Fiction – Sales Convention

Sales Convention

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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His collar was open and the five o’clock shadow looked more like a midnight shadow. Doug’s head felt like it was going to fall off as he ordered another drink from the bartender. It had been a long day again and yet he should feel happy. He had made several good contacts, and he knew he’d pick up business from them all, yet he still felt unsatisfied.

It could be the regrets he felt for last night. Maybe it was that somehow he still cared for Shirley and the kids, or maybe it just was that he wanted to put aside the lies, the deceit that he had endured for the last 40 odd years of his life?

Maybe if they had had the kids earlier in their marriage it would have made a difference. Maybe then he would have been able to quell the feelings that had made him so unfaithful. He loved his kids, and in all honesty, he cared for Shirley as well, but it hadn’t satisfied him. He knew it wouldn’t when he had first proposed to her, but back then there wasn’t much of a choice. To not live the lie would have been worse, and he’d never have gotten the job he had, nor would he have advanced as far as he had either.

Still it never felt right, being married to Shirley. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why he had dallied so much. She had to know, and he hated himself afterwards, but he had tried to tell himself that it wasn’t that he was gay, just that Shirley couldn’t satisfy his needs. Now, at 45, he knew even that had been a lie. It wasn’t that Shirley couldn’t please him, it was that no woman could.

Deep down he had always known it, but had refused to accept it, or to even really think about it. Not what a good god fearing Christian did back then, nor it seemed was it today either, despite all the advances, but that didn’t help him now. Last night’s trip into the darkness of illicit sex hadn’t helped, as it seemed to never do. It might also explain his morose view tonight and yet how was he going to solve this growing problem within?

Looking down into the brown liquid of his drink, he knew the answer wasn’t there nor was it with the nameless prostitutes he had been with over the 23 years of marriage. Still, what was he going to do? He couldn’t just come out and tell Shirley or the kids either. It would devastate them and once more he tried to convince himself that it wasn’t true, that he wasn’t that way.

He raised his hand to signal for another when he spotted the man who had taken the seat next to him at the bar. For some strange reason, he felt attracted to the stranger. There was something familiar about him, even though he didn’t know him. The eyes had that look, almost of one starved for something. A look he had seen in his own face many times in the morning.

Doug quickly turned his head away, afraid of signalling something he didn’t think he could manage. His fingers tapped the bar counter aimlessly as he waited for his drink, wondering if maybe just once, he could stray to that dark path that beckoned him? If he did, maybe he’d get it out of his system, maybe then he could manage to be the husband and father Shirley needed and wanted?

It scared him that at this stage of his life, that he could lose so much that he seemed to constantly put at risk, yet cherished? He felt good about having kids, and they were good kids too. Oh sure they had their problems growing up but now, as they were all off at college, he felt pleased by how they had turned out. Shirley had seen to that, and he owed her for that. So how could he be sitting in this bar, 1000’s of miles from home and thinking of even wanting to seek what would surely destroy her?

Another drink arrived without asking. He looked up at the bartender who told him it was from the guy over at the table behind him. Doug turned to see that the man who had attracted his eyes moments ago, was who had sent him the drink. He hadn’t even noticed him leave the bar to sit at the table. He lifted the glass to thank him, then stood up, taking it with him as he moved to the table.


‘No problem, looked like you needed another.’

‘Yeah, guess so, mind if I?’ Doug pointed to vacant chair and the stranger nodded and smiled at him. It was the smile that made him push aside his earlier thoughts. Screw it he thought, the guy was just buying him a drink and that didn’t mean squat. Just two guys meeting in a bar, and there couldn’t be any harm in that, or could there?

‘You with the convention?’

‘Huh? Oh yeah, you?’

‘No, I work here, in reservations, I am Dennis by the way.’

‘Doug, uh thanks for the drink Dennis’

‘Looked like you could use one, besides you seemed a bit bored’

‘No, just doing some thinking, nothing to write home about’

‘Looked intense, so Doug, you a seller or a buyer?’

He almost spit the drink out, and quickly looked up at Dennis. The line was almost identical to that used by the hooker from last night, and he felt a strange chill as he stared into Dennis’ face.

‘On the convention floor, I am a seller, other than that, I am your typical visitor, always looking for things to buy, for souvenirs or memories to take home.’

It was the same response he had given last night, and other times at other conventions as well. It usually worked and the message between the lines wouldn’t tip his hand to anyone not interested. He licked his lips, wondering if this wasn’t perhaps something else though. He had never picked up a guy before, not like he had women.

As he waited for Dennis to answer him, he realized that he was more than a bit aroused. He could feel the stiffening of his dick that was new to him. Rarely did he get aroused this way before he was in bed with a hooker. It usually took them some time to get him to that stage, yet here he was hard already. It made him narrow his eyes as he waited for Dennis to reply.

‘Memories can sometimes be expensive’ was said quietly. Dennis was sipping at his own drink, but his eyes were turned upwards towards Doug. There was no mistaking the innuendo in the words either as Doug responded, telling him that sometimes the most expensive memories were the best memories.

