Fiction – Just Routine

Just Routine

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Trevor paid the receptionist with his credit card, and made the next appointment. As he confirmed the date, he smiled, showing off the latest cleaning he had just endured. Most people, Trevor included, were not fans of dentists or the routine cleaning procedures, though that had all changed for him, ever since Don had joined his Dentist’s Clinic.

Before Don, Trevor got his teeth cleaned every four months, now it was every six weeks. Okay so it cost him $50 each time, he didn’t care because Don gave him his monies worth. Walking out of the clinic reception area into the busy mall his mind continued to think about Don, and was already counting down the time till his next cleaning.

Don was a looker. He had that kind of build and look that always made people take a second look. It also was the look that made people want him too. Everything about him was attractive, even his warm smile and clear voice. Guy could easily cum just listening to him recite the dictionary, it was that good. It was why Trevor also began to get his teeth cleaned more regularly.

He knew Don was special that first time. While nothing happened then, it was still special and after his second visit, well how could he not keep on coming back? The man knew how to clean too, an added bonus. It used to hurt but under Don’s careful attention, he found himself not even noticing. Course it helped that Don was one of those touchy feely type guys.

The previous technician used to always jiggle her boobs at him, and when she leaned over, to get into his mouth he could not just smell her perfume, but almost taste it. Don on the other hand had a nice fresh scent to him, and his breath had a hint of mint smell to it. Course the bonus was Don never wore underwear.

That first time, when he had moved in close, and leaned over to start the scraping had made him jump. It had made Don reassure him that it was okay, but it wasn’t the cold metal on his teeth that had made him twinge. It was the press of Don’s groin against his hand, and the feel of a long hard dick that had him surprised.

All through that first time, the press of Don’s hard pole was always resting on his hand or rubbing up on his fingers. He couldn’t help himself in moving his fingers now and then, and when Don didn’t seem to move or object, it was almost too much for him. Sitting in that reclining chair, Don’s handsome face peering down at him, the cock pressing on his fingers, Trevor had nearly shot his load before the cleaning had been finished.

Right after he had left that day, he had gone to the Mall’s restrooms and jerked off in one of the stalls. He had been hooked and after relieving himself, he went back to the clinic to change his appointment to a closer date.

Things had progressed from then on. It had evolved to the point where now, when he leaned back in the chair, the arm was in the upright position, to give his hand free movement. He liked that as soon as Don came over, he would move his well muscled body into Trevor’s. His thigh would rest on Trevor’s leg, and his crotch was immediately in hands reach. As usual Don had no underwear on either.

As Don would begin to lean down, the eyes twinkling, Trevor would slide his hand over the outline of an erect cock. It was thick too, and it was a thrill to know that just outside the little cubicle were others. The adrenalin rush was amazing as Don would begin to chat a bit too. He would ask him about how things were and it was sort of a signal too.

Soon as the sound of that rich sounding voice was echoing in his ear, his hand would begin to press and and then slide itself up to where his fingers could grasp the zipper. He would slowly pull it down and let his fingers push aside the thin cotton of the pants, and reach in to touch the hot throbbing cock.

His finger tips would gently run across the burning flesh of the shaft and it would quiver a little to his touch. That always made him close his eyes but he quickly would re-open them to stare up into the face. Don had a white mask over his mouth, but the eyes would light up as Trevor’s fingers would slowly move along the cock shaft until it would reach the cap under the head.

He would trace the outline before letting his fingers move up and tease the head. There was always a small drop of precum around the slit too, that his fingers would play with. They would smear it around the head and then slowly he would find that Don had moved in closer to him. His hand would easily slip into the opening, and his fingers would grip the hard cock, the precum giving him some lubrication.

Don would also help things along by pressing inwards and moving out. Then too he would press his hand against Trevor’s chest when cleaning his scraper on the bip. The tool would be wiped on it, and then Don would simply let his closed hand rest there, just long enough to make Trevor look up into a gorgeous pair of smiling eyes.

