Fiction – Forced Out

Forced Out

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Morgan placed his drink of Scotch down on the end table, and placed his hands under his chin. He stared out at the well furnished room and felt the skip of his heart, as he wondered if all that was before him was about to be taken away. He felt the tiny beads of perspiration forming once again, as he contemplated his enormous error in judgement. Least in his eyes it was huge, and yes, a mistake.

Yet he really didn’t think he could have prevented it from happening. Sam was one of those that after one look, you simply felt like they were old friends you could trust. Not to mention how damn hot he looked. The way his blond hair curled around his ears, or the tiny lock that always hanged down over his forehead. The perfect nose and thin pale lips that always seemed wet, and ready to devour a person. His blue eyes were always sparkling, and made you think he knew everything about whatever he was staring at, and you always felt like you wanted it to be you that he was looking at.

He knew it had been wrong, a man his age, nearly 40, having such thoughts about someone just barely out of their teens.  Sam was just 20, though at times he looked younger. Like when he was playing in the pool, or sitting drinking a beer at the bar. He had that look, that certain aura that made your heart quiver, and your dick stiffen. Just one look, and you’d feel the heat in your groin, that one glance that would make you perspire with lustful hope in your heart. Sam was that, and more for Morgan, and yet now he realized it was all an act.

Despite the realization that he had been played, Morgan couldn’t help but feel that somehow he had been to blame.  That maybe he had given Sam a wrong signal along the way. That maybe was the toughest part of the whole thing. He knew he had been taken advantage of, that now that Sam had what he wanted, he was moving on up, with the next willing victim. That was the word too, victim. He had to come to terms with that, even though his memories of the few times with Sam were still fresh in his mind and dreams.

Morgan knew he couldn’t let Sam get away with it. He owed Derek that much, and others too. If he kept quiet, others like him would be going through this same self torture, and no amount of dick and heavy breathing could alter that. Sure, there might be a chance that he could escape any serious harm to his reputation, and to his marketability, but he doubted it. Hollywood might be Liberal, but fags were still kept out of sight. By breaking his silence, by acknowledging his homosexuality, he was putting his entire career at risk.

Right now, he knew that when his sexuality came out, the writers of the show he was on, might not want him anymore. After all, they had taken nearly an entire season to build him up as a romantic interest for one of the other cast members. If it broke that he was queer, it could effect the show’s ratings. Viewers might not buy into the story line, that he was attracted to Monica. Then were would he be? Expendable but despite that fear, he still couldn’t help but think about the times he spent with Sam. Gawd, the kid was amazing in bed, despite him knowing it was all an act.

Morgan stood up from his winged chair, and padded over to the patio doors. A gentle warm breeze blew in, and made him smile, as he remembered that one night, with Sam. It was a night just like this one, warm and balmy, as Sam had shown up, uninvited though welcomed. Least then he was, but not now.

For the life of him, Morgan couldn’t figure out how he had tipped his hand, how he had conveyed to Sam that he was aching for his young muscular body. To feel his warm breathe on his face, to feel his long tapered fingers caressing his skin had burned hotly in his thoughts, and yet he had thought he was the only one who knew. Yet somehow, Sam had sensed it, felt it so that on that night, he had shown his own desire. Or so Morgan had thought. Of course now he knew different, still then he hadn’t believed his good fortune.

It had started innocently, with Sam musing about the pool. How nice it was to be in a position to actually live in a house with one. Things like how he’d never leave it on nights like this, how romantic it would be. Somehow he had wormed his way in, until Morgan suggested he was welcome to go for a swim. Then naturally there was the faked pleasure, then the consternation of not bringing any swim gear. Funny how he had fallen for that one. Still he had told him not to worry, he could just swim in his underwear, or borrow one of his suits. Naturally he was a bit larger around the middle than Sam, and they had both laughed at that suggestion. Sam mentioning that it would more than likely float off him if he did, so he had opted to just go in his underwear, after eliciting a promise that he could toss them in Morgan’s dryer afterwards.

It really had seemed all so innocent.

Morgan reached down to the end table, picking up his drink and walked out onto the deck. He stared down at the glistening water of the swimming pool, remembering that night, when his life had gone from being comfortable, to one where his future was suddenly placed at risk. His eyes narrowed as he sipped more of the burning liquid, recalling standing in that exact spot. He was watching the splashing figure of Sam, as he swam back and forth in those white boxer shorts.

He could remember his thoughts too, at how sleek the young man looked. How he reminded him of the grace of a Dolphin swimming the way he hardly disturbed the water. The odd flash of his nearly naked body had given Morgan a hard cock. More than that, he had felt flushed as he had watched Sam swimming, dreaming of what lay beneath those boxers. He could see how the cloth had clung to his body, how it showed the perfect shape of his butt cheeks, even down to how they had worked their way into the crack between. Morgan had enjoyed that view, to the point where he would even rub his excited crotch.