While it all felt like living in some foreign spy movie, the conversation and innuendo’s had Doug excited. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he was feeling rather happy. In fact, he felt more elated and alive than he had felt in years.

Dennis was smooth. It didn’t take long before Doug had downed his drink, and was leading Dennis towards the elevator to head up to his hotel room. He was nervous about it and yet elated. As Dennis entered the elevator, Doug was able to take a closer look at the man.

He had to be in his upper twenties, but he had a younger look to his face. There was no doubt that he worked out at a gym now and then too, given how lean he was. Yet it wasn’t an emaciated look but well defined. His hair was short, cut just above the ears, but tapered. The eyes were soft but seemed to hold a mystery to them that Doug hadn’t quite figured out. Then too his butt was nicely shaped, looked good in the pants he wore.

While Dennis went over to sit on the edge of the bed, Doug felt uneasy. It was strange for him, to have another man in his room for sex. Last time that had ever happened, he had been a freshmen at College and if his memory served him right, it hadn’t been a fun time either. He was feeling the pressure as he dropped his hotel key into the ashtray and turned to look over at Dennis.

Dennis watched as he took out several bills and put the money on the table, as they had agreed. He saw the face not change one bit, but the eyes seemed to suddenly come alive. Dennis leaned back on one hand, and waited.

Hesitantly, Doug walked over towards the bed, pulling his shirt out from his pants. He walked over to Dennis and stood in front of him, to stare down at the younger man. He felt unsure of himself and was about to speak, when Dennis reached up and began to unbutton Doug’s shirt. He didn’t speak verbally but spoke volumes with his eyes.

Doug could see desire written within them and he sucked back his breathe a little. To think that some guy would find him attractive was unnerving, and yet exciting too. He began to sweat a little, standing there unmoving, as Dennis undid his shirt. Then he moved to unbutton the pants, and let the zipper down while Doug dropped the shirt off his shoulders.

Many hookers had done this for him, and he had been unmoved. Yet when Dennis touched him, he felt like his whole body had been stung by a strange electric current. He shook a little as his pants dropped to the floor, knowing that soon his private parts would soon be exposed. He didn’t know why, but he stared down at Dennis, wanting to see his reaction to the unveiling of his cock.

It had never mattered before, but now it seemed to a great deal. It was almost as if he was looking for approval which was strange to him. Most of the times he was naked long before the girls had gotten their bra’s off, but he was standing like a wooden statue while Dennis undressed him. His body continued to shake with nervous excitement as he watched.

Dennis let his head look up at Doug, and he smiled up at him. It was a reassuring smile and for a moment Doug felt panic. What if he wasn’t hung right, or his dick didn’t look right? Would Dennis suddenly change his mind, and not go through with their deal? Would it all end, him feeling empty as usual?

The press of warm moist lips on his belly startled him. He stared at the young man below, who had pressed his face against his stomach and was slowly kissing it, and licking his skin. The touch was unnerving as his body shuddered. His nerves were tingling as slowly he felt Dennis reach for the waistband of his briefs.

He didn’t know if he could stay standing there, as he felt slightly feint. His hands reached down and lightly pressed on the young man’s shoulders. It was like ramping up the feelings already, as his nerves suddenly tensed up even tighter. His body swayed a little as Dennis removed his shorts and moved his head downwards, kissing and licking at his pubic hairs and groin.

He moaned and found his hands now clenching tightly Dennis’ shoulders. His cock was out and sticking straight out at Dennis, again something he wasn’t used to. He never got that aroused so quickly and he could feel it boiling up inside of him. His eyes were clouded from the dripping sweat that seemed like a raging water fall that cascaded down his forehead and over his face.

Doug felt unsteady as he tried to hold on, and then it all suddenly stopped. The touch was gone and he felt his hands holding onto nothing. Dennis had moved out of the way and as he opened his eyes, he took in the smiling young man, who was removing his own shirt now.

He watched to see the hairless chest exposed to him, and a fine looking pair of nipples stood out as well. The deep reddish tinge around them highlighted how hard and firm they were as Dennis tossed his shirt to one side. He then leaned all the way back onto the bed, and began to undo his pants, keeping his eyes affixed to Doug’s naked body.

Licking his lips he saw the pants pushed down, and showed a pair of tight fitting spandex like shorts. He could easily see the long pole etched under the fabric. His eyes opened wider as he realized that it was his to touch, to fondle, to kiss even. His own body was already fully aroused, but now seemed like it would explode from the excitement inside.

With his pants at his ankles, Dennis let his body lean back onto the bed. His feet were dangling off the edge and he stared down his own body and upwards, at Doug. One hand moved along his own chest, rubbing and caressing the golden hued skin. The hand moved over to one nipple, and circled it. Then the fingers moved over the nipple, teasing it and Doug at the same time.

