Fiction – Ghosts, Goblins, & Garrett?

Ghosts, Goblins, & Garrett?

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Ronny flicked the switch, and watched the lights turn his front yard into a brilliant display of creepy crawlers, spooky sights, and eerie sounds. It was Halloween, a time he had always enjoyed. Now, his first year here, he wanted to fit in, to let the kids in the block enjoy it, as he once had, not all that long ago.

He was just 22, and the house was all his. No mortgage to worry about, and the taxes were looked after by his trust. The inheritance had pissed off his parents, and siblings too, but screw them. Wasn’t like they had cared for Aunt Mildred, in fact they hadn’t even bothered to visit her once when she had gone to Hospital. Maybe they would have, if they had known how rich she was, but even he hadn’t a clue, until the reading of her will.

Now he was out of his home, into this one that his Aunt had owned. It was strange, to still be able to smell her perfume, to almost feel like she was there. He knew it was just imagination, but he had really liked the old lady. She had known about him, about his thing for guys, and despite her years, had accepted him. Something his family couldn’t, or wouldn’t do. They tormented him constantly, and at one point when he was just 16, had even sent him to one of those so called ‘conversion camps’ that was supposed to make him change his desire to be Gay. Like it was a choice.

Still, as he looked at the front yard, the strange billowing ghosts hanging from the huge tree, the glowing lanterns that lit up the various bushes, he felt rather happy. His Aunt always had enjoyed Halloween. She had told him it was the only time his family ever looked normal to her. He hadn’t understood what she meant, because his family hated Halloween. Rarely did they dress up, or even have candy to give out. His Mother, early on, used to hand out pamphlets when kids would come to their door, which eventually stopped anyone from coming.

Like who wanted a pamphlet on the ways of God, for a Halloween treat? Still, that was his family, but his Aunt, she would take him out, after dressing him up as a pirate, or a ghoul, and it was here, that he learned a lot about just being a kid. It was with her, that he learned to laugh, to relax and not keep things bottled up inside. Now it was his home, and he wanted to let everyone in the neighbourhood know, the fun was not going to end.

Stepping inside his door, he saw the huge cauldron. It was something he and his Aunt had found in a shopping spree, and she had insisted on buying it. He had no idea why, until that Halloween. She would dress up as an old witch, and now the cauldron was by the door, filled with all sorts of candies. From full sized chocolate bars, to little toys.

Every kid that came to the door, got a handful of her treats. Even as sick as she was, Halloween was always special. The last year, he had been placed in charge, and despite her illness, she made sure he wasn’t skimpy in what he bought, in how he dressed up the old house, and had insisted on him wearing a costume.

The cauldron was full, because his Aunt’s house was a must visit house for kids from all around the neighbourhood. Last year, he had filled the cauldron twice, and it was barely enough to handle the constant parade of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. This year, he had doubled last years treats, hoping that her passing wouldn’t stop the kids from returning.

The added decorations outside, the little posters he had put up on the telephone polls should help. It wasn’t as if he had to do it, and it wasn’t cheap either, but she would have expected it. He owed her that, for giving him the chance to be who he wanted to be. He didn’t need to work, but he did, because she would have wanted him to.

Putting his cape over his shoulder, adjusting the make up in the hall mirror, he realized how much he really missed the old lady. Even at the end, she had harped on him about finding a nice young man to settle down with, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She even said he should think about adoption, that it would be nice to have kids running around. She was quite a gal, he thought as the spooky sounds of a shriek echoed.

It worked, he thought as he opened the door to his first ghosts and goblins. He had set up a small alarm, an electric eye, that when broke would set off a recorded tape of spooky sounds. It was in place of the doorbell, and opening the door, he saw the giggling faces of young kids, enthralled by the elaborate layout.

Their eyes lit up as they saw the familiar cauldron, and off in the distance, he could see the smiles on the faces of the parents. Their look of approval was nice, but it was the grinning faces of all the kids that made it all worthwhile.