He never could tell their color as he was too enthralled by the seeming sparkles that existed there. It was like watching fireworks explode in the middle of absolute darkness. It was blinding and thrilling too. Hell it would make him grip Don’s cock harder and begin to pull and push on it. His fingers would hold the throbbing pole tightly and slowly start to slide up and down the burning skin.

It always was hot, and he would lean back into the comfortable chair, smelling that clean scent of fresh washed skin that came from Don. He loved it and found out the brand of soap that Don used, but it was the touch of his body against his own that always got him aroused.

Every now and then, as he stroked the cock, Don would moan softly, which only added to the moment. It made Trevor’s body shiver at times. The sounds always made him hornier as it would spur his hand onwards. It would begin to move faster and at times, Don would have to just stop his cleaning.

The little dentist tool would be above his opened mouth, and he could see the lust glowing in Don’s eyes as his hand would stroke the cock even harder. Small tears would well up as Don would fight for control, but never quite manage. It was then that Trevor would finally pull the pulsing cock out of the pants, to let it breathe and to give him more room to quickly pull on the throbbing cock.

That was the most dangerous time, when he had the cock out and it made the whole jerk off that much more enjoyable. The sounds of people moving past, always listening to see if they were about to come in, made his hand a blur as it pulled on the long cock. He could hear the whimpers too as Don would sometimes brace himself, his one hand shaking with the scraper tool, the other clenching his shoulder.

The fingers would dig into his flesh until it reached bone, and it hurt. Hell he never did ever get rid of the bruise that would result from such a hold, but he didn’t care. As Don would hold his shoulder in a tight painful grip, Trevor would let his hand start to go even faster. It would go up and over the throbbing cock head, gathering the growing pre cum and spreading it down the hot skin of the shaft. He could feel the vein beneath grow as Don’s blood would rush to the demanding cock head.

Trevor always looked down to see the blur of his hand, and the shaking cock that he held onto. His eyes would bore down on that red flesh and it made his own heart skip several beats. He would feel his own body growing harder and more tight as the hand continued to pull on the pole. It was only when he could hear the constant moans next to his ears, that he would become even more excited, as it was a signal that Don couldn’t hold on.

The first shot of cum was always the best. It would come flying out from between his fist to strike him high up, splattering against the bip over his chest. The second stream of milk would generally not make it past his clenched fist, but would fall back onto the shaking cock head. The palm of his hand was soaked by the hot jizz, and his shoulder would be aching as Don would tighten his grip, until the third and final shot would dribble out into his hand.

Don would look down at him, as he slowly moved his hand off the throbbing cock, and brought it up to his face. He would watch the eyes grow wider as he let his tongue lick the palm of his own hand, tasting Don’s cum. He would lick at his fingers, all the time keeping his eyes on Don’s face.

The eyes would look amazed and always were like saucers, as they peered down into Trevor’s own. They would sparkle a little more too as Trevor’s tongue would lick at the fingers, just like one did after eating fried chicken. With a deep sigh, it would all be over and Don would push his spent cock back into his pants. Though this last time, he let Trevor do it.

Somehow, Don would manage to then finish the cleaning. While he was finishing, they would simply just keep on staring at each other. Under that white mask, Trevor could sense a huge grin, and one day, he hoped he could see it. Course once the cleaning was over he did get to see, but he rather wanted to see it before it was all over.

He had thought about asking him out, about giving him his phone number but somehow he never found the words. Maybe next time he would find the right words, the right opening to ask Don out,  as he pushed open the restroom door again. It had become his first stop after having his teeth cleaned, and as he closed the stall door, he smiled. The tingle in his mouth made him smile as he recalled that tangy taste of Don’s cum.

Next time for sure, he would ask Don out. After all, he was curious to taste the cum when it was fresh and hot. Trevor pulled his own cock out from his pants, and began to stroke it, thinking back to just a few minutes ago. Definitely next time, he thought as his body began to quiver and images of Don filled his thoughts.

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