Fiction – Virgin Jitters

Virgin Jitters

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He wasn’t imagining it, he was actually trembling which really wasn’t a surprise. Keith had been here before, well in this situation. Out in the other room was Taylor, waiting. As Keith stared at his trembling reflection, he felt sick. His stomach was doing flip flops as he tried to contain his emotions. He liked Taylor, one reason why he was waiting in the other room, his bedroom.

Still here he was, acting like some stupid ten year old. It wasn’t that he wasn’t horny, his cock was rigid as hell despite the queasy stomach and the pounding in his chest. His nipples were erect, his mouth dry, and there was sweat around the eyebrows too. It was just that he had never gone this far, each time he had found a way to back out, or simply run away.

Taylor was not just a friend, but fucking hot too. He had all the features that made Keith horny, and also gave him some hot thoughts when he would jerk off alone. That was the story of his young life. Even now, at eighteen, he had yet to touch another man’s cock, to feel it with his fingers, never mind taste it. Hell, the idea of taking it up his ass, was well, frightening. Every time he watched some porn video, he would squirm when they would show some cock pushing into some small tight pink hole. He knew it would hurt, that he would be screaming for whoever to stop.

This was his fourth or fifth attempt at taking himself off the list of virgins. Until his eighteenth birthday nearly a year ago, he hadn’t a clue about sex, and he supposed that came from simply being too scared of it. All his friends, talked constantly about their conquests. Course most talked about the girls they had made it with, but he wondered how much was true, how much ego building?

That was Keith’s problem. He thought too much, and while he wasn’t exactly a geek or nerd, his circle of friends wasn’t huge either. It was still a bit of a mystery to him how he and Taylor had even hooked up as friends. After all, Taylor was popular in the entire school. He was a jock, which certainly helped, but he was also a looker. The girls would drool each time he walked by in his tight fitting jeans, his upper body nicely showing in those stretch shirts he wore. They were like a second skin, the way they fit so tightly. Not an ounce of body fat on him, just lots of rippling muscles.

A sort of dirty blond hair, frosted or streaked. Not like he really knew the technical terms of it. Still it was long enough to raise eyebrows from some school officials, but not long enough for them to really do much. The girls all loved it, as did he. Taylor had piercing eyes, and his nose was a bit hooked and bent, but that was from being broken in some sporting event. He never did find out the details, but it suited him. It wasn’t ugly or mashed in like some, and when he was out of breathe, the way those nostrils would flare were rather exciting.

Keith still couldn’t figure it out. Hell, all he knew was that in his bedroom right now was the most desirable stud in High School. The girls would die to be able to see what he was about to see, if he ever got the nerve to go into his bedroom. He still couldn’t believe that he hadn’t stayed, to watch Taylor get totally undressed. Instead he had made some lame ass excuse to come in here to strip, missing on Taylor’s strip tease.

Talk about stupid, because least then he’d have maybe gotten over his fear. It wasn’t that he was scared of being found out. That was over long before Taylor went into his bedroom. The shock of finding out that Taylor was into guys, and more shocking, into him had nearly made him faint. To have a guy like Taylor want him, made some of his fear go away, but here he was, questioning it all again.

Why the fuck couldn’t he just accept his good fortune? It was a question he had asked before, and then, the answer had made him run away or push away those who had seemed likely candidates for his deflowering. He liked using fancy terms like that, it sort of made him feel calm. The one thing he hated, was to think that he was just some sex animal, looking for cheap sex. He was also a romantic, which is one more reason he couldn’t believe he was in the bathroom, naked and trembling. Taylor had done it all the right way, the romantic way. So why was he so scared?

He shook his head, stared at his reflection and waited for his idiot mind to give him an answer. It wasn’t that he was ugly, or fat or too thin even. In all honesty he didn’t look that bad, even naked. His legs weren’t like sticks, and his arms had some muscle to them. His body was lean, a little bit of baby fat still there, despite his age. His face was lean, the eyes dark and his hair wasn’t too short either. There wasn’t a ton of zits, or pot marks either, so why the fuck did he feel like he wasn’t good enough to get laid?

