Fiction – Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It was a new client, one he knew he had under bid on, but he frankly didn’t give a shit. Fact was, he enjoyed his job, even pulling weeds. The feel of dirt between his fingers and the satisfaction every spring, when the flowers would bloom, all made it a rewarding job. Naturally that wasn’t why he had given such a low quote to the Fenwick’s.

Brent was only 21, but already had a reputation for being a great landscaper, just like his father and his father before him. It was what he did, and did great. He might not have done well in school, never really getting the hang of math and all that other stuff, but enough to graduate. What he was good at, was in laying out a flower bed, of making a yard look like something special.

He had worked with his father since he could remember. Being outdoors, had also given him a decent build. He wasn’t fat nor did he have bulging muscles, but he was solid. No fat on his lean six foot frame. His skin was always dark gold, from being outside and unlike most of his classmates, he didn’t smoke or drink to excess. In fact most of them considered him boring, but he was far from that.

Since he had taken over the ‘family’ business at the age of just eighteen, he had managed to make some good money. His truck might not be this year’s model, but it never failed him. It wasn’t rusty, and he kept it as clean as he could, given his job. He could party, when the mood was on him, and he had quite a few guys who hired him, simply to stare at him shirtless. Many had other ideas, but he wasn’t into old men. He liked them his own age, which is one reason he took the Fenwick’s offer.

They had an eighteen year old son, who still lived at home. He was shorter than Brent, had long wavy brown hair that hung just at his shoulder. His eyes were a sea green, and he had a face of an Angel. Least in his eyes. The body was a bit thin, but damn he looked hot in a pair of jeans. None of those baggy shit either, but nice hip hugging types that didn’t show off his cute rump, but highlighted a very full basket. Brent loved looking at baskets, flower baskets, hanging baskets, and his favorite type, male baskets.

Jason had one of those baskets that was always shifting, changing. He had been there when he had first arrived to quote on the job, and the way he had stared at Brent had been intoxicating. So much, that the second he had left, he had managed a quick whack off. The guy was that hot, and the notion of seeing more of him consumed his thoughts while waiting to see if he had gotten the job or not.

He smiled, as he stared out at the large yard. Brent knew exactly what he was going to do, and the idea of working side by side with Jason made his grin wider. It was part of the deal for such a low bid. Jason was to be his helper, when he was home. Brent made sure he knew which days to come, because he was just like some of his older clients. He wanted to enjoy watching the young man shirtless, and he hoped Jason would oblige. In fact, he was sure he would, given how he had checked him out while Brent had been negotiating with his parents.

From Wednesday to Sunday, Jason delivered pizzas for one of the local chains. It took Brent only a bit of digging to find out which one, which outlet, and he was blessed when he realized it was the one that covered his own district. Needless to say, he had been eating a lot of Pizza lately, but still hadn’t been lucky enough to have Jason as the delivery boy. Still, he wasn’t going to give up, and then he did have the opportunity now to work side by side with him.

He wasn’t a lazy teenager either. This was his second day on the job, and so far Jason had done his share, without whining. He actually had a brain and used it, which was in itself unusual. Jason wasn’t afraid to ask questions either, if he wasn’t sure of something. That alone made Brent only crave for him more. He was so used to what was out there at the bars, the kind that were just out to party, to get off, then go on to the next. Most, if not all, were attracted to Brent, not just for his looks, but that he actually had money.

Course they could too, if they wanted to work. Hell, there had been a few he had taken on as general help simply because they were cute, and interested. The best one of them had lasted for three days before bailing. Jason didn’t seem to be like that, and Brent enjoyed watching him bending over the other day. The way his buttocks would fill the jeans, and looked so inviting. The view had given him one hell of an erection and it wasn’t easy doing his job with a stiffy.

Then there were the odd smiles he got. The kid could twist your heart, as on occasion he would glance over, and give Brent one of his innocent smiles. The way his face would light up, the eyes wrinkle and the nose pucker up a bit, nostrils flaring a touch. It was nearly too much, as it would always get Brent grinning, and aching all over. His own butt would clench tight, imagining Jason’s dick tickling his hole, his cock would throb imagining those thin lips wrapped around his dick.

Needless to say, he didn’t get much accomplished that day, nor the next day. Fact was, that when he called it quits for the day, he had barely gotten around the corner before having to pull off and jerk off. Jason had that much of an effect on him, which was a bit bothersome. Like here he was today, taking his time just so he could see Jason head off to work.

