Fiction – Roadside Encounter

Roadside Encounter

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It was a warm sunny day as he drove in from the airport. It had been a rather tiring trip this time around and Lee wasn’t in a rush to get back to his empty house. He figured he’d stop along the way, and put the top down and just enjoy a lazy drive back to his home in the city, where he’d relax in his pool. For a moment or two as he drove along the sparsely driven road, he felt a twinge of emptiness, wishing there would be someone waiting for him at home.

Times like this he wished he wasn’t so tied up with his work. The notion of having someone to share it all with was eating at him as he saw his roadside stand coming up. He had stopped there before, to get some fresh veggies and eggs. The middle aged lady was always pleasant and the goods where always fresh. Hell on occasion she even had fresh baking, like bread or buns.

Lee made the decision to pull over when he noticed that the lady wasn’t there. A tall young blonde stood behind the stall, a baseball cap covering his head was standing there, waiting on someone else. As he pulled in he noticed the young man turn and stare at him.

For some reason he felt a flash of heat, and excitement in his tired body. The young man wasn’t all that young, maybe nearing his 30’s but what a looker. The hair was a dirty blond and hung around his shoulders, the eyes sparkled in that brief glance that seemed to have lit a fire in his heart. Strange, he wasn’t that easily moved by such a quick glance. Then too, most of the young men he met were in a hazy smoke filled bar room.

Stepping out, he stretched and noticed the blonde had given him a once over. Strange to feel someone checking him out, as he usually was the one doing the checking first. He decided to put the top down, while waiting for the young man to finish with his other customer.  While his own attention was on dropping the top, he couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that every now and then, the blonde would gaze at him, with a look that he recognized.

Lee tried not to think about it, and yet he wished the couple that were there would hurry up and leave. He couldn’t stop his mind from fantasizing about the blonde, which wasn’t usual for him. He wasn’t the type who could spot others, which was why he was always nervous unless in a safe environment, like the local gay bars. Still, he couldn’t help but feel the young man’s interest, and as he buttoned down the top, he felt a bit giddy.

Be a first for him really, if what he was feeling was real. Not like he hadn’t felt this way before, but he never had the nerve to take it to the next level. Oh he had made eye contact, even thought he had recognized an opening line, but he never had the balls to follow up on those openings. The more he tried not to look, the harder it was for him to ignore the obvious stares.

Finally the couple were heading towards their car and he moved over to see what was available. He couldn’t help but notice the open shirt and rolled up sleeves. There was no mistaking that they guy worked out. Tiny tufts of blond hair was curled around his chest and it was a fine golden color as well. He wondered what it would feel like, to run his hands down that nicely chiselled chest.

He almost lost it when the blonde spoke to him. The voice had a nice lilt to it, that was friendly. He glanced up to see wicked smile across the face, that made his heart skip a beat or two. It was hard to speak, as he was so taken by the green eyes that looked directly into his own. He wanted to turn away, to hide from the deep penetrating look but he couldn’t. It was like being frozen in place and all he could do was mumble back to the man’s greeting.

On closer inspection he could tell that he had to be more like 30 than younger, still he was a handsome specimen. Lee even managed a quick glance at the crotch, that showed a firm package as well. Licking his lips he tried to engage the blonde in conversation, thinking he was failing horribly.

Desperate to prolong the time talking, Lee did manage to find out that the Blonde was the brother to the lady he was used to seeing, and that the kids were hers. He also found out that his name was Brent and that he did home repair and yard maintenance. He didn’t know how it all came out, but as he reached into his pocket to pay for his purchases, he somehow found the nerve to enquire about getting some yard work done.

As he handed Brent a $20, he was stunned when the blonde asked if it was really yard work he was interested in, or perhaps something more personal? His mouth must have fallen to the ground, as the pealing shrieks of laughter made him grin sheepishly as he nodded that he was perhaps indeed looking for a more personal relationship.

Somehow the conversation was easier with that out of the way, and before he even realized it, he was sitting in his car, waiting for Brent to come back from the house. He tapped the steering wheel as he waited, until he noticed the tall blonde coming down the driveway with one of the kids in tow. He quickly jumped into the car and as he began to nose into the road, he noticed the knowing smirk on the little kid who now was tending to the stand.

Christ, was it that obvious he thought as they moved down the road towards the motel and coffee shop just a ways down the road. He still couldn’t believe his luck and Brent wasn’t exactly bashful either. By the time they reached the parking lot and nosed the car into a parking stall, he knew he would be renting a room before entering the coffee shop.

Opening the door to the room, Lee realized that it wasn’t a dream. He really was going to finally get lucky as he let Brent in, who immediately went to test out the bed. To see the young man, who it turned out was actually 38, testing the bed’s springs, made him grin. He couldn’t help himself, and he still found it hard to believe that Brent was 38. He looked a lot younger and judging by the grin on his face, his mindset certainly was one of a teenager.

The awkward moment didn’t seem to have come yet, and as he put the key down, it just didn’t seem like it would come either. Brent just grinned and leaned back on the bed. His legs were spread open a little and Lee could see the bulge of his crotch. There certainly was more to this guy as he moved closer, to stare down at the smiling face.

Brent had his shirt open, and he began to run his hand along the flat belly. He just kept his green eyes fixed on Lee, as he slowly caressed his own stomach, a lusty twinkle showing. Without any hesitation Lee moved closer and suddenly Brent was beckoning him with an outstretch arm. They were like two grinning baboons, but damn it felt rather exciting as he reached down to let Brent take his hand.