Looking at his crotch, he couldn’t help but see the rigid lines of his veins around his cock. It was hard, as it should be, because just outside that fucking closed door, was a naked stud named Taylor. He always had dreamed of him, had even whacked off to fantasies of him and Taylor, so why couldn’t he just suck it up, and go out there? No fantasies, no imagined moments, just all real. And it was as he had dreamed of, of having Taylor pursue him, come to him, and yes, romance him.

Tonight hadn’t even been planned. Taylor had just showed up, a pizza box in one hand, a bunch of flowers in the other hand. He had two DVDs on top of the pizza box, and had simply walked in when Keith had opened the door. It was like out of some movie, the way they had eaten the pizza sitting together on the chesterfield.

Their conversation had been about school, about the upcoming graduation ceremony and how they were looking forward to college. Taylor even talked about how it would be scary, to be leaving home, but how it would be fun to meet new friends. It was the normal chat of friends, and he had been feeling relaxed, enjoying the unexpected company on a Friday evening. The flowers had been a mystery, until they finished the pizza and the first DVD had begun.

His mouth had dropped open as he saw the title flash across the screen, realizing it was a porn flick, and gay at that. He didn’t know until that moment that Taylor had known he was gay, but as he tried to act unconcerned, he had felt Taylor’s hand on his knee, and he had to turn to face him. That was when Taylor gave him the flowers. They were beautiful actually and like a typical Queen, he had rushed to put them in water.

It was in the kitchen, while he was filling up a vase, that it all came out in the open. He found out how Taylor had always been attracted to him, and the way he had told Keith about it, was romantic, and exciting. It felt strange to be told how someone liked you, how they tried to find ways to be alone with you. He had never really guessed before, which made it all the more exciting for him. Still, it was scary too, but nothing to how frightened he felt when they sat to watch the video.

The first scene was showing, when Taylor moved closer to him, began to touch him, and just get closer. A dime couldn’t slip through the places where their bodies touched, Taylor was that close. It was odd, at how he began to quicken his breathing, afraid to move, yet enjoying the close contact. The way Taylor just seemed to slowly melt into him, to become part of his whole body. He swore to himself that he could actually hear Taylor’s heart beating, hear every single beat as they sat there, watching some Bel Ami studs going at it.

Somehow or other, he had found himself being kissed, fondled even. It was an amazing feeling, one that made him break out into a cold sweat. He was squirming while Taylor touched him, felt his cock even. That wasn’t a first for him, but this was definitely the most exhilarating feeling he ever had when someone groped at him. He was breathing hard, and somehow his shirt had been opened. Keith had felt the hands moving up and down his chest, touching and caressing his skin. The way the fingers would move around his nipples, teasing them and then pinching them.

Taylor was certainly no virgin. He knew how to make him feel weak at the knees. Before he even knew it, they were in his bedroom. Taylor was already taking his shirt off, smiling at Keith in a way that made him want to cum right then and there. It was an amazing feeling, to have those eyes staring at him, so full of desire, lust even. Yet when he pulled the Condoms out, placing them on his nightstand, it all suddenly changed. His fear took hold, and he felt himself going into a panic.

He had never gone that far, never even really done much that some petting, and that was fully dressed. The notion of his hands, rubbing Taylor’s body, of caressing him made him shake as he made some excuse, rushing into the bathroom while Taylor continued to undress. He had said something that sounded like don’t be long, that only made him pant once he got inside his bathroom.

The fear was taking hold. He didn’t know how to move, to go out and do what he had been desiring for years. He had the perfect partner, the ideal person to take him for the first time, and he was standing like an idiot in front of mirror, shaking. His mind was confused, his body ready and his heart was threatening to break out of his chest, and all he could think of, was how to hide in the bathroom. It was insane, but he couldn’t move from his spot, which is why he didn’t hear the door open.

The draft made him shake even more, and he suddenly felt the hairs on his arms standing up. He knew, without looking, that Taylor was there, that he was looking at him from the doorway. He wanted to look, but couldn’t. He was too busy holding onto the sink, trying to not let Taylor see his body trembling. The silence was killing him, and his mind was no help. All he could do was glance up to the mirror, to stare at his chalk white face, to look at his fear as it surrounded him.