Talk about having an obsession, but it was worth it. To have him wave at him, smile even, would give him one hell of a boner, not to mention more food for thought afterwards. It would also insure that it would be worth ordering in Pizza again, on the off chance that Jason would be the delivery boy.

— — —

The knock on his door was loud, as he quickly jumped up. Brent was hoping it would be Jason this time, not one of the other one’s. It really was becoming expensive, as he walked to the door, his heart beating a mile a second. The instant he opened the door, he knew he had finally struck pay dirt. Jason stood there, the boxed pizza in one hand, six pack of beer on the top, plus a wicked grin on his face.

He tried to act surprised, but he could see it wasn’t working. He just grinned until Jason told him the price. Somehow the pizza had gone up from $14.95 to $35. He frowned, as he took out his wallet.

What’s the extra $20 for? Better not be the beer.

No, that’s what it cost me to get Trevor to let me take this delivery, and book off for the night.


I said that it…

Yeah I got that, so, uh, this your last delivery?

Of Pizza, I cashed out and paid for the pizza, gave Trevor $20 to finish my shift, and picked up some beer

You aren’t old enough to buy beer

Boss thought it was for a customer, you going to tell on me?

He had a look on his face, that just made Brent laugh. His face was all stern looking, but he couldn’t believe his ears either. To think that he had been that obvious, or was he reading Jason wrong? Was he just here to party, or could his fantasies be about to come true?

No, I guess not.

Good, now give me my money, I am tapped out trying to get this gig. You better be worth it.

He had closed the door behind Jason, and stared at him as he had spoke. His heart was thundering in his ears, as he tried to calm down. It was rather hard to do, given how Jason was staring at him, at his crotch actually.

I am, but what makes you think that’s what I want?

Shit, why else would you be ordering this crap every night? I mean all you had to do was ask me over. Been a lot cheaper.

Jason put the pizza down on the coffee table and walked around the small living room. He stopped at the fish tank, stared for a moment or two at the fish, then walked up to stand in front of Brent.

The sounds of the fish tank air pump seemed awfully loud, so did the clock ticking away and yet it was like an eerie silence. His mouth was dry, and Brent licked his lips. Jason smiled as he looked Brent over, checking out his face, his body and his crotch. His eyes stared down, at the thick basket that was showing, and he let his tongue wet his own lips, mimicking Brent’s earlier action.

Then he let his hand run down his body, towards his own crotch. Jason glanced up, to see Brent’s eyes following his eyes, and his smile grew wider as he let his hand rest over his basket. Brent felt the ache and desire welling up as he finally took his eyes off the firm basket, glancing up into Jason’s face.

You sure this is what you want?

No, I only paid some geek $20 to deliver the pizza to you, so I could have a free meal.

Smart ass

Smart? Nah, cute, yes

He laughed as he reached out with one hand, and immediately Jason fell into his arm. His hands were suddenly all over him, as his were on Jason. They touched and groped each other, kissing and hugging like old lovers. The intensity of his own passion surprised him as they finally broke apart, to look at each other. His eyes were wide as he realized that Jason’s shirt was undone, as was his. He also noticed his pants were undone, and his zipper was also undone. Brent looked up at Jason, saw the grin and immediately pushed his pants down to his ankles, where he then stepped out of them.

Jason seemed to watch with growing orbs, and he even swallowed hard, once or twice, as Brent stepped out of the pants. He was wearing a pair of boxers, the kind that clung to the body rather than floated loosely. His cock was tenting the front, which seemed to have gotten Jason’s full attention.

That could hurt

That? Nah, I’ll be gentle.

Uh huh, you got condoms?


Uh, good, I uh, I don’t have any and I uh, shit, you sure that won’t hurt?

It’s not that big, you not backing out now, are you?

No, no, it is just, oh shit, I never uh, I never took one…

Serious? You never been fucked? Guy with a cute ass like yours? Come on…

Serious, never. I’ve uh, well fooled around a little, but uh.. I mean… never uh…

Shit. Really?


Well, uh, guess we could, I mean…

No, no I want to, I just, uh, first time jitters I guess.

It was a shock really, as he sat down on his chesterfield. He had never come across that before, a virgin. His face must of shown his surprise more than he thought, as suddenly Jason quickly stripped. It was like he was trying to show Brent that he was really interested in going through with everything. The stern look on his face was interesting to watch as he pushed his pants off, dropped his shirt off his shoulders and quickly pushed his underwear off, to stand there butt naked.

