Anointing of the Man Child (4)

Anointing of the Man Child

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

He could feel his body tremble, as he stared at Trent’s crotch. The underwear was there, right in front of his face, and while he had seen guys in their shorts before, this was different. He knew he was going to not only see more, but be able to reach out, to touch it. It was scaring him, yet at the same time it was exciting him. He couldn’t quite figure out which was doing more to him, or if the combination of being scared & excited was making him feel so shaky.

The hands were trembling, he could see how they shook, as he reached out, to touch Trent. None of the magazines ever talked about it, gave him any clue as to how he should feel, or how he should act. They just seemed to assume everyone had done it, but damn it, he hadn’t. He didn’t want to ruin the moment, by being clumsy or doing something wrong.

Glancing up he could see the little smile on Trent’s face, and he breathed in deeply, taking comfort from the way Trent looked at him. It was warming, comforting. He couldn’t explain it, but he managed to reign in his nerves a bit, to let his hand actually take hold of the pants, around the waist, then pull them down. His eyes never left the bulge that was showing through the undies. How big it looked, all wrapped up in the cloth, how inviting it looked.

He had always wanted to touch the real thing, to put his hand around a fully erect cock. The whole idea of him being able to do it, to not just touch it, but to let his mouth wrap around one, was making him feel a bit dizzy, a bit light headed. His eyes were bulging, his cheeks puffing as he lifted his hands upwards, to take hold of the shorts.

The cock seemed to move which made him hesitate a bit, and he could hear Trent’s heavy breathing. The way his legs seemed to quiver too, the flesh tight as the muscles seemed to flex, while he stood there, waiting for him. It was that which almost kept him from moving, the idea that someone else wanted him, was waiting for his move. Blake felt his body shake, but he felt a strange sort of desire, that was far more powerful than the fear inside. It was the excitement, but also something more. It was almost as if some sort of instinct was kicking in, was guiding his hand as it moved up and took hold of the waistband.

He gulped in some air, as he slowly pulled down on the shorts, to see the growing patch of pubic hairs. He saw every strand as the shorts moved past. The V Shaped patch grew, as the shorts were being held back by the hard lump within. His hands pulled outwards, to slide the fabric over the hard pole.

His eyes were fixed directly at waist level. Blake wanted to look up, but the draw of what was being revealed was just too much. He stared as his hand shook, as suddenly the hard lump was freed. It shook as it broke free, and suddenly there was this large pole staring at him.

In a way it looked like an eye, with a thin white looking drop dead centre. His body shook, as he stared at the large dick, one he had seen before, but this was somehow much different. Back at the Frat House, it was just a penis, one that he never thought he would have the opportunity to touch. Back there, he was an on-looker, spectator, here he was about to touch his first cock.

He took it all in, saw the way the veins bulged and were wrapped all around the pole. He could see how the head was a different color than the rest, a more deeper hue, and the thin band around the head was lighter, as was the first part of the shaft.

Trent moved a bit, pushing his legs further apart, and his hand came down, to rest on Blake’s head. Blake looked up, and saw a sort of glazed look in Trent’s eyes. He swallowed as Trent’s hand seemed to push his head, to guide it towards that hard pole. His eyes moved from Trent’s face back to the hard cock, and he licked his lips, knowing what Trent wanted.

His head moved inwards, and Trent seemed to step forward. The hand on his head grabbed hold of his hair, holding him tightly. His eyes were wide as he saw the looming shaft, the winking eye of the cock, as it came closer. Breathing in deeply, he smelled Trent’s scent, the mix of his cologne, of sweat, of his body.

Trent’s other hand came down to grip the penis, by his groin. The fingers were wrapped around the shaft, holding it steady. He felt his eyes flicker, blink rapidly as if they wanted to close, but didn’t. The whole experience was nothing but a mass of confusing thoughts, as Trent stepped in closer, as his hand pulled Blake’s head closer.

His tongue snaked out, surprising him. He tasted his first pre cum, as the tip flicked out, and took the drop that was there. His body shook, and then he just seemed to feel like his whole body was on fire. His legs twitched, his arms quivered, and he was suddenly feeling a whole array of emotions inside. His mouth had somehow opened and wrapped around the head of Trent’s cock, and without even knowing it, he was moving his mouth down the hot shaft.

Blake felt the fullness, felt his muscles object, but his body was ignoring the minds confused orders. His throat ached, as the cock was somehow stuffed inside. The hand on his head was gone, the pressure gone, as his own body took charge. His hands moved to hold Trent by his hips. His fingers were touching the naked flesh, making him quiver deep inside.

