Fiction – Luck of the Spin

Luck of the Spin

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It was like being back in High School. All of them sitting around in a circle on the floor, while taking turns spinning a bottle. He felt rather foolish as he watched Karen spin the bottle. She was his ‘date’ for the night and he knew she liked him. It was getting harder to keep his secret though, and was one reason why he was here in Ted’s dorm room, playing old school kid games. To keep up appearances. Mind you it helped make up his mind to know that Dillon was also going to be here.

Matt had a crush on the heart throb of the campus. Dillon was your typical blonde stud, with the long wavy hair, the soft blue eyes that always seemed to sparkle. He had the face of an angel with fine lines accentuating his looks. His body was just as perfect, least in Matt’s eyes, and the entire student body.

College life for nearly 19 year old Matt was a lot easier than High School. There was less homophobia among the kids, and there had been moments when he had been tempted to reveal his secret, but years of hiding who he was, what he was, was still strong enough to not let him go over the edge. He had come close, several times, but something had always held him back.

He had no idea how, but he found himself in a small circle of friends, female and male. One of them was Dillon which was rather surprising. After all you would think he would be in a more select group of students, but instead he hung around Matt and the others. He didn’t object, as at least he got to see him and aid his fertile imagination.

In his own way, he knew he was popular among his friends. Not like Dillon was, but in a quiet sort of way those who knew him, seemed to like him and even perhaps, respect him. One more reason why he kept up the charade, and played the game of just being one of the guys. Karen though, was becoming a bit too close to finding out who he truly was, and he didn’t quite know how he was going to stop it, without outing himself.

If it had been the start of term, maybe he could handle it. But that was prior to Dillon joining in the group and now it was all complicated as he stared at the intent faces of his friends, as the bottle spun toward Mark. He laughed with the others as Karen led Mark to the closet, after putting the lipstick on. It was their way of insuring that you did what you were supposed to in the closet, or else you had to down a glass of whiskey.

So far, those making the journey to the closet all came out with the tell tale sign of the lipstick on their lips. The glass of whiskey was still full, but it was a matter of time before someone would slip. He watched as Dillon took hold of the bottle, and for a brief moment their eyes locked. Matt saw the twinkle inside, that Dillon was famous for. He felt his body shudder a little and briefly he hoped the bottle would stop, pointing at him.

The rules were simple really. First trip for any of them meant you had to go in and kiss fully on the lips. The lipstick would prove it, and only if both had already been in the closet, would it change to a kiss on the belly. So far, Dillon had been in with Mary, but Matt had yet to be hit by the fickle fate of the spinning bottle.

As the bottle spun around and passed him, he felt a little disappointed. It would be rather fun to see Dillon’s face if it had stopped at him, and he wondered, would he opt for the drink or would he go into the closet with him? As he thought about it, he suddenly heard a shriek of laughter coming from all around him.

He glanced down to see that the bottle had stopped spinning, and was pointing clearly right at him. Looking up he saw Dillon’s face, a strange look on his face. Mark was laughing like a hyena and holding his stomach, and Mary was pointing at Dillon too, crowing and daring him to go with Matt into the closet.

Funny, but none of them seemed to be daring him, as Dillon stood up and shrugged his shoulders in a casual ‘what the fuck’ type action. He grabbed the lipstick and brought up to his lips, and plastered the red goo over those wonderful pale lips, then he looked at Matt.

In some way he thought maybe Dillon wanted him to back out, to say he’d down the glass of whiskey but Matt didn’t. To begin with he didn’t like whiskey, it always made him puke, secondly he was curious, to see if Dillon would actually do it or not. Suddenly the game became much more interesting as he too stood up, signalling his willingness to go through with the dare, rather than the penalty.

All eyes were on them both as they silently walked towards the closet. Dillon opened the door and with a look of bravado, he bent over at the waist, and motioned Matt inside with a flourish of his arm, like you saw in the old movies. It made his friends laugh as he played along, curtsying as he went inside the closet.

The door closed and he turned to stare into Dillon’s face. He could smell his cologne as he leaned back, giving Dillon a bit more room, but instead of standing his ground, Dillon moved in closer. In some way Matt sensed that Dillon was afraid he’d leave through some secret backdoor. It was all rather curious as Dillon reached out with his arms, and held Matt by the shoulder.