From the first group on, he was busy answering the door. The cauldron had been emptied several times, and he was glad he had bought extra. He had needed it, as group after group of kids from tiny tots to just teenagers had shown up. Each one getting huge grins on their faces when he would put a whole handful of deluxe chocolates and candies and toys into their open sacks. Their grins, their giggles were all turning this hectic night into one of pure pleasure. The costumes were all different, some elaborate, some plain, but the grins were all genuine. From just painted faces, to specially sewn costumes, the neighbourhood kids kept coming, for what seemed an endless parade.

The last few had been the older kids of the neighbourhood. Some even saying how they missed his Aunt, which made it all worthwhile. The last peel of thunder, shriek of hysteria, signaling a costumed kid had been over 20 minutes ago, as he thought about turning the lights off, of signaling an end. Plus he did have a party to attend, down at the local gay bar, where he hoped he’d maybe find a ghost or goblin of his own, to bring home, or at least share his candy with.

He smiled at that, and was about to open the door, to go turn off the outside lights, when the sound of a laughing jackal burst out. It was followed the maniacal scream of a woman, as a late trick or treater had come up his walk.

Opening the door, he was rather surprised to see a much taller apparition than he had expected. The costumed figure was close to 6ft tall, and he could see the curly brown hair from under the frizz laced hat. The white makeup and red button nose was rather funny, as he smiled, recognizing that it was the eldest son from next door.

He had turned 18 over the summer, and it had been a wild party to celebrate it as well. One that had nearly ended in disaster for the birthday boy. The party was while his parents were out of town, and it had gotten out of hand, as most tend to do. The Police were about to make Garrett’s 18th birthday one he’d not forget, but he had intervened, helping to keep the young man out of jail, and out of real trouble with his parents.

This was his first encounter, since then as he smiled and turned towards the cauldron.

Bit old for going door to door, aren’t you?

Garrett had stepped inside, as so many others had, but somehow it just felt different. Ronny turned around, to find Garrett almost on top of him. For a brief instant, he felt a little afraid, but it quickly left as he stared into the chocolate brown eyes of the young man.

This is the only door I am going to.

Oh? Rather a lot of work for a handful of candy.

He felt his pulse quicken, as he tried to see beyond the white clown makeup that Garrett was wearing. He could see his lips were trembling a little, and the suspenders holding up the baggy pants, didn’t hide the skin tight t-shirt that he was wearing.

I suppose, uh, I was sort of, I mean, I was wondering, you got a minute?

Ronny felt suddenly nervous. He wasn’t sure what was on Garrett’s mind. Still, he had enjoyed his brief glances of the young man, as he had worked on his little Datsun truck or been helping his father with the yard work. There was no doubt, Garrett was a looker.

The curly brown hair, the thin face and pale lips all made him very attractive. Judging from the various girls that seemed to hang around, he was certain that Garrett had no lack of girl friends to choose from, and from some of the late nights on weekends, he was fairly confident that the young man wasn’t a virgin either. In some ways he was jealous of all those girls, because Garrett was the type he could easily fall for.

He had a soft voice, eyes that would melt anyone’s heart, male or female. His long body was thin, but not a rack of bones. He had nice arms and legs, not muscle bound, but obviously firm. His fingers were long and tapered, but it was his face that always made Ronny stare. The way the eyes would flash or sparkle when he spoke, the way his nostrils would flare at times, or how his lips would seem to tremble at times. It all added up to one hot picture, and often it was the object of his thoughts, while he attended to the needs of his own body.

Sure, come inside, I just have to kill the lights out front, go into the living room, won’t be long.

He moved quickly out, watching Garrett as he headed towards the living room. God he looked hot, even in that get up, as he flicked a switch or two. Ronny felt his own body reacting, as it usually did when he spotted Garrett. He reached down, to shift his dick, as the last thing he wanted to do was tip him off. The neighbours were nice, but he didn’t think they would appreciate a fag living among them.

Breathing a little hard, he walked back into the living room, looking for Garrett. He wasn’t sitting, but was standing over at the huge fireplace, looking at the pictures there. Ronny noticed how he had one of him in his hands, it was his graduation picture. His Aunt had a lot of photographs, several of him which always made him feel special. He hadn’t taken the time to remove them, as they helped remind him of her, of her kindness and love.