Somehow he didn’t think Sam had noticed, among other things. When he had tired, and climbed out of the pool, water dripping off his well built body, Morgan had stifled back a gasp of wonder. Sam stood up, and shook his head, sending water spraying all over, including over Morgan. It didn’t matter as Morgan had his eyes glued to the soaked shorts, that clung all around Sam’s groin.

He could see clearly the outline of the large cock, the balls even. It all showed but what had taken his breath away, was the firm look of the cock shaft itself. It was almost as if Sam had a fully erect cock, and he licked his lips without thinking. Sam’s laughter made him look up, into those perfect blue eyes. The sparkle, the all knowing glare, made him sweat. He stammered as Sam merely put his fingers to lips, signalling for him not to speak. He then moved a few steps closer to Morgan. It took him by surprise and he took one step backwards, but halted when he saw a strange hurt look in those eyes.

Standing still, he let Sam come closer until he could feel the young man’s breathe across his face. He stared into the eyes, almost as if he was hypnotized. He couldn’t move as he watched the head tilt to one side, his own standing rock still as he saw the eyelids flutter, then close as the entire face came forward. The sudden touch of Sam’s hands on his shoulders made him quiver, and then it was like the fourth of July.

The press of those moist lips on his own, made him quake with excitement and fear. The jolt of electricity running up and down his body was almost too much but Sam’s hands held him upright. He truly thought he would faint if Sam hadn’t held him. It was still an unbelievable experience, as Sam’s lips pressed lightly at first, then more forcibly. The tongue pushing his own lips apart was unreal. His mind reeled to the sensation, but his body was quick to surrender.

His mouth opened a little, and it was like fireworks exploding in his mind. He couldn’t believe how he was trembling as Sam began to kiss him with what he thought was unbridled passion. The forcefulness of the kiss took his breath away, as did the surprise of it all. Morgan could feel himself getting warmer, almost like he was actually on fire as Sam’s tongue licked inside his mouth. He could taste him, and finally his mind let go. His body was now in charge, as his own arms reached around and hugged Sam, drawing his wet nearly naked body into his own.

He felt the press of Sam’s groin against his. The cock in those wet shorts was hard and made an impression on his belly as they clung together, kissing hard. He struggled for air, as he felt Sam’s body and then the one hand moved off his shoulder, and began to trace a path along his heaving chest. He could feel the fingers moving down his shaking body and then reach down to his crotch. The fingers were replaced by the whole hand that reached down and pressed hard inwards. He moaned as he felt his own cock jerking, the press of Sam’s hand rocking him a little. He felt his sweat dripping off his forehead as Sam rubbed his crotch, and whispered his amazement at the thickness of Morgan’s hard cock.

He was being worked, he realized that now, but then he was too surprised to recognize the falseness. Instead he revelled in it, like a peacock being complimented on its plumage. His ego swelled as he pushed his hips outwards, to drive Sam’s hand harder into his aroused cock.

Sam responded by whispering how much he had hoped for this. How he had prayed for it even, as he was so attracted to Morgan. The endless flattery made a shambles of his reserve, his last hope to keep his secret from being known. He whispered his own desires, his own appreciation of Sam, and his own hopes and dreams. It was all Sam needed.

Before he could come down from the shock of being kissed and fondled, Sam ended any chance for Morgan to hold onto his secret. He stepped away, smiling at Morgan, and reached out, to grab the dangling hand. He took it, and moved it so that Morgan’s hand rested on Sam’s own crotch. The touch of his hand on those wet shorts, on the burning pole inside was too much for him.

He didn’t need any more coaxing. His hand began to massage the thick pole, to push and prod at it, his eyes glazed over as he found himself suddenly on his knees. Sam’s soft words urged him onwards, as he leant forward. His hand still pushing at the cock but now his face was staring right at it. He could see it outlined and he licked his lips as Sam’s hands now rested lightly on his shoulders. He knelt there for a second or two, admiring the thick pole, then he glanced up.

His eyes met Sam’s and he saw the lust inside of them. Least that is what he thought he had seen. ‘Go on’ the voice whispered to him and he broke the eye contact to once more stare at the groin. His hands moved away and up, to grab the thin waistband, and began to push the wet shorts down the young man’s body. His eyes stared as he pushed the shorts down, feeling his shoulders suddenly take the weight of Sam’s body, as Sam stepped out from them.

