Fiction – The Driving Lesson

The Driving Lesson

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Tory felt like a first class dufus. Here he was, 18 years old and only now finally learning how to drive. As he listened to his instructor explaining the very basics, he couldn’t help but wonder what the guy must think of him. A guy just learning when most guys were busting a gut to get behind a wheel before they were weaned even. Least that is how his father made it sound.

Course his father was always pushing him, making him feel like he was less than most males. He couldn’t help it, he was one of those old fashioned dinosaurs that thought women cooked, looked after the kids, and nothing else. Men were the one’s responsible for earning the income, and working in the back on a car or other supposed manly stuff like watching football every Sunday, Baseball and drinking beer.

Tory felt sorry for his dad, because he hated baseball, refused to play in Little League, and as for mechanics, he hated grease. Least that kind of grease, but he’d never tell his father that. Instead he more or less stayed out of his way, but now he had no choice. He needed to learn how to drive, if he wanted to get around campus and still come home on weekends.

Until now, he could walk from School to home. The community college he would be attending in September was too far for that, and the bus service went through some rather notorious neighbourhoods, which would only make his mom worry. So he had accepted the compromise, of learning to drive in return for his father getting him a car.

His father still muttered about how it was unnatural for a guy to not be driving at his age, but he didn’t care. His mother was happy and that was what mattered. Tory turned his attention back to what the instructor was telling him, making him feel even more like an idiot than his father ever did. Though he had to admit, the guy was rather cute, in a macabre sense.

The instructor, Danny, was a recently discharged Marine. He still wore his hair in that military nearly shaved style. His eyes had a steely look to them that made him feel frightened at times. It was almost as if he would lash out and smack him if he screwed up. Yet at the same time, he was lean, and obviously in good shape.

There was a hint of mystery to him too, which rather attracted Tory to him. He talked loud, which was probably a result of his Marine training. Yet unlike other soldiers he had met, Danny sported no tattoos over his arms. They just bulged and at first, Tory wondered what it would be like to be wrapped up between those biceps. He felt that maybe he’d be crushed to death by them, but what a way to go he had mused. Though he never thought he’d ever have a chance to find out. He rather enjoyed breathing.

As he listened to Danny lecture him on the importance of being aware of his surroundings, of always checking his mirrors and over his shoulder, he felt oddly attracted to him. Danny seemed so lonely, so distant that Tory wondered what it was that had made him leave the Marines, and take this rather menial job on. After all, he supposedly had mechanical skills, learned while serving, and he had been abroad. Afghanistan he had heard, but Danny seemed to not want to speak much about any of his service.

He felt the eyes on him, and he turned his head to find Danny staring at him. The Marine quickly averted his eyes, something he always did when caught staring, which only made Tory’s heart quicken a bit. His imagination always took over then, too. He found himself thinking more and more about Danny in a way he was certain would get him laid out flat, and not from desire either.

The guy had that look, that swagger, that told others to not mess with him. He was definitely not a talker, unless it was giving instructions, still in some small way Tory felt he was bonding with him. He even was interested when Danny had explained the basic maintenance rules of a car, of checking the oil, tire pressure, and yes, gas gauge. He felt insulted a little at that reminder, but the look he got, quickly erased his smart ass retort out of his mind.

Tory listened until finally came the moment to turn the key, to begin learning how to control the mechanical monster around him. He had always feared that moment, but the presence of Danny seemed to calm those fears, at least enough for him to turn the ignition on.

The sound startled him a little. He jerked a bit and noticed the thin little smile cross Danny’s face. It was perhaps the first real sign of emotion he had seen in his short time with Danny. He had a nice smile, and it made him smile. The next step of putting the car into gear ended that momentary pleasure. The car lurched as he put it in gear, and his foot jerked too. Unfortunately it was on the accelerator, and the car lurched forward, making Danny bark at him to stop.

He panicked, and instead of moving his foot over to the brake, he pressed down. When he had put the car in gear, he had managed to not move it done to the D, but instead had it in reverse as he felt it race backwards, sweat dripping from his forehead as the car suddenly stopped. The sound of metal crunching made his hands grip the wheel tight, until they were white from the strain.

Danny reached over, and turned the ignition off. As he did, Tory felt his arm brush against his chest, and he felt aroused. He couldn’t understand it, his first lesson and he had smashed the car up but he was feeling horny instead. Made no sense and the look from Danny didn’t help either. He said nothing as his arm lay across Tory’s stomach, then it moved away and he got out of the car, Tory following and together they approached the rear of the car from opposite ends.