The hand moved across the expanse of the defined chest, to run down the opposite side, the arm itself covering some of the skin. It moved down towards the centre and continued to slowly slide even further down. It reached the top of the shorts, a pair of black tight fitting ones, and instead of grabbing hold, it moved over the white waistband. The fingers were spread apart and moved down the belly, to where the bulging pole was outlined. The fingers poked lightly at the hard cock inside, and then closed together to cover most of the outlined shape. The hand began to rub the pole, shifting its position slightly yet keeping its presence before Doug’s gaze.

The wanton look in Dennis’ eyes made Doug step forward and kneel down. His body now was between the two open legs and he reached inwards, to take the bunched up pants and pull them off. As soon as the pants were removed, the well muscled legs spread apart even wider, inviting Doug inwards. He could smell that scent now, that aroma of sweat and man that mingled in the groin.

Shuffling forward a bit, he felt the tiny hairs on Dennis legs brush past him. He could feel the muscles too, as they tensed up with his touch and he looked over at Dennis, who was staring down his body at Doug’s head. The hand was pushing and prodding at the covered cock as Doug reached up with his hand. The smile that came across Dennis’ face seemed to be urging him on.

With shaking fingers he reached up to touch the waistband, constantly keeping his eyes affixed on Dennis. The smile grew wider as he took hold of the white material, and then began to pull it towards him. He watched with amazement as he exposed that hidden pole.

He felt himself gulp and even cough a little as the hidden cock was released. It stood straight up from the body, a slight bend to it, but none the less rather tall and thick. He wasn’t sure what to do as he stared at the cock, seeing the veins sticking out, the slight shimmer of it as it moved to and fro in the air.

Dennis’s hands now lay on his thighs, as he opened his legs even wider. Doug’s eyes moved away from the face and stared at the two balls, that dangled below the hard pole. They were resting on the bed as he finally summoned up enough nerve to rest his hands on Dennis’ upper thighs.

Tiny black hairs were curled into a swirl around the inner thighs and he could see the pinched curves of the flesh that led to the backside. He licked his lips as he felt Dennis’ hands reach and touch his. The shock was making him shake as he looked at what lay before him. His head was spinning as he tried to will himself to move ahead, to bend down and enjoy what was standing before him.

With his eyes wide open, he let his head move downwards. The scent was overpowering as he watched the huge cock come closer and closer. He could almost taste his fear and his excitement too. His body was tense as his fingers dug into the soft flesh of Dennis’s thighs. A small moan filled the room and he felt his eyes close as his mouth moved closer. He wanted to see it all, but he couldn’t manage as his lips touched the head.

It was like an explosion. Every part of his body seemed to just unravel at that first taste of Dennis’ cock. Suddenly he found his throat being stretched, his jaw spread open as his desire took over control of his body. He had a cock in his mouth, and was greedily sucking on it, like a seasoned veteran.

His hands now were on the hips, holding the young man tightly as he moved his head up and down on the throbbing pole. He could feel the heat from the skin as he sucked on the cock. His lips were firmly rubbing up and down the thick pole. The hard press of that head on the back of his throat was painful and yet enjoyable. He continued to try and ease the cock further down his throat with each downward thrust of his head. The pain in his jaw grew as he held tightly to the pole that moved in and out.

Soon the sounds of moaning came to him and with each whimper, each little groan, he could feel his own body reacting, driving him onwards. Faster he went, and he didn’t even notice the balls slinging upwards. His hand were holding Dennis tightly as he just kept sucking, taking it all in.

The hard swinging banging of the head on his throat suddenly stopped. The head had reared back and then just as suddenly pushed forward, harder and faster than ever. He felt it strike his palette and then something wet began to come shooting out and fill his mouth. Doug was startled as Dennis began to pump his load deep down Doug’s throat. He gagged at the amount, then gagged again to the salty sweet taste that filled his mouth.

He swallowed while coughing, choking a little as Dennis continued to shoot his load down Doug’s throat. He tried to pull back but found Dennis had a tight hold on his head, keeping it down and gorged by the streaming pole. It was all over in seconds and yet he continued to suck on the cock. He licked the head, and drew back his breathing, to force every last drop of the man’s cum out of the tiny hole. His hands wrapped around the pole, trying to squeeze while his mouth sucked. The taste of the cum was unreal, as he tried to take very bit of it. He could feel some around his lips, near the corners of his mouth as he finally released his hold on the now soft flesh.

Doug pulled his head back, his tongue flicking out to lick at the dried cum around his mouth. His heart was pounding as he stared down at the limp cock. He noticed the blue mark to one side, the tattoo that he hadn’t seen before as he tried to calm his breathing down. It was all new to him, and even his college memories couldn’t compare to what had just happened. It was his first taste of another’s cum.

Dennis was still panting a little as Doug stood up. He was surprised at how calm he was as slowly he walked over to the table, where his wallet was and his keys. Dennis was up on his elbows, looking at Doug. Doug stared back at the young man, knowing what he really wanted.

Taking out several more large bills, he held them up in his hands as he stared over at Dennis. He placed them, one by one on the bills already set out. His eyes were sparkling as finally laid the last bill down on the table. With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he stared at Dennis and spoke.

‘Let’s really make these memories worth remembering.’


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