The way his fingers dug into the flesh, the way he felt Trent’s bone beneath his fingers, all made him feel even more dizzy. His eyes were closed, but he breathed in deeply, as he fought with his mind, to let his throat relax, to let the whole cock enter his mouth.

His jaw hurt, as he felt it being held open wide. The way the head of the cock was pushing up into his palate, then trying to force itself down his throat, was strange, yet pleasant. He could feel his own head moving down the shaft, doing the forcing. It wasn’t from Trent, but his own body, that was trying to choke him.

He coughed, gagged a bit, but he fought it. It was unreal, how hot it felt, how good it felt despite the desire to throw up. The way his throat seemed to fight him, to fight some unseen desire, that was making him move forward. The way his hands were pulling at Trent’s hips, trying to make him come closer, to make the cock force its way past his objecting throat muscles.

The brush of hair against his nose tickled, as he realized he had the whole cock inside his mouth. His body trembled, as the realization hit his mind. He had won that part of the struggle, and felt rather proud of himself. His body sensing the victory, urged him onwards, and he began to move back, then forward.

His lips tightened their grip around the hot shaft, feeling the warm flesh sliding between them. His body shook, and Blake realized he was once again hard. His balls were aching, as he relaxed the grip on Trent’s hips, then began to reach around, to grab at the firm buttocks. He felt his knees ache from the hard ground, as he shuffled forward a bit.

Nothing he had read, was as good as how he was feeling. It was unreal, the way his head felt so light headed, how his legs had no feeling, but how his whole body seemed to be tingling. They never wrote about how his body would shake, how the muscles inside would tighten, then loosen, how the pain in his jaw would dull. All of that was never spoken of, or written about. They left so much out, that it was amazing. Yet as he felt his cheeks sink inwards, as he sucked on the hard pole, he could feel the veins bulge, then collapse, as blood flowed through them.

He found that as he moved forward, they would expand, then as he slid back, they would flatten a bit. He could feel the rush of the blood, feel the pulse, as if he was actually feeling Trent’s heart beating. The faster he went, the faster the blood seemed to flow through the veins, and as they did, they tightened the skin too. It was like string being wrapped one’s finger. How it would make the skin puff up in sections.

His eyes were shut, but he could see strange little flickers of light, tiny blue and red dots, as he moved his head back and forth along the shaft. His body was aching, and he could feel the pain deep down beyond his groin, his ass. Right smack inside of his body, he felt the pleasure, felt the fire of his desire. It hurt in a good way, as he found thinking about it, made his lips tighten more, made his throat expand a bit more.

The sounds began to become discernable. He could hear his own panting slurping sounds, hear Trent’s own panting breath, as he moved his mouth along the hard pole. He could feel the desire too, hear the soft moans, as the legs quivered. He felt them, felt the muscles in Trent’s buttocks clench and unclench. The way his flesh would tighten, then relax, in time to his head’s motion.

His mind was recording it all, taking notes. The way he felt, the way how he moved his head, whether he twisted his head to one side, how it made Trent stiffen more, or how his hands would clench as it pulled Trent closer, would make him moan.

The cry startled him, and he felt a sort of panic in his heart, but he kept his mouth around the cock. He could feel it shake, feel the throbbing of the flesh as the cry rang out. His lips tightened even more, he felt the head bang the back of his throat, then rear back. Inside, he knew that Trent was about to give him his first taste of cum.

His body shook, he was frightened by the thought, but he kept sucking on the hard pole. One hand moved off the buttocks, and reached down to take hold of the hanging balls. As his fingers touched, he felt Trent’s body shake uncontrollably. He felt the way the whole body suddenly began to tremble, to quake and he knew it was about to happen.

The first spurt, was like a flood gate had opened. He gagged, as the warm salty stream began to fill his throat and mouth. His throat rebelled, his mind was fighting him, wanting him to pull back, which he did, but suddenly a hand was holding him still. The cock inside was filling his mouth with a thick cream, that filled the air with its aroma.

His body shook, as he tasted the cum, as it kept coming into his mouth, until his natural instincts took over, and he began to swallow, tasting it even more. Blake couldn’t believe how it tasted, as he struggled with trying not to throw up. Blake could hear himself cough, hear himself gagging, but he fought to not let the cock free, to not let it loose, but he was losing the battle.

Despite Trent’s hand holding his head, he forced his head back, just as the next stream of hot milk came jetting out. He felt the splatter against his face, around his lips, then his chin and cheeks. He felt his body shudder, then as he swallowed the last remnants inside, he felt an overwhelming urge for more. One second he had wanted to throw up, the next he wanted more.

His head moved forward, his hand reached up and grabbed hold of Trent’s penis. He held it tight, as his mouth opened and once more he had Trent’s dick inside of his mouth. His lips held on tight, as he pumped the shaft. Blake held the cock head between his lips, feeling the cum around it, letting his tongue lick at it.