So, what’s on your mind Garrett?

The young man turned, and Ronny noticed how he had removed the red nose, and how his chest seemed to be heaving a little, as if he was short of breath. His eyes were a bit clouded, almost as if tears were just ready to roll down the face. His voice was hesitant, as he spoke.


Ronny felt suddenly very hot, and he removed the tie around his neck, opened the high back collar, as he stared at Garrett.

I uh, me? I don’t…

I know, I have known for some time actually.

Known? Known what Garrett? I really uh, I don’t uh…

Your Aunt told me, few years back actually. I know.

His heart was pounding, and he could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead. He wiped his brow, without realizing it was smearing his makeup. His Dracula outfit was becoming rather warm, as he sat down on the old chesterfield. Anger was boiling up, at his Aunt, for telling his secret, and yet at the same time, he wondered what had possessed her to do that? Specially to the neighbor’s boy.

From what he had known of them, they were rather strict, and were regular church people too. He had seen them get up every Sunday, since he had moved in, all dressed up in what he called ‘Go To Church Clothes’. Everyone went, and now his Aunt had told Garrett. Had he told his parents?

I uh see, she shouldn’t have said anything.

Maybe, but I am glad she did, it uh, it helped me understand some stuff.

What stuff? I don’t quite, I mean why are you telling me this now?

Garrett put the photo back down on the mantle, and began to walk around the room. Ronny could see he had something on his mind. He looked so sad, that he wanted to reach out and just hug him, but he held back, thinking it would only scare the younger man.

She saved my life, did you know that? No, guess not, judging by your face. I thought maybe that is why you stuck up for me at the party, but now I guess it wasn’t that. I thought she might have told you.

The old clock chimed the hours, which startled them both, giving him a moment to try and think. He had no idea what Garrett was going on about, but he suddenly felt a bit apprehensive. The conversation had turned rather weird, and just what had his Aunt told him, that saved his life?

I am confused, how did she save your life? And why would it have made me help you, I don’t understand.

Garrett stood by the old armchair, and let his lanky body sink down into it. He leaned back, staring out at Ronny, his lips trembling, his eyes peering at Ronny, as if trying to look past his own, as if trying to see inside of him.

I am Gay’ he said in a shaking voice, his eyes fluttering as he watched for Ronny’ s reaction.

Okay, but uh…

I want to be with you, I know you like me, your Aunt told me how you would watch me, and I have seen you watching, I know you like me…

I do, but uh, geez Garrett, I mean …

But not enough to have sex with me?

It isn’t that …

I am not good looking enough, is that it? I can take it, please, tell me.

The look on his face was heart breaking. He could see the tears now too, and somehow it struck him as how much he looked like him, when he had first told his Aunt about himself, about being Gay. He could see her face, the way she wiped his tears away, just as he wanted to do for Garrett now. It made his heart miss her, even more.

Oh believe me, that isn’t it Garrett, shit man you are hot, I’d like nothing more than to uh…

Then why not? You don’t have a boyfriend do you?

I wish, but no, I don’t. It is just that…

Then why not? Please Ronny…

Ronny watched as suddenly Garrett stood up. He thought he was going to bolt, but instead he tossed the suspenders off his shoulder, and let the baggy pants fall to the floor, around his ankles. He had nothing underneath the pants, but a pair of bikini type underwear.

He couldn’t help but stare. Inside the pale blue material, he could see the outline of the young man’s cock. It was obvious that it was hard, and it looked so awesome, the way it was nestled to one side. Looking at it, he could see the tip of the head, jutting out from the leg opening, and he felt his own body stirring.

Looking up at Garrett, he couldn’t help but lick his lips. The way he stood there, his whole body trembling, and the crazy clown makeup smeared on his face, was crazy but erotic as hell. He felt his own body, felt it tremble as he looked up into Garrett’s face, into his eyes.