Jason had a nice looking cock, as Brent stared at it for several seconds. It was cut, and looked tasty as it stood out from the slender young man’s naked frame. He licked his lips before looking up, smiling.

That was all Jason needed, as he jumped at Brent. His body landed on top, pushing him hard against the back of the chesterfield. He felt it move as Jason’s mouth was suddenly over his, kissing him while his hands were digging at his cock. The hands moved hard and fast, with a desperation and desire he had never experienced before.

The air was knocked out of his lungs, as Jason fumbled with his shorts, groping at his cock and also at pulling at the fabric. He found himself kissing Jason back, and his own hands moving up and down the thin frame. His fingers moved along the skin, feeling the warmth, feeling the tenseness. He began to pant a little, as they kissed hard, their tongues darting in and out. The young man had a salty taste to his saliva, as well as maybe pepperoni.

Where’s the Condoms?

bedroom’ was all he could muster, as he kissed Jason under his neck. His cock ached, his underwear waistband was digging into his scrotum as Jason suddenly stopped, and leaned up, slowly moving off.

let’s go

Jason held out his hand, pulled Brent up and turned to find which way led to the bedroom. Brent walked in front, heading towards the far door, but Jason moved in front. He was literally dragging him, which only made Brent laugh a little as their walk turned more into a bit of a job.

Inside the bedroom, Jason lunged onto the bed and crawled up to the head of the bed. Brent watched his butt cheeks shake as he clambered up and then turned over onto his back. He stared up at Brent, his legs pushed open and his hard cock sticking up into the air. The eyes were glittering as he raised both hands, waiting for Brent to join him.

It took him a second to push his bunched up shorts off his body, and stand totally naked. Then he lunged too, making the bed groan as he fell on top of Jason, just as Jason had done to him in the living room. His body crashed onto Jason’s, and they were suddenly clenching each other. He kissed him hard on the mouth, while moving one hand down the trembling body. He could feel Jason’s chest heaving as he kissed him, then moved to lick and kiss him under the chin.

His one hand pinned one arm back, as he moved down the thin body. Brent felt the muscles tensing underneath the skin, felt the small tremors as he kissed and licked until he came to one nipple. His mouth closed around it, his teeth nibbling at the firm flesh, then he pulled back, still holding the nipple. Jason groaned and began to squirm, as his own hands were all over Brent. They were pinching a nipple, then caressing his chest, his belly. His own mouth was kissing him, and then not.

Both of them twisted and turned around on the bed, touching everywhere they could reach, kissing and licking at whatever came in front of their mouths. One minute an arm, next a ball, and all the time they could hear each other’s rapid breath growing more desperate, more urgent. Brent felt the ache in his cock, it would jerk each time Jason touched it, felt it. He felt the same reaction when he would touch Jason’s.

Then he just grabbed both arms, and pinned them back over Jason’s head. He straddled the young man, his knees holding his hips firmly in their grasp. He looked down at Jason, saw the eyes staring up at him, and he knew it was time.

He leaned over to his night table, fumbled in the drawer for a minute until he found the strip of condoms. He brought them out and ripped one off the strip, watching the eyes growing wider and wider. He held the condom in his mouth, as he reached up and pulled it open. Brent spit the ripped plastic out, and held the thin plastic disc. Jason’s eyes were open wide, and he could see the desire inside of them.

With one hand, he took the condom and reached down between his legs, to unroll the plastic over his throbbing cock. As he moved his hand down, it was seized by Jason’s hand.

let me’ he said as he sat up and leaned forward, while Brent leaned back. His cock was fully erect and trembled as Jason took it in one hand. The touch of his fingers around the shaft was unreal. He could feel himself shaking, as Jason placed the condom over the head. He slowly unrolled it down the shaft, without looking up once.

Once it was unrolled, he leaned back on his elbows and stared up at Brent. His eyes were like huge saucers as he licked his lips. Brent felt himself shudder, as he smiled back down and then moved off of Jason’s body. He pushed at him, and rolled him over onto his side. He moved in, his cock pressing up against the shaking buttocks. Brent pushed one leg off the other, to give him his opening, as he took hold of his hard cock.