He really didn’t notice it but only as a glancing thought as his entire focus was on the hard cock that had sprung out to stare back at him. His eyes widened as the cock came free, and even brushed past his nose.

All rational thought was gone. He sucked in his breath as he stared at the beautiful piece of meat. Morgan saw the thick veins bulging from just under the head. The fiery purple color made his eyes water, and the tiny dot of white at its centre made his whole body quiver in anticipation. His own body was aching as he felt the hands now pushing him a bit.

‘Go on’ was once more being whispered to him. ‘please’ and other encouragements were floating around his head as his heart was pounding a mile a second. His body grew tense as he felt his one hand reach up, shaking.

His finger reached up, to touch the wiry pubic hairs, then his whole hand was grasping at the base of the thick pole. His body was shaking uncontrollably as he encircled his fingers around the thick base. He moaned as he felt his head moving forward, his eyes devouring the growing vision of the hard cock as it came closer and closer. His eyes refused to close, as he opened his mouth, and the sudden taste of pre cum on his lips, as he drew the hard cock inside his mouth made the blood rush from his head to his cock.

Morgan groaned and he heard the answering whisper of ‘oh yeah, yeah, more’ coming from above him. He wrapped his own lips around the flesh, tasting the salty mixture as he fed Sam’s cock to his own eager mouth. His tongue flicked out and licked at the underside as it slid inwards, slowly filling it. He struggled a bit by its huge size, but carefully he felt it slide down into his waiting throat.

His hands moved away and wrapped around the upper thighs, reaching out to grasp at the shivering mounds of Sam’s buttocks. They dug into the warm flesh, as he began to move his head along the thick cock shaft. In and out he fed himself the hard pole, his fingers digging in. The sounds of satisfied moans only made his heart race.

Morgan could feel the jolts of electricity as they travelled up and down his own body. The constant trembling made him groan, answered by the increasing moans from above. The press of Sam’s fingers on his shoulder hurt, and then they began to push on his head, to make him move his head faster. He felt the pressure as his own need for Sam’s milk grew inside. His body ached as he sucked on the hard cock.

Sam’s hips were moving in time with the motion of Morgan’s head. It was like a synchronized dance, as he sucked on the hard pole. He felt the head striking the roof of his mouth or the side of his cheeks, or dig deep down into his throat. It was forceful as the moans became whimpers, then cries of pleasure. He wanted so much to please Sam, that he ignored the bruising pounding of his mouth by the hard cock.

Suddenly he felt the hands grasp his hair. The fingers twisted around his own locks and he felt his head being forced forward. His body tensed as he felt the buttocks tighten under his fingers. The heavy panting grew more intense, more laboured as Sam’s cock was being pounded mercilessly into his mouth. It came as a surprise.

One second his mouth was burning from the hard flesh of Sam’s dick, then suddenly a hard wet stream was rushing down his throat. He gagged on the sudden wave of liquid that was filling his mouth. He struggled to not pull back, even if he could. The wild cry of release echoed in his ears, as he felt the cock head buck and twist even. He held his lips tighter, making his head dizzy and his eyes could see flashes of lights, despite being held tightly shut.

The cry made his own body quake, as the hot thick liquid shot down his throat. There was so much of it, that he felt it backing up, filling his throat and then his mouth. Hot drops of it found their way out from the corners of his mouth, as Morgan began to swallow.

A salty sweet taste filled his mouth. His nose flared as he breathed in that special musk scent of a male, mingled with the scent of sweat and passion. His body tried to relax, to let the hot milk flow down his throat. He didn’t want any more to drip out, as he felt more and more of the wonderful milk come flowing out, filling an already filled mouth. Swallowing he felt his Adam’s Apple bopping and he felt the press of Sam’s groin against his face. The young man’s weight was now fully resting on him, as he swallowed more of the thick milk.

Somehow he had managed to take it all. The hot thick juice coated his throat and mouth as he heard the harsh breathing from above. The desperate gasping for air made him shudder as he licked at the cock, that was now fully drained. The taste making him shiver as he slowly pulled his head back. Morgan opened his eyes to see the groin pulling back, and the white flesh of a softening cock now filled his vision. The panting sounds from above him, made him smile as he looked up.

The sound of his doorbell brought him back. His hand moved away from his crotch as he stared out at the empty pool area. There was no Sam, no naked Adonis standing above him, as once more the peal of the doorbell rang out. He grimaced, as he knew that it was his moment of truth. The visitor would be his lawyer, and as he turned away to go answer the door, he glanced back at the pool.

No matter what, he would at least still have those memories, he thought as he went to answer the door. And he had at least more than just a single blow job to remember. It eased the twisting feeling in his guts, as he answered the door, taking that first step towards coming out of hiding.

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