Fiction – Following The Path

Following The Path (1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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It was a tradition he had never really understood, until now. Ever since he had been a kid, he could remember how his parents would be drawing straws with his Uncles and Aunts, to see who would have to spend Memorial Day with his Grandfather. As a kid he thought it was neat that someone old could play dress up like him, and a uniform was the best outfit of them all. His parents, and the rest somehow seemed to think it was a chore.

Even as he grew up, coming to realize that it wasn’t about playing dress up, he never really thought it was a big deal. So the old geezer got all dressed up in his old soldier suit? It was Veteran’s Day, and the old guy had served, so why shouldn’t he? Yet it irritated everyone in his family for some reason, and they especially hated the old war stories, the reminisces that seemed to become more disjointed as his Grandfather got older.

Now at 18, he got to join in the drawing of straws. He had won or lost, depending on your point of view, the draw, so today, Sunday would be his turn. His first turn at being the family member to visit and be with the old man for the day. Tyler wasn’t upset by it, rather looking forward to it, because he had three tickets to the Sunday NFL game.

Kelly had somehow managed to wangle a third ticket, after winning the first two from some radio show. He had no idea how he had done it, but he had. His Grandfather had been impressed too, and all week had been bragging about his grandson was taking him to a football game. It made him feel rather good inside, until his father reminded him that his granddad would be wearing his old soldier suit.

He hadn’t thought about that, and when he had talked with Kelly last night, it didn’t seem to bother him, so why should it bug him? Yet as he raced around his room, picking up his old clothes, it did. He felt uncomfortable, unsure why, but he wished that he could spend the day with Kelly, alone. Their time together had been getting less as fall wore on. Plus Kelly had been acting a bit weird.

During the summer it was like they were inseparable. They had taken the odd camping trip, where they had been your typical eighteen year olds. The sex had been awesome, and he had been hoping it would never end. It hadn’t, not really, but it had become different. It was like Kelly was off somewhere, not really concentrating. Yet in some ways, Kelly was even closer to him now, than before.

He had met him years ago, but only after graduating High School had they discovered their attraction to each other. Kelly was a High School jock, a hard bodied athlete and he looked the part. He had thick legs and arms. No fat but lots of muscle. The way his stomach could be so hard and then suddenly soft always turned him on. The way he would run his hand along the flat belly, feeling the muscles underneath tense up, grow hard and ripple too. He had felt it, and even now, thinking about them made him a bit horny.

They shared an interest in jogging. Kelly liked to run early in the morning, as did Tyler. They had met at a local jogging trail and knowing each other from school, it was natural to jog together. It was along one of their morning jogs that everything had suddenly changed. It had been a first for Tyler, who had always been too scared to let anyone know about his desire for guys. Somehow Kelly had known, and the way he was so direct about it, it had seemed natural for him to admit his homosexuality. He had expected nothing, and yet when he had first tasted those pale lips, had felt that tongue lick at his own tongue, everything changed for him.

His body had never experienced something as what he and Kelly seemed to have. Every morning, he would be up before the alarm clock could buzz, excited because he would be next to Kelly. They would always start off slow, running with the other early morning joggers, but at one bend near the local park, they would split off, to go their own way. No one seemed to notice, or care, but each time it was like being born all over again.

The way Kelly would brush his arm past his, as they jogged a ways along a rough trail through the trees. The way his breathing would have a bit of a hint in it, of excitement. It all made those last few yards seem special, which they were. Just like at school, Kelly was the leader. Tyler didn’t mind, as it gave him a good chance to study him, to watch the way his butt would move, knowing that as they jogged along the path, that soon he’d be worshipping those cheeks in ways that would make many in his family sick. It was part of his enjoyment, knowing how shocking it would be to his father, to his uncles and aunts.

To say he wasn’t fond of them would be an understatement. They were old fashioned, always whining about the good old days, and yet always preaching too, about morality while all the time breaking every law God could have devised. The way his Uncle had been married twice already, each time getting a divorce because he found some other girl at work to screw. Or his own Father who screwed the people who worked for him, with his back room deals with the Union execs. How he hired people he knew were not citizens, simply to be able to pay them less, pocketing the difference.

Great role models his family, but he had Kelly, and that was what counted. Kelly was one of the fortunate ones. He had the looks, the smarts too, and the popularity. He could have had anyone he wanted, male or female, but instead he had chosen him, which gave him a glow inside. He wished he could share it with others, but he was happy enough to just enjoy sharing it with Kelly.

The touch of his hand on his skin, the taste of his mouth, the excitement of his body resting on his, was enough for him. He was no ugly duckling, but he wasn’t as well built as Kelly. He had a firm body, not as much muscle nor meat to him, but he did okay. He could handle himself in tight situations, and for him studying had been a breeze. Tyler had a natural flair for books, for learning while Kelly always struggled. He did okay, but not like Tyler.

Still it was how you used it, or so he kept telling Kelly. Though lately, Kelly seemed unimpressed. He had become moody, and yet the sex between them seemed somehow more intense. It wasn’t wild or anything like that. Kelly seemed to want to be more intent, more deliberate in all they were doing. Not like the first time when he had ripped his track suit off, to take his hard cock down his throat, until Tyler had shot his first load.

Gawd, just thinking of that made him hard. The way Kelly had led him to a clearing off in the woods. It wasn’t much of a clearing, but was far enough off the tracks that they wouldn’t be caught out. He had run with him, pushing the branches out of the way without realizing they had gone off the path. He had been bitching too, about slowing down, until suddenly he was in the clearing. He had stopped, to see Kelly panting, his face glowing as he leaned over, his hands on his knees, his face tilted up staring at Tyler.