Then he saw the arm, saw the other reflection as the body moved slowly into the room, and moved to stand behind him. He saw the frost streaked blond hair, nestled around the neck. The strands looking perfect, the eyes twinkling as Taylor continued to slowly walk in. He didn’t say a word, and Keith couldn’t. His lips were trembling worse than his body, as he tried to keep them together.

He jumped as Taylor laid one hand on his shoulder, and moved to stand behind him. The touch was electrifying, making him tremble even more. The rested lightly on his shoulder, then slowly moved along the arm, and then underneath it. It moved down his shaking side, making him twitch a little. Then he watched in awe, as Taylor stood right behind him. He felt his body heat, felt his flesh as it slowly touched his.

The hand now moved down further, to his thigh as he watched Taylor peer over at him, then lower his head and lean forward. The press of Taylor’s lips on the back of his neck only added to his shaking. His nerves were coiled and on edge, as he felt the light kiss that grew harder with each one. Taylor now reached around with his other arm, and circled Keith’s waist. He held him tight, as he kissed the neck and then near the shoulder. Keith was panting, his breathing making his lungs ache. He still couldn’t move, as Taylor moved his other arm to meet his first. He held Keith tightly, bringing his body back into his own.

Keith felt the hard press of Taylor’s cock against the back of his leg, then felt it slide between his legs, and under his shuddering buttocks. His body was a mass of quivers, as Taylor continued to kiss him, to lick even at his neck. He felt the tongue under his ear, felt it lick at the lobe, then around it and on top. He felt his body sinking backwards, as Taylor licked inside his ear. He felt the rush of air or was it his heat thundering? He couldn’t stop shaking as Taylor just kissed him, and held him tightly.

The aches in his groin was unbelievable. He felt his cock grow even stiffer, as Taylor’s hands moved down his stomach. Still holding him, still pulling him lightly back, he felt the fingers spread out, and caress his stomach. Then they were at his belly, rubbing him and the kissing on his neck, under his ear, was more intense.

He moaned, as he felt the hard press under his buttocks. The press of Taylor’s knees into the back of his own legs, his stomach pressing hard up against his back. For a minute he thought he felt the muscles rippling as his back leaned further into the rigid stomach. His breath was ragged, his heart was beating wildly as he felt the hands moving down, and he realized that Taylor was about to touch him. The first hand to ever touch his naked cock, and his whole body shook.

The excitement was unbelievable. One second it felt like nirvana, the next like hell. Every muscle was taut, every nerve was waiting as the fingers slowly drove down, touching his pubic hairs, twirling them and running across them. The finger tips dug in lightly, making his buttocks shoot backwards, making Taylor’s cock slide further forward. He heard himself whimpering, heard his own voice muttering, as Taylor held him tight now. The kisses were hard and urgent as the fingers reached down, and the tip of one brushed against the root of his cock.

Keith cried out, feeling the desire inside of him, feeling his body shudder. He was lost, confused as Taylor pressed his own body into Keith’s. He could feel his passion, feel it in how his fingers ran lightly across the hard cock. His moans were loud now as he felt the hands suddenly leave his groin, and reach up to grip his shoulders. He was quickly turned around, so he faced Taylor. Before he could speak, his lips were being pressed up against Taylor’s. His mouth opened, and the tongue was digging deep inside, licking at the roof of his mouth. The hands were once more moving up and down his side, occasionally moving across to touch at his throbbing pole. His body continued to quake, as he felt the hands at his hips. They quickly grasped his hips, wrapped tightly and in an instant he felt his body being lifted up and his tushie was now lifted above the sink cabinet.

With one effortless motion, Taylor had lifted him up off his feet, and sat him down on the sink cabinet. He stared at the man before him, who smiled at him, and kissed him hard several times on the lips. Then it all changed.

Taylor began to kiss under Keith’s chin. He had just moved in closer, and Keith felt his cock rub up against Taylor’s belly. It made him groan, and he knew that his precum was oozing out. He couldn’t stop it, nor did he want to as he felt the waves of pleasure coming from everywhere. His whole body was still trembling, but not as noticeably, as Taylor kissed his neck, then licked at the hollow underneath. He felt the tongue as it slid down, licking the few chest hairs he had in the hollow of his chest. His lungs were aching, and he could hear the heavy panting sounds of his own desire, as Taylor seemed to just keep on licking him.

