Fiction – The Roofer

The Roofer

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Kerry’s head was splitting. He couldn’t get the hammering noise out of his head and he turned over on his side, to stare at the glowing alarm clock next to the bed. He saw the numbers, realizing it was just after 7am. He also realized the hammering sound wasn’t in his head, but was coming from the house next door.

Cursing, he tossed the covers off and walked over to his bedroom window to see what the fuck was going on. Opening the blinds, he squinted as the sun beamed in. Looking up, he saw a golden tanned young man, hammering on the roof across from his bedroom. The guy had no shirt on, and he wore nothing but a pair of frayed jean cut offs. His long legs were carefully stretched out, and he could see the muscles flexing from his vantage point.

Looking up, he saw the young man’s back and then the long arms, as they seemed to move in a strange rhythm, and it was that motion that was making the noise. The son of a bitch was hammering and here it was not even 8am and worse, it was Saturday morning.

The young man looked familiar too, and as he squinted, shading his eyes he watched the head. The way the longish blond curly hair moved in time with the arms. It was strange, but he was certain he recognized the man, but couldn’t quite place him. Besides, it was too friggin early for his brain to think, let alone comprehend what was going on. After all, he had been out late, cruising the local bar and had a bit too much to drink, again.

Seemed to be a habit these days, which he knew he would have to rein in soon. Not just because the next day was a bitch, but the old bank account was getting a bit empty. He stared and muttered then let the drapes drop shut as he made his way to the bathroom. He was up, and it had him in a foul mood.

Splashing cold water on his face, he glanced up at the mirror over the sink. The bags under his eyes made him look old, despite his age of just 28. His dark brown hair was in a tangled mess, as usual and the skin looked rather pale this morning. He pulled the skin under his eyes, to stare at a pair of bloodshot amber eyes that looked horrible. He grimaced, realizing that all this late night partying was making a wreck out of him.

Straightening up, he stared at the gaunt face. His thin lips looked a bit puffed and cheeks a bit sunken as he reached for his toothbrush. Christ, he thought, if this is what it means to get old, I’ll pass, but he knew he couldn’t. The sudden rapid fire of hammering made him groan, and he turned his head towards the neighbor house. Damn rude bastards he thought.

As he leaned over and spat out the toothpaste, he looked up at his image in the mirror. His chest was a bit thin, no bulging muscles like the noisemaker outside had, but it wasn’t bad looking. Least the guys who had seen it, touched it, didn’t seem to object, though he found that those who were interested in him were getting a bit older in age. Not many of the new blood seemed all that keen, though he was always drawn to them.

Must be old age he thought as suddenly there was a loud noise. The sound of breaking glass splintering made him jump as it sounded like it was from his own bedroom. For one second he shook, wondering what the hell it could be, and hesitantly he opened the bathroom door to peer out into his own bedroom.

His blonds were blowing in the morning breeze, and the sun was shining through as he stared at the window. His eyes took in that the blinds were askew, and across his floor was huge chunks of glass. His window had somehow been smashed. Anger overcame him as he walked out, grabbed his runners so as to not cut his feet and stormed towards the broken window.

It was a mess, and further in he noticed a hammer lay on his carpet, glass all around it. His anger was real as he made his way to the window, pushing aside what remained of his blinds, to suddenly stare at the face of the man across the window. He was looking at him, with a look that was stunned. He saw the eyes open wide, the mouth hanging ajar as he just crouched on the roof, looking at the shattered window, and at Kerry.

It was an accident, It just slipped out of my hand, honest, uh, I’ll come right over and clean it up, honest, just uh, I uh, I’ll be right over, soon as I get down, please, it really was an accident, it didn’t hit you? I mean, Uh…

No thankfully, it just scared the fucking shit out of me. What the fuck you doing up there this god damn early anyhow? Don’t you people sleep?

I am sorry, I uh, I uh, I’ll be right over, if you’ll just let me in, I’ll clean it up, Please, I am sorry.

Fine, I’ll go open the front door, lock it behind you, I have to get dressed.

I am sorry, I won’t be long.

Yeah well, just don’t fall off the ladder. I don’t want to have to clean this shit up.

He knew he was sounding like a total asshole, but fuck it had scared the shit out of him. His heart was still beating like he had run a hundred sprints. His pulse was racing, and he took several deep breathes, to try and calm down. The adrenalin was still pumping as he sat on the edge of his bed, looking at the mess on his floor.

