Fiction – Playing Through

Playing Through

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The ball sailed and sliced off to the far left, again. He hated when it did that or that is, until today. Normally he was a pretty decent golfer. He had been a last minute addition to the foursome by his boss, and he knew the man wasn’t exactly thrilled with his play, but frankly, he just didn’t give a shit. He was enjoying the round so far, specially when he Carlos had been assigned as his caddy.

Carlos was Latino and was a local freshman from the community college nearby. He was taking, of all things, Political Science and had aspirations of one day being the first Latino President or so he had proclaimed while the others were teeing off on the second tee.

There was something about the 20 year old that had made Conrad relax and put aside his resentment at being forced into this game on his day off. Still it didn’t hurt to score some brownie points with the boss, who was careful to explain to him that he just needed to hit the ball, and keep his damn mouth shut. Something he was rather good at. Still it irked him that he had to give in and not chime in when the two clients were mouthing off, mostly about politics. That is how he found out about Carlos’ aspirations.

By the fourth tee, he was pretty sure he wouldn’t make it through all eighteen holes without putting his foot in his mouth. As he weighed the choices and the looming prospect of unemployment, he watched the way Carlos just stared at them, a strange smirk on his face with each jab the two businessmen made about things. The way they would sound off on Gays one minute, then the influx of cheap labour from Mexico. They didn’t seem to leave any topics undisturbed as they played on.

It was his chip shot that grazed the edge of the tree line where Carlos took his mind off the bigots he was with, including his boss who did nothing but fawn over the two morons. He hated the way they had to do business, and idly wondered what would really happen to the world of economics if people spoke up instead of just biting their lips? Somehow Carlos must of sensed his anger and while searching for the lost ball, had rubbed against his thigh, whispering that it wasn’t worth it. He seemed to indicate their were other ways to get back at those types and so Conrad bit his lips once more.

Conrad’s golf game went distinctively downhill on the fifth tee. On his second shot, While passing him his club, Carlos let his hand brush against Conrad’s front, and as it moved past it sort of pushed inwards, rubbing the soft lump of his dick. The hand sort of lingered for a second, before moving on. It stunned him and with the two men standing behind him, made him nervous. His swing had sliced the ball squarely into the rough and the groan from his boss only added to his nervousness.

Walking down into the rough, he turned to take his club and noticed the wide grin on Carlos’ face. It didn’t register for a second but then he looked into the dark eyes and saw the strange glint. He also realized that Carlos was staring not at the ball, but at Conrad’s crotch. He was embarrassed for a minute and yet his body didn’t seem to feel the same way. After all Carlos was a fine specimen to stand next to.

The sound of his heart beating a bit wild made him break the stare and he turned to look down at the ball among the uneven ground. He couldn’t help but also notice that Carlos had positioned himself to the left and behind. It would give the young man a perfect view of his stance, and his butt. Damn, he thought he was going to get a case of the shakes thinking like that, and the rather stiffening piece of meat between his legs didn’t help his concentration either.

It took Conrad two tries to get out and judging by the look on his boss’s face, it wasn’t going to make job advancement easy. Still in some way he felt rather happy, knowing his boss was feeling discomfort and that perhaps it would effect the business dealings he had with the two bigots. Not a bad notion he thought as he struggled to keep up with the others, already behind in the scoring.

Carlos was distracting. Each time he stood near Conrad, all he could do was breathe in deeply that strange perfume the young man exuded. He wasn’t a tall man, and was rather husky in a sense. But as he kept stealing glances at him, he couldn’t help but become aroused by the man’s looks. His hair was close cropped and the angular face made him look dangerous, in a good sense. It was almost as if he was daring those who looked at him, to guess at what was behind the blank stare. Conrad certainly was thinking about it, along with some other fanciful thoughts. He couldn’t help it, the guy always seemed to position himself so that his full looking crotch was right in Conrad’s easy view.

His first foray into the woods came because of Carlos. The man kept several golf balls in the front pocket, and on the tenth he stood in front of Conrad. Carlos reached into his pocket and his eyes glanced downwards, dragging Conrad’s own eyes down. As his hand dug into the pants, Conrad saw him also reach over from the pocket, and adjust what certainly looked like a rather large pole. The vision of that lump made his heart skip a beat and then when Carlos handed him the ball, and tee, the touch of his fingers on his own, only added to the building desire within.

Conrad felt his mind begin to think about what was behind those rather loose fitting beige pants and he had trouble setting the ball on the tee. It was even worse as he managed a quick look at Carlos and saw him grin and look back down towards his crotch. It was like a signal or invitation or so he hoped. The ball naturally went sailing off into the woods, making his boss swear and glare at him, though he barely let it register.

They were hunched over, searching the undergrowth for the lost ball when Carlos somehow bumped into him. He didn’t move away either, but just let his body lean into Conrad’s. It was unnerving as he struggled to decide whether to stand up and move on, or to maybe say something. The choice was taken from him as Carlos reached out in front of him, his arm brushing hard into Conrad’s groin. His hand dropped a ball and then hand seemed to just turn and press hard into his groin.