He felt the tongue flick at one nipple, then another. He felt the teeth graze the tip of one nipple, then suddenly bite down on the surrounding flesh, and pull up. He cried out, yelped really, but felt himself shaking with excitement. It hurt and yet it didn’t, as Taylor continued to suck on his nipple. The sounds were amazing, as his whole body was stiffening. No more shakes, no more wild trembles, as he felt his balls growing and getting ready. It was like when he jerked himself, only more intense. The feelings were all a thousand times more intense, more vibrant, as he felt the head under his chin.

Moving slowly at first, Taylor had licked both nipples, now he was sliding his head down, his hands up near the shoulders, rubbing and caressing the warm flesh. His head moved down and Keith felt Taylor’s hot breath on his crotch, felt it blow across his throbbing cock. He felt his muscles tensing even more, felt his nerves tingling in ways he didn’t understand. His legs were growing numb, as he felt the blood rushing to his cock.

Keith knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. Every fibre inside was screaming at him, urging him to shoot, to release the pressure that was building up inside. Taylor must have sensed it, or maybe it was his experience, but his head was now licking at his belly, then at the insides of his thighs. He felt his nose as he licked at the inside thigh. The nostrils were flaring, and he could feel each snort of air that was exhaled. He felt his body shake, as his cock would push past those lean cheeks.

When he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, he felt the pressure jump ten fold inside of his heart and lungs. He felt the press of lips on the head of his dripping cock . At the same time he felt the sudden pressure of Taylor’s hand around the base of the cock. He groaned, his head leaned backwards, as the lips began to move down his shaft.

Every vein along his cock was throbbing. He swore he could feel it, as the blood rushed back and forth. His cock ached, its skin stretched taut by his desire and his erection. His balls were slung upwards, as he felt Taylor’s lips sliding down and down his whole cock. He couldn’t believe the feelings inside, the way it made his heart skip several beats, then pound faster inside his chest. He ached all over, as he heard himself snort, his lungs desperate for oxygen.

The moans and groans were not just his. He could hear Taylor’s own vocal sounds. He felt the fingers tighten around his cock, as he let himself lean back. His own hands gripped the edge of the cabinet tightly, as his whole body shuddered, then grew very rigid. He felt Taylor’s body shiver a little, then he felt the mouth going faster over his cock. He felt the tongue underneath, felt the saliva inside of Taylor’s mouth, as his cock was swallowed hole. Every inch was buried inside of Taylor’s mouth, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. The pain was too intense, as he felt himself exploding.

Keith felt his balls suddenly release their precious milk. He felt his cock head rear back as he heard his voice yelling, exclaiming that he was cumming. He cried out, felt the echoes bounce off the walls of the bathroom, as his cock head flew forwards. He felt the pressure tighten, felt the muscles at the back of Taylor’s throat expand, and in that millisecond, he felt his body rock and quiver as the first thick load of cum came flying out of his cock.

He heard the low moan, the sound of liquid being swallowed. He felt like the room was spinning. The ceiling looked like the floor, the walls seemed to be slanted, and there were flashing stars and streaks of light, as he tried to focus. His body was suddenly pitched forward, his cock driven even deeper into Taylor’s mouth, as he came. The lights were amazing, as he sat there, shaking and trembling with each release of his cum.

Taylor’s mouth was slowly pulling back. Cum was dripping out from the corners of his lips, as he leaned back, letting Keith’s cock slowly come free. The sounds were still reverberating in the small room, as Keith finally opened his eyes to see Taylor leaning backwards. He watched as he slowly lowered himself onto the floor, his back resting against the bathtub. He saw the eyes, saw the desire still burning brightly. He noticed the dried cum around Taylor’s lips, as he too leaned back. His back ached, but so did his ass. It was a different ache and as he looked over at Taylor, he knew that soon he’d no longer be a virgin, in every respect.

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