reach, the lubricant, and then it would just begin. No hugging, no idle chit chat either, just two men seeking sexual gratification.

Lester was bald, by choice. He liked the shaved look, except the little tuft under his chin. It gave him a sort of skinhead look that matched his long drawn face. His nose was hooked from being broken a few times, and he had a few pock marks too from a bad bout of acne as a kid. He was built though, his body was full and well defined. The muscles on his arms were clearly visible, and his pecs stood out very nicely.

The rest of his body was equal to the rest, well proportioned. His legs were hairy from the ankles to the knees, where it just seemed to end. Though he did have a very thick growth around his cock, which wasn’t what one would call average. It was thick, and long, which had been a surprise when he had first seen it as a full grown adult. Back when they were in Choir together, Lester’s dick was a damn site smaller, in all aspects. Only thing that remained the same, was how much cum the guy could shoot. Even then, he could shoot a lot, and that hadn’t changed as he grew up into Martin’s personal fuck buddy.

Back then, Lester had been a reluctant bottom, but not now. Now he was a good aggressive top, which is exactly what Martin liked. He loved how Lester would grab him, toss him onto the bed and begin to lick at him, bite his nipples and run his hands up and down Martin’s firm body. The hands would press hard, twist his nipples until he would cry out or bit his lip.

Les would kiss him at times, but not a passionate kiss. It would be a hard press of lips, then as he would pull back, his teeth would take hold of Martin’s lower lip, pulling it back then releasing it. It was like he was trying to bite him, to taste him. Sometimes he actually did, drawing blood a few times. Those were the times when the sex was really good too. He liked it when Lester would be horny, because he was always rougher then.

He would grab Martin’s cock, pull it and even slap it around. He would sit up on Martin’s chest, and force his cock into the mouth, slapping it across his face at times, wiping it across the lips, and always talking, telling Martin how much he, Martin, would want it, should want it. His patter wasn’t original but it was enough to further excite Martin.

The way he would force Martin to suck his cock, to take it deep into his throat, gagging him every time. He would force it in and out, grunting as he did. At times he would grab Martin’s hair, lift his head up and stuff his erect cock deep down into his throat. He would tell him to suck it, then he would yank it out, and make him suck his balls. He was very particular about that, how he would insist on first the left testicle, then the right, then again the left, then taste some of his cock, then back to sucking his balls, until his cock was even more aroused. Then he would stuff it hard down his throat, gagging him every time he pushed in.

That would go on for several minutes. Back and forth between sucking that hard cock, to sucking the leathery sac. He would make him do it until he was ready, then he would pull his cock out, hold it firmly at the shaft, and whack it across Martin’s face, hard too. You could hear it and then he’d move his body off, and roughly force Martin to lift his legs up, while he would slide between them.

He’d push at Martin’s cheeks, spreading them apart until his hole was showing the way he wanted. He’d lean forward, spit a few times, then take his middle finger and work the spit in and around his hole. His legs would be up in the air, his hands holding them up and spread open. Lester would look up at him, give him one of his toothless grins, his eyes sparkling with lust, and then he’d bury his head between Martin’s cheeks.

He’d feel the teeth first, as they would nibble at his flesh, biting even, making him grunt, then more spit would be applied to his hole, the finger would rub it in, but this time would poke past his muscle. He would grunt again, then he’d feel the hand reach up, shoving his balls until the fingers could grasp his own cock. They would wrap around his shaft, in a strangle hold. It hurt too, but he would only grunt at the pain. Then Lester would pull on his cock, a few strokes to several, as he would be staring at Martin, from between his upraised legs. His face had a wicked grin on it as he would stroke Martin’s cock tightly.

Then when he figured he had enough, he’d quickly lower his head, and bite at Martin’s rectum. He’d bite the flesh around the hole, making him grimace and then suddenly Martin would feel the tongue come out. He would feel its raspy edged tongue flick at his hole, then lick along his valley, all the way up to his scrotum. He would feel it lick at the base of his cock, then his testicles. He would groan then, which would make Lester begin to lick downwards, then quickly back upwards, until he had both of Martin’s balls inside his mouth. He would let his teeth rake the sac, then suck them inwards more, using suction to pull at the leather like skin.