It took the breathe from him and he even moaned a bit, unsure what to say or even do, for that matter. It was all so sudden or so he thought, as he turned his head towards the 20 year old.

“Your boss is a dickhead”

“Uh huh” was all he could manage as he Carlos kept his hand pressed into his groin.

“There is your ball”

“Uh, well it might be, but uh, doesn’t seem to be the uh, right one”

His eyes stared up into Carlos’ face. There was a small smile across the face and the eyes were staring hard at Conrad. He felt a lump in his throat as he wondered what was going to happen, when Carlos chuckled a little and his hand moved away from Conrad’s groin.

“Let me see if I can find the right one then” was all he said as he moved around to squat in front of Conrad who stood up. The pain in his back from bending over was travelling up his body, his mind was trying to figure out what Carlos had in mind when he felt the zipper on his own pants suddenly pulled down.

Still dazed he felt the hand reach in and start to fondle his erect penis, and then push it aside after a quick embrace. The fingers reached down and under to cradle his scrotum and as he looked down at Carlos, he heard him ask if that was the right ball or not.

He just gulped for air and nodded as suddenly his cock was pulled out from his pants, his shorts jammed to one side. He felt the thumping of his heart and he stared around to make sure no one could see. Carlos chuckled again, telling him to lean back and relax, that no one could see into the small thicket of trees they were in. His voice had that lilt to it that made it all seem right and he sighed, leaning against the tree trunk.

As he felt the bark dig into his back, his body shook as Carlos wasn’t wasting any time. His hands had stroked the average sized pole and it was fully erect. The skin was taught and he could feel himself enjoying the thrill of the young man’s hand on his shaft. He reached around with his hands to let them lay on the shoulders and it only added to his pleasure. His body shuddered and suddenly the close cropped head was all that filled his vision.

The sensation of wet lips around his own cock head took him by surprise. The tight hold of the mouth that began to move down past his head sent chills up and down his spine. He gripped the shoulders tighter, feeling the bone. It steadied him as the warmth came pushing into his body from his pole. It was fully enveloped by Carlos’ mouth and slowly the head began to bob and the sound of suction made him start. His head turned towards where his boss was and yet even if the man heard, he was too thick to know what it meant. He smiled at that and looked back down as he let Carlos suck and play with his balls. The motion grew faster and he felt his body shiver. It was happening so fast, and the thrill was not something he had ever experienced before.

Risk of being spotted, heard was making him sweat more than normal and yet he couldn’t help himself. His hips jutted forwards, sending his cock deeper into the willing mouth. He loved the rough stink that came across his whole shaft as it went past the teeth. He felt them rasp on his flesh, making him shiver even more. The motion was becoming too much and he felt his body quivering in anticipation.

The ache in his groin was growing unbearable. The sucking motion was unreal as he began to rock a little. His hands no longer clenched the shoulders, as he felt his body ready to surrender to the urgent demands of Carlos’ mouth. The press of fingers under his scrotum, the licking of his pole was too much. He groaned now, uncaring who heard. His eyes were glazed over as he felt his legs quiver.

The mouth left his cock, and suddenly he felt each of his testicles swallowed up by the eager mouth. He groaned louder now, his hips jutting forward and then once more his cock was being swallowed whole. He felt the lips wrap around the head and slide down, pressing as they held him. His head was banging the far reaches of the throat and all he could think of was how good it all felt.

His golf game forgotten as he arched forward. The hands reached out to hold onto the shoulders as his body bucked and then with a strange growl in his throat, he felt his balls sling upwards. Every muscle in his body grew tense as he let himself go. Even his strangled cry of ‘I am cumming’ seemed lost in the roar of sound that echoed in his ears.

Every muscle let go at once, as his body leapt forward, forcing Carlos back a little. The hard cock wedged deep within the mouth as his milk came flooding out. The release took the young man by surprise, and yet the sounds of him swallowing hard only made him arch forward further. He was desperate to get his dick deep down into the willing throat, but the strong hands on his thighs held him back long enough for a second load to come flooding out. He felt the hot milk coat his own shaking pole and he sighed, his body suddenly spent.

It was over so fast, that he could hear himself panting. The sudden ejaculation made him shake for several seconds as he heard his cock slip out of the mouth. Looking down, he saw the pleased expression on the young man, and noticed the bits of cum around the corners of his mouth. It was then that he heard his name being called, recognizing the angry howl of his boss.

Stuffing his cock back into his pants, he turned to see Carlos hand him a golf club and pointed at the dropped ball. A small evil grin was on his face as Conrad yelled back to his boss, a similar grin crossing his own face.

As he began to position himself to fire the ball out of the trees, he wondered just what lay ahead at the next grove of trees coming up a few holes away.






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