A quick beat of his heart told him that Garrett wasn’t playing him, that it was all serious. He really did want him, something he could accept now, but something he had a lot of trouble with before. He sighed, realizing just how much his Aunt had helped. He remembered how dirty he had felt, about who he was, about how that first time with another man had been so scary, so frightening.

Staring up at Garrett, he realized that he was no different than he had been when he first told his Aunt. He could see her, as she listened, stroking his hair, as he cried on her shoulder. He could hear her telling him it was okay, that he wasn’t a disgrace, that he wasn’t ugly, that he was a good looking young man, that others would desire and treasure. He hadn’t believed her for a long time, until he had found his first lover, his first encounter.

Ronny stood up and walked over to Garrett. He saw him shivering, and he reached out, to hold the young man in his arms. He felt him collapse on his shoulder, his head buried in his upper chest. Ronny felt the shudders, the tears as they soaked his shirt, while he stroked the young man’s curly hair. He felt the thrill, the strange glow inside as he also felt him shuffle in closer, to let his whole body melt into his own.

He held the trembling young man until the sobs subsided. It seemed like time was standing still, but the chiming of the clock stirred them both. Glancing over at the clock, he realized that he was late for the bar already, but he didn’t care, as he lifted up Garrett’s face. Looking into them, he smiled, and felt his heart skip a beat, as Garrett smiled back at him. It was unreal at how he no longer cared about the bar, and he wiped the tears away. The touch of his hand on Garrett’s face made him quiver, made his nerves tingle.

There was something special about that touch. The way his body reacted, the way Garrett stopped crying and looked at him. It all was what his Aunt had told him it would be like. He felt suddenly very warm, as he reached out and took Garrett’s hand, and took a step forward, glancing down. Garrett looked down, then bent over, still holding Ronny’s hand, as he pulled the pants back up.

He took him out of the living room, and headed towards the stairway. Stopping there, he turned to look at Garrett, and saw the eyes sparkling. There was no going back, as they climbed up the stairs. Garrett leaned into him, and he took his arm and wrapped it around his waist.

Entering his bedroom, he saw the dishevelled bed, the clothes tossed over one chair, but he didn’t care. He turned and wiped a tear drop away from Garrett’s eye, then leaned in, and kissed him lightly on the lips. His whole body shook, as his lips pressed lightly on Garrett’s mouth.

Stepping back, he began to undress, watching Garrett’s face as he took off his cape, then the jacket and shirt. He stood there, bare chested as Garrett lifted up his arm, reaching out with one trembling hand. His finger touched Ronny’s chest, which made him suck in his breath. His body shook, as Garrett let his finger run down the centre of Ronny’s chest. The finger tip curled around one of his nipples, making him moan a little as he stood there.

Garrett stepped back and dropped his suspenders once more. This time he kicked off his shoes, and stepped out of the pants. He reached up and twisted his white t-shirt up and over his head. Garrett tossed it to one side, standing there panting. His chest was heaving as Ronny now reached out with his hand, and let it lay flat on the centre of the heaving chest. He felt the heartbeat, felt the pounding of it, as he moved it across the hot flesh, and around first one nipple, then the other.

Looking up, he saw how his face was glowing, how his eyes were wide open, flaring almost as if they were on fire. Ronny took his hand off, and undid the button on his pants. As he did, he also kicked his shoes off, and quickly pushed the pants down his legs. He didn’t wait for Garrett to check him out, as he bent over, removing his socks, then stood partially back up, to take hold of his underwear, and slip them down his body.

As he shook the underwear off his foot, he stood back upright. His hard cock was sticking straight out from his body, and he noticed how Garrett’s eyes lit up. It was like watching a 4th of July fireworks display. They just seemed to explode as the young man stared at him. He felt himself blush, as he watched the way it was making Garrett look.

He stood there, waiting, as Garrett couldn’t seem to believe his good fortune. It gave him a warm feeling, until finally Garrett pulled his eyes away and looked back up at Ronny. As he stood up, he let his arms fall to his side, and with a sort of hesitant look, he glanced down at his own crotch, then back at Ronny’s cock, then up to his face. His fingers reached down, pushing the thin blue fabric down, until he too had to bend down and push them off his legs. He stepped out, and slowly raised his torso up, to let Ronny see.

