Fiction – Following The Path (2)

Following The Path (2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The drive to the Stadium had been difficult. Between trying to think of Kelly, of that first experience and listening to his Grandfather go on and on about the war, about his memories, he had been distracted. Tyler had wished the old man would just shut up, as it was stories he had heard thousands of time now, and they never changed.

The mud, the hardships, were all old news. It wasn’t that he was unsympathetic, just that he was starting to worry about Kelly. The way he had been last night, the way his touch seemed cold at times, as if he was no longer interested in Tyler. Then at other times it was so passionate, that he was confused. Was Kelly bored with him? Was the sex between them stale or was he just imagining things?

It was troubling, and he felt like he had felt before he and Kelly had become lovers. He felt alone, wishing he had someone to share his thoughts with, to talk to about his worries, but that wasn’t going to happen. His other friends wouldn’t understand, in fact if they knew about him they might do a lot more than just ignore him. He knew that, which seemed to make today even more arduous.

Picking up his grandfather, smelling the moth balls on the old tattered uniform had irritated him. Despite the cold outside, he had driven to the stadium with the window rolled down. His grandfather hadn’t said a word about it, but instead kept on about his old friends, about how kids today didn’t understand what it meant to be in the Military.

He really had no patience for the old man’s diatribe, and more or less ignored him, as he tried to figure out what he had done wrong to piss Kelly off, or turn him off.

They had even had a sort of fight, which in itself was strange, and rather scary. Sure, they had fights before, but they were quick ones, they rarely lasted more than a day, yet this last one seemed to remain unresolved between them. Even last night, it seemed like their argument was hanging over them, even while they were making out.

At times he would catch Kelly staring at him, as if debating some ancient problem, or as if he was somehow disgusted with him. Least that is how it looked to him, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask him, to rekindle their simmering feud. It really had been a stupid argument, about the recent furor over the possible repeal of DADT, and how he was so for Hilary. It was like a red flag to a bull, the way Kelly had reacted.

He still didn’t get it, as he trudged along with his Grandfather to the gate, to meet Kelly. He couldn’t understand why suddenly Kelly seemed so interested in the news, in things in Iraq. Okay, he had taken some ROTC courses in High School, but hell so had all the jocks. It was sort of like, expected of them or something, but Kelly never seemed to be gung ho about it. He made as many off color remarks about the military as he had.

Yet lately, he seemed on edge about it, always telling him to drop it. It was suddenly a topic they couldn’t talk about, and was just the first of many it seemed. The way they used to be, laying by each other after several minutes of wild sex, talking about everything under the sun. Politics included, but now it was like Kelly wasn’t interested.

The sex was different too. Before they would rush to strip, to get naked with each other, to fondle before engaging in wild sex. Now it was all different, and while it was good, it bothered him. The way Kelly insisted on watching as Kelly undressed. How his eyes would follow his every move, as he would undress before him.

At first it felt odd, to have the lights on, to see Kelly leaning on the bed, while watching him stand beside him, slowly taking his clothes off.  It wasn’t that he thought he was ugly, just that once you saw him naked, there really wasn’t much else to see. Still, the way Kelly would watch, the way his eyes would follow his hands as he undid each button on his shirt.

How they would stare as he slowly opened the shirt, to expose his bare chest. The small tufts of dark hair just starting to grow, the way his nipples were a maroon red, seemed to be carefully examined. It was like being in some spotlight, as he would let the shirt fall off his shoulders, behind him. Kelly would be watching him, how his chest would rise and fall with each breath he took, until he moved his hands down to his pants. Then they would fix on his crotch, watching him undo the button, then unzip.

Kelly wasn’t silent either, as he would direct him, telling him to slow down at various moments. Like when he would undo the pants, having him unzip slowly, then go even slower in pushing the pants open to show his underwear, before letting him push them down to his ankles. He even made him slowly remove them, and when he gave his instructions, it was so commanding, so cold that he would shiver.

He noticed that too, how his eyes would dart up to look at Tyler’s face. The lips were set firmly closed, the eyes boring into his own, that gave him the shakes. Still, he did as told, and it passed quick enough. Kelly would then direct him to remove his underwear, to let them be pushed down so slowly that last night, Tyler had gotten a cramp in his fingers. It was freaky, but he had done as asked.

To stand there, his cock hard and sticking out, while Kelly looked him over, had been both arousing as well as scary. It was like he was trying to picture him for when he would no longer be able to see him, to store each detail in his memory. He wanted to say something, wanted to ask him if he was breaking up with him, but he couldn’t. Tyler just didn’t know how to say it, plus he didn’t want to give him ideas, or make it come out even.

Kelly had made him turn around several times, examining him with his eyes, not letting anything show. He remained clothed, as he stared at Tyler’s naked body. The eyes seemed so lifeless then, and yet when it was over, the sex had been unreal. The way he had simply stood up and ripped his own clothes off, the way he had kept looking at Tyler, while undressing.

