The Locker – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Choose thy love.Love thy choice.

— German Proverb

Part 1

He opened his eyes slowly, not quite sure where he was and then he felt the warm chest under his head rising in a steady rhythm and he suddenly felt relaxed and at ease. His own breathing began to rise a little as he thought about where he was and he moved his head a little to stare up at the clear blue sky that lay above him, no city lights to interfere with the pristine view or cloud it over. He sighed a little thinking of how lucky he was and how much he felt like fate had somehow taken a hand and made him come to this point, now if he could only manage to do his part, maybe then all this would be exactly as he dreamed?

No, thinking like that wasn’t going to help, because nothing he had dreamed of could ever equal how he was feeling right now, or had felt all the time he had been here or with Dakota. Nothing in all of his reading, his searching could ever equal the warmth he was feeling inside, the strange ease at which he now felt. Funny, he could feel the dried love between his legs and normally that feeling always irritated him but now, now it was like a badge of proof, a symbol maybe that he wasn’t alone anymore.

Noah turned his face away from the distant stars to gaze down at Dakota and was surprised to see Dakota’s dark brown eyes gazing up at him. He felt a strange thrill go thru his whole body, as he looked deep into those rich brown eyes, feeling a sense of love that he never felt before, a sense that he was something special to this tall lanky boy whose chest he was resting on. He could feel the tingle growing between his legs too as he felt the soft gentle touch of Dakota’s fingers against his cheek as Noah continued to look into the eyes. It was everything he had ever imagined love to be and oh so much more that he wanted to shout it out, to stand up and proclaim his love and as he thought of it, he felt the gentle touch of Dakota’s finger tips against his lips, gently brushing past his thin pale lips, making his heart scream in pure pleasure.

Nothing had ever felt so good, so sensual as that simply touch and that loving look and yet as he stared down at him he knew that what they had right now was just that, it was now and there was still tomorrow and the next day to think about. Funny, he never really thought much about tomorrow, instead he just dealt with what was going on now but being here, being in Dakota’s arms like this was making him think of other things, about a future that was both intriguing as well as frightening. There was so much ahead of him and as he thought about that he knew that as long as he had Dakota to share it with, nothing that was out there could be too tough, too difficult. Noah sighed as he snuggled down into Dakota’s warm beating chest, hearing the heart beat go just a little faster as he lips lightly touched the soft smooth tanned flesh, tasting a little salty but also very sweet to the brush of his mouth.

His body trembled a little as Dakota’s fingers moved down his face, down his chin to gently lift it up so that he could continue to gaze into Noah’s face. It was strange, but he could hear the soft gentle whispers of the wind blowing thru the tree, hear that soft rustle of leaves shaking a little and yet despite all of those sounds, the one sound that he heard the most was Dakota’s heart beating next to his own body. His hand moved down the side of Dakota’s body, touching the cool flesh and feeling the taught muscles beneath the flesh, feeling them shiver to his touch, which only made his own heart, beat a tad faster. It was so unreal, to feel someone reacting to his touch, to enjoy his presence that he sighed, a sort of content sound that brought a small smile to Dakota’s face.

God how perfect was this? He shook a little as he felt the growing heat between his legs, knowing that his body was once more reacting but he no longer panicked, no longer worried that he might once more embarrass himself or disappoint Dakota because he could feel it inside, could feel the warmth that Dakota had for him, not for his body but for him. Strange, he had always wondered how he’d react, how he’d feel if he ever met that special someone and now that he was feeling it, there simply were no words to explain it, no images that could equal it in his mind either and he nestled in closer, feeling the warmth growing between their two bodies.

Dakota “Are you cold?”

Noah “No, you?”

Dakota “No, not with you on top, you keep me warm”

Noah “Should I move? I mean…”

Dakota “Sssh, don’t move, I love this feeling, the way you are, it just feels right, ya know?”

Noah “Mmm, it is how I feel too”

Everything was just like Montana had told him except even more so. He smiled up at Noah, feeling his legs brushing up against his and he could feel the growing bulge that was becoming harder with each beat of his own heart. God it felt so good, to feel someone like Noah next to him, to have someone like him that seemed to actually care about him and not just about sex. His own body was growing warmer by the second as he let his hands move down Noah’s thin frame, feeling the soft skin as his fingertips lightly moved along, feeling the way it felt and he could smell Noah too, his scent mingling with his own aroma to add a strange and yet powerful perfume to their closeness.

No one had made him cum like Noah had, not even Montana had that power over him and as he continued to let his hand move up and down Noah’s body he felt the exhilaration once more, the way he thought his heart would simply pop out from his chest as their breathing became so ragged, so hard to catch that he thought he’d suffocate. It all came rushing back to him and he could feel his own manhood rising again, feeling the need to be once more a proud indicator of his feelings. His eyes continued to stare at the soft lines around Noah’s face, the way he looked and now too the way he felt was something he still found amazing. He had touched Noah before, had held him before but even that all paled to the way he was feeling right at this moment. It was almost as if it was a first time for him and yet his mind knew it wasn’t, but still his body reacted like it was and he felt himself arch up a bit, trying to meld with Noah’s own warm skin.

Strange really, to feel this good and all that had happened was that they had both cummed without any hands, any entry, any oral help and he could still feel the dried milk on his legs and belly. It was a feeling of such warmth, such desire that he felt his body shake to the memory of that split second when Noah’s hard throbbing pole had reared back and then jerked forward with amazing strength and power to explode its love all over him. Suddenly he glanced down to see Noah’s eyes clearly open and gazing into his own face, and he smiled, enjoying the soft gentle touch of Noah’s hands along his sides, and his heart beginning to race faster as he felt the desire rising, felt the heat inside once more become fanned by his insatiable need for Noah. It was like he was being awakened from a long sleep, almost as if he was a furnace being stoked slowly and steadily and his hands moved with a bit more urgency now, pulling Noah up his body so that their heads now were closer, so that he could actually feel Noah’s breath against his own face.

The warm breath only drove his heart faster and he could see the look now, see the desire being returned which was all his soul needed. In a flash he could feel the fires that were merely flickering inside fan out and upwards, roaring into life with a new found strength that surprised him for a second or two as his hands stopped, holding Noah’s body at the hips, his fingers suddenly growing taut as they dug deep into the flesh.