They would be released shortly, sounding more like they were being spit out. The air in the room would make them feel like they were being cooled, but Lester would then lick his valley hard. His tongue would start to move down, pressing as hard as it could against his flesh, until it came to his hole. It would then circle the hole, licking at the fringes of the hole itself, until he would feel his body shake. Lester always waited for that moment, before he would suddenly push in.

His whole head would dive in, pushing Martin’s legs wider and the hands would suddenly be gripping at his buttocks. The fingers would dig in hard, pulling his cheeks apart, while his head moved in between. The tongue would already be curled and pushing at his hole, licking it roughly, then suddenly pushing past his muscle. He would feel the curled tip reach inside, licking him inside his tunnel, making him squirm. His whole body would buck, which would make Lester dig his tongue in even further.

He would cry out, but Lester would ignore his pleas. He would press harder, until Martin was begging him for more, urging him to take him. Lester never gave in quickly. He might pull back but only for a second, before diving in again, even harder than before. His tongue would lick him hard, and at times Lester would move his hand over, pushing a finger in with his tongue. He would let his finger dive in, twisting and turning as it pushed past his hole.

Martin would cry out, begging Lester to fuck him, but he wouldn’t. He would add a second finger, sometimes even a third, until Martin’s body was quivering uncontrollably. He would pull back, slap Martin’s ass hard, then push the fingers back inside. Martin would moan and groan, beg in between gasps for air, but Lester did it his way. He would twist his fingers, bury them up to his knuckles, stretching Martin’s hole without mercy.

When he was ready, not when Martin wanted, he would pull his fingers out, and suddenly be on top of him. His body would be pressing down, his hard throbbing cock would be poking his sweat coated buttocks. Lester would kiss him hard, driving his tongue inside this time, and Martin could taste himself as the tongue would drive deep into his mouth, gagging him almost as much as when Lester would stuff his cock in.

While he was doing that, he also was reaching for a condom, and the anticipation would make him squirm even more, would make his heart thunder in his ears, as he struggled to not throw up, from the press of Lester’s tongue. His body would ache as it would feel the hard press of Lester’s penis. Then the pressure on his chest would ease and he would open his eyes, to see Lester leaning back on his haunches, a condom in his hand. He would glance down his sweat soaked body, to see the long thick cock sticking up, looking larger than ever, looking too large even.

He’d watch as Lester would quickly unwrap the condom, roll it down his cock, and then give his cock a few quick strokes, to make sure it hadn’t lost any of its erection. He would glance up at Martin then, his eyes dark and ominous looking. Lester would then lean forward, placing his hands on either side of Martin’s shaking body. He’d lick his lips as he would shuffle in closer, until his cock was nearly bending back on itself.

Then he’d reach down with one hand, to wedge the cock up between Martin’s cheeks, slowly pushing it down until it was poking at the hole. He’d get a wicked little grin across his face then, his eyes would be boring holes into Martin’s face, as he would raise his hips backwards. Martin knew what was about to happen, he’d suck in his breath, waiting and sweating.

Sometimes Lester would just hold that position for an extra few seconds, other times he wouldn’t wait. He’d ram his hips forwards, driving his huge cock forwards. It would slice into Martin like a pile driver. The penetration was always hard and painful. The very instant the head would begin to move, Martin would feel the pain beginning to roll up into his body.

He would cry out, as the huge cock would tear past his hole, ignoring the muscles, shifting them roughly aside as it would make its way deep inside of him. His body would tremble then, his breath rush out, as he struggled with the growing pain inside. The fullness would make him hurt, but it also would make him feel a growing warmth inside.