Then he just jumped on the bed, and opened his arms, waiting for Tyler. It had been amazing, as he had hesitated only a second, before finding himself on top of Kelly, kissing him wildly. The way they had kissed had almost made him cum. The taste of Kelly’s lips, how he had held him, had given him a huge thrill.

Just as suddenly it had all changed too. He had found himself on his back, and the lights were still on, as Kelly leaned up to him, and slowly began to run his hand over Tyler’s naked body. The way his fingers touched him just enough to make his body know it was being touched, gave him the shivers. His body trembled with a strange excitement, as he lay there, letting Kelly explore his body.

It felt like he was being scanned by some copier. The way Kelly’s hands moved over him, just like a light crossing over a paper, to store the images for reproduction. The touch was light, sensual, and his heart kept beating so hard he had thought it would burst. His cock kept jerking as Kelly would just touch him ever so lightly. The hairs on his body were all on edge, and when he would look at Kelly, there was a strange glow reflected in his face.

Sitting now, watching the game wind down for half time, he could see that same look and glow come across Kelly’s face. Meeting him at the gate, finding their seats had made conversation impossible. Worse his grandfather had decided to sit between them. He couldn’t argue, and Kelly didn’t seem all that upset by it either. It was almost as if he welcomed it.

Despite the thrill of being at an NFL game, he couldn’t help but think about Kelly, as well as resent the presence of his grandfather. The man was absorbed by the game, and despite being 85 years old, he seemed to relish the junk food. He was constantly having Tyler get him something, popcorn, hot dogs and all the other crap that he certainly didn’t get at the home.

It kept him busy, standing in lines, and thinking. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain Kelly was trying to end it between them. Despite the way they had made love, the tenderness in how he had touched him, had even kissed him. Another new development in their love making. Kissing him all over, not just on the lips.

How he had last night done even more, how he had been kissing him, and licking at him. The way he had such control over his tongue, his hands, was amazing. How lightly the tongue could lick at the flesh around his nipples, then suddenly be digging hard into the skin. How the teeth would lightly tease his nipple, then suddenly bite it just hard enough to make him wince in surprise. It truly was arousing, and thinking about it, Tyler couldn’t count how many times he had come close to losing it, to shooting his load. Yet each time he was on the verge, Kelly seemed to know it, and would stop.

It was maddening, to be brought to that point, then just as suddenly not be taken over the edge. His body had shook so many times in anticipation, that he thought the house must be vibrating. Yet Kelly knew what he was doing.

The he had caressed him, had made his cock so hard, that it had hurt beyond anything he had ever felt before. His balls had groaned from the need to explode, but Kelly had kept him from doing it, from surrendering. He had moved all over him, kissing him, teasing him, to the point that his entire nervous system was on edge, was tingling with anticipation.

Every touch made him shake, made him moan. His head would toss from side to side, as Kelly would run his finger down his chest, then around his waving penis. How he would run it lightly across his scrotum, making the eggs inside shake. It was unnerving how he knew his spots so well, how he could just touch him, to make him quiver, to make him groan his pleasure. And he was feeling it, with each touch of his finger, of his hand, his tongue.

The wild screams of the crowd didn’t even break his thoughts, as he the final minutes till halftime were ticking down. All he could think of was how Kelly had taken him last night, had made his body so alive, and yet make him feel so frightened.

How he had licked him around his cock, kissed the head even and tasted the oozing pre cum was a thrill in itself. His tongue just barely touching as it flicked up each drop of his pre cum, and then how it had lightly pressed between his hips and groin, licking at the hidden flesh.

His legs had grown taut, had shook as the tongue just made its presence known, just lightly touched his skin as it licked all the way down. First one side, then the other, until his legs were spread far apart. He didn’t even realize how he had pulled his legs up, with Kelly in between licking at his skin, tasting him in spots rarely touched by his own hand, let alone another’s mouth.

Briefly he had looked down his body, to see that blond head as it moved slowly up and down his inner thigh, occassionaly moving to the other side, then on one such move, he felt the hands reaching down underneath. He felt Kelly’s hands on his buttocks, but with the fingers spread out, towards the outer edges of his legs.

Tyler felt the head going further down, and as he moaned his pleasure, the raspy edge of the tongue flicked lightly across the hidden valley to his insides. His whole body trembled then, as he felt the hands spreading his cheeks, while also lifting them up. He found himself pressing down further into the bed, his legs rising as the head moved past his groin, and Kelly’s hot breath wafted across his sweat soaked valley.

The tongue licked at the tip of it, and then the fingers began to press inwards, digging into the soft flesh of his butt cheeks. He could feel them being spread apart, and he lifted upwards, bringing his butt up off the bed, letting his rear be opened to Kelly’s face and tongue.

The touch of the tongue down between his cheeks made his legs tremble. Hell, his whole body was trembling as the felt the light brush of the tongue, as it moved slowly down his valley, tasting the soft skin. It made the hairs along the inside of his cheeks stand up, as it moved down and tasted him.