It was then, that he realized he had nothing on. He had been at the window, yelling at the kid with nothing but a pair of boxer shorts on. Christ, he thought, hell of a way to show off as he looked over at his chair. His pants lay across it, but were covered with tiny shards of glass. Christ the damn window must have exploded he thought as he moved to his dresser, grabbing the first thing handy.

Tossing them on the bed, he made his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs to unlock his front door. It was amazing, how he could still be feeling the adrenalin rush. It also was just dawning on him, that he did know the thug who had shattered his window. It was the son of the man next door. He had been a hellion and had a lot of parties. The most famous being the one last summer, when he had graduated from High School.

He hadn’t minded the party, had enjoyed it in fact due to all the hot young teenagers that had shown up. The collection of drunk High School Seniors out in the back yard had given him lots of eye candy to stare at. Most were shirtless, or soon became shirtless as they all tried to pick up the various females that had also attended.

Charlie’ that was his name. He suddenly recalled it, and realized that he had always been rather fond of the young man. His dad was a bit of a heel, and he remembered how ballistic the old guy had gone when they showed up, right at the height of the party. Seems they were supposed to be out of town for the whole week, but had come home early. Poor Charlie had got caught, and it was the last time he remembered seeing him around.

He was still recalling all the times he had seen Charlie, when the front door opened slowly. He glanced up to see Charlie come into the house. He was looking rather frightened, as he stepped inside and saw Kerry sitting on the steps. Kerry was still nearly naked, wearing only his shorts and a pair of sneakers on his feet.

Uh, I am sorry Mister, I uh…

Yeah, accidents happen, but how the hell did you manage to get my window? I can see it falling, but geez, it landed so far inside.

Did it? Geez, I am sorry, I guess I got carried away in hammering.

He looked so sad, that Kerry couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kid. There was no doubt that he felt bad about it, and at least he was here, to clean it up and make it right. Though he wondered how he’d pay for the window. That was not going to be cheap as he stood up, realizing that he was a bit chilled.

Well come on up, you can get started while I get some pants on.

He turned to head up the stairs, realizing that Charlie was staring at him. It was a look that he was rather used to, though lately he hadn’t seen to many of those kind of looks from guys Charlie’s age. It sort of helped lessen the anger, which was already dissipating.

Climbing up the stairs to his bedroom, Kerry could feel the eyes on his backside. He was suddenly feeling rather excited, and as he climbed up, he realized he was getting a boner. Christ, he thought, all I need now is to show a stiff one with a kid in the house, but he also realized that Charlie had to be at least 18 by now.

Entering his bedroom, he heard Charlie give out a low whistle. He turned to see the shock in the young man’s face. He was shaking a little as he saw the hammer, a foot or two from the bed. The window as a total disaster, and glass was all over the floor. He looked up at Kerry, apologizing again and again.

It’s okay, shit, you’ll need a broom. Hang on, I’ll get the one from the Kitchen.

He turned and walked past Charlie, noticing as he did how the young man’s eyes seemed to follow him. They were downcast, but not from shame, but were checking his crotch out. Damn, he thought, as he left the room. He had a boner and there was no way that Charlie wouldn’t have noticed it.

Kerry quickly returned with the broom and dust pan. As he came into the room, he saw Charlie bending over, picking up some of the larger pieces of glass. He had the garbage pail from his bathroom in one hand, and was gingerly picking up the pieces. He turned to stare up at Kerry, and there was no mistaking how the eyes glanced briefly at his face, then moved immediately down to his crotch. He felt naked, knowing that his stiffy hadn’t fully gone down. It was flattering on the one hand, scary on the other.

Uh what’s with the hammering this morning? You trying to wake up your folks or just getting even?

For the first time, he saw a bit of a smile cross the young man’s face. It was a pleasing sight actually, and he found himself grinning a little too.

No, sorry about that, but everyone is away, and I thought I’d fix the roof, as sort of a surprise. Kind of forgot what day and time it was before I started.

Yeah, well it was rather early to hear hammering, thought it was my head at first.

Sorry about that, guess I am just used to being up early.

On Saturday mornings?

Yeah, Sunday too.

What, no parties to hit on the weekend? No bars? Clubs?