Their eyes locked in that second and he could feel a growing tremor deep down in his body as his body shook and shuddered a little to the feel of Noah’s body on top of his own. He felt a warmth he had never experienced before, felt a giddiness that made him smile even more as he finally found the strength to let his fingers free, to move his hands up and to take hold of Noah’s head between both hands. He held onto the warm cheeks, keeping Noah’s face in parallel with his and then he lifted his head upwards, his long eyelashes fluttering a bit as they closed over his eyes and his lips lightly pressed up against Noah’s mouth.

The bolt of energy was amazing and he felt not only his whole body shake and rumble to it, but Noah’s as well. It was like the heavens had suddenly opened up and deluged them in a raging torrent of pure electricity. HIs body ached in such a way that he could feel the tears welling up at the corners of his eyes and all that from just a simple light kiss. His lips were gently brushing Noah’s when the full force of his desire came up from within and now his body grew hard, the muscles grew taut and coiled like steel bands. His tongue darted out suddenly just as his lips pushed forward hard, crushing into Noah’s waiting mouth. He tasted the salt around the lips as his tongue pressed between the two thin fleshy lips, banging against Noah’s teeth as if knocking on a door, demanding entry.

In a split second he felt Noah’s hands reaching down to press on his body and then wrap around his sides, the fingers digging deep into his flesh as the mouth parted hesitantly at first and then with an eagerness that only drove his desire higher, made his heart skip two or three beats as it reared back and began to race forward like a horse galloping towards the finish line for the last furlong. His body grew hotter as his mind could only stare blankly at the vivid images of Noah that now floated across his sight. He could see the way Noah wore his hair, the way it sometimes hung down over one eye, how it curled around the top lobe of one ear but completely hung straight down the other ear. All of it flashed across his mind as he felt his tongue snaking past the teeth and delving deep into the warm hot mouth that now eagerly awaited him.

Dakota tasted the salt and the sweetness all at once. His body groaned as his cock suddenly sprang upwards, fully gorged by the racing hot blood that now filled the huge thick member. He felt Noah’s hand reaching down, pushing past his arm and his stomach, almost as if he was trying to harness the huge pole that now stuck up and pressed into Noah’s thigh. He could feel his own desire welling up as he let his hands fall from Noah’s face, the one hand reaching out to his side, to reach for a plastic package but his fingers failed as his body shook to the passionate darting tongue that now swirled and licked at his own snaking tongue. He felt it lick at the underside of his tongue, making him groan with joy and he heard a soft gurgled whimper join him and he could feel the rising heartbeat of not just his own but of Noah’s heart as well.

With his hands to his side, he felt the sudden tremor explode all along his body as Noah’s hand finally reached his thick throbbing pole and he felt the touch of Noah’s fingers against his hot groin. It was another amazing bolt that seemed to make that first one seem like nothing more than a tickle. His legs grew taut and shook in a strange quiver that made Dakota’s toes curl up and ache. As the fragrance of the night filled the air with its perfume, Dakota could feel the rising scent of their desire filling his nostrils and making him sweat now, making his body feel like it was about to melt away in the night as he held onto Noah, his hands holding the trembling body closer, feeling the desire that Noah had for him enter his own body. He could feel the jolts coming to his own flesh from every pore in Noah’s body and he moaned now, enjoying the touch and press of Noah’s smaller body on his, revelling in the new feelings that were once more rampant thru his whole being. Even his mind couldn’t deny the pleasure as every one of his fears, every one of his doubts, every ounce of his pain was suddenly washed away before the building love that came flooding into him.

Dakota broke away from Noah, his head tilting back as he struggled for air and attempted to hold back the rising tide of passion that was coming to the forefront of his thoughts. His body shook as he felt the hot wet kisses on his chin and then his neck as Noah refused to stop, refused to deny his mouth the taste and pleasure of Dakota’s body and all Dakota could do was revel in it, enjoy it because his body was now a prisoner of Noah’s own desires. Everything he had thought about was no longer important; every doubt was vanquished by the strident desire that came rushing to him from Noah’s body. He felt the wetness on the hollow of his neck; the rough edged tongue licking and filling it with its own thickness and once more his voice rang out in pleasure. His legs were even more taut, harder and rigid than he thought possible as Noah’s body slipped down a few inches, his legs now dangling past the curled edges of Dakota’s toes. Noah’s own groin now hovered over Dakota’s crotch; the hard thick pole that had so proudly jutted upwards was now wedged between their two bodies, rubbing up between them both on their bellies.

He felt Noah reaching down, pulling his throbbing pole and positioning it between their rumbling stomachs, pulling Noah’s own hard but smaller cock to rest next to it, to make their poles lie between them as he pressed down with all of his weight and while his mouth continued to devour Dakota’s flesh. Both of Noah’s hands were wedged tightly between them, tightly under Noah’s groin and the hands were pressing hard into Dakota’s heavily laden sac, pressing against the two full eggs that nestled within and he could hear Noah moaning now, hear his own joy at the pleasure he was getting from being so close to him, so a part of his body that he reached over with his two hands to gently push Noah down even more, to let his mouth taste more of his chest and his body.

His eyes opened and he saw the brilliant light display of the night’s sky laid out before him as Noah teeth suddenly bit lightly on one nipple. His whole body leapt upwards, the pure joy almost too much for him as he felt his thick pole jerk backwards, the fiery hot cock head swelling up even more as blood poured from his limbs towards his groin. His pulse raced as his mind watched the unbelievable sparkle of the stars, wondering if this display was for him alone or was it just a prelude to what lay ahead for him? His thoughts became jumbled as his body fell backwards, his legs moving apart as he let Noah’s body slip down between them. Just as Noah’s hips were below Dakota’s own groin, his legs lifted upwards, the knees clamping tightly around Noah’s hips and holding him hard. Noah groaned now as his mouth licked and kissed the hot hard washboard stomach.

Dakota could see the brilliant white and blue lights clearly and he smiled knowing that Montana was watching and approving. He looked away from the heavens to look down his sweating body to see the sweat soaked strands of Noah’s hair flashing across his own flesh. He felt their almost whip like lash as Noah moved his head from side to side, eager to kiss and taste every inch of Dakota’s flesh, and he bit his lower lip, holding back the sudden urge to just lean back and let it all happen, to once more let his body explode freely but the desire inside held him back, urging him to go for more than the first blush of love and he cried out a little as his hand reached out, touching Noah’s head with the palm and then he pushed, his legs opening apart so that Noah’s body could easily slide further down Dakota’s body.