He stared at the crumbled fender, noting the large yellow cement pole that had stopped his first driving foray. Danny bent down, squatting on his knees as he surveyed the damage. He ran his hand along the creased bumper and then peered up at Tory. His eyes were brooding, which made Tory shiver. He muttered about being sorry, but that only seemed to make Danny angry. He glared now, as he turned away, staring at the offending bumper, as if that would make it disappear.

Get in the other side’ he said and Tory obeyed as he watched Danny look around, then climb into the driver’s seat. He put the car in gear and sped off, leaving the lot and heading along a side street until they finally came to a rather small house, off in a thicket of trees. Next to the house was one of those pre fabricated buildings, which is were Danny parked the car.

Danny opened the huge barn like door, then drove the car inside. Stepping out, he began to move very methodically, almost like he was on parade. He jacked the back of the car up and surveyed the damage even closer. Then he stood up, stared at Tory and told him to stand out of the way. Tory merely obeyed, unsure what was happening as he looked around the shop.

It was like being in a full service garage, all the tools and equipment. Over by the main work bench, he noticed several photographs. Walking over, he stared intently at the pictures, noticing they were mostly of other men, well two other men. In one there was the two men, and Danny. He was surprised to see Danny in the middle, his large arms around the other two, with a huge smile on his face.

The look, the smile, made Tory turn and stare back at his driving instructor, ex-Marine. He looked so different in the pictures, almost happy even, compared to the sullen look he had around Tory. It was odd to think of him being happy, the way he looked now as he watched Danny jack the car up and then reach for some tools. Danny moved a crawler up and then stripped off his shirt. It was amazing to see, and Tory felt a rise in his groin.

There were no tattoos anywhere, but a long scar ran down his side. An ugly red looking jagged line that looked like it hurt, even now, never mind when it had first happened. Danny turned and saw him staring, but ignored the look as he got onto the crawler and pushed himself under the jacked up car. He began to pound at the bumper as Tory turned to stare once more at the array of photographs.

He looked closer, noticing that one of the men was shown far more often than the other. He was shown in a tent, lying on some grass somewhere, at a gas pump even, and in a mess line. There was a picture of him standing next to a bunch of trees, that looked like the thicket that surrounded the small house. He noticed that there were other similar pictures, of the other guy, at different ages.

Each picture was aligned perfectly against the wall. Many were in plain frames, but there was one that stood out. It was a simple picture, of a grassy knoll, and a line of crosses and various tombstones. The picture was framed in a rich wood grain and off in the distance, was a flag caught flapping in a breeze. It was so peaceful looking that he couldn’t help but feel goose bumps on his arms. It was out of place, a picture of a cemetery among all those other pictures and he turned around, the sound of hammering had ended.

Danny was standing just behind him, looking at the very same picture. There was tears in his eyes and Tory felt suddenly sorry for the man. He didn’t know why, but he reached out, and touched him lightly on the arm. He felt the power of those arms, and yet he also felt something else as he looked up into the Marine’s face.

The voice was soft, yet was filled with rage and anger as Danny spoke to him, sounding distant.

He died from a sniper’s bullet, he never had a chance

I am sorry

Sorry? You don’t know the half of it. His name was Ross.

Tory watched as Danny reached out with his hand, and lightly ran it across the photograph of the cemetery. His hand quivered as it lightly ran across the picture. He felt the emotion as he looked back at the array of pictures. Most if not all, were pictures that had one person in all of them. They were of a slender blonde, always with a grin on his face and Tory felt strangely sad as he realized they were of the man Danny called Ross.

I’d like to know.

Danny dropped his hand and stared at Tory. His eyes were smouldering now, that frightened Tory. He wanted to turn and run, but he stood his ground as Danny glared. He felt the sweat beading up on his forehead as he stared back. Danny’s chest was heaving from something more than the physical work he had just done. Tory could almost feel his pain, hidden by the anger.

Why? Why should it matter to you?

I don’t know, I just, I mean he obviously was a close friend,  you look so happy in some of those, I mean, I uh… I don’t know why, I just do

Friend? No, no he was much more than that, no one has ever meant more to me, than he did. I think he felt the same, no, no I know he did.’

Tory saw the tears rolling down Danny’s face and watched in awe as the stoic Marine moved past him, to stare at the various photographs on the wall above the workbench. He watched as the man stared at each photograph, touching them with a gentleness he didn’t think was possible. It was almost as if he was remembering the actual touch of the other man.