At last he’d feel the wiry hairs digging at his rectum, feel as if his legs would be split off his body as Lester would be all the way inside of him. Lester would grunt his pleasure, then he would open his eyes to see Lester’s face towering over him. His whole body would shiver then, as he felt the sweat dripping off onto his own body, to mingle with his own rivers of sweat. The smell of testosterone was overpowering, and his nostrils would flare.

Seeing that, Lester would begin to slowly pull back. It was agonizingly slow, and Martin would groan louder as he felt the cock pulling back, but just as his first groan would begin to fade, Lester would ram his cock back inside. Martin would gasp as he felt the cock driving inwards again.

Several times, Lester would repeat the whole process. It drove Martin nuts, and the knuckles on his hands would grow white from how tightly he held his ankles and legs. His body would be aching all over, the pain had turned to absolute pleasure, as Lester teased him, until once more they would look at each other. Sweat dripping off both of their foreheads, and then Lester would begin.

His body would slowly gyrate, twisting the huge cock buried inside, making Martin moan. Then he would slowly pull out and push in, each stroke becoming a little faster, a little harder, until finally his whole body was at top speed. His cock would drive in, like a jack hammer ripping concrete apart. It would drive in hard, pushing him deep down onto the bed.

The bed would always shake, groan under the hard constant pounding. It would go on and on, and Martin would find himself squirming, his head banging from side to side as Lester drilled his ass with his cock. His body would ache, the fires inside of him making his cock feel like it was burning up. The pain in his balls as Lester’s balls would slap against his cheeks, became unbearable.

He would feel the ache, and he would bite his lip, as he took the hard pounding. Then he would hear the groans, the hard gasping breath and suddenly he’d feel empty inside. Lester would pull out, and as he began to realize the cock was out, he’d hear the sound of a condom being ripped off, and he’d open his eyes, to see Lester leaning over him. He’d feel his burning legs pushing up on his upraised buttocks, and he’d see the huge cock staring at him.

Lester’s hand would be stroking it hard and fast, and soon he would see the growing head turn mottled purple. He would watch in awe, as the tiny little pee slit would widen, as a white mass came flooding out. Martin would blink, as the first wave of Lester’s cum would splatter all across his upper chest, chin even. He could feel the warmth, as it would strike, his body shaking with each splatter.

His legs would be released, but he struggled to keep them in the air, as Lester would continue to spew his milk all over Martin’s trembling stomach. Martin would find his hand grasping his own cock, stroking it hard as his eyes concentrated on watching Lester’s cock shooting and shooting.

In seconds he’d feel himself ready, his eyes would close to the sight of Lester’s last shot of cum dribbling out and his own body would explode. He’d feel the balls sling upwards, feel his milk leave and rush along the various canals until it was moving up his cock. He’d feel his cock swelling up under his hand, feel the pressure building, feel the blood suddenly leaving his arms, legs, and head.

Brilliant colors of reds, purples, greens, and others would burst in front of his vision. The darkness seemed to just explode in bright flashes, as his body would convulse once, then again, then he’d feel the cum spurting out between his fingers. He would hear Lester’s panting breathing, mingle with his own cries and shallow breathing. His body would shake, tremble, and shake more, as his cock would rear back and shoot again, not as hard, but just as pleasing.

His hand would grip the end of his cock, holding it tightly between his thumb and fingers, squeezing the very last of his milk out. His body would suddenly just collapse. He could feel every muscle suddenly let go as he would sink back deep into the bed. Then he’d feel the bed jump, as Lester would suddenly collapse as well, crushing part of his body under its own weight, as he rolled to one side.

The tiny room would slowly stop spinning. He could hear nothing but the heavy panting of them both, as he would lay there, licking his lips in total satisfaction. He felt totally spent, as his eyes adjusted and the noise from the street would begin to once more intrude on their minds. It was all over, for the moment, as they would take turns using the shower, then dress.

Martin took his eyes off the cross as the sounds of the Choir intruded into his thoughts. He stared over at the rows of children singing, wondering how many of them were hiding the same family secrets, he had.

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