His arms suddenly shot outwards as the feeling of Noah’s body sliding down, the feeling of Noah’s hot flesh as it slid past the throbbing heat stick that was his cock was once more threatening to overwhelm him but somehow Dakota held on, his teeth biting down on his lower lip so hard that he tasted a thin trickle of blood but it was worth it, he knew that as his hands banged against the hard wooden floor. Once more his head was tilted back and he could see the sky as he felt the warm night’s air blowing across his face and yet as it passed over his face all he could think of was how gorgeous Noah looked, how exciting it felt to have his head moving down his body and his hands playing with his body. The small almost stubby fingers pressing into his hard flesh didn’t even hurt, it only reminded him of how much he wanted Noah, how much he needed him and how lost he’d be without him. His heart continued it erratic beat now, unsure if the rest of Dakota’s body could handle the thundering pace but deep down inside, deep within his soul he knew that not only could he handle this, but that this was merely a beginning for him.

With that certainty burning upwards Dakota reached down one last time, pushing Noah’s head a bit more down, and as he did he began to tremble. His whole body now shook uncontrollably as he felt the hot breath of Noah blow across his steaming cock head. He felt the blood leaving his hands and racing up his arms to flow thru every possible vein and artery towards the demanding pole that now was free of being held down by Noah’s body. It was standing upright now, the very tip of it jutting under Noah’s chin for a moment or two, the hot pre cum rolling down the thick fiery head in an unstoppable torrent. His legs were once more like steel as they wavered from lack of strength, the knees shaking even as there was a small pause.

Just for a brief instant Noah’s mouth wasn’t touching Dakota’s flesh and for a split second, Dakota’s body stopped its twitching. It was almost as if both were suddenly aware of what was ahead, as if all of the rest was nothing but a teaser to what was to come. He heard Noah sucking in air, filling his lungs and he glanced down, seeing the thin strands of blond hair gently lying across his now still belly. He could see the ends of the sweat soaked hair as they were laid out across his whole lower body and thru the various strands he could see Noah’s nose, see the sweat dripping down from his forehead and down the bridge of Noah’s nose, pooling only for a second before falling off the tip, to fall and evaporate on the hot flesh of his own body. Weird really because he hadn’t felt that before, now he could feel each drop of sweat that hit his lower belly and top of his crotch. It was like a gentle tapping and yet with each drop, each tap he could feel his heart thunder a bit, roar perhaps but in a different way, sort of like it was a signal coming into his heart, which was carefully answered.

Strange how he had never felt that sensation before and yet now, at this particular frozen moment in time he could. It held him in awe really because he couldn’t quite make it all out, but he knew that deep inside something was recognizing the signals, understanding the small taps that hit him. His muscles coiled too and he could feel them tingling, his nerves all on edge as the new sensations seemed to almost overpower them, almost but not quite. His body shuddered a little as he saw the powder blue eyes thru Noah’s wet blonde hair and his heart ached, struggling now to keep pace with the demands of his body. It was like he was being pulled out of his body even the way he felt so light headed, so detached in one sense and yet so mesmerized in another. Dakota knew that every part of his body was being tuned and honed for the coming moments and it was kind of scary, to realize that all of this was because of the boy kneeling down at his groin. Christ what would he do if Noah ever left him and he felt a strange emptiness threatening to overcome him but the beat of his heart, the pulse of his blood flowing thru his veins shunned the fear and Dakota watched as Noah lowered his head, his lips now held a hairbreadth above his tightened belly.

Noah had seen the desire in Dakota’s eyes and he felt it deep inside of him too. He hadn’t a clue what was going to happen, as his mind no longer had any control over his body. It was almost as if a revolution had happened in which his heart now ruled him instead of his mind. Strange feeling really as his eyes couldn’t help but stare deeply into Dakota’s face. The way his face gleamed from the sheen of sweat that coated his perfectly tanned face made his body ache in places he never knew could ache. The very tips of his hair hurt, whether it was the semi long strands from his head or the smaller tiny peach fuzz that covered his whole body, the tips all felt like they were actually on fire, burning him and yet not. He could feel the terrific warmth that seemed to only grow in intensity as he had slid down slowly the tall lanky frame and now, here he was, sitting back a little, his upper body raised up by his arms as he stared down at the source of the heat, or maybe it wasn’t the source, maybe it was merely the place where it was flowing the most from because Noah felt it hitting him from all over. His whole body trembled a little as he had lifted up his head to stare upwards, to let his eyes slowly gaze up along the sweat soaked tanned flesh of Dakota until they finally locked with the deep rich chocolate brown of Dakota’s own piercing eyes. His heart thundered at that glance, at that vision of love that seemed to shimmer before him.

He felt his legs pulling back and up under his butt, letting him lean backwards without fear of falling as his body no longer rested fully on his arms, and he could sit up a little now. Everything seemed to be in slow motion and yet he knew that barely a second or two had passed as he gathered his breath, eager to continue even though he had no idea of what would happen or if he even could do what Dakota expected. He had felt the legs move to rest on either side of his own shaking body, had felt the hard press of Dakota’s knees into his hips and yet all he could think of was how warm he felt, how safe he felt and how much he loved being here, being in this very spot at this very second of time in his young life. He couldn’t imagine a better feeling and yet something inside kept telling him that this was nothing that this would soon fade from his memory because there was so much more to experience, so many new heights waiting for him and for Dakota.

His eyes closed and yet he could still see the warm face floating before him, he could still feel the love and desire penetrating his eyelids as his body shuddered and he lowered his head. He smelled the warm rich fragrance of Dakota wafting upwards, felt it invade every one of his pores as his lips hovered briefly over the hot sizzling flesh of Dakota’s belly and he waited perhaps a second, maybe two before he surrendered into the throbbing ache of his whole body. His lips moved that tiniest of a fraction and as they brushed against the hot flesh his body suddenly grew taut, his muscles coiled even tighter as the sudden jolt came rushing into his body. Noah felt it racing thru his whole body as he pressed down a little harder, feeling the belly rising up to greet his kiss and he felt Dakota’s own shaking and trembling as they were suddenly joined in an amazing rush of joy. He felt tears rolling down his face to mingle with the hot steamy sweat of his desire and yet he could clearly feel Dakota’s joy, feel the beat of his heart right next to his own and in that instant he knew this was not a passing fancy, not some high school crush but was real, more real perhaps than he had even dared dream about.