‘Ha, no, I am only 18, and besides, bars and that, they don’t really interest me.’

Kerry felt a lot better, knowing that Charlie was indeed 18. Last thing he wanted was for the old guy next door bitching about him letting his son in, while being nearly naked. It was also a bit exciting, specially the way Charlie kept glancing at his crotch. It made him feel 20 again, as he handed him the broom.

No girlfriend to keep you up at night?

As soon as he said it, he realized it was a mistake. Charlie suddenly looked like he had been hit by a hard blow to the gut. His face grew sullen, his eyes darkened, and turned away from Kerry. For a minute, Kerry thought he would break down and cry, and yet there seemed something else. It wasn’t an unusual question to ask some 18 year old stud, like Charlie.

He mumbled something, and began to slowly sweep up the tinier pieces of glass. His back was to Kerry, but he could see how his shoulders sagged, how his body moved, that it was definitely a touchy subject.

I don’t have a girlfriend.

Really? I would have thought that…

No, I don’t okay? Uh, sorry, I just.. Can we drop it?

He was curious but he let it go. There was something about how he had said it, that got him thinking. Kerry sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Charlie swept up the glass, and then carefully knocked out the remaining shards from the window frame. He carefully tied up the drapes, and then reached up to take the blinds down.

As he reached up, it dawned on Kerry and before he could even think, he had blurted it out. You are Gay’ Charlie seemed to just stop. He was motionless, as he reached up, his fingers at the top of the bar, unmoving as his whole body seemed to tense up. Kerry could see the ridges on his back, the way his arms were flexed, as silence hung in the air, until finally Charlie just seemed to sink down.

So everyone tells me.

He just stood there, his arms now at his sides. His head was lowered, and for a moment or two, Kerry thought he might actually be crying. His heart felt for the young man, as it all became clear to him. No wonder he hadn’t been around, they had found out his secret, or thought they had.

Don’t you know?

No, least, I uh, I don’t know. Maybe, I just.. I never got along with girls, but I never, I mean I haven’t…

Had sex?


With anyone?

No, there was one girl, but she thought I was queer, and well, maybe she was right. I don’t know, never had a chance to find out, either way.’

Don’t you even, you know, uh… jerk off?


So what do you think about? Girls or Guys?

Does it matter?

Well, no, guess not, hey, just trying to help

Help? Why so you can tell everyone who doesn’t know yet that I a faggot?

Are you?

Like I said, it’s what they all tell me, so guess I am, happy now?

How come you uh, you know, tried it with a guy?

Don’t know anyone who wants to. Can’t get into the bars, and last guy I uh, well let’s just say it wasn’t what I’d call a fun experience.

Do you want to find out?

Yeah, I suppose, why you gonna help me? Find me a guy or what, you gonna offer yourself?

Charlie had turned around and stared at Kerry. There was tears running down his face, and he felt rather helpless. Yes, he wanted to help him, to hold him and wipe away all the pain. Poor kid, he thought, and yet at the same time, he felt his body growing excited at the prospect of being with someone like Charlie. He had all the right looks, the body, the face, everything. It was what Kerry normally would chase at the bars, but this was different. He never had a virgin before, unless you counted that time when he was a kid himself, and had played around with his best friend.

Come to think of it, that had ended badly too. Thinking back, he could understand the pain that Charlie must be feeling. He wished he knew how to make it okay.

I been there, I know how it feels, and yes, I would offer that, if it was what you wanted.

Charlie just stood there. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked at Kerry. There was that look in his eyes, and even as he searched Kerry for signs of it being a joke, they still managed to glance down a few times. The interest showed too, as Charlie’s own crotch seemed to be a bit fuller as they had talked, as Charlie had looked at him.

He couldn’t explain it, or even how it happened but suddenly he found Charlie in his arms, and he was thrown back onto the bed. He didn’t resist as he felt the young man kiss him, and start to fondle him. Kerry was taken aback by the sudden onslaught, as Charlie seemed to just let go. He was wild, as he began to kiss Kerry, to touch him in ways that only made Kerry groan.

It was like a sudden burst of energy, as he felt his own hands starting to respond. He was kissing Charlie back, tasting the young man that no one else had tasted. It was intoxicating as his whole body was suddenly awakened. He felt the stirrings in his groin as Charlie’s hand were pulling and prodding his crotch. His cock was fully erect, and soon he felt it released, and briefly he glanced downwards. He saw his dick standing up and Charlie’s hand wrapped around it.

