Story – Business Lunch

The Business Lunch

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

As he lowered his aching body into the hot water of his bath, he grimaced. Soon though, the pain in his ass was feeling better as the hot water did its stuff. He sighed, and heard himself curse. A slow grin crept across his weathered face as he let himself just soak in the steamy water.

He should be getting back to work, but hell the afternoon was pretty well shot before now, so he figured he might as well take it all off. He would go in early or maybe, if he was recovered enough, after dinner. The pain in his butt however, sort of made him think that wasn’t about to happen. He wanted to stay near his own bathroom, just in case.

Tom couldn’t believe the way the day had gone. First the morning had been crap, no sales whatsoever. That always put him in a foul mood and then he had the Chamber lunch to attend. That wasn’t a thrill, eating dried up food and listening to some bore talk about marketing or recent dry boring statistics about how small business was really not doing all that bad, things considered.

Hell, he was living it, and didn’t need some suit explaining why things were really better than he thought. All he knew was he worked harder, had his staff cut back to one and his rent go up that was making him think of putting his one staff member on as part time, just so he could pay the frigging bills.

Only upside was that he might get into a conversation with Russ, who he had met about 5 years ago at the luncheon. The guy was hot, for a 45 year old merchant. He ran two shops in town, one in Tom’s mall. Russ was one of those who never seemed to age either. The guy had a rock solid body that made Tom wish he had the time to go to the gym three times a week like Russ. Still he wasn’t in that bad of a shape for a 35 year old shop keeper.

Russ, well that was different. The guy still had all his hair while Tom noticed his was already starting to recede. He hated that but hell, nothing he could do about it as he let the hot water ease the pain inside his butt. To think, just 60 minutes ago he had the biggest cock imaginable in his ass. It made him smile even more as it had surprised him more than he wanted to admit. After all, Russ was married, had three kids and was a Deacon or something like that in his Church. Yet the guy was one hell of a fuck, and he had the sore ass to prove it.

Maybe it had been the Martini’s or the fact that Russ’ oldest boy had been arrested for drugs, but whatever the cause, he didn’t give a damn, because he had just spent two hours having the best damn sex in his life. It was amazing at how fucking horny Russ had been and even when he left, appeared to still be wanting more. Too bad that the Chamber luncheons were only once a month. He wouldn’t mind meeting again and letting things develop as they had this afternoon.

Tom enjoyed being a bottom, and for most of his sex life it was his preferred choice. On occasion he had topped, but when he saw Russ naked, saw that amazing long and thick cock dangling there. Well, he knew panic and fear for the first time, or so it felt. Hell he thought he might have a panic attack, as the realization came to him that the cock he was staring at was still not fully hard.

Christ it looked huge already and the thought of it pushing into his own tight little hole made him sweat before he even got his underwear off. That was another thing, the way Russ was in such a hurry. Christ, the guy had merely walked into the bedroom and before Tom could finish unbuttoning his dress shirt, Russ was starkers.

He was no slouch in the sex department himself, and he had seen some rather large cocks, but damn he still couldn’t get that image out of his mind. Come to think of it, he had trouble letting it pull out of his ass too. That made him smile as he started to enjoy the memory of those two hours. The way Russ had taken charge and yet, make him feel special.

The way Russ had fallen to his knees the second Tom’s boxers had been tossed to the floor and how his two massive hands circled his butt were something he’d remember each time he thought about today. The guy was an animal and yet not a brute either. The hands dug deep into his soft cheeks and pulled him closer to the handsome face that was at a level with Tom’s groin.

His own sighs still echoed a bit in his mind as he found himself suddenly in the middle of a powerful blow job. The guy’s mouth had taken his entire cock in one single swoop. He had barely felt the lips around the tip of his cockhead before he felt the back of Russ’s throat. His whole body shook as the man held him close and moved his head back and forth, sucking the very life out of him.