Noah moved his lips down, kissing and touching the fiery hot flesh, tasting the rivers of salty sweat that came cascading down the shuddering body and yet with each taste, each press of his lips he could also feel the excitement rising inside. His groin was like a blast furnace, the heat threatening to melt his very flesh with its heat and yet even as the warmth grew his heart seemed to be still, waiting for another moment before it would explode in thunderous activity. He could feel the blood rushing from his limbs, feel it burning his veins and arteries as it rushed to the very tip of his manhood. He ached between the very cheeks of his buttocks as his lips brushed up against the soft slightly dark hair that acted like a guide to his mouth, slowly keeping him along a straight simple path downwards. His body grew tighter, the muscles squeezing him in a way he didn’t think possible and yet despite the growing pain, the increasing discomfort, he felt happy beyond words, beyond expression. He was finally entering a whole new world of emotions, as his lips tasted the wiry hairs that were leading him down.

Dakota’s fingers struggled to dig themselves into the hard wooden floor but they could grasp nothing, could hold nothing as the extreme pain of waiting grew unbearable for him and he could hear himself breathing in short ragged gasps. His body trembled uncontrollably, his legs wavered as he held them up, keeping Noah between them and yet he felt like he was losing all feeling in them, except for where they touched Noah’s warm naked body. There he felt nothing but a growing warmth, a heat that seemed to flow upwards into his heart, even as the fires in his soul seemed to be exploding outwards in a white flame. The pain was only growing, refusing to let him think or to let his mind control anything. His head grew even more light headed as he felt the rough tip of Noah’s tongue tasting his dark pubic hairs, lifting the tiny wiry hairs up and then flattening them down coated in Noah’s saliva. His groin thrust upwards, eager for Noah’s attention and his hands moved down, his fingers desperate to reach out and take Noah’s head and guide it quickly to his groin.

The heat seemed like it was burning his very lips as they touched the fiery flesh and tasted the salt-caked pubic hairs that stood up before him. His tongue lashed out, licked at the soft flesh underneath, his rough edged weapon slowly forcing the wiry hairs to lay flat, to surrender to his overpowering assault and he could enjoy the taste of the scented skin. His mind was in shock as his body eagerly devoured the new sensation of Dakota’s body, revelling in its freshness, in its strangeness and yet his heart kept pace, refusing yet to surrender control to the raging hormones that now boiled within Noah’s body. He could feel the tension in Dakota, feel the body arching upwards to press even harder into his own face and the pain in his blood gorged pole threatened to explode the second his heart let its guard down. Everything was moving so fast and yet not, as his vision was filled with the various images of Dakota’s warm vibrating body.

He saw the way the hair fell flat as his tongue licked at it, saw the way the skin itself moved to the press of his tongue, watched in utter amazement as the tiny pores opened wide before him and all of this on top of the image of Dakota’s floating eyes. His body was in heaven or so it felt like it had to be because nowhere else could he feel such desire, such passion and even though his mouth ached he moved further down now, to stare at the small spiral hairs curled around the massive stump that was the base of Dakota’s huge throbbing organ.

Noah’s eyes widened as his chin brushed past the side of the huge red tinted pole that now stuck upright, unbowed by the press of his face against it. He felt the heat seer his cheek as he moved down, his tongue licking deep into the soft inner thigh, the place where Dakota’s legs joined his crotch. He heard the growing murmurs and realized it was his own voice echoing in his ears. His desire was growing just as his amazement grew at the sight of that beautiful hot throbbing pole that waited eagerly for him. It was almost as if it was sensing his presence, the way it leaned towards him, no matter which way he moved, the huge towering pole followed him in a fashion.

His long thick tongue snaked out to lick deeply into the crevice between Dakota’s thigh and groin and he heard the pounding of a fist on wood, then the loud groan of joy that echoed over his own moans of delight. His body shook as he felt the tremor racing thru Dakota’s legs as his cheek once more brushed against the hot thick pole. It had to be over a foot around he thought even though it really was no more than 2 ¼ inches around, yet this close, this near his eyes couldn’t focus. All he could see was the growing tufts of hair curled around the base, the fine pores spread wide apart, sweat drops slowly trickling down from the belly only adding to the strange sight. His body felt like it would simply explode, as he stared at the hard thick member, as he felt the blast of heat that swirled around it and Noah tilted his head, resting the one side onto Dakota’s thigh.

His one hand now reached out slowly, moving gingerly up along the far leg, feeling the sweat that poured down the sides and he could feel Dakota’s heart beating as he slowly moved his hand up to the knee then down, slowly down towards the groin, towards where his head rested. Noah saw the fingers of his own hand coming down the lightly brown legs, the tan paling as the blood drained from Dakota’s limbs towards that huge massive organ that was now Noah’s focus.

The pain was excruciatingly wonderful as he felt the slow steady brush of Noah’s hand and fingers against his quivering leg. He couldn’t believe how the pain hurt so deeply and yet how wonderful it made him feel. Dakota had never felt this before, had never felt so alive so full of hope and he tried to glance down, to stare at the cause of his enjoyment but his head was too heavy, his muscles too drained of strength as everything in his body was focused on feeling and nothing else. His heart ached and the pain in his chest was almost as if someone was driving a huge wooden stake into it and yet as the pain grew so too did his enjoyment. He couldn’t even begin to describe the joy that was filling him with each soft touch, with each brush of Noah’s chin against his hard cock, no words existed for how he felt and yet in his very soul he knew that this was just the beginning. A voice echoed in his ears as he struggled to hold on, to try and keep his body from loosing total control.

“Oh God I can’t stand this, it hurts so much and yet… I can’t…”

“Yes you can”

“How? It is unbelievable, is this what you meant? Is it?”

“It is, and it is just as I said, isn’t it?”