He wedged it in, between the firm cheeks. Jason sucked in his breath, as Brent slowly pushed the cock forward and down until his cock head was wedged tightly up against Jason’s hole. He felt his body growing tense, and he slapped one cheek hard. The sound made Jason jump a little, and as he did, Brent pushed out with his hips. His cock moved forward, spreading Jason’s little pink hole open, letting the head begin to enter him.

He cried out, and gritted his teeth. Brent could hear them grinding as he slowly pushed forward. One hand now rested over Jason’s belly, and held it tightly, refusing to let it push past. His hips continued to push forward, as he felt the head slowly push in, slowly stretch the muscle until finally it plopped fully inside. Jason flung his head back and then his fist slammed into the bed. He whimpered a bit, as Brent’s cock began to stretch his insides, as it slowly worked its way deeper inside.

Brent felt the taut muscles inside. Felt them wrap tightly around his throbbing cock as he pushed harder. He felt the gasp, the cry, as his groin pressed hard into Jason’s cheeks. He was in, all of him and he slowly let himself relax. He let out a long breath of air, as he just lay there, letting Jason’s body get accustomed to the new feeling. He heard him panting, heard him moaning, as he slowly moved his hips around, making his cock twist a little.

oh God, yes, shit, it hurts, oh yeah’ echoed in the silence of the room. Brent said nothing, just felt his own breathing become a bit calmer. It was like being in the eye of a hurricane, all calm before the walls collapsed around. He knew he wouldn’t last long, that once he began it would be over quickly.

He held the soft belly in one hand. Felt the muscles tremble, as he moved his hand down, until it held Jason’s cock. His fingers wrapped around the throbbing shaft, as he slowly began to pull back. His hips were moving out, his cock slowly following, making Jason’s insides quiver. ‘No, no don’t stop’ filled the room, as he grunted in reply.

He began to move in and out, slowly at first or at least as slow as he could. His body was aching all over, and the waves of pleasure were driving him nuts. He couldn’t hold back, and each time he pushed forward, became a bit faster, went a bit deeper. Brent felt the body bucking beside him, his hand holding it in place more or less, as he stroked Jason’s cock in rhythm with his own thrusts into Jason’s body.

Jason’s body began to crash back into his, as his crushed inwards. He felt the sweat soaked cheeks meeting his own wet thighs, as he pounded the virgin hole. Jason was moaning constantly now, muttering encouragement through gritted teeth, as Brent filled his insides with his throbbing pole. He felt his body shaking, felt it trembling with each thrust. His hand gripped Jason’s cock hard, as it stroked it furiously, in time with his own thrusts.

His mind was numb, his eyes could see flashes of lights as the sweat poured off his forehead. His body continued to smack into Jason’s, and he felt the cock in his hand grew even thicker, then suddenly his whole hand was being filled with thick gooey cream. He heard the cries, but didn’t understand them as his body was in charge. His mind was numb, his eyes barely able to see the blur of Jason’s body in front, as his ache grew and grew.

The sudden feelings were too much. The goo on his hands and the moans from next to him overwhelmed him. His whole body shuddered, his legs went stiff and he felt dizzy. His heart was thundering so fast, Brent was certain it would burst from his chest. His lungs ached, burned even as he struggled to suck in air, as he felt the rolling thunder come from his body.

His balls slung upwards, and he felt his hips tremble, then rear back, then suddenly ram themselves forward. He heard the cry coming from Jason, as his cock dug deep and hard into the far insides of the young man. He felt his cock shudder, felt it tremble, as he shot his load. The condom stretched, but held and pushed his cream back down his throbbing pole.

Brent felt himself collapse next to Jason. He could feel Jason’s body still trembling, either from its own orgasm, or from his bodies quivering. His legs were twitching, as every nerve in his whole body continued to shake and tingle. Every muscle was suddenly released, as he began to gulp for air. His chest ached, his arms were numb as they fell to the side, resting on Jason’s trembling hips.

It was all over. They lay there, exhausted as their hot flesh began to cool in the night’s air. His breathing was ragged, as was Jason’s. Slowly he could hear Jason’s breathing returning to normal, feel the body relax as his cock slowly went limp, and gradually fell out from within. He shuddered one more time, recalling all the wonderful feelings that had just rolled up and down his body. He leaned in a bit more, feeling the stickiness of their skin as he kissed the neck, and saw Jason turn his head a little, his eyes peering up and over at him.

I want more’ was softly whispered as Jason pushed his buttocks backwards, to rub up against Brent’s groin.

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