I wish I had someone like that.

Danny turned around, and stared at Tory. His eyes were piercing as they stared into his own, and Tory felt like he was being held under a microscope. He began to grow uncomfortable, yet he refused to break the eye contact. His chest was starting to heave while Danny stared at him. He couldn’t explain it, but something in the look made him feel satisfied. He just stood there, returning the look, wondering just how close Danny had been to the other guy.

The notion that it was more than just friends, just life time association made him feel rather excited. The image of Danny naked, of him touching another man, was making him horny, despite the situation he was in. He couldn’t help himself, he fond himself falling for Danny. He shifted his feet a little which broke the contact. Danny’s eyes moved downwards, and Tory knew he was being checked out.

He wasn’t exactly a virgin, and he could tell that Danny was checking, as he looked back up. The desire in his eyes told him he was right. There was no mistaking that look, and he knew he had the same eager, hungry look in his own face. He wanted Danny, and before he could think, he stepped forward, once more placing his hand on Danny’s shoulder.

There was the jolt of electricity that made him quiver. His eyes moved from checking out the very full package at Danny’s groin to the ever changing eyes. Tory saw the questioning look, the hunger, and even the fear. That sudden look, that touch was all he needed though as he moved in even closer, letting himself risk it all, for what he saw buried deep behind the eyes of the Marine. He couldn’t help but see the pain, the hurt that rested there, along with the loneliness.

You don’t want to do this

Yes, I do

Tory leaned forward, closing his eyes as he moved his head to one side. He moved closer, feeling Danny’s hot breath on his cheek as he let his lips brush lightly across the mouth. He pressed a little when he felt the large arms encircle his waist. Tory felt the man shake a little, then the force of his arms held him tight, squeezing the air out of his lungs, and making him fall inwards towards Danny.

He clutched him hard, and suddenly the lips he had lightly brushed were crushing back against his, and he cried a bit, from the press of the arms, but also from the force of the return kiss. His lips parted as Danny’s tongue suddenly darted into the opening. He tasted the man as the tongue dove deep into his mouth. He felt the man crush his body into his, almost lifting him up off his feet. The press of his groin into his told him how aroused the man was. The press of that hard body was hurting but he didn’t care as he began to press back, to let his body wrap around Danny’s own hard body.

The hands around his waist began to move up and down his back. They were caressing him hard, as the man kissed him deep. The lips were crushing his mouth as the man tasted every part of his mouth. He couldn’t help but feel giddy as the embrace seemed to last forever. His legs were slightly numb and his ribs felt like they had been crushed into powder as Danny held him so tight.

They broke apart as Danny stepped back and stared at him. The hunger in his face was all Tory needed as he brought his own hands up to rub up against the heaving chest. He let his fingers curl around some of the matted chest hairs, twirling them and just enjoying the feel between his fingers. He moved across to trace around the firm rubbery nipples, seeing the man shudder to his touch.

His heart was racing as he leaned in and lightly took one of the firm purple colored flesh between his lips. His teeth held it lightly as his tongue licked at the tip. The soft moan grew as he then sucked the whole nipple. His lips crushed into the hot flesh, his tongue swirling around the protruding nipple, making it shake within his mouth. Danny continued to quiver as he moved away from one to the other nipple, then back again, and back to the other.

Danny’s hand was playing with his hair, then gripping it and then twisting the strands among his fingers. His breathing was becoming more rapid and the hold on Tory’s head was becoming firmer. Then he began to push, to guide the head down from his nipples to the hollow of his chest. Tory licked at the hot flesh, then kissed it as he obeyed the firm pressure on his head. He slowly lowered himself to his knees as he kissed the belly.

He felt the muscles beneath the skin shudder, and he felt his own body tremble too as he reached around with his hands, touching and rubbing the man’s sides until he came to the pants. His hands were tugging at the waistband of the pants, as he kissed the belly. The taste of fabric and the rapid breathing spurred him on.

Tory reached out, and fumbled with the button holding the pants closed. It was like he had gloves on or something as finally he managed to unbutton them. Then he struggled to get the zipper down, all the time kissing and glancing upwards. He saw Danny’s head leaning back, his nostrils flaring as he licked at the man’s belly, undoing the pants.

The aroma of the man, of stale sweat filled his own nostrils as he pushed the pants open and pushed them down the legs. He could feel the thighs shake as he let them crumbled by Danny’s ankles. He began to lick at the flesh, dragging his tongue along the edge of the shorts. The moans from above became louder as he pulled at the boxer shorts. The thick shadowy image of a long pole inside was drawing his eyes away from Danny’s face.

