Kale from HM Boys

The Locker – Chapter 1

Chapter 1


8:20 a.m.

Noah lifted his head up and stared at the long corridor. To one side lay a bank of lockers; to the other lay the open courtyard to the main outside lunch area. The area was particularly crowded this morning as the bussed students from Brock were trying to figure out where their lockers were, or at least where the one’s they would be sharing were. Already the school year had gotten off to a lousy start for Noah and now it was only getting worse, having to share a locker with someone. Granted it wasn’t the fault of the Brock High School kids that their school got torched over the weekend, but he had enough headaches to deal with. Already he was getting razzed about his screw up from last season, even though he thought it would be forgotten some kids loved to keep reminding everyone that he was different even though there was no proof. Least he didn’t think there was but it wasn’t like anyone cared.

Besides it wasn’t his fault, the damn drama teacher had made him play the part and he needed the grade. So it meant wearing a dress, it didn’t make him a fag like all the stupid jocks said, just cause they couldn’t act worth shit didn’t make drama a pussy sport as Hector said, like he’d know anyways.

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