He too was a bit winded, but as he stood there, he felt a strange warmth creeping through his whole body. Kelly just slowly walked up to him, stared into his eyes, and before he knew it, was kissing him hard on the lips. His body had shook, as he tasted those lips pressed against his mouth. Then he felt him reach down, rub his crotch hard, and somehow he was suddenly standing there, his track suit at his ankles.

Kelly had fallen to his knees, and had his hands gripping both of Tyler’s hips. The fingers were firm and hard as they held him, and he felt the wet warmth cover his cock. He shook, stunned a bit by the waves of pleasure that suddenly took hold of him. His heart was racing, he could feel it beating wildly inside his chest, his lungs ached as he tried to suck in air, but found it difficult to do.

His hands had instinctively grabbed hold of Kelly’s shoulders. Tyler couldn’t believe the way he was shaking, as he felt Kelly sucking on his cock. The way his nose would bang into his groin, the way the sounds would echo in the small clearing. He found his head tilting up and staring at the light flickering through the dense brush overhead. Every touch, every lick of his cock, was etched into his memory.

The way Kelly had held him steady, how he had clenched his hips tightly, how he had moved his head forward and back, how his tongue had licked at the underside of his cock shaft, all of it was stored inside his mind. It was the benchmark he used to gauge how much they had changed since then. How the sex didn’t end with him screaming, with his body rocking as he shot his hips forward, driving his hard cock further into Kelly’s mouth. How his entire body was trembling like there was an earthquake happening under his feet. He could still remember how he felt as Kelly’s tongue would lick around the head of his cock, how it would slowly lick down till it was licking at his testicles. How it would flick out, the tip pushing one ball, then the other, then back to dig at his flesh under the base of his cock.

Just thinking of it, had his hand rubbing his groin, as he tried to push it aside, to push back the hanging cowlip of dark hair that crossed his brow. But he couldn’t, as he felt his cock growing even harder with his effort to push back that moment. To try and ignore how Kelly had dug his fingers in so hard, that it took a whole day for the red marks to disappear, seemed impossible.

For some odd reason, he couldn’t stop thinking about that day, about how he had shook, how his voice had sounded, as he moaned and groaned while Kelly had sucked his cock. The way the sounds of slurping, of his flesh being sucked still echoed in his mind, made him feel flushed. His cheeks were red as he stared at his reflection. Tiny beads of sweat had formed on his forehead, as he tried to not think of it, but failed.

Kelly had taken him, and he could still recall him coughing, as his body had exploded. It hadn’t taken him long either, to surrender to the pleasures inside. The way his body had grown taut, the way his legs had suddenly stiffened, how his eyes grew dim, as his body took charge. The way his arms grew stiff, cramped even, as he found his hips shooting forward, found his hands digging into Kelly’s shoulders, as that moment came.

The waves of pleasure seemed endless, as he found he had reached over and around, had hold of Kelly’s head in his hands, and was pulling his head hard into his belly, into his groin.

How his body had shook, as his balls had exploded under his cock. He could still feel the moment when his milk came flooding out of his balls, the way it flowed so quickly along his cock, and spurted out deep into Kelly’s throat. He could hear him cough, hear him gag even, as his body unleashed a flood of his milk. Tyler could still feel the head leaning back, trying to break his hold, as his body continued to push forward, continued to drain his body of all fluid.

Tyler could recall how he shook, how as the last of his cum dribbled out into the mouth, he grew feint, grew dizzy and weak. How his legs were buckling under him, as he looked down at the mop of blond hair, matted by sweat, was shaking. He could see the milky grey trail around the corners of Kelly’s mouth, knowing it was his, and as he had staggered backwards a step or two, his hand barely touching the sides of Kelly’s face, he saw the look in the young man’s eyes. It had made his heart skip several beats, as he slowly lowered himself to the cold ground.

Kelly had licked his lips, then he leaned back on his hands, panting. His chest was heaving, as he just looked at Tyler, his eyes taking every inch of his body into view. It was like being under a microscope, the way he looked at every part of him. Yet it didn’t feel uncomfortable, but gave him a warm feeling inside. It was that look that broke through his fear. The way Kelly looked at him, made him feel alive, in a way he had never felt before.

As he had sat there, staring at Kelly, he had seen him smile. Saw the way his grin seemed to light up his face. The way it made his nose crinkle, his cheeks sort of puff out, all gave him a strange thrill. It was like suddenly he had been borne, that the sound of the birds chirping in the trees had a new sound to them, no longer annoying. It was like he could hear the wind rustle through the branches, as well as feel his own heart beating, with a sort of echo, that he just knew was Kelly’s own heart.

Grabbing his keys, he realized he was running a bit late, and the lump in his jeans made him wish for a moment that he didn’t have to take his Grandfather to the game. For a second, he wished he could just pick up Kelly, and take him to their spot, where he had first gotten to really know Kelly.

Racing out of the house, he couldn’t help but feel a bit wild. He had the urge, that desire which he knew would have to wait till after the game, till he could be alone with Kelly again. For now, he had to pick up his grandfather at the home, then get to the stadium, to meet Kelly. It would be hard to sit through the game, with Kelly so close, but the idea of watching a pro game almost, almost made up for things.

Still, the memory of that first morning, of how he had sat there, seeing the large lump in Kelly’s own track suit, and how his entire life changed. Starting the car up, he felt the ache inside, recalling how he had pushed aside his own fears, how he had enjoyed his first taste of another man. As he headed towards the home, to pick up his grandfather, he wished he hadn’t drawn the short straw. He just wanted to be with Kelly, even if it was November 11th.

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