His own cock was straining inside as he yanked the shorts down, freeing Danny’s throbbing cock. It sprung out and hit him under the chin and his eyes bulged as he saw the size of the monster he had just unleashed. Danny’s hand was on his head, twisting his hair as he groaned now, muttering ‘yes, oh yes’ under his breath.

Tory let his mouth move down to lick at the thick bush of pubic hairs, the cock sliding up against his chin. He felt his body tremble uncontrollably, and he knew he couldn’t hold back a second longer. His hands moved down the thick thighs, feeling them quiver as he reached over, grabbing the hard thick pole steady.

He leaned back slightly onto his heels and stared at the cock in his hand. His eyes widened as he saw the tell tale sign of pre cum at the head, slowly oozing out. Glancing upwards, he saw Danny looking down at him. There was that look, that look of despair that had attracted Danny. It was no longer hidden, and he could see the hunger too, the way Danny was licking his lips and looking.

He opened his mouth, still looking upwards, then he moved in closer, feeling the cock rub up against his lowered jaw. Danny’s eyes fluttered as the cock touched Tory and Tory himself felt the shudder. His eyes closed too as he moved in, guiding the hard pole upwards to rub it along his lower lip. The wet touch of pre cum on his lower lip made him moan as his tongue flicked outwards, to gobble at the offered drops. He tasted it and then pursed his lips, to kiss the head of the cock.

The loud moan made him open his lips and slide the hard cock head into his mouth. He closed his mouth over the tip of the head, then slowly pushed the cock inwards, while also moving his head inwards towards Danny’s crotch. The huge pole inched its way inwards, his tongue licking at the underside. The moaning from above grew louder, the hands released his head as it moved in.

The cock was jerking inside his mouth, as he held it tightly between his lips, guiding it down into his throat. The taste, the smell was making him dizzy as he tried to hold the cock steady. His throat expanded just enough to let the massive pole inside and Danny began to rock. The legs were quivering as Tory began to move his head in and out, slowly tasting every inch.

The moans were growing, and he could feel the man coming close, as he sucked on the cock. His own body was in torment, still confined by his clothes but he couldn’t stop. He wanted to taste it all, to get it all and to do it now. He began to move his head faster, his one hand now releasing the cock shaft, and moving up and down the quivering thighs. His fingers pushed inside, prodding the skin as he sucked.

Sounds of slurping, of heavy breathing was too much. Danny began to cry out as his hands reached down to grip Tory’s head. The fingers were like steel bands but he didn’t care as the cock inside of his mouth began to jerk from side to side. The head was banging hard against the soft tissue of his throat and then he felt it rear back. Tory knew it was time, as he forced his throat to open even wider, as the first taste of Danny’s cum began to flood his throat.

He gagged lightly, as the hot milk came flooding out and slide down. His lips tightened around the shaking cock shaft, the heat making him think he was being burned. He held it tightly as the man above shook and shuddered. His cries of release echoed in the cavernous room which only seemed to make him tremble more.

The cum was like a raging river as it flew out of the jerking cock head. Its special scent filled the room, and made Tory suck even more. He wanted every drop as he reached up to grab the shaft, to hold it between his fingers. The body was once more arching forward, driving the cock further into his mouth as the second heavy stream of cum began to fill an already full throat. He coughed and swallowed, taking it all.

It ended fast. The panting was all he could hear as Danny slowly leaned back against the workbench. Tory let the cock gently slide out from his lips as he looked up at Danny. The man was panting but the look of sorrow was gone. Instead there was a look of affection that made Tory feel satisfied. Slowly he let himself stand up to stare directly at Danny. It was all there, written clearly over the man’s face which made Tory smile.

Danny reached out, wrapped his hand around Tory’s neck and pulled him inwards. He kissed him on the lips, tasting the dried remnants of his own milk. They kissed briefly and then Tory pulled back. He looked hard into Danny’s eyes, then reached down and pulled out his cell phone.  Danny watched as Tory pressed the buttons, then waited for someone to answer.

Mom? Hi, I am going to stay out tonight, so don’t hold dinner for me, I am going to a friends house so I won’t be home till Morning, Okay?

He smiled and said good bye, as he turned towards Danny.

Okay if I stay the night?

Danny’s face broke out into a large wide smile as he once more leaned forward, grabbing Tory and pulling him close.

Oh yeah’ he muttered as they once more began to kiss.

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