It was fully erect, and looked amazing to him. It was oozing too, showing Garrett’s excitement in real terms. It gave him a real thrill, which seemed to make his body quiver. Glancing up, he smiled, watching the eyes once more sparkle.

Is it okay?’ he asked, his voice filled with a bit of a tremor, bit of a quiver.

Ronny let his smile grow, as he reached out, grabbing hold of Garrett’s arm, and then pulled him with him, as he fell towards the bed. They both bounced on the bed, hearing the bed creak as they clung together. He felt his body touching Garrett’s, felt the electricity of that touch. His heart was pounding, his pulse racing with the excitement as they rolled around, suddenly acting like kids. Hell they were kids really, as they touched each other, grabbed each other. His cock would be in Garrett’s hand one second, then he would be kissing his nipple, or his stomach.

They rolled around, touching, caressing, exploring each other. It was wild, as they twisted and turned all over the bed. One second they were up against the headboard, next he was kissing the hollow Garrett’s throat, while Garrett’s head hung off the foot of the bed. Just as suddenly as they had been rolling around, they stopped.

They were on their knees, in the middle of the bed, as they held each other. Looking into each other’s faces, they knelt there, their bodies touching. Ronny could smell it, feel it deep inside. It was as if a fire had been lit deep inside, and only now was surfacing. His body glistened from a mixture of his sweat, and of Garrett’s. Both of them were soaked from their horseplay, but now, staring at each other, it became much more than just play.

He watched as Garrett’s eyes fluttered, then closed shut as the head moved forward. It hesitated a second, then came closer, tilted to one side. He watched the lips coming closer, watched as they touched his mouth. His own eyes flickered, as he felt the jolt through his whole body. It was too much, as he felt his body shake, felt his mouth open as his eyes closed.

Ronny held him tight, as they kissed hard. He felt the tongue work past his lips, into his mouth and dart at his own tongue. He felt them lick at each other, tasting each other. His body shook, as his hands reached down, and all over Garrett’s body. He felt his stomach, felt it trembling, as his hand moved down between his legs, to where his cock lay sticking out. His fingers touched the hot pole, feeling Garrett quiver.

His mouth opened wide, as his fingers took hold of the hot cock, and pulled at it. He felt his own body shuffle closer, and he let his hand search, until it held both cocks in its grasp. Garrett was shaking, moaning even, as he held the two poles together, pulling on them, and then letting go. Ronny pushed forward, until Garrett lay on his back. He on top, his legs resting between Garrett’s. The touch of his cock up against Garrett’s sac was almost too much, but he held on.

He could feel the hot breath, as he stared down, his own hair hanging across his brow, matted and tangled from the sweat that seemed to be dripping off his forehead. He bent down, kissed Garret hard on the mouth, then on his chin, then up around his forehead. He leaned towards the night stand, grabbing a condom and then sat upright, leaning back on his own legs. He stared at Garrett, whose eyes were like saucers. They were transfixed by Ronny taking the condom, and unwrapping it, then squeezing the tip, as he placed it over his cock head.

Garrett’s face constricted and his nostrils flared, as he watched Ronny unroll the condom down. His eyes stared up at Ronny, a haunting look crossing them. His body was glistening from their romp, from the sweat that coated them both, as he moved his legs apart, by instinct. His knees were pulled up as he just kept staring at Ronny.

Ronny moved himself back a little, until his arms were under Garrett’s legs. He pulled the young man closer, took his cock and placed it underneath the buttocks, on the crack. He leaned forward, lifting Garrett upwards a bit, who reached out and grabbed hold of his upraised legs, to bring them further back towards his head.

Garrett licked his lips, as he stared at Ronny. He kept staring as Ronny placed his cock between the two butt cheeks. He heard Garrett suck in his breath, as he wedged the cock up until it was pressing against Garrett’s tight hole. He felt him tighten up, and he slapped the buttocks, to help loosen it up a little. The sound making Garrett jump a little, then he pressed forwards, making his cock go forward.