He moaned as Charlie’s tongue suddenly darted into his mouth. He felt the force as he squirmed under the youthful assault. His body was moving and adjusting, while Charlie continued to fondle his cock, to stroke it even. The hand was tight around his cock, and his own hand was tugging at the cut-offs.

The action suddenly stopped, as Charlie lifted himself up, and as he stared at Kerry, he reached back and soon, with Kerry’s help, his own cut-offs were off and on the floor somewhere. His underwear went with the jeans, and Kerry caught a glimpse of fully aroused cock. It looked large, thick and fully erect as it pressed hard into Kerry’s belly. He groaned, answered by the strange grunts from Charlie. They were a cross between moans and cries, as his hands worked all over Kerry’s body. He felt them tear at his ass, pulling them apart, as his legs worked their way in between his own. He heard the panting sounds as Charlie continued to kiss him but also to kiss and lick at his throat, his nipples, his chest.

Every part of his body was being attacked, and he loved it. He arched up, driving his own hard cock into Charlie’s soft groin. He heard the grunt, felt the sudden tensing of the body above him as he opened his eyes. Staring down into his face, was Charlie’s youthful face. It was aglow from the rush of the moment, and he reached up, grabbing a hand full of hair, and yanked the boy’s head down to rest on his own heaving chest. His body continued to quiver, as he guided the head downwards, until he felt Charlie’s hot breath on his crotch. He cried out, and arched up, feeling his cock banging against Charlie’s chin.

It didn’t take long, before Charlie had wrapped his lips around Kerry’s throbbing pole. He cried out, as the cock was eagerly taken into the willing mouth. He cried again and again as he felt the tongue lick at his shaft, felt the teeth grate over his hot burning skin, and then suddenly he felt the hands reaching underneath, to cup his full balls.

Charlie was moaning constantly as he sucked on Kerry’s cock, the drive making Kerry squirm more and more. His own hands had let go of the hair, and was on the shoulders, then the head. He was wrapped in total pleasure as his body began to shudder. The feel of the tongue around his shaft, then it went lower, tasting his body.

He could smell the excitement, the lust that came from their naked twisting bodies. He cried out as he tried to pull Charlie upwards, to reach for his own pleasure of touching the virgin cock. He was partially successful, as Charlie slithered up his body, kissing him all over. His cock was now wedged in Charlie’s groin, he felt Charlie’s cock burning against his own hot flesh.

Charlie cried out, as his body shook and he felt it. The cock was jerking, the hard head was moving from side to side against his groin, when the first hot splatter of cum made its presence known. Charlie cried, a long low whistling shriek that made Kerry shiver. It was more than he had ever experienced, as the young man on top released his milk all over his groin. He felt the hot liquid, felt it ran along his pubic hairs, joining his own rivers of sweat. He cried out, joining Charlie as the body above bucked and twisted as it shot more of the hot milk across Kerry’s rippling belly.

The sound of heavy panting and the sudden weight of the young man all across his body, made Kerry realize that Charlie had an orgasm. Without him even touching, or licking or tasting that cock, Charlie had cum and cum. His body was shivering, as Kerry felt the body begin to relax. He felt his own body come down from its own high, still excited, but a bit dejected. He hadn’t cum yet, but as his arms wrapped around Charlie, he knew he would soon enough.

The young man was panting, but he wasn’t finished. He was just collecting himself, as Kerry could feel the boy’s cock was still hard. He kissed his forehead, as he ran his hands down the side. The muscles rippled and shook, as his hands moved gently downwards. He felt them shiver, in anticipation as he rolled over, moving Charlie onto his side. He looked hard into the face, to see the glistening look in Charlie’s eyes, and he knew it was going to be a long day. He could see the desire still there, waiting for him.

Charlie’s head leaned against his breast, his breathing slowly returning to normal, as he placed his hands across Kerry’s side. The fingers moved down, and rested on one of his firm cheeks, digging in slightly. He pulled, making Kerry’s still erect cock dig into the front part of his thigh. He sighed, and leaned forward, kissing Kerry on the lips.

Guess they were right.’ Was all he said, as he snuggled in closer.

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