It was a totally new experience for him, as Kelly licked at him, gradually increasing the pressure of his tongue, until it was circling his hole. Then he felt himself crying out, as the tip of the tongue curled up, and slowly pressed up against his pink hole. He felt his cheeks clench, felt his hands ball up into fists, as Kelly began to slowly press his tongue into him.

Every nerve screamed out in pleasure, as the waves of love filled him. His eyes were shut tight, tears rolling out from underneath, as he enjoyed the wild sensations that were rushing in his whole body. His pulse raced, as he tried to breath, in between gasps of delight. His body was soaked by sweat, as he squirmed to the wiggling tongue that was still moving deep down into his insides. He could feel it lick at him, feel it push beyond his muscles and taste the velvet lining of his rectum.

His cock was aching so hard that he couldn’t help but reach out to grab hold and begin to stroke it. His balls hurt so much that he thought they would literally burst, as Kelly’s tongue dug deep into his rectum. His moaning was loud, as he tossed on the bed, unable to believe how good it all felt. The tongue kept pressing, kept moving from side to side, then out, then back in as it fucked his ass. It was more intense than he had ever felt. Even when Kelly would penetrate him with his dick, this was more intense, more arousing. The feelings from the tongue, from his own body was making him harder than he had ever achieved.

Every part of him was screaming, as Kelly continued to lick at him, to let his raspy edged tongue fill his insides just as his cock had before. His eyes saw nothing but brilliant flashes of lights, as his mind was over whelmed by the waves of pleasure.

His lungs ached, as his hand moved faster and faster along his own cock, stroking it so fast he could feel the heat of friction. Nothing seemed more important than cumming, than shooting his load as the tongue wiggled inside of him. The panting sounds that penetrated the thunder of his heart were his own, as were the shrill cries of joy that reverberated around his bedroom. The sound of the bed creaking didn’t even register as his hand became a blur, as his cock thickened even more from the rushing blood that came from everywhere.

His legs were numb as were his arms, the ache in his shoulders was from the heavy stroking and just as he couldn’t take it anymore, just as his voice cried out proclaiming his coming ejaculation, the tongue pulled out from between his cheeks. Before he could even realize how much he wanted it back, he felt his hand pushed away from his cock, felt the fingers gripping his cock base, then the warmth of Kelly’s mouth close over his throbbing cock.

The lips wrapped tightly around the head, were just sliding down under the cap when he arched upwards, no longer in control. His cries were loud as his body exploded from deep within. His balls felt like they had been blown apart, as the pain and ache became one inside of him. He felt his body shake, felt it rise up off the bed, driving his cock deep into Kelly’s throat. He felt the head jerking against the throat, felt the throat constrict, as the first stream of his milk came rushing out.

In his ears he heard the explosion, heard it fill the room with its noise, as he felt the cock jerk back, jerk even to one side, despite the firm hold by Kelly’s hand and mouth. He felt it shudder, felt the cum rushing inside, felt it leaving his cock into the open mouth.

The gagging sounds were there, but ignored, as his body shook so hard that it covered all other sounds. The beating of his heart was like nothing he had ever experienced, as his orgasm filled his body. His balls still ached, as he felt the skin collapsing inwards, felt it tighten around his empty eggs, as Kelly still sucked on his pole.

As he felt his body fall back down towards the bed, he felt the weakness come over him. He felt his chest hurt, felt it rising and falling in rapid succession as he struggled for air, to just breathe. His pulse was thundering, and he could feel his blood throbbing through the veins, as the last of his cum seemed to just dribble out. He was panting, as he slowly opened his eyes, to stare up at Kelly.

Cum was caked on the side of his lips, as he looked down at Tyler. The eyes sparkling as they moved across, looking at Tyler’s slowly softening penis, as the way his stomach was still rolling and shaking. It was totally unnerving at how he leaned back on his haunches, watching Tyler’s body slowly return to normal, to see the chest gradually reach a normal rhythm.

The sound of the gun signalling the end of the half startled him. He turned to see that his grandfather was looking at him with a strange look. Kelly was staring at the field, when the old man turned to gaze back at the field. A few minutes later, the old man suddenly stood up, standing fully erect, as Tyler noticed the slow procession of a small group of men carrying flags move onto the field.

He watched as others began to also stand, and as the announcer announced they entrance of the Marine Color Guard, asking people to stand up. Looking at his grandfather, he saw a small tear roll down his cheek, then he looked over at Kelly. He too was standing almost as rigid as his grandfather, but his eyes had that strange look to them, the one that frightened him so much.

Tyler stared at them both, as the noise of the crowd buzzed around him. How stiff Kelly stood, he thought, how erect his grandfather still could stand, at his age. It all seemed unreal, as he saw how Kelly kept his hands at his side, the palm resting firmly on his legs, the thumb pointing out from the rest of the fingers.

Turning back to the field, he saw the men carrying the flags approaching center field. He felt a strange lump in his throat, watching the young men in uniform march towards the center. He felt suddenly afraid, as he stared out, feeling apprehensive.

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