The touch of those strong arms made him weak at the knees as he continued to look into Dillon’s face. It was so dark and yet it was as if the eyes alone were trying to light up the room. He could feel Dillon’s breath on his face as he noticed the head tilt to one side and move in closer.

He gulped for air and felt himself tense up as Dillon’s face now loomed closer. Matt couldn’t believe that Dillon was actually going to go through with the dare, and then he felt the first brush of those lips on his own. His whole body trembled as he felt the lips pressing harder. Dillon’s fingers now clenched his shoulders even tighter as the lips pressed him.

His heart was pounding as he felt his hands reach out and hold Dillon’s body. Both hands held onto the shaking sides as he felt the kiss burning his own lips. Then suddenly he felt the tongue come out as Dillon parted his lips, and then pulled Matt closer to him. One hand moved off the shoulder, and Matt could feel the blood returning to it, but then he felt the press of the hand on his arm, taking it off Dillon’s quivering side.

In complete amazement he felt Dillon move Matt’s hand down the lanky muscled frame towards Dillon’s crotch. He couldn’t believe what was happening as stood there, feeling overwhelmed. His entire body was shaking as Dillon moved his hand to now press over Dillon’s crotch. At the same time he felt Dillon press his head inwards, the tongue pushing to part Matt’s lips and enter his mouth.

He couldn’t resist and suddenly his hand was groping at the offered crotch. His mouth was spread open and Dillon’s tongue was licking inside his mouth. He felt the raspy edge of the tongue swirl around his teeth and lick at his own tongue. His hand was feeling a thick bulge that had to be Dillon’s cock, one that was growing as he continued to push at the bulge.

Matt felt dizzy as his hand groped at Dillon’s stiffening cock. His mouth was on fire as Dillon French kissed him hard and deeply. He could smell the aroma too as his body shuddered to the wild sensations that were flowing inside of him. He couldn’t believe what was happening as Dillon now moved in closer, his body pressing against Matt’s.

With his back pushing at the wall, Matt moaned a little as he felt his own body quivering. Dillon seemed to sense it as he now let his free hand reach out and grab at Matt’s crotch. Their arms were pressing up against each other, the hands pushing and probing each other’s groins. It was intoxicating to the point where Matt felt like he would pass out of shoot his load. His breathing was becoming rapid and his chest hurt from the shallow breathes he was taking.

Dillon’s lips continued to press hard, and the hand on Matt’s groin was digging into his balls, pushing at them, and pushing also at his throbbing cock. It hurt as he struggled to stay standing. His legs were becoming numb from the loss of blood as his eyes flickered and fluttered. The taste of Dillon’s tongue was making him sweat too, as he felt Dillon’s body reacting to his touch. There was no mistaking the desire in the kiss or the groping as he moaned a bit more and this time, heard a soft whimper come from Dillon as well.

It was driving him nuts, as he held tightly to Dillon. He was enjoying smelling the aroma, the masculine smell that was filling the tiny room. His breathing was growing more rapid, more shallow when he heard the pounding on the door. He could hear the voices now and he reached up to push at Dillon’s shoulder, to break the mood that was threatening to expose them both.

He had no idea that Dillon was as he was. He still wasn’t sure, but the raging hard on in his pants and in Dillon’s own seemed proof enough. Matt felt the pressure on his mouth ease and then as he opened his eyes, he saw the glint reflected in Dillon’s own eyes. They had a wild look to them, and Dillon suddenly moved his head forward, kissing him once more on the lips lightly, then on his cheek.

‘Coffee, after 11, okay?’ was whispered into his ear, and all he could do was nod as Dillon reached back and opened the door of the closet. He quickly walked out, and again playing the campy part, bowed to let Dillon exit.

Everyone clapped and laughed as they noticed the red lipstick on Matt’s cheek and lips. Some hooted and were slapping both Dillon’s and Matt’s backs, telling them what great sports they both were. It was like they hadn’t tumbled to anything, but then Matt looked over at Karen. She had a smirk on her face as she clapped and bowed her head at Matt.

In his heart, he knew she knew. Yet all that anxiety over it, seemed to be for nothing. It was almost as if she was saying it was okay. It helped, but more than that, he was already thinking of how much longer it would be till 11.

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