Strangely he enjoyed it, not sure what to do and when his hands rested on Russ’s jet black hair, he heard the man groan softly. Russ took one hand off of Tom’s butt, and reached under to play with the dangling balls. He felt the fingers probe inwards, pushing at his testicles and making him shudder as his cock continued to be sucked. The sounds were amazing if memory served him right.

Normally he wasn’t a quick shooter, but fuck, Russ was not your usual cock sucker. He had Tom at the edge in seconds, or so it seemed. His body leaned forward, his groin resting on the massive head that was wedged between his legs. He gripped the hair and twisted it as he struggled to hold it back, but was unable to. He exploded hard and with amazing quantity as Russ choked a little.

It didn’t stop him though as he heard the hard swallowing sound as his body heaved and shot load after load of his man juice deep down in Russ’s throat. He cried out as he shot and yet it seemed lost in the sounds of pleasure coming from the full mouth below him. His body had cum and slowly Russ let go of the now spent cock. He just looked up at Tom, those dark eyes glowing or so it looked like. The hands caressed his inner thighs as they moved up to rub his belly and play a little with his now limp penis.

Russ stood up and took Tom into his arms and held him tight as they kissed deeply. Their first kiss and it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning. His whole body shuddered as he tasted the remnants of his own cum on the tongue that snaked in and out of his mouth. He shivered more as his body was turned around and the back of his legs touched the edge of his bed. He looked up and saw the glazed look of lust in Russ’s eyes and knew what was coming. Tom could feel it too, as Russ’ cock was finally fully aroused.

The panic of taking that huge cock began to well up as Russ had a condom package in his hand. How he got it there he didn’t know, but all he could do was stare at it, as he felt the hard cock poking hard into his upper leg. It was like being touched with a hot branding iron as the heat just made him lick his lips.

He let Russ turn him around and let himself bend over the bed. His legs dangled off the bed but immediately spread apart, to give Russ the shot and the view. He felt the back of his leg muscles tighten as Russ placed one of his large hands on the small of his back, pressing him further into the bed. He groaned at the touch, unsure if it was from anticipation or fear.

Tom cried out as Russ expertly spread his cheeks apart and stuck one of those large fingers up to his pink hole. In a split second it was working its way deep inside, pushing his inner muscles aside as it probed his rectum deeply. It was painful at first, but as the shock wore off, he began to enjoy the feeling of fullness. His body started to relax when the fingers was withdrawn. It felt so empty all of a sudden but it didn’t last.

Russ inserted two fingers next, making him groan as his hands clenched the bed sheet on either side of his prone body. His head was tilted to the right and before the two fingers had reached in fully, he flipped his head to stare to the left, and towards his bureau mirror.

In it, he saw the reflection of Russ’s head and upper torso. He blinked as his butt was probed harder and faster than before. The fingers moved in and out now, stretching him even more and then he felt the hairy legs move inwards. His legs were spread apart more, and in that second he felt like he was a wishbone being pulled apart.

The fingers left his hole and he felt the hard press of a pulsing cock up near his lower back. Russ placed the head and began to slowly slide it down between his cheeks. Tom felt the flesh shivering at the touch and he bit his lower lip as the head reached his pink hole. He felt like screaming as he realized just how fucking big that cock head was. It had hurt just to feel it sliding down his crack and now it wedged itself up against his tiny hole.

He heard himself begging Russ to be gentle and the laugh in response didn’t help his frayed nerves. His hands were suddenly digging hard into the bed, pulling the sheets up into a wadded ball in his palms as suddenly he felt like his body had been blown open by an exploding bomb.

The pain made him yell loudly as Russ merely grunted. The huge cock head split him apart, making him cry and brought tears to his eyes as it began to push inside, past the spent muscle of his sphincter. His ass was on fire or so it felt as the head made its way inside. It stopped as his entire body shook and he cried.

Tom tasted blood from his lower lip and yet he didn’t tell Russ to stop, instead he just gritted his teeth as the jabbing pain in his asshole simmered to a painful throbbing. His thighs were quivering and he knew Russ could feel it, but it didn’t seem to matter as the man just stood there, waiting for something.

