Fiction – Climbing the Ladder

Climbing the Ladder

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Tom was exhausted as he headed towards the Men’s room down the hall. They had finally broken for a break, the client’s off in one conference room, to talk and unwind. His boss, Carl, was in his own office, getting caught up on the day’s calls, while he had been relegated to saving the whole meeting. Typical Carl he thought as he walked slowly down the hall. He could feel the eyes of his co-workers on him.

They knew but this time it didn’t seem to matter. He was used to it, and yet this time was different. To begin with he had told Carl that the campaign wasn’t going to please the clients, given that Ross was not some old fat cat. He had come up the hard way, not on daddy’s apron strings like Carl had assumed. The guy had degrees up the ass, and he more importantly, he knew his shit. Carl just didn’t get it, and had now thrown it all onto Tom’s lap.

Well fuck, he thought as he pushed open the door to the restroom, if it was going to be his baby, he should at least get the credit. Something he knew would never happen as Carl would lay claim to it if it worked, blame him if it didn’t, and more than likely, sack him in the bargain.

Maybe his friends were right. They kept telling him to just quit, but then the job paid well and he rather enjoyed the freedom his paycheque gave him. He liked the new car, the rather spacious apartment that his monthly stipend bought. Still, the aggravation was not something he had bargained for. The older he got, the more it bothered him.

He reached into his suit pants pocket, pulling out some antacid medication his doctor had prescribed. He was up to taking four or five a day now, and he knew his next doctor visit would not be pleasant. Still, he hung in, and for what he thought?

For one day Carl actually helping him climb the ladder of success? To one day maybe have his own client list, to handle meetings his way? He doubted that would happen, least not without some leverage. One thing he had learned from Carl. You didn’t get ahead by being complacent or waiting for others. You seized the moment and as he walked towards a Urinal, he wondered if this wasn’t one of those moments.

Could he turn Carl’s inability to reach the client’s needs to his own personal advantage? Could he maybe jump over Carl’s old bones to seize the chance, to impress the company’s President enough to take over the account? Somehow he doubted it, given that Carl was Lee’s son in law, but hell, maybe money was thicker than relations by marriage? After all Ross’s annual advertising budget with them was a half million, and even for Lee, that wasn’t chump change.

His mind was deep in thought, wondering how he could not just save the account, but get credit for it. Without Ross mentioning it, there didn’t seem to be much chance of him seizing this opportunity. Without Carl putting in a good word for him, or Ross, there just didn’t seem to be anyway he could take advantage of Carl’s latest fuck up.

“Your boss doesn’t get it, does he?”

The voice startled him and he turned around. Tom forgot he had taken his dick out to pee, and only when he saw Ross staring at it, did it dawn on him, his mistake. He reached down to adjust things, and stuff his cock back into his pants. It was as he did the zipper up that he noticed a strange look come across the man’s face. Almost as if he was disappointed in the disappearance of the penis.

“Uh, sorry, uh… I think he will, I mean, he has another approach to show.”

The man just stood there, staring at the now zipped up crotch. His eyes seemed to just bore downwards, to try and see beyond the pants. His voice was strangely soft, as he spoke.

“He does, or you do?”

Tom wasn’t sure how to answer that one. Was it a test of his loyalty or was there more in the casual comment? There was no doubt that Ross hadn’t been impressed with Carl, and yet, he had been a client since Tom had come to work here. He glanced upwards, noticing that Ross still kept his eyes cast downward. It was like he had more on his mind than discussing Carl or the campaign.

An idea was forming in his mind that he wasn’t exactly pleased about, and yet he hated the idea of once more saving Carl’s fat lazy ass. Casually he turned his back on the tall man to face the wall and urinal. He unzipped his pants, slowly, insuring the sound was clearly audible.

“It’s a team effort Mr. Perkins, all of us here want to insure our clients get all they want, whatever it takes. Carl has his moments, and he has been in this business a long time.”

Tom reached down to bring his dick out, making a bit of a show of his struggle to pull the surprisingly thick dick out. He couldn’t help but notice he was getting aroused and he wondered if Ross, Mr Perkins, was also noticing that.

“Call me Ross.”

“Okay Ross, uh, I think you will find our changes exactly what you are looking for.”

There was a moments silence and then he heard the loud harsh clicking sound of shoes echo on the tile floor as Ross took several steps closer and to the right of him. He bit his lower lip, wondering if he had read Ross right, or was he playing with fire?

“You know that this is the last chance, or I will take my business elsewhere.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, I’d hate for you to not realize just how important it is that I am satisfied.”

He swallowed hard, not sure if he was reading the conversation right, and also he was afraid. Tom hadn’t ever been in this type of situation before. He knew that on occasion clients had demands, outside of the campaign details, demands that Carl found ways to satisfy, as did others. He stood very still, keeping his eyes averted and resisting the temptation to turn back around. Yet he was feeling not just scared, but strangely aroused as well. The thick cock shaft was clear evidence of that.

“We all understand that, and it is our goal to satisfy your needs, anyway uh, anyway we can”

There he had said it. Had he read Ross’s comments the way he had intended, or had he screwed up totally? He felt nervous and could feel a bead of sweat forming on his forehead as he waited, his dick hanging out of his trousers.

He jumped a little as he felt the firm hand on his shoulder. Tom felt the hands as they dug into his shoulder, and force him to turn around. As he did, he let his own hands drop to his side, his penis sticking out freely. He was totally hard now, and as he turned, he didn’t stare right off into Ross’s face. He looked into the man’s chest, noticing the open jacket, the crisp blue striped white dress shirt with the tiny crest over the left breast.