It was firmly grasped, and Brent brought him even closer, pulling him to the edge of the bed, and then he pulled the outstretched arm downwards, until Lee’s hand rested on the slightly trembling belly. As his hand touched the warm golden flesh, his own body quivered a little with anticipation. He just couldn’t stop grinning as he bent down, running his hand along the very flat stomach. He felt the muscles rippling under his touch and a soft little moan escaped from Brent’s lips.

Lee glanced up to see the eyes sparkling. He could feel the lust reaching out towards him and he stood up, quickly removing his own shirt, to expose a rather pale looking chest, covered by a dark patch of chest hairs. He breathed in deeply as Brent moved further up on the bed, his long legs still spread apart. The eyes signalled his need and Lee bent down to undo the pants and pull the zipper down on the faded jeans.

The sound made him lick his lips. His mouth felt rather dry, as he spread open the jeans. The soft blue of boxer shorts showed but he could see that the material was being pushed upwards from something hidden within. His eyes opened wider as Brent rested his hand on Lee’s, and smiled up at him. He guided the hand down over the top of the shorts, to feel the thickened bulge and Lee almost lost it there and then.

The touch of his hand over the pulsing cock nearly made him fall backwards. Instead he sucked in his breath as he felt and groped the rather long hard shaft of Brent’s erect penis. It was almost like touching a holy shrine, the feeling was so intense inside of his mind. He quivered as he looked up into Brent’s eyes, to see the pleasure reflected inside. He could also feel the lust as Brent’s hand grew stronger on his.

Lee had never felt this excited, this aroused before. He couldn’t help himself either as he reached out with both hands and quickly pulled the pants and boxer shorts off of Brent’s body. He stood back, to admire the amazing site of Brent’s naked body. The hard cock sticking up in the air, the small egg shaped balls dangling underneath. He swallowed hard as his eyes narrowed and focused on that lovely cock, sticking up like a giant Popsicle, demanding it be licked and savoured.

It felt like he was someone else, as he stepped in closer, kneeling down at the edge of the bed, and without any hesitation popped the hard cock deep into his throat. No kissing, no fondling, as he just wrapped his lips over the head and moved downwards with his head. He sucked on the hard pole, listening to the moans that were coming from Brent.

As his head moved up and down the tasty flesh, his hands reached up and stroked the hot burning body underneath him. His hands dug along the skin, feeling the warmth and the jolts of electricity that seemed to spark between them both. He heard himself groaning as he sucked hard on the willing pole. He could taste the salty pre cum even as he sucked harder, wanting more than just a taste.

His nose buried itself deep into the soft groin with each downward push of his head. His eyes were closed as he let his mind wallow in Brent’s man scent. He could feel tiny beads of sweat on his forehead as he let the moment take hold. His own lust mixed with Brent’s own desires, and he couldn’t stop. His body was shaking as he sucked, tightening his lips around the now quivering cock.

It was almost animalistic, as his lust was beyond his control. Lee’s hands dug into the flesh, near the hips until they hit bone. He held Brent’s body tightly in his grip, tasting his manhood with a rising harshness. Brent cried out, and he could feel the bed shaking as the hands were hitting the bed on either side. Then it would stop and he would feel the hands curl around his own hair, dragging at the strands as he bucked and moaned.

Time was meaningless as he sucked harder with each movement of his head downwards. He loved the feel of the hands yanking hard on his hair one second, pounding the bed the next, and even pushing his head down, urging him onwards. He could feel the hot cock head striking the back of his throat and he groaned each time he felt it push its way down his throat. His tongue was flicking out and tasting the hot flesh as it flew past, and he gripped tighter as Brent began to arch his hips upwards, meeting his face coming down.

The loud shriek was a second behind the sudden explosion that rocked his mouth. He could feel the cock head rear back and just as he began to get ready, he could taste the hot man juice filling his mouth and throat. He could feel it drip out from the corners of his mouth as he gagged, desperate to swallow it all. He coughed but held the cock still in his mouth, tasting the hot cum flood his throat.

The cries were constant and Brent’s hand were pushing his head down, with tremendous force. It wasn’t necessary as he buried his face hard into Brent’s crotch, letting his cock fill his mouth and throat. He sucked it dry and as the last few drops came out, he felt his own body shaking. His knees hurt from kneeling down but he slowly let his head up, tasting the cum coated cock one more time before it was let free of his hold. He let his tongue flick out and lick around the head of the cock. Brent moaned loudly and his body trembled to Lee’s tongue.

Lee leaned backwards, his hands on either side of the 39 year old blonde. He just stared at the softening penis, tasting still the salty sweet cum that coated the inside of his mouth, and his lips. He gulped for air as well, watching Brent’s chest still heaving. He couldn’t believe how quickly it had all happened. He was still sort of in shock as he stared along Brent’s still trembling body.

Their eyes locked and he could see the lust still burning inside. He felt it too, in his own body as he smiled, saying nothing. The sound of their heavy breathing filled the small room. He just smiled as they both took their time in recovering. Suddenly Brent looked down at Lee and with a wicked grin plastered across his face he spoke.

‘Got plans for dinner?’

Lee just smiled as Brent pushed himself up on the bed, and then leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Then he reached down for his jeans, and rummaged in the front pocket for a second. He pulled his hand out, a pleased grin on his face and in his hand he had a strip of Condoms.

Lee looked at the Condoms, then at Brent’s face.

‘Yep, I got plans, but I think dinner will be rather late tonight’

Brent smiled as he shoved his body up further on the bed, his hand resting to one side, urging Lee to climb up and join him. With his other hand, he placed the strip of Condoms on the night table and as Lee shoved his pants down to his ankles, Brent spoke.

‘Breakfast might be late too’


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