He let out a sigh, trying to gulp in more air and then it began. The slow inward thrust that he had been dreading almost as much as the penetration. It hurt and yet didn’t. It was unbelievable as the huge shaft began to work its way inwards. His body protested and he felt his hands pounding the bed, but he didn’t ask him to stop. ‘More’ was all he said, surprising himself at the harsh insistent sound of his voice, despite the protests of his body.

‘MORE’ he screamed, as he felt the momentum increase. Russ wasn’t rushing but with each passing second, more sweat began to form on his forehead. His need for having that huge cock deep inside took over as he cried for it all, begged even. It didn’t even sound like him as Russ obliged him. In seconds the huge throbbing cock was buried deep into his body. He felt it reach places no one else ever had reached before.

The pain was racking his entire body as the cock moved in deeply, then began to withdraw. He felt his muscles suddenly protesting the movement back. Tom could feel his buttocks tighten as it tried to hold the huge dick inside. It wasn’t succeeding and now Russ began to move in and out with increasing speed. Tom cried as tears welled up around his eyes. He felt the bed beneath him rock and even groan as the motion grew faster.

It just wouldn’t end he thought as the huge cock continued to plough his ass. His body shook and rocked with each thrust, with each twist and pull that Russ made. The pain was no longer hard jabbing thrusts. Instead they felt like rolling thunder that kept on coming. Each peal of thunder made him shudder, shake and tremble. His body bucked to each thrust, each inward dive of the thick cock. Tom thought he could feel the bulging veins even as Russ moved slower than what Tom was used to, well for the most part that is.

Time didn’t seem to exist as he sweated, taking that huge cock inside of him. It ached and yet was the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced. Russ kept a steady pace of in and out motion. It seemed like it would never end, and then just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore Russ would suddenly pick up the pace.

His hips would suddenly come crashing into his buttocks. The harsh slapping sound of wet sweaty flesh striking flesh echoed and made his head swim with fantastic pain. The cock was impaled deep into his body and then it was nearly pulling out. It made his legs tremble, and the feeling in his feet was now gone as Russ went even faster. His own hot breath breathing on Tom’s backside made it all even more surreal.

When his eyes were open, all he could see was a blur as Russ was pounding him. The occasional slap on his cheeks would make Tom yelp and it was always followed by an even faster motion. Russ was like a hydraulic machine, the way he kept pounding and pounding that willing ass. It hurt and it ached, but Tom couldn’t care. He was actually loving it as the thick pole dug deeper with each thrust.

The loud cry came eventually and before it could die down the hallway, he felt the emptiness come to him. The massive cock was out and something suddenly struck him hard on his back and up towards his neck. His eyes opened as he saw that huge cock in Russ’s hand as it reared back and shot again. A huge white cream came flying out to once more strike his backside, and he groaned loudly now, realizing that Russ was coming.

His whole back was tingling from the hot cum that sizzled and dried among the river of sweat that coated his back. His muscles were in torment and he squirmed a little as the last of the hot juice dribbled onto his butt cheeks. He felt Russ wipe the cock along the top of one cheek, and slap his other with it.

Russ dropped onto the bed, next to Tom. His hand reached out and gently caressed the cum soaked back. It rubbed the nearly dried milk across and Tom heard the murmur of satisfaction come from Russ’ lips.

They lay there for several minutes and then Tom realized it was over for now. He turned to look at Russ who had a huge smile across his face, even as his eyes were closed and he seemed lost in thought. Tom sensed the satisfaction and it made him smile too, even though he felt like his ass was still on fire.

The sound of the telephone startled Tom. He opened his eyes and felt the cool water that lapped around him. He quickly jumped up and headed to the phone just outside the bathroom. He was surprised as he heard Russ’s voice, and despite the coldness of the hallway, he felt a warmth creep inside.

Agreeing, he put the phone down, a huge grin on his face as he realized, he wouldn’t need to wait till next month’s luncheon to meet Russ again.

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