A hand came to rest under his chin, and the forefinger applied pressure to it. He felt his chin lifted up and as he did, he let his eyes glance upwards. There was no mistaking the look of desire in the face that loomed so close to his own. He saw the sparkle in Ross’s eyes as they held his.

“This is the last shot at it, you do understand that, right?”

Tom’s heart was beating a mile a second. He nodded and then reached out with one hand, to take Ross’s wrist. He guided the man’s hand downwards, to the waiting cock. He swallowed hard as he felt the hand brush against his erect pole. Tom felt nervous, wondering if he was pushing it, but the firm grip of Ross’s fingers around the blood filled shaft eased his worry. He stepped forwards, letting his body brush up against the man.

While the hand clasped tightly around the pole, the man in front reached out with his other and bent down. The hot breathe of the man wafted across Tom’s nostrils as suddenly he found the man’s lips pressing against his. He felt the man let go of his cock and reach around to firmly hold onto Tom’s shuddering body.

The kiss was hard, and the taste of the man made him feel a bit feint. He struggled with the strange emotions that were suddenly released within. Sighing, he moved a step closer, letting the man hold him tighter. They swayed a little back and forth, and then Ross broke away from him. He stared into Tom’s face, a thin smile crossing his lips.

“Not here.”

With those softly spoken words, Tom nodded and then felt himself guided over towards the cubicles. He let Ross take him inside one and close the door behind him. Then once more he felt the hot press of lips on his as his pants were undone. They dropped quickly to the ground, as the mans hands tugged at his shorts, finally pushing them down.

It didn’t take long before Ross had one hand gripping the jutting out pole, clamping it firmly in the palm. He sighed a little as the man pulled it forward, and as he did, Ross flicked his tongue outwards. It dove deep into Tom’s willing mouth. Tom let his hands reach around the slender man’s body, holding him tight.

They kissed for a few minutes. Then Tom lifted himself up, to sit on the back of the toilet. His legs were spread open as Ross sat down on the toilet itself. His face was now in line with Tom’s throbbing penis. Ross looked up at him for a moment, then turned down to stare at the offering in front of him. Tom reached down with one hand, to hold the cock at its base, his other hand behind Ross’s head. Gently his hand pushed the head forward, his other hand aiming the throbbing cock at the man’s mouth.

The thin lips touched his cock head, and he felt a thrill or bolt of excitement really. It made its way up his body as the mouth quickly surrounded his cock. The head was firmly inside as the bolt made its way to his mind, and his body shuddered. It felt unreal as he kept guiding the head, pushing it towards him.

The warm wet mouth moved along his shaft, until the lips were pressing up against his pubic hairs. The man’s nose was off to one side, breathing in his aroma, his man scent and he leaned back against the cold wall, enjoying the sensation totally. Back and forth the head moved, and he felt the hard press of the lips as they pulled his skin back. He continued to feel himself quiver as Ross sucked hard on his pole. The man’s fingers were now under his balls, playing with them, poking the sac to tickle the testicles.

Closing his eyes he let out a soft moan, relishing the attention being paid to him. The press of the fingers into his sac, to probe until his hard shaft made them go no further was nearly too much. His breathing was becoming ragged as the lips moved up and down his pole.

The sucking sounds were also thrilling him. They echoed loudly in the large restroom, despite the walls of the cubicle. He ached as the man sucked him. The lips were tight around the skin, and he felt the blood boiling inside as he let one hand stay on the head, pressing harder with each inwards motion.

Tom was getting close, and the constant fear of someone walking in, of hearing him made him bite his lips as he felt his body tremble. The slurping sounds were unreal and made him squirm a little as Ross continued to suck on his dick. He wished they were elsewhere, as he’d like to be touching the man, to be feeling his cock while his was being sucked. Groaning he knew he was close. Ross seemed to sense it as his fingers now probed him harder, pushing the full sacs upwards.

The muscles in his legs were becoming stiffer as his body was nearly ready to explode. He pushed upwards with his own hips, forcing his whole cock deep down into Ross’s open throat. He could feel the head strike the upper palette, and he cried out as his hands dug deep into the mans shoulders. He cried again and arched upwards even more, as his cock suddenly shot forward, and as it reached down deep into Ross’s throat, he exploded.

His cream came rushing out like a torrent of raging water. It flooded the mans mouth and surprised him. A slight gagging sound came from the filled mouth and a groan of joy came upwards. Tom dug his hands in deeper, feeling bone as his body bucked a little with his second hard shot of cum. He could feel his own milk surrounding the embedded cock, as Ross swallowed several times. He felt the strange exhilaration as his body spent itself within Ross’s mouth.

It was over quickly. He felt the mouth leave his cock, felt the easing of tension in his body as he shook a little. It was over, and he sighed a bit. His eyes were still glazed as he looked down to Ross. The man was leaning backwards, against the cubicle door and his eyes met Tom’s.

There was satisfaction showing there and Tom smiled.

Ross stood up as Tom made his way down off the toilet. He bent down and pulled up his boxers and pants. Zipping them up he looked up and smiled again. He had rather enjoyed himself, and while he hoped it would make a difference, he didn’t care all that much. What had happened had been rewarding and exciting. It was an experience he had never felt before and thinking about it was getting him horny all over again. Ross stepped out and went to the wash basins. He splashed some water over his face, adjusted his tie and hair and then headed for the exit.

He turned back and smiled at Tom, licking his lips as he did so.

“I think Tom, I shall enjoy working closely with you on this new campaign, …of yours”

Tom just grinned, wondering how many late night sessions they could come up with as he adjusted his own clothes, and headed back to put the finishing touches on what he now knew would be a highly successful presentation.

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