Trent moaned loudly, as his body once more shook. Blake felt it, felt the head try to pull back, but he held his lips tighter, and was rewarded by the cock jerking forward once more. The hot liquid didn’t stream out, but he didn’t let any escape his mouth.

He felt his cheeks sink inwards, as he sucked on the cock, while his hand continued to pump the shaft. He felt the body behind the cock shudder, and then the hands were on his shoulders. Blake felt the fingers tremble, as if they were using his shoulders for support. He sighed, as he realized there was no more of that sticky fluid would be coming out.

Blake felt his whole body shudder, as he let the cock fall out of his mouth. He felt himself leaning backwards, felt his chest heaving, as he finally managed to open his eyes. The darkness didn’t seem so dark, as he looked upwards at Trent. He could see his chest heaving, see a bit of drool by the corners of his mouth, but it was the way his eyes looked that made him feel all warm inside.

They were still glassy looking, but there was a strange sparkle to them, as he watched Trent’s nostrils flaring, watched the facial muscles slowly relax. The veins on his forehead seemed to slow down their wild pulsing beat. Trent took a step backwards, looking down at Blake.


Blake stared up at Trent, not sure if that was a sign he had done good, or not. Yet the way Trent looked at him, he felt like it was a good sign. He let his legs come forward, the pain making him wince. As he did, he watched Trent slowly lower himself to the ground, to lay down himself, still naked from the waist down. He couldn’t help but notice how Trent’s cock was still semi hard, how his balls though were somehow, smaller looking than before.

Was that, I mean, was it okay?

Trent looked at him, his mouth slightly ajar. The eyes were sparkling, as he just looked at Blake.

Okay? Shit, you sure you never sucked cock before?

Yes, why? Did I do it wrong?

Wrong, fuck man, that was the best blow job I have ever had, that was fucking fantastic.

Really? I mean, you aren’t just saying that, you really liked it?

Yeah, I really liked it, hell, I have never cum that much, not when being blown, anyhow.


I am totally drained man, uh, did it uh, did it taste okay?

He wasn’t sure how to answer that one. He could still taste it in his mouth, and around his lips. Blake felt his tongue licking at the dried cum around his lips, as he looked over at Trent. There was a sort of glow, or so he thought, but he knew it was just from the filtered starlight.

Yeah, I guess, I mean I don’t know how to say it, I mean I tasted my own, but this was different, I just, I mean, at first I wanted to throw up, you know? Then I don’t know, it sort of changed, it was kind of weird, but after the first taste, it well, what can I say, but I wanted more.

I know what you mean, my first taste, well I did throw up, still I do like it.

You did? It felt like I would too, but somehow, I don’t know, I didn’t want to stop. I think I like the taste, I know I wouldn’t mind tasting it again.

He watched as Trent slowly stood up, his chest still heaving a bit. He pulled his shorts up and then his pants, and as he buttoned the top of the pants, he looked over at Blake. There was a strange glint in his eyes, as he looked at him, which made Blake feel a bit nervous.

Blake, uh, do you think you’d like to see me again?

He couldn’t help but smile. It was what he had wanted to ask Trent, as he suddenly had an urge to taste his cum again. It was like having Chinese food, you got hungry all over right after, no matter how much you had stuffed down your mouth.

Oh yes, if you want to, I mean, well, I wasn’t as, I mean I’d like that.

You know, doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it is always a bit awkward afterwards, so I do if you do?

Yes, I do, but uh, where? I mean it is a bit, well, cold out here.

Leave that to me, I have an idea.

Trent suddenly stepped forward, and gave Blake a soft kiss on the lips. It felt so strange, that he found himself holding onto Trent, his arms around him, and kissing him back, hard. Blake felt Trent’s arms around him, hugging him, pulling him in closer, then they broke apart. Trent just looked at him, which seemed to make him tremble a bit.

Will I see you tomorrow?

Sure, we have to be at the Frat House first thing, so yeah, I’ll see you.

I know, but I mean, after?

If my idea pans out, maybe for the whole night, if you want.

I want, even if your idea doesn’t work out.

Trent looked at Blake, then down at his crotch. Blake felt the eyes staring at him, and he knew he wanted to spend the whole night with him. There was so much to talk about, to experience, that he couldn’t help but feel excited.

So I see.

They laughed, and hugged, as they slowly made their way back the way they had come. Trent reached down, and held Blake’s hand as he led him back out from the small clearing, towards the path. Blake couldn’t help but feel all giddy and warm inside. It was like a whole new world had somehow just opened up, one he hadn’t expected to ever experience.

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