He felt the pressure, felt the resistance, then as he grunted, he shoved his hips forward more, hearing the sudden cry of pain come from above. He looked up, to see Garrett’s face constricted and taut. He saw the pain flowing through, saw him bite down on his lower lip, as his cock was pressing in. One more grunt, and he was in. He felt the muscle surrender, letting his cock slide in. He held it from driving all the way in, just letting the cockhead slide past, the muscles wrapping around his shaft.

Ronny heard Garrett’s pleading voice, urging him to go slow, telling him it hurt, groaning louder for emphasis, but Ronny held his cock steady, slowly pushing in, gradually feeding Garrett’s rectum his long pole. He could feel every muscle insides as it struggled to hold him back, to not let him pass inside. He felt them stretch, felt the nerves tingling, as he finally felt his crotch digging into Garrett’s soft fleshy cheeks.

Leaning forward, he shifted his hips, making them gyrate. His cock was twisting inside of Garrett, who moaned now, his head moving from side to side, as he felt the throbbing pole impaled into his buttocks. His legs were twitching, and his cock was jerking across his rippled stomach. The small folds of skin were shaking as Ronny slowly pulled back, but only a little, then once more he drove forwards, driving a bit faster. Garrett moaned, grunted, as he began to pant.

His chest was heaving, as Ronny began to slowly build up speed with each thrust inwards. Soon he was driving his cock hard, faster, as his desire took over. He could feel it all, feel Garrett’s heart beating, feel his own thundering inside. The blood was rushing and he heard that too. His hearing was suddenly over sensitive, as his cock drove in and out of the spread apart ass. He felt the muscles struggling to hold his cock, felt the velvet lining that coated his cock, as he pounded Garrett’s virgin ass.

Ronny’s legs were taut, numb even as he felt his body shaking. His head felt light, dizzy even, as the blood rushed from his arms, his legs, towards his cock. He could feel his balls aching, as he looked down, to see sweat dripping onto Garrett’s body. He saw the drops run down his body, along the folds of his pushed back skin. They filled the little rivers, and trickled down to the next fold. Garrett’s cock was banging around, and he could see the hand that held it, that was stroking it hard while he ground his hips into Garrett’s body.

Watching, the loud cry startled him. His eyes opened wider, as he saw the cock in Garrett’s hand begin to jerk, to try and pull away, then it shot forward. White milk came shooting out and up along the entire upper body. He saw it splatter across the chest, up around the neck and even the chin. He saw it spread out, saw it slowly slide down the trembling body.

His own body was at that point. Ronny felt it as he watched the last stream of cum dribble out of the Garrett’s dick. The pain in his own body was too much, as he leaned back, pulling his cock out of Garrett’s body. His hand flew down, yanking at the condom and tossing it aside as he now leaned forward. He yelled as his whole body began to quake. His arms shook, his legs were like bands of steel as his balls exploded inside.

Ronny felt his cum shoot out, and he stared down, pulling hard on his cock, knowing more was coming. He heard Garrett groan, felt his body squirm, as his first stream of cum splattered across the upper torso. It was where Garrett had shot his own load. Ronny’s cum continued to shoot out, as he felt his body begin to shake. He couldn’t hold himself up, and as the last of his milk dribbled out, he collapsed on top of Garrett.

They lay there for several minutes, totally exhausted. Their bodies gradually cooled, and Ronny rolled off of Garrett, to lay side by side. His arm moved across to rest on Garrett’s chest, who finally turned to look at him. He turned as well, their noses nearly touching. Garrett seemed to be glowing, his eyes were so bright, as he reached out, taking Ronny’ hand into his own.

I really like how you celebrate Halloween.

Ronny smiled, as he moved his hand down, taking Garrett’s with him. He let it rest on his crotch, where his cock was once more stirring.

Wait till you see how I celebrate Thanksgiving

Garrett’s face seemed to glow even more, as he leaned closer, kissing Ronny on the cheek, his hand running lightly across the semi erect cock.

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