“Christ yes, how did you, damn I miss you but… I can’t hold on, I can’t…”

“You can Dakota, trust me, you can and you will”

“Oh shit, it feels so unbelievable…”

Tears were flowing down his face as he felt the soft kiss at the very base of his cock, and he shuddered as his body almost lost it, as the image of his older brother shone in front of his misted eyes and he reached out, to once more try and hold his hand, to once more touch that which he had lost forever and as his hand came up, he felt the hot breath blowing on his cheek, then an even hotter breath came upwards from his groin as Noah’s mouth was raised above the very tip of Dakota’s towering pole. His body shook as he felt the warmth sweet breath blowing down on his fiery cock head, felt it cool the sweat that steamed from it and made his pre cum flow quickly down the 7 ½ inch long pole with increasing speed, most of it evaporating along the white hot pole. His body no longer was his to command as he felt the fires now, felt them flickering at his very skin, melting the thin layer wherever the flames met the mortal flesh.

His outstretched hand came thundering down to hit the wooden floor at the very instant that Noah’s mouth touched the burning tip of his penis. He could feel the sudden brace of tremors that rolled between his body and Noah’s and he cried out loudly, taken prisoner by the sudden touch, the slow careful envelope of his cock head by Noah’s mouth. He could feel the rough edge of Noah’s tongue as it rested on the underside of his cock head; feel the edges of Noah’s white teeth as the lips held tighter and tighter to the sizzling cock head.

Noah could hear the crackle of electricity as he lowered his head onto the hot steaming cock. His whole body shook as the jolt passed into his body and then raced thru every part of him to only come full circle and go back into Dakota’s own body, racing along his veins and coming back as well. His mind was lost as the power of their union became stronger, as now his heart had support from outside of his body and the passion, the desire he felt suddenly felt no boundary, felt no restraint and his tears rolled down his face, the sweat becoming a raging river of water and desire. His hands grew like steel vices as they clenched both of Dakota’s trembling thighs.

He held the two large legs apart, forcing them even wider so he could move unrestricted over the towering organ that now threatened to choke him. His throat grew frightened as he let the first part of the huge cock head past his lips, past his teeth and as his tongue became flattened in the bottom of his own mouth, he felt Dakota’s cries, felt the throb of his heart as the cock head began a slow careful ascent into his mouth. His hands grew tighter, the fingers digging deep into the soft hot flesh, rivers of sweat flowing around his fingers as he held on, willing his throat to obey the aching desire in his soul.

The deep groan coming from all around him only spurred him on and he opened his eyes for a second, his eyelids fluttering as he gazed down along the thick solid pole that seemed to go on forever. He could see the veins of blood sticking out all around the huge 7-½ inch monster that now penetrated his mouth. Noah could see the thick arteries, see the dark blood flowing along the taut flesh that was stretched so far out that it made his heart skip a beat or two while his tongue became further crushed by the slow steady entry of the huge pole. The head itself was not yet fully inside and his throat was already in full panic but his heart refused to stop him, refused to allow him a moment’s peace as it thundered even louder, as it urged him on in a strange and crazy way that only made his body ache for it more, demand it even more.

His body became like steel bands wrapped around a throbbing steel shaft and yet as he continued to force Dakota’s pole into his mouth he could feel nothing but a strange urgent cry for more, a strange demand from his own soul to take the huge throbbing cock deep down into his throat so all of his body could enjoy the taste and feel of it. He shook as he choked back a strange swirling gagging sound and his eyes closed as his heart willed him on, forced him on to the strong steady sound of its beat. His legs grew numb as he lowered his head more, feeling the hard thick flesh sliding slowly into his mouth, forcing his jaw open even wider, making it ache with a dull throbbing pain and yet he refused to stop, refused to deny further entry of this pulsing organ.

He felt the press of his balls up into his cock root, felt the hard press grow even harder as he tried to hold back, desperate to let Noah take what he could but each movement, each inch that slowly entered the waiting mouth only drove him wilder, only made him ache harder as his body was lost to his control. He was under a spell as his mind saw so many images flash past that he couldn’t recognize any of them. He felt the tightening hold of Noah’s lips, felt the iron grip of Noah’s hands deep into his thighs and yet now he could see it all, see the hesitant way Noah had come down the hallway that first day, saw the way Noah had looked the first time Dakota had revealed his body to him, saw the way Noah’s jeans slowly became stained as he stood in Dakota’s presence, all of it came to him clearly now as his hands beat the wood, his body shaking and squirming to the slow steady pressure of Noah’s mouth over his penis.

His eyes saw the terror in Noah’s face when he had undressed, saw the desire even though his fear was trying to hide it and as his vision continued to be inundated by these images, he felt the first tentative lick of Noah’s tongue, the crushed tongue finally trying to add to the moment. His body arched upwards and he felt his cock slide in a few inches more, felt Noah’s throat now touching the tip of his cock head and it was that touch that made him cry out again. It was becoming too much, he knew it, knew that he wouldn’t be able to last, not this way and his hands flayed outwards, banging onto the wooden floor when one finger tapped against a small plastic package.

The feel of the slippery plastic against his outstretched hand drove him wild, his legs shot outwards to either side, pulling away from the centre of his body and forcing more of his blood gorged pole into Noah’s aching mouth. He felt the cock head begin to slide down the gullet, felt his pre cum oozing out in a raging torrent almost, knowing now that his whole body would soon explode, drowning Noah with his milk and yet he struggled, the thin plastic now in the palm of his hand, his fingers wrapped around it making a fist and he struck the floor again and again. The pain from his balls grew as he let the electricity flow unabated thru his body. He felt his buttocks squirm, move along the blanket in a wild gyration, feeling their itch too as he clenched tightly to the condom package in his hand.

Dakota “Noah!Noah take this, hurry, take this”

He heard his voice crying out, heard him calling for Noah and he could feel a strange numbness around his chest and his arms and yet he knew that he had his one hand stretched out far down his body, the condom package in his fingers but he couldn’t feel anything but Noah’s mouth over his cock. He felt the taut throat muscles surround the jerking cock head, felt Noah’s tongue trying to lick at the underside of his cock shaft, and still he managed to cry out, managed to give sound to his own raging desires.

Dakota “Please! God Noah please, take it… take it Noah!”

The sound of his name finally rang inside his head and his eyes opened to see Dakota’s outstretched hand. He saw the condom being held in the fingers, and he felt unsure of what to do. He could taste the hot salty sweet mix of Dakota’s pre cum as it slid down his throat, as it rolled down into his stomach and yet all he could think of was trying to please Dakota, to do what he wanted but what was it? Was he supposed to take the condom, to do what? Was he to put it on Dakota’s throbbing pole first, was that it?

Despite the sudden cry of pain from his throat and his mouth he lifted his head up, letting Dakota’s hot throbbing pole free of his lips and their steel vice like grip. He leaned back not even feeling his weight pressing on his legs as he had long since lost all feeling in them. His mind was confused as it seemed so was his heart, the hesitancy giving rise to the panic once more.

Noah “But… what do I…”

Dakota “Put it on, roll it down, hurry…”

His hands trembled as his body shook. Noah wasn’t sure what to do as he started to reach forward to take the offered condom, wishing that he didn’t have to, wanting to go back to what he had been doing. The taste of Dakota’s pre cum filled his mind and his heart ached, as it desired more of it, wanting all of it. He shook a little as his fingers stretched out and touched the tips of Dakota’s own outstretched fingers. He felt the sudden beat of Dakota’s heart, felt the urgent desire that was pounding now inside not only Dakota’s chest but his too. Noah didn’t want to deny himself the chance to taste Dakota, he felt angry at the gesture even though he would obey it, but first he had to try, to convince Dakota that he really did want it, that he really did want to drink from that tall throbbing pole. He didn’t care what it tasted like, all he knew was that he had to have it, to let all of Dakota’s milk be his, and he struggled to find his voice, to express his own desperate needs.

Noah “I want to taste it, can’t I…”

Dakota “No, not on mine, put it on yours Noah, God hurry, please, put it on yours”

Noah “I …I can’t, I don’t know how to…”

Dakota “Roll it down, hurry Noah, I need you inside of me now, NOW Noah! PLEASE!”

The words didn’t register at first, as he ripped open the thin plastic package and as he thought about one more appeal the words finally made sense to him. His whole body suddenly shook and he felt his cock jerk in a sudden anticipation of what Dakota meant. He looked down at the condom in his hand and then up towards Dakota. Noah saw the twisted desperate look that was etched all over Dakota’s face and he reached down with his hand, placing the soft oily condom over the tip of his cock. He felt the hot pre cum that was oozing out and he hesitated, unsure what to do but then he heard the words again, heard the desire in each syllable and he quickly rolled the thin plastic down his quivering penis. He felt the tips of his fingers digging deep into his own groin as the condom now covered every inch of his own throbbing 6-inch pole. The sudden rush of blood to his groin was making his fingers numb as he looked back up towards Dakota.

He saw the thick oozing pre cum rolling down the swaying pole that glared at him. The purple red angry cock head only seeming to grow thicker and more menacing as he moved inwards, his fear of failure once more rising up to consume him but the sight of that pole, the steady sliding apart of Dakota’s long legs helping to keep the fear at bay, for the moment. He coughed, tasting some of that oozing pre cum that he had managed to have first, and he suddenly found his hand reaching out, gently wiping up the underside of Dakota’s pole, his fingers gathering the heavy thick pre cum. As his fingers moved up the quivering shaft he could feel Dakota’s heart beating, feel the cried coming from Dakota’s soul and he knew that every movement he was making was being watched intently. His body shook as did Dakota’s as he wiped off the head with his finger, a large dollop of thick cream dripping off either side of his two fingers that he quickly brought to his mouth, putting them both deep down inside, till the tips actually touched his own throat. Noah coughed a little as he let his mouth close over his fingers, and then he slowly pulled them out, letting the heavy cream fill his mouth.

“Oh God Noah… please, please I can’t… please, please if you… please”

Dakota’s voice was filled with pain and yet Noah could feel the desire and passion in it too. Each word struck him hard deep inside as he felt the night wind blowing across his wet fingers as he stared down towards Dakota. He saw the pleading look in his rich brown eyes, saw the reflection of his desire deep within those eyes and he felt his own body growing harder, felt the hard thickness of his own penis become even more taut, more aroused as he placed his hand down between Dakota’s spread apart legs. He let his two fingers find the deep valley of love between Dakota’s cheeks and he slowly moved the fingers down until they suddenly stopped, resting on a hot warm hole that quivered to Noah’s touch. His eyes glanced once more at Dakota and as their eyes locked he pushed inwards, his two fingers suddenly digging into the warm wet canal of love, pushing aside the brief feeble protest of the sphincter muscle.

He felt the muscles inside of Dakota eagerly grip at his two fingers that pushed inwards quickly, digging in deep and he turned the two fingers first one way and then another as he saw the shock on Dakota’s face being replaced by a strange look of pure rapture. Noah watched as Dakota’s eyes glazed over briefly and then flared outwards, the deep desire within suddenly leaping forward, demanding more and demanding it now. His body quivered as he pressed his hand in hard, turning the two fingers and then just as quickly as he had inserted them, he pulled them out, feeling the sudden coldness as he began to move his slender body in closer. He felt his hands now pushing Dakota’s legs further apart as he sidled his crotch closer, his own hard throbbing pole aching now, urging him in closer.

Noah wasn’t sure what to do but something seemed to be guiding him as he grabbed hold of his throbbing pole, and his head came up to look down towards Dakota. He saw him biting his lip and he saw the eyes staring upwards, sweat pouring from his body as he became rock hard still. There wasn’t a whisper of a shake or a tremor as Dakota held his body perfectly rigid and Noah glanced down at his trembling hand. He could feel the heat from his penis burning the palm of his hand and he saw the spread apart legs, saw the soft pink-white colour of the inside of Dakota’s cheeks. It was almost like watching himself he thought as he leaned in, pushing the edge of his penis forward until it touched the warm moist cheeks.

His body suddenly recoiled as a giant tremor raced thru his body but Noah held on, his one hand leaning over the upright leg and resting next to Dakota’s hip. His other hand held on tightly to the squirming penis as he pushed it between the two perfect orbs of Dakota’s fleshy cheeks. His body continued to shudder as he guided the hot and suddenly very heavy penis downwards, feeling the strange giddiness of delight as his body continued to pour his blood into the hot throbbing penis. Noah could feel it as it tried to jerk free of his hand but he held on, biting his lower lip now as he concentrated on moving the heavy pole to its proper spot.

It felt like hours had passed before he felt the slight press inwards, the sudden tightening of Dakota’s body as his tight pink hole felt the hot embrace of Noah’s own throbbing pole. Noah’s body suddenly became very still, the tremors now abated as he realized just where he was, where his own shaft of love was now resting. He didn’t quite believe it, almost like he was living in some dream or fantasy world and his eyes grew frightened as they quickly glanced upwards, to stare down the solid body of Dakota. He saw the face, the way Dakota was holding himself so completely rigid as he waited and Noah knew this was no dream, this was for real and he grew frightened, unsure if he was equal to the task ahead, unsure even if he knew what to do or if he did do it, would he do it right or would he hurt the one person who his heart cared about?

All of this passed thru him as he licked his lip, tasting the sweet taste of blood from his lower lip and then he tasted something else. It had a tinge of salt to it and a tinge of something else, something sweet even and in a flash he knew it was Dakota’s pre cum that he had wiped up with his fingers. He could taste it now and the taste grew more intense inside his mouth and his hand slid back a little on his throbbing pole, his hips seemed to suddenly suck in the tops of his buttocks, and he could feel every muscle inside becoming like a steel whip. He took a long deep breath as the sweat dripped down from his forehead, strands of his blonde hair hung over his face as he stared down at Dakota’s waiting body and he became calm, as he heard the soft whisper of the wind swirling gently around them both.

In a deep and slow motion he began to push his hips forward, slowly forcing his throbbing pole to split apart the tiny pink hole that was trying to deny him entry. It didn’t last for more than a second and then Noah felt his body suddenly go faster, felt the resistance disappear as his penis gained entry to Dakota. A wave of heat came racing up the very inside of his penis, rolling faster as it came closer to his beating heart and he could feel it moving, almost as if he was watching it as it came closer and closer to the beating chambers of his heart. He watched amazed as the wave of heat finally hit the beating chambers and his head suddenly flung backwards, the sudden jolt making his whole body shudder as his hips suddenly went flying inwards, crushing hard into the waiting flesh of Dakota’s upraised cheeks.

Noah heard the gutteral sound of his own voice echo in the still of the night as his shaft was suddenly racing inwards, tearing thru the waiting sinewy muscles that lined Dakota’s insides. He felt them reaching out to grab hold of his pulsing penis but nothing could hold him back as a fever of desire took hold of him, guided his body from the wild beating of his heart. It was too much for him as his body continued to shake and he felt his body jerk and then twist to one side, his penis suddenly veering off course to bang hard into the one side of the velvet layered canal that now held his pole. He cried out as he felt the strong muscles grabbing his throbbing pole, squeezing it as it treid to hold onto it but the power of his fever was too much for even Dakota’s well trained muscles.

He crashed thru the resistance, forcing his pole deep down the canal until it was reaching deep into Dakota’s very insides, touching his glands, his muscles, his insides. Nothing was sacred as his body continued to twist and turn, making the hard throbbing pole switch directions constantly. Noah thought he heard a soft whimpering cry coming from Dakota but he couldn’t be sure. The strange sensations that were racing into his body were too much for him, he could barely concentrate on them never mind any other sounds or sights. His head was no longer functioning as wave after wave of new sensations came to him. His heart struggled as it tried to drive the blood faster, desperate to cool Noah’s overheated body. The pain in his groin became unbearable as he felt his whole stomach twist into one giant knot. Every part of his body now screamed out in agony as he continued to twist and turn his hips, gyrating in such different directions that even his back began to protest, the strange twists adding to the unreal feelings that overwhelmed all of his senses.

His nerves rang out in pain and joy all at once. His body seemed like it would just explode from all of the wild new feelings that were pouring in and suddenly he could hear it, hear the beat next to his own heart and he shook his head, large drops of sweat flying in all directions as he couldn’t believe the sound, the unbelievable beat of two hearts next to each other. He could hear them clearly, both of them beating loudly and fast but not apart, not out of unison but together and it only drove him harder. His body suddenly stopped its downward push and in a flash he felt his hips raising upwards, quickly too as his pole was suddenly being sucked out from the clutches of Dakota’s trembling insides.

Just when he thought his body would take his throbbing pole out from the hot tunnel he felt his heart beating faster, felt the same wild beat coming from the other heart that rested next to his and his whole body groaned and shuddered and then went plummeting downwards. His hips shot to one side as he crushed his lower body hard into the waiting upraised flesh, the loud smack of their sudden union echoed but he was oblivious to it all. All of his senses were no longer able to record each and every feeling, each and every tingle and roaring jolt. His body continued to pound deep, dig deep into the hot sticky flesh and all he could think about was that he was doing this, that he was not only doing it but that the person he was doing with was Dakota. He never for a second before this moment ever thought he would be doing this, that Dakota would even consider letting him enter him this way and yet as his hips twisted and turned, as his penis jerked hard to the left and then the right, it was all happening, was all true and he just couldn’t believe it. He could feel it, of that there was no doubt but he still couldn’t accept it as being real, no matter how loud the crash of his body against Dakota’s sweaty flesh sounded.

He could feel the sudden press between his legs just under his cock and he cried out as his body once more lunged downwards, once more crashed hard into the waiting body below. His arms were numb from holding his chest up and yet he couldn’t let them sag, couldn’t let them free from their duty to keep him upright as his body once more came upwards, once more gathering itself for one more ride down into what he could only think of as being heaven. The tight grip the met each thrust, that held his cock head from leaving the hot insides only helped to make him feel this way, to foster further the illusion that he was no longer earthbound. His spirits soared now with the highest flying eagles as his flesh continued to slowly melt away and all he could see was the warm passion that flowed between his heart and Dakota’s own heart. He could hear the joy crying loudly deep within his soul as his body no longer existed to his thoughts.

Every part of his body was now beyond his capacity to understand or control. He could feel the painful joy rising as his blood no longer flowed anywhere but towards his groin and his throbbing pole now once more dove deep inside of Dakota’s waiting body. He could feel the slap of his balls up against his own body, hear the sound but it didn’t register as all he could see was Dakota’s face, the soft lines around the eyes, the worried look inside of those dark rich chocolate coloured orbs and he could see him now, see him crawling inside of his bedroom window that first night and his body shook hard now, the force of his memories and of his passion now rising up even more so as the images played out before him. His fears were gone and instead he felt the itch deep inside of his own rectum, felt the strange emptiness there as his penis dug deep down into the very insides of Dakota’s body. He felt the hard rearing back of his cock head even though it was surrounded by Dakota’s muscles, even though the tough fibres were holding it tightly, he felt it and as he did his eyes closed again, the sight of reality too much for his brain to absorb as his body finally surrendered to the wild insane demand of his passion and of his desires.

His whole body was in a state of complete confusion as the juices streamed out from his exploding penis. It was like he was caught up in the swirling vortex of a tornado, the way he felt his emotions striking at his body, at his very soul even and yet at the same time he could feel his desire only growing, not being sated by the release of his milk. In some ways the pain grew, demanding more from his body than it was capable of and yet in other ways it was like a sudden rush of exhilaration as if he had just climbed the tallest peak of the highest mountain. The thin rarefied air made him choke, gag even as he struggled to breath while his hips ground hard into Dakota’s shivering cheeks and he could feel the bone against his own pelvic bones. He cried out, the tears dropping from his face to splatter among the raging river of sweat that now flowed across Dakota’s shaking stomach.

Nothing he had ever dreamed of, read about, saw had prepared him for the sudden collapse of his entire strength or the giddy feeling that seemed to overcome his mind and limbs. He felt the uncontrollable shaking of his legs, felt it but couldn’t quite understand it as his whole chest shook and his lungs tried to breath in, desperate for oxygen and yet his mouth was wide open, saliva dripping from the corner’s of his mouth as his body continued to buck and jerk as the last remnants of his seed spilled out to coat his 6 inch shaft, rolling down inside its protective covering, but he could feel it, feel it’s heat as it rolled back down the now softening flesh. His mind was in a state of utter shock as his heart continued to beat in a wild insane pattern, rising and then falling and then rising again and he felt the muscles in his arms go soft, weak and then the distance between him and Dakota’s own shaking body was no more. His head was on the heaving chest, hearing the sucking sound of Dakota’s own lungs as it too struggled for air.

He felt his body simply melt into the steamy body underneath him and his arms lay lifeless at his side, barely any feeling left in either the arms, hands or for that matter any other part of his body. Everything, every single part was in a state of utter exhaustion and yet as he lay there panting, his eyes glanced first upwards, staring for a minute at the softening face that was Dakota and then they glanced down the lanky body, down towards where his own belly now rested and he could feel the heat there, feel the hard press of a steel shaft poking next to him and he knew now what he wanted, what he needed now just as what Dakota had seemed to need earlier.

Dakota didn’t even feel the weight of Noah’s body crashing down onto his stomach or the press of his young body against his. All he could do was struggle for air as wild thoughts and weird new feelings flooded his every nerve, his every sense and even as his hand beat the wooden floor hard he could only think of how wonderful it all felt. The tight full feeling that had come the second that Noah had entered his body had suddenly made him feel whole, made him feel alive. The emptiness that he had carried with him all this year suddenly vanished, the hole in his heart suddenly grew smaller and seemed less ominous, less painful but he knew that it would never leave, but that now at least it would become bearable.

He could feel the tears too, the way they seemed to cleanse his sense of guilt, the way they rolled down his face with wild abandon and each time they dripped from his eyes he could feel the pounding of Noah’s heart next to his, could feel the unconditional love that welled up from deep inside of Noah’s body and passed deep into his own body. He felt it all as he lay there, as his body arched up to meet each downward thrust, as his hips kept his buttocks raised up to greet the throbbing pole that kept filling him with the love and passion that Noah had for him. He cried because he had never had someone love him this way, never had someone other than Montana care enough for him to want him in any way, without condition, without terms.

Montana had been right, this was love, this was something special that he couldn’t help but know it and Dakota was no longer afraid that he’d miss the signs. There was no mistaking the joy that filled him with each hard entry of Noah’s pole, there was no mistaking the warmth that came with each hard thrust of Noah’s young body into his, and as his tears flowed he knew that this would not end, that this strange joy would continue long after Noah had departed home until the next time they would meet. He knew that each second that they were apart would feel like an eternity and yet in his heart he knew that any separation would only be momentary because they were meant to be together, the beat of Noah’s own heart, the words of Noah’s own soul to his confirmed that as his body shook and quivered to the love that was being fed to him by Noah.

Even as Noah’s body slowly ended its wild gyrations, even as Noah’s body slowly collapsed in complete exhaustion, Dakota knew that this was not an end, that it was only a prelude to a continuing roller coaster ride of emotional highs. His body ached now but not from desire but from satisfaction, a sense of well being that he had never in his young life ever felt before and he glanced down, to see the tussled wet hair of Noah splattered across his chest. He could see the head shaking as Noah lay on top of him, his own heart beating wildly still and yet as he stared down at him he felt a sense of something more to come, something else that would only continue to prove to them both that this was right, that this was as it should be as it was meant to be.

Noah felt Dakota’s eyes peering at him as he continued to stare down at the hard lump that rested next to his quivering hip. He stared at the large pole that was still filled with blood, still looking huge to his eyes but in a new way, a strange new way that only increased the desire deep inside of him. All those strange new feelings continued to swirl around him as he stared at the silent throbbing pole, saw the slow oozing of Dakota’s pre cum as it pooled now around the tip of the cock head. It was like they were in a the eye of a hurricane as he finally turned his attention away from the thick pulsing pole and focused his misted eyes towards Dakota’s face.

They stared at each other, neither able to quite speak but Noah could feel the tremendous love that was passing between them both and he knew that this was his destiny, that he didn’t need to worry about tomorrow or the next day, he had found the one person that would matter to him, the one person who would make his very existence worthwhile. He felt the sheer joy of such a discovery so early in life and despite his young years, despite his inexperience, he knew that this was love, the real stuff that he had read about in books. Only trouble was, what he had read didn’t come close to describing how good it felt as he kept his eyes on Dakota’s face and then kissed the warm hot stomach, tasting the salty sweat, his eyes not leaving the deep rich chocolate orbs of his love.

“It’s my turn now…”

Dakota stared at Noah, hearing his soft voice, as he looked hard into Noah’s eyes. He saw the swirling mists inside, felt the desire and he reached out, grabbing another package that he had laid out earlier and he passed it down his still sweat soaked body towards Noah’s outstretched hand. As the condom passed from his hand to Noah’s he felt the stirring inside his heart once more, felt the love that had calmed down a little growing more turbulent, more alive again and his face smiled with adoration